BBC Afternoon Plays, 1984 - 2002

Many of these plays are missing, not just the early ones, but a large fraction of those broadcast before the year 2000 ....

08/09/99,Complete Adventures of Claudine, 2 : 'In Paris',Colette/John Peacock

12/02/01,Dying Inside,Robert Silverberg/Robin Brooks

29/09/84,Bryan Will Be So Upset,Jane Poncia

02/10/84,Secrets,Giles Cole

03/10/84,Queen Lucia - part 1 : 'The Guru',E.F. Benson

04/10/84,Old Friends,Jo Gill

06/10/84,Sport of Angels, The,Ken Whitmore

08/10/84,Maigret & The Millionaires,Georges Simenon

09/10/84,Life Story,Adrian Reid

10/10/84,Queen Lucia - part 2 : 'Some Arrivals & A Precipitant Departure',E.F. Benson

11/10/84,Reputation,John Challen

13/10/84,Creative Writing,Martyn Wade

14/10/84,Evangelist, The,Sam Thompson

16/10/84,Pending,Antonio Skarmeta

17/10/84,Queen Lucia - part 3 : 'A Fresh Rebellion',E.F. Benson

18/10/84,A View From Calvary, Patrick Boyle

20/10/84,Gear Change,Dave Simpson

23/10/84,Troubled by the Scenery,Howard Wakeling

24/10/84,Queen Lucia - part 4 : 'Purgatory & A Princess',E.F. Benson

25/10/84,Mountain Ashes,Alan England

27/10/84,The View From The Hill,Margaret Steward

30/10/84,Ashley,Philip Latham

31/10/84,Queen Lucia - part 5 : 'Lucia Resurgent',E.F. Benson

01/11/84,Bran Underground,Gordon McKerrow

03/11/84,Diary of a Suburban Housewife,Sandra Clayton

06/11/84,Curfew,Lee Gallaher

07/11/84,The Day War Breaks Out, Allen Saddler

08/11/84,My Aim Is True,Mark Brennan

10/11/84,Love Me Do,Lesley Davies

13/11/84,Hello Out There,Keith Hagenbach

14/11/84,Why Not Take All Of Me?,Alan W. Lear

15/11/84,Surfeit of Smiths, A,John Graham

17/11/84,Witch Water Green,Don Webb

18/11/84,Frank,John Wain

20/11/84,Child In A Dark Wood,Ellen Dryden

21/11/84,Echoes From The Abbey,Sheila Hodgson

22/11/84,Bevil,Catherine Storr

24/11/84,A Study In Sin, Michael Robson

27/11/84,Tom Tiddler's Ground,Janet Allen

28/11/84,Don't Worry About Matilda,Shelagh Delaney

29/11/84,From A Great Height,Martin Lucas

01/12/84,Until The Real Thing Comes Along,Neville Smith

04/12/84,The Dragon Box, Una Flett

05/12/84,Thanksgiving,Jehane Markham

06/12/84,A Little Learning, Julia Jones

08/12/84,Shelling Peas,Christopher Russell

11/12/84,Father Figure,Dawn Lowe-Watson

12/12/84,The Winged Lions, Angus Graham-Campbell

13/12/84,Barbary Angel, The,Sarah Maxwell

15/12/84,Journal of Vasilije Bogdanovic, The,Alan Plater

16/12/84,The Friend of the Family, Fyodor Dostoevsky

18/12/84,A Few Kind Words, Rib Davis

19/12/84,See A Friend This Weekend,Malcolm Bradbury

20/12/84,Humanisation of George Mayhew, The,Jill Hyem

22/12/84,Rose at Roquebrune,Dawn Lowe-Watson

23/12/84,When The Snow Lay Round About,James Forsyth

28/12/84,Daughters of the Late Colonel,Katherine Mansfield

30/12/84,The Killing of Mr. Toad, David Gooderson

31/12/84,The Happiest Women, M.J. Read

01/01/85,A Sense of Purpose, Steve Fitzpatrick

02/01/85,Ties of Loyalty,Melville Jones

03/01/85,Albert's Extra-Parliamentary Activities,Nick Fisher

05/01/85,Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus,Mary W. Shelley

06/01/85,Miss Julie,August Strindberg

08/01/85,The Deep Water Man, Sheila Hodgson

09/01/85,A Bid For Freedom, Sue Rodwell

10/01/85,Why Weren't You Looking?,Kay McManus

12/01/85,Dracula,Bram Stoker

15/01/85,What's Got Into You?,Elaine Morgan

16/01/85,Responses,Elizabeth Morgan

17/01/85,Blue Pacific Island,Andrew Rissik

19/01/85,Another Time,Owen Holder

22/01/85,By Flower & Dean Street,Patrice Chaplin

23/01/85,Inside Out,John Chambers

24/01/85,Taptoe Through The Telephones,John Fletcher

26/01/85,An Occasional Day, Peter Tinniswood

29/01/85,Slimming Down,Nancy Livingston

30/01/85,A Little Touch Of Death, Gillian Tindall

31/01/85,The Penrhyn Summer, Alison Leonard

02/02/85,Marche Militaire,Brian Miller

05/02/85,Daddy's Girl,Elizabeth Troop

06/02/85,Last Lesson,Ben Rigby

07/02/85,Miss Anderson & Captain Oates,Gurmeet Kasba & Peter King

09/02/85,Clovis In The Country,Saki

12/02/85,The Corsaint, Adrian Mourby

13/02/85,The 30-Year Rule, Michael Kittermaster

14/02/85,Now That The Buffalo's Gone,Rod Beacham

16/02/85,Pump, The,James Cameron

17/02/85,A Dry White Season, André Brink

19/02/85,The Grimm Tale of an Old Master, Andrew Sachs

20/02/85,The Wish House, Rudyard Kipling

21/02/85,I Chose Freedom,Robert Carver

23/02/85,Broken Wings, Bright Stars,Mike Walker

26/02/85,The Great Feast, Mannu Bhandari

27/02/85,How An Umbrella Changed Everything,Shirley Cooklin

28/02/85,The Flowers of Eden, R.E.T. Lamb

02/03/85,Dull Sun, Polished Moon,Mike Walker

05/03/85,That's Not What Little Girls Are Made Of,Barbara Ann Villiers

06/03/85,An Outpost of Progress, Joseph Conrad

07/03/85,Jack Squaler's Time,Nick McCarty

09/03/85,Fallen Leaves, Dead City,Mike Walker

12/03/85,Summer Visitors,Stephen Fagan

13/03/85,Venus Smiles,J.G. Ballard

14/03/85,Child's Play,Rony Robinson

16/03/85,The Blue Dress, William Trevor

20/03/85,Quids In, Seconds Out,John McKenzie

21/03/85,After The Funeral,Alun Owen

23/03/85,Jump!,Ken Whitmore

26/03/85,The Bridle Path, Frances McNeil

27/03/85,Working The System,Allen Saddler

28/03/85,Widowers,Alun Owen

30/03/85,Talk Of Love & War,Don Haworth

02/04/85,Home Truths for Tony,Patrick Dockery

03/04/85,Watching,Jim Hitchmough

04/04/85,Overnight Success,Michael Davies

06/04/85,The Real Inspector Hound, Tom Stoppard

07/04/85,Titus Groan,Mervyn Peake

08/04/85,Gormenghast,Mervyn Peake

09/04/85,Pickers & Stealers,Margaret Steward

10/04/85,Woman Of No Importance, A,Alan Bennett

11/04/85,Close Up,Carlos Gorostiza

13/04/85,Joking Habit, The,David Cregan

16/04/85,Adventure In Bed, An,Stacy Aumonier

17/04/85,Going Out The Back Way,David Buck

18/04/85,On Blackpool Tower,Philip Martin

20/04/85,Return From Paradise,Kiyokazu Yamamoto

23/04/85,Family Man, The,Andrew Lind

24/04/85,Relics,Anna Fox

25/04/85,Uncertain Ground,Ruth Goring

27/04/85,Power of Dawn, The,Emlyn Williams

30/04/85,Born Again,John P. Rooney

01/05/85,Mr. Wrong,Elizabeth Jane Howard

02/05/85,Hardy Perennials, The,James Robson

04/05/85,Three from Wales - no. 2 : Runaway Home,Margaret Pengelly

04/05/85,Three from Wales - no. 3 : A First Day,Michael R. Francis

04/05/85,Three from Wales - no. 1 : Finesse,Robert Peart

07/05/85,Clagthorpe Viva,Bruce Bedford

09/05/85,On The Yankee Station,William Boyd

11/05/85,Westmorland,Robert Ferguson

12/05/85,Unman, Wittering & Zigo,Giles Cooper

14/05/85,Weasel With The Waistcoat, The,Mo Greenwood

15/05/85,When You & I Were 17,Hugh Jenkins

16/05/85,Watching Waiters,Rona Munro

18/05/85,Catch, The,Nick Rarke

21/05/85,No Get-Out Clause,Tony McHale

22/05/85,Mrs. Moffat, Mrs. Moffat,Valerie Windsor

23/05/85,View From The Fence, A,Peter Liney

25/05/85,Dissolution of Marcus Fleishmann, The,Stephen Davis

28/05/85,Sir Dominick Ferrand,Henry James

29/05/85,Change of Frequency, A,David Reid

30/05/85,Lover In The Cards, The,Patrice Chaplin

01/06/85,Kamikaze Ground Staff Reunion Dinner, The,Stewart Parker

04/06/85,Bishop's Wife, The,Frederick Bradnum

05/06/85,Englishman's Home, An,Scott Cherry

06/06/85,Kind of Wild Justice, A,Keith Hagenbach

08/06/85,Buffet,Rhys Adrian

11/06/85,Antibodies,George Tarry

12/06/85,Orchid,Carol Bruggen

13/06/85,Pretty Polly,Maureen Donegan

15/06/85,Old Man Sleeps Alone, The,John Arden

18/06/85,Women Are Fools,Aisling Donelan

19/06/85,Remedial Exercises,David Marshall

20/06/85,Rocking-Stone, The,Vaughan Davies

22/06/85,Flower Case, The,James Saunders

23/06/85,Golden Country, The,Shusako Endo

25/06/85,Staying In Touch,Neil Shenton

26/06/85,Screaming Alice,Christopher Russell

27/06/85,Meek & Mild,Michael McStay

29/06/85,Rocking Horse Winner, The,D.H. Lawrence

29/06/85,The Primates, Mark Beeson

30/06/85,Temporary Shelter,Rose Tremain

01/07/85,Two Minutes To The Top Of The Hour,Michael Bartlett

02/07/85,Twenty-Six in October,Norman Waller

02/07/85,Outpatient,Rhys Adrian

03/07/85,Singer in a Birdcage,Elizabeth Lindsay

03/07/85,Model Answers,Juliet Ace

04/07/85,Girl in the Corner, The,Howard Wakeling

06/07/85,Swimmer,Christopher Russell

07/07/85,Wasted Years, The,Caryl Phillips

09/07/85,To Mine Own Self,Pam Tickell

10/07/85,Valentine's Days,James Parkinson & John Owen

11/07/85,Youkay,Guy Jenkin

13/07/85,Post Mortem,Noël Coward

16/07/85,Jutland,Lee Gallaher

17/07/85,Mulligan Marries,Ivan Benbrook

18/07/85,Crossing the Frontier,Peter Tinniswood

20/07/85,Mystery, The,Bill Naughton

23/07/85,Baby Alarm, The,Peter Thomson

24/07/85,Cleaning the Attic,Colin Haydn Evans

25/07/85,The Man Who Believed in Fairies, A. Ewart Hutton

27/07/85,Tea at Gunters,Pamela Haines

30/07/85,Letters to the Otter,Peter Terson

31/07/85,Fogging,Arthur Deeny

01/08/85,All Packed Up,Angie Farrow

03/08/85,Polaris,Fay Weldon

06/08/85,Quartet,Derek Kartun

07/08/85,No, Really, I've Given Up,Sue Rodwell

08/08/85,Human Studies,Ken Blakemore

09/08/85,Wheel of Time, The,Henry James

10/08/85,Random Moments in a May Garden,James Saunders

13/08/85,Headlines,Melville Jones

14/08/85,Unwieldy Elephant,John Graham

17/08/85,Modes of Discourse,Terence Lewis

20/08/85,Monkeyman,Bernard Brown

21/08/85,One Last Final Fling,Marcia Kahan

22/08/85,Vacky, The,Alan England

24/08/85,Easy Game to Play, An,Ray Connolly

27/08/85,Cricket's a Mug's Game,Paul Angelis

28/08/85,Endangered Species,John Wainwright

29/08/85,Hanging at Hannika, A,Paula Griffiths

01/09/85,Scouting for Boys,Martyn Read

03/09/85,Putting It Right,Eric MacDonald

04/09/85,Unexpectedly Vacant,Hugh Whitemore

05/09/85,Mr. Parker Comes To Town,Roger Wood

07/09/85,Jacob Creber & The Felsoe Worm,Gerry McKee

10/09/85,Where Are You Now, Margaret McCulla?,Paul Angelis

11/09/85,Happyland,John Chambers

12/09/85,Mr. Roche, Death & The Cheltenham Gold Cup,James Pettifer

15/09/85,Emperor,Colin Thubron

17/09/85,Feelings,Edwin Pearce

18/09/85,Coping,Hugh Housdon David

19/09/85,Scottish Play, The,Graham Holliday

21/09/85,Errors & Omissions,Lee Gallaher

24/09/85,Other Side of the Coin, The,Stephen Fagan

25/09/85,Private Grief, A,James Runcie

26/09/85,None So Rare,Alan Meadows

28/09/85,Art Lovers, The - play no. 1 : 'The Grimm Tale of an Old Master',Andrew Sachs

01/10/85,Present Continuous,Sonja Lyndon

02/10/85,Lucia in London - part 1 : 'Peppino's Legacy',E.F. Benson

03/10/85,Bloke Like Amy, A,Bruce Stewart

05/10/85,Art Lovers, The - play no. 2 : 'Collecting for Pleasure & Profit',Andrew Sachs

08/10/85,Two Weeks,Dave Simpson

09/10/85,Lucia in London - part 2 : 'Coming Out',E.F. Benson

10/10/85,Happiness,Jo Gill

12/10/85,Art Lovers, The - play no. 3 : 'Cash Me A Portrait',Andrew Sachs

15/10/85,Felix Randal,Jimmy McGovern

16/10/85,Lucia in London - part 3 : 'Short Skirts & A Shingle',E.F. Benson

17/10/85,Colliers' Cathedral, The,Robin Brooks

19/10/85,Albatross & The Elephant Eggs, The,Harry Barton

22/10/85,Hoodlums,Peter Whalley

23/10/85,Lucia in London - part 4 : 'Lucia Takes a 'Lover' ',E.F. Benson

24/10/85,Janine,Albert Camus

26/10/85,Summer Changes,Robert Forrest

29/10/85,Death by Proxy,Bernard Knight

30/10/85,Lucia in London - part 5 : 'Fire, Water & Moonlight',E.F. Benson

31/10/85,Fine & Private Place, A,Shaun Prendergast

02/11/85,Jail Diary of Albie Sachs, The,David Edgar

05/11/85,Passing of a Humorist, The,Anthony Lally

06/11/85,Rumours of Guns,Andrew Greig & Kathleen Jamie

07/11/85,Coward of the Heart,Sam McBratney

09/11/85,Old Mali & The Boy,D.R. Sherman

12/11/85,Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, The,Robert Louis Stevenson

13/11/85,Junglemania,Michael Bartlett

14/11/85,Featherstone Mountain,Michael Toft

16/11/85,Heligoland,Sam McBratney

18/11/85,Wind of Heaven, The,Emlyn Williams

19/11/85,Package Bwanas,Guy Slater

20/11/85,Music Cupboard, The,Lindsay Evans

21/11/85,Pillar of the Society, A,J.C. Wilsher

23/11/85,Some Say John the Baptist,Martyn Wade

26/11/85,Merrigan's Wife,Brian Crookes

27/11/85,Ripples,Gurmeet Kasba

28/11/85,Baked Avocado,Noel Robinson

30/11/85,There's Always Tomorrow,Ted Allebury

03/12/85,Fanny Rosen's Bad Debt,Sam Jacobs

04/12/85,A Status Passage, J.C. Wilsher

05/12/85,Grain of Salt, A,Melissa Murray

07/12/85,Lord Glenaldy - part 1,A.R. Rawlinson

08/12/85,Vile Bodies,Evelyn Waugh

10/12/85,The Human Chord, The,Sheila Hodgson (after Algernon Blackwood)

12/12/85,Nuremberg Egg, Roger Davenport

14/12/85,Lord Glenaldy - part 2,A.R. Rawlinson

17/12/85,Country of Afternoon,Alison Brackenbury

18/12/85,Darling Kathleen,Dave Sheasby

19/12/85,Get Santa,Peter Gibbs

21/12/85,Lord Glenaldy - part 3,A.R. Rawlinson

23/12/85,Lloyd George Knew My Father,William Douglas Home

25/12/85,The Reluctant Débutante, William Douglas Home

26/12/85,TheKingfisher, William Douglas Home

27/12/85,The Secretary Bird, William Douglas Home

29/12/85,Passion Flower Hotel,Rosalind Erskine

31/12/85,The Butterfly Bowl, Catherine Czerkawska

02/01/86,Ski-Lark,Elizabeth Morgan

04/01/86,The Green Isle of the Great Deep, part 1,Neil Gunn

07/01/86,Tansy,Ruth Goring

08/01/86,Anglers,Neil Shenton

09/01/86,A Man Alone, no. 1 'Anthony',Andrew Rissik

11/01/86,Green Isle of the Great Deep, The - part 2,Neil Gunn

14/01/86,Last of a Dyin' Race,Christina Reid

15/01/86,Gwyn,Elizabeth Wainwright

16/01/86,A Man Alone, no. 2 'Jennifer',Andrew Rissik

21/01/86,Clocking Out,John McKenzie

22/01/86,Figures,Colin haydn Evans

23/01/86,A Man Alone, no. 3 'Harriet',Andrew Rissik

25/01/86,Autumn Sunshine,William Trevor

28/01/86,A Thorn in Paradise, Robert Birmingham

29/01/86,Missing Links, The,John Antrobus

30/01/86,Two Stops on the Piccadilly,Peter Simpkin

01/02/86,Mr. Luby's Fear of Heaven,John Mortimer

04/02/86,Pact, The,Henry Comor

05/02/86,Looking for Marilyn,Ken Jones

06/02/86,Old Alliances,Trevor Royle

08/02/86,No Ice on the Wall,David H. Godfrey

11/02/86,Photograph of Lindsay Mowat, A,Ellen Dryden

12/02/86,A Day in September, Hugh Jenkins

13/02/86,In A Dry Place,John Antrobus

15/02/86,Dear Janet Rosenberg, Dear Mr. Kooning,Stanley Eveling

18/02/86,Embroideries,Juliet Ace

19/02/86,Marie,Brian McAvera

20/02/86,Going East,John Graham

22/02/86,Silent Crying,Bill Lyons

25/02/86,Red Telephone Box, The,Ken Whitmore

26/02/86,By a Roman Road,John Kirkmorris

27/02/86,Wish You Were Here,Lee Gallaher

01/03/86,The Stranger In My Head, Bill Lyons

05/03/86,Prams in the Park,Tony Dennis

06/03/86,Gifts,Ruric Powell

11/03/86,Still Life,Tony McHale

12/03/86,Down to Earth,Neil Shenton

13/03/86,Mild & Bitter,Michael McStay

15/03/86,Second Opinion,John P. Rooney

19/03/86,Too Long An Autumn,Jimmie Chinn

20/03/86,Autumn Love,Stewart Love

25/03/86,The Short Match, A.S. Robertson

26/03/86,Where Are You, Jackson Munk?,Philip Rees

27/03/86,Men!,Howard Wakeling

30/03/86,Agents & Patients,Anthony Powell

01/04/86,Distant Star, A,Owen Holder

02/04/86,I.O.U.,John William Cowell

03/04/86,Twister,Ronald Frame


06/04/86,Léocadia,Jean Anouilh

08/04/86,Angel,John Robert King

09/04/86,Maud-Evelyn,Henry James

10/04/86,Land of Promise,John Percival

13/04/86,Man of Destiny, The,George Bernard Shaw

15/04/86,Didn't He Ramble,Peter Johnson

16/04/86,Love à la Russe,Guy de Maupassant

17/04/86,Into Injury Time,David Reid

20/04/86,Albert's Bridge,Tom Stoppard

22/04/86,Midstream,Michael Voysey

23/04/86,Trumpet, The,Walter de la Mare

24/04/86,Letter from an Unknown Woman,Stefan Zweig

27/04/86,40-Year Old Man, A,Shusako Endo

29/04/86,Maid's Room, The,Shelagh Fraser

30/04/86,Hind Leg , The,Matthew Irwin

01/05/86,Sun in a Shady Place,Trevor Bentham

03/05/86,Golden Girls - part 1,Louise Page

04/05/86,Widowing of Mrs. Holroyd, The,D.H. Lawrence

05/05/86,Golden Girls - part 2,Louise Page

06/05/86,Euphoria,Giles Cole

07/05/86,Origami,Jill Hyem

08/05/86,Ticket, The,T.D. Webster

11/05/86,Hopcraft Into Europe,Michael Sadler

13/05/86,Jonathon George Can Walk On The Water,Juliet Ace

14/05/86,In His Hands,Paul Bond

15/05/86,Ties,Eric MacDonald

18/05/86,Browning Version, The,Terence Rattigan

20/05/86,Men of Former Times,Rob Gittins

21/05/86,Up Against The Wall,Allen Saddler

22/05/86,Purely From Principle,Lynne Reid Banks

25/05/86,Stones,Shirley Gee

26/05/86,Dandy Dick,Arthur Wing Pinero

27/05/86,Close of Play,Ellen Dryden

28/05/86,Not That Sort of Beach,Jim Hitchmough

29/05/86,Strike - Early Doors,Michael Toft

01/06/86,Anyone Can See I Love You,Marilyn Bowering

03/06/86,Cotswold Order, The,Robin Brooks

04/06/86,Ring Around The Bath, The,Michael Judge

05/06/86,Confidential Agent, A,Nick McCarty

08/06/86,Daybreak,Don Haworth

10/06/86,Funny Boys,Charles Way

11/06/86,Summer Attachment,Michael Sharp

12/06/86,For Personal Reasons,Rod Tinson

15/06/86,You Are Not Alone In The House,Frederick Bradnum

18/06/86,List, The,Scott Cherry

19/06/86,Swiss Banker,Peter Simpkin

22/06/86,Henry's Past,Caryl Churchill

24/06/86,Special Subject,Melville Jones

25/06/86,Therapists, The,Mark Beeson

26/06/86,Footballers' Wives,Helen Kluger

05/07/86,Winter Journey,Ronald Frame

06/07/86,Conversation from the Engine Room,Nick Warburton

08/07/86,Personal Effects,Tom Gallacher

09/07/86,Old Ladies at the Zoo, The,David Ashton

10/07/86,When Taps Run Dry,Nick Fisher

13/07/86,Hiroshima : The Movie,Michael Wall

15/07/86,Gemma's Children,Dorothy Gharbaoui

16/07/86,In Time of War,Hugh Jenkins

17/07/86,Kedgeree Grief,Tina Pepler

20/07/86,King Canute,Barry Collins

23/07/86,Farewell the Tranquil Mind,John Graham

24/07/86,How Genghis Khan Became the Pilot of a Hot-Ait Balloon,Tony Butler

27/07/86,Kind of Hallowe'en, A,Gerry Jones

29/07/86,Ring of Truth,Michael Davies

30/07/86,Soldier Boy,Paul Abbott

31/07/86,Keeping In Touch,Owen Holder

05/08/86,Will & Lou's Boy,Rose Tremain

06/08/86,Valley of Trelamia, The,Peter Redgrove

11/08/86,Ploughboy Monday,David Pownall

12/08/86,Rollo Descending,Colin Haydn Evans

13/08/86,Dancing into the Night,Peter Liney

14/08/86,Twist of Lemon, A,Alex Renton

19/08/86,Talk to the Pear Tree,James Pettifer

20/08/86,Three Points of Contact,Charles Ryder

21/08/86,Simple Pleasures,Jane Gerson

26/08/86,Maydays,Catherine Czerkawska

27/08/86,Southport Sunday ,Roger Crawford

31/08/86,Pygmalion,George Bernard Shaw

02/09/86,Sacrifice,Berlie Doherty

03/09/86,Happy Ever After.......?,Wally K. Daly

04/09/86,Trophy, The,Margaret Jones

06/09/86,Good Lads at Heart,Peter Terson

07/09/86,Seagull, The,Anton Chekhov

09/09/86,Case of the Cool Canary, The,Sarah Maxwell

10/09/86,Child, The,Olwen Wymark

11/09/86,Prisoner,Veronica Richards

14/09/86,All My Sons,Arthur Miller

17/09/86,Plucking Post, The,Denise Robertson

18/09/86,Golden Oldies,Roderick Graham

21/09/86,Six Characters In Search Of An Author,Luigi Pirandello

23/09/86,False Pretences,Steve May

24/09/86,Send for Major Valentine,James Parkinson & John Owen

25/09/86,Cow in a Cabbage Patch,Jenny Sinclair

27/09/86,Syrup of Figs,Jo Heaton

28/09/86,Miser, The,Molière

30/09/86,Burning The Ballroom Down,Colin MacDonald

01/10/86,Don't Cry,David Ashton

02/10/86,Surubbery With Violence,Simon Moss

05/10/86,Enemy of the People, An,Henrik Ibsen

07/10/86,Holiday of a Lifetime,Stephen Lavell

08/10/86,There's Rosemary, That's For Remembrance,Helen Walker

12/10/86,House on Highbury Hill, The,Piers Paul Read

15/10/86,Rock Scorpion,Sheila Hodgson

16/10/86,Midweek,Michael Voysey

19/10/86,221B,Martyn Read

21/10/86,Passing Away,Ellen Fox

22/10/86,Sense of Sin, A,James Douglas

23/10/86,Honest Crust, An,Jane Coles

26/10/86,Spanish Gardener, The,A.J. Cronin

27/10/86,Boilerhunters, The,Arthur McKienzie

28/10/86,Dragon Bone Man, The,Julia Stoneham

29/10/86,Beauty & The Bounders,Douglas Hankin

30/10/86,Songs From A Tall Larch,David Stafford

02/11/86,Dance to the Light of the Moon, A,Robert Carver

04/11/86,Forever Blowing Bubbles,Patrice Chaplin

05/11/86,Something to Say,Richard Everett

06/11/86,Dwarfs, The,Aldous Huxley

11/11/86,Remind Me To Tell You,Michael Payne

12/11/86,Saying Goodbye to Sylvia,Gillian Slinn

15/11/86,Mischief,Ben Travers

16/11/86,One Thing More (or Caedmon Construed),Christopher Fry

18/11/86,Fairy-feller's Master Stroke, The,Mick Mangan

19/11/86,Frog Princess, The,Anne Goring

20/11/86,Gresford Chickens, The,Alison Leonard

22/11/86,Cuckoo in the Nest, A,Ben Travers

23/11/86,On May Day,Paul Copley

25/11/86,Power Play,Dorothy Gharbaoui

26/11/86,London Belongs To Me - part 1 : 'An Old-Fashioned Christmas',Norman Collins

27/11/86,Pebble's Rattle, A,Jane Beeson

29/11/86,Rookery Nook,Ben Travers

30/11/86,Fancy You Minding That,Liz Lochhead

02/12/86,Last Night,Robert Forrest

03/12/86,London Belongs To Me - part 2 : 'The Crime on the Common',Norman Collins

04/12/86,Better To Break Your Neck,Colin Douglas

07/12/86,Neverland,Frances Gray

09/12/86,It's Never Too Late,Jack Gerson

10/12/86,London Belongs To Me - part 3 : 'The Gathering Storm',Norman Collins

11/12/86,Shout, The,Robert Graves

14/12/86,Meeting of Minds, A,Christopher Reason

16/12/86,Making of Frankenstein, The,Ray Hammond

17/12/86,London Belongs To Me - part 4 : 'A Cottage in the Country',Norman Collins

18/12/86,Gingerbread House, The,Ken Whitmore

23/12/86,And There Were In The Same Country,David Bannister

25/12/86,French Without Tears,Terence Rattigan

26/12/86,Peter Pan,J.M. Barrie

27/12/86,Winslow Boy, The,Terence Rattigan

28/12/86,Christmas Holiday,W. Somerset Maugham

29/12/86,Admirable Crichton, The,J.M. Barrie

30/12/86,In Praise of Love,Terence Rattigan

31/12/86,What Every Woman Knows,J.M. Barrie

01/01/87,Bequest to the Nation,Terence Rattigan

02/01/87,Dear Brutus,J.M. Barrie

03/01/87,Fly Away Home,William Humble

04/01/87,Toytown,Rhys Adrian

06/01/87,Property,Susan Boyd

07/01/87,Mademoiselle Pearl,Guy de Maupassant

08/01/87,Family Membership,Hilary Burford

10/01/87,In The Venn Country,John Hall

11/01/87,Josef & Maria,Peter Turrini

12/01/87,Blokada,Stpehen Mulrine

13/01/87,Sunshine,Elizabeth Wainwright

14/01/87,Crackers,Chris Curry

15/01/87,Three Trees, The,Ewart Hutton

21/01/87,Leaving Is All, The,Harriet O'Carroll

22/01/87,Sweet Stuff,Ayshe Raif

28/01/87,Sandra & The Seagulls,Rachel Wyatt

29/01/87,Return To Go,Dawn Lowe Watson

31/01/87,Weekend Away, A,Alan Drury

01/02/87,Close Up,Carlos Gorostiza

03/02/87,Flights of Fantasy,Diane Whitley

04/02/87,Road to Vichy, The,Sandy McCall Smith

11/02/87,In Room 504,Jimmie Chinn

18/02/87,Brothers of Calanda, The,Carlos Cerda

19/02/87,Kiss Of Life,Graham Swannell

22/02/87,Arthur's Angel,Ken Blakeson

24/02/87,Renaissance,Maurice Brown

25/02/87,Some Day I'll Find You,Alanna Brown

26/02/87,Mary & The Birthday,Tony Butler

01/03/87,Echo of the Dragon,Rob Gittins

03/03/87,Consequences,Mark Prichard

04/03/87,Night People,Michael Davies

10/03/87,Looking for Cedric,Jane Poncia

11/03/87,Hamster's Revenge, The,Michael Robartes

12/03/87,One Good Turn,Peter Simpkin

18/03/87,Learning,Anthony Walters

19/03/87,Against the Odds,John Challen

24/03/87,Icicles,Margaret Gillard

25/03/87,Cards, Cups & Crystal Ball,David Campton

26/03/87,Past Becomes The Present,Sally Warboyes

31/03/87,Past Glories,Nick McCarty

01/04/87,Cold Embrace, The,Ken Whitmore

02/04/87,Ivy Who?,John Harvey

08/04/87,Prickly Bush, The,Neil McKay

09/04/87,Sunlight on the Garden,Nick Warburton

16/04/87,One Before The Last, The,Katherine Parker

22/04/87,Christmas Crackers,Vincent Black

23/04/87,Ugly Man, The,Roger Davenport

30/04/87,Inside Stories,Bill Kirton

06/05/87,Happy Pizza, The,Sharon Butler

13/05/87,According to Plan,Kevin Elyot

14/05/87,One of the Beautiful Offspring,Tom Lerwill

19/05/87,Before I Am Old,Antoine O' Flatharta

20/05/87,Wheel of Fortune,Jane Coles

21/05/87,Care of Mr. & Mrs. Eldridge,David Marshall

23/05/87,Rules of the Game, The,Luigi Pirandello

27/05/87,And When You Sleep You Remind me Of The Dead,Trevor Walker

30/05/87,Pass, The,Ginnie Hole

03/06/87,Affair of the Deadly Ray, The,John Owen

04/06/87,John Higgins Galway McGuigan Smith,John P. Rooney

07/06/87,View From The Mountain, A,Don Haworth

09/06/87,Nobby's Day,Anna Fox

17/06/87,Derek's Destiny,Chris Thomson

18/06/87,We Who Serve,Helen Kluger

20/06/87,Myths & Legacies,Valerie Windsor

25/06/87,Why Didn't They Warn Williams?,Angela Sewell

01/07/87,New Way of Living, A,Martyn Wade

02/07/87,Joe,Derrick Geer

09/07/87,Foreigners,Trevor Royle

15/07/87,Anniversary Waltz, The,Michael Judge

16/07/87,Team Run,Melville Jones

23/07/87,Confidential Agent, A - All That Glisters,Nick McCarty

29/07/87,Getting Stratford,Dave Sheasby

30/07/87,Resurrection Day,Anita Bronson

05/08/87,News Of The World,David Morgan

06/08/87,Shades,Eve Ward

12/08/87,Rhyme or Reason,Elizabeth Baines

13/08/87,Man in a Wheatfield,Patrick Harkins

19/08/87,No Problem,Mary Rensten

20/08/87,Borderline Business,Grant C. Eustace

22/08/87,Good Citizen Kyle, The,John Berrie

27/08/87,No Uncertain Terms,Colin Finbow

02/09/87,Dead Centre,Neil Shenton

03/09/87,Dai's Army,Derrick Geer

06/09/87,Hess,Michael Burrell

09/09/87,German, The,Charles Jennings

10/09/87,Way Through The Woods, The,Nick Warburton

13/09/87,Travelling North (Globe Theatre - play no. 1),David Williamson

16/09/87,Remember This,Carolyn Sally Jones

17/09/87,End of Term,Frances McNeil

20/09/87,Payment as Pledged (Globe Theatre - play no. 2),Alfredo Dias Gomes

23/09/87,Lost Tune from Rangoon,Hugh Jenkins

24/09/87,Across the Ferry,Ted Moore

27/09/87,Glass Menagerie, The (Globe Theatre - play no. 3),Tennessee Williams

29/09/87,To Tell The Truth,Pauline Spender

30/09/87,Fiend, The,Gerry Jones

01/10/87,Webster's 200,Giles Cole

04/10/87,Clouds (Globe Theatre - play no. 4),Michael Frayn

06/10/87,It's The Truth!,Glyn Dearman

08/10/87,Downstarts,Elaine Morgan

11/10/87,Opera Wonyosi (Globe Theatre - play no. 5),Wole Soyinka

13/10/87,King Priam,Andrew Rissik

14/10/87,Here We Go,John Chambers

15/10/87,Slight Case of Gratitude, A,John Graham

18/10/87,Visit, The (Globe Theatre - play no. 6),Friedrich Durrenmatt

20/10/87,Fade to Black,J.C. Wilsher

21/10/87,You In Your Small Corner,John Naismith

22/10/87,Murmur of a Summer's Day,John Pilkington

27/10/87,Catching Bullets,Tony Bagley

28/10/87,Price of Gold, The,John Fletcher

29/10/87,Stone Island Sound,Angus Graham-Campbell

31/10/87,Deception of the Thrush, The,Jane Beeson

03/11/87,Miss Lamb to the Slaughter,Jennifer Phillips

04/11/87,Sea Voices,Dot Rubin

05/11/87,Ave Maria,Jane Rawlinson

10/11/87,Coma,Russ Gascoigne

11/11/87,Billy & The Kid,Barrie Shore

12/11/87,Spring,Allen Saddler

17/11/87,For the Love of Two Boys,Tom Hadaway

18/11/87,Great Jowett, The,Graham Greene

19/11/87,Short on Waste,David Blair

23/11/87,Montrose Ghost, The,Harold Balfour

24/11/87,Sauce,Sue Teddern

25/11/87,Cheap in August,Graham Greene

26/11/87,Lady Faustus,Michael Payne

01/12/87,Baths,Jim Cartwright

02/12/87,Broadsheet Testimonies,Nigel Baldwin

03/12/87,Beast of Long Mindham, The,Debbie Cook

05/12/87,Lily & Colin - Light Over The Bay,Elizabeth Bond

06/12/87,True Heart, The - part 1,Sylvia T. Warner

08/12/87,Colour of Summer, The,Colin MacDonald

09/12/87,Peril, The,Dennis Ashton

10/12/87,Ivan The Fool & Vasilisa The Wise,Stephen Mulrine

13/12/87,True Heart, The - part 2,Sylvia T. Warner

15/12/87,Listen To My Voice,John Harding

16/12/87,Good, The, The Bad & The Slightly Unprepossessing,Sarah Maxwell

17/12/87,Deadfall,R.D. Wingfield

20/12/87,Venus Observed,Christopher Fry

22/12/87,They That Have Power,Angus Graham-Campbell

22/12/87,Another Half-Hour,Angus Graham-Campbell

23/12/87,Carol Singers, The,Al Hunter

02/01/88,Daisy Pulls It Off,Denise Deegan

05/01/88,All Around The Houses,Stephen Shortt

06/01/88,Josie : Family & Friends,Rachel Wyatt

07/01/88,Rainey Shines,Michael Z. Lewin

12/01/88,Nothing Personal,Perry Pontac

13/01/88,Mumper, The,Peter Terson

14/01/88,Interruptus,Alan England

19/01/88,Dreams of Tigers,Peter Myers

20/01/88,Wonderful Land,David Stafford

21/01/88,Anastasia Rees,Elizabeth Morgan

26/01/88,Victim,Roger Parkes

27/01/88,I Only Want An Answer,Fred Denger

28/01/88,Pair of Claws, A,Michael Gurr

02/02/88,Mad Rats & Englishmen,Paul Wolfson

03/02/88,Valentine Feels The Heat,John Owen & James Parkinson

04/02/88,Over The Moon,Graeme Curry

06/02/88,Goose With Pepper,Frederick Bradnum

09/02/88,In The Best Place,Sue Rilstone

11/02/88,Dirt Under The Carpet, The,Rona Munro

13/02/88,I Could Have Been King,Brian Glanville

16/02/88,Arthur's Plants,Barbara Lacey

18/02/88,In Love With Lost Causes,Stephen Kew

23/02/88,Getting It Together,Owen Holder

25/02/88,Chip On Her Shoulder, A,Josephine Hacon

02/03/88,Act For Every Occasion, An,Chris Thompson

03/03/88,Borderland,Mia Nadasi

08/03/88,Sitters,Mike Roden

09/03/88,Justice Feral,Albert Welling

10/03/88,Leisure Pioneers, The,Thomas McLaughlin

11/03/88,Image of God, The - part 1 : 'Creation',David Buck

16/03/88,Simple as ABC,Eugene Labiche & M.A. Jolly

17/03/88,My Name, Shall I tell you My Name?,Christina Reid

18/03/88,Image of God, The - part 2 : 'Sacrifice',David Buck

22/03/88,It Couldn't Be That Simple,Roger D. Powell

23/03/88,No Earth To Call His Own,Sue Ashby

24/03/88,Apples of Paradise, The,Thomas Hardy/Stan Barstow

25/03/88,Image of God, The - part 3 : 'The Image of Man',David Buck

29/03/88,Second Chance,Allen Saddler

31/03/88,Long Wave Goodbye, A,Lalage Hitchcock

01/04/88,Image of God, The - part 4 : 'Passion',David Buck

02/04/88,Positive Approach, The,Louise Spencer

04/04/88,Song at Twilight, A,Noël Coward

05/04/88,Sunday Morning Ghosts,Harry Barton

07/04/88,Dead Letter Days,Andy Baker

09/04/88,Tower of Constance, The,Ellen Dryden

12/04/88,Ring of Truth, The,Andrew Goreing

13/04/88,Small Change,Andrew Lind

14/04/88,Arnold Smith Is Innocent,Peter Gibbs

16/04/88,Are You Now or Have You Ever Been....?,Eric Bentley

19/04/88,Sinking Ship, The,Ilona Ference

20/04/88,Time - And Again,Margaret Robertson

21/04/88,Later Than You Think,Jack Gerson

23/04/88,Worshipping The Ground,Stephen Hill

26/04/88,Electrochemistry,Rupert Fergie Woods

27/04/88,Rendezvous,Ronald Frame

28/04/88,Perfect Interval, A,Ken Blakeson

03/05/88,Picaro,Neil Tidmarsh

04/05/88,Passing Whale, A,Dorothy Osborne

05/05/88,Keep The Aspidistra Flying,George Orwell

10/05/88,Act of Mercy,David Wall

11/05/88,Mary Postgate,Rudyard Kipling

12/05/88,Dowager in Distress, A,David Wheeler

17/05/88,Gone Out - Back Soon,Jill Truman

18/05/88,Child Behind The Eyes, The,Nava Semel

19/05/88,Salt Of The Earth, The,Rebecca West

22/05/88,Real Mystery of Marie Roget, The,Peter Mackie

24/05/88,Spirit of the House, The,Michael Robson

25/05/88,Earth to Earth, by Robert Graves, ad. Graeme Fife

26/05/88,My Sister's House,Dorothy Gharbaoui

27/05/88,Hound of the Baskervilles, The - part 1 : 'The Baskverville Curse',Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

28/05/88,Theme & Variations,Samuel Alyoshin

29/05/88,Company Forgives a Moment of Madness, The,Rodolfo Santana

30/05/88,Alibi for a Judge,Henry Cecil

31/05/88,Butterscotch Ice-Cream,Mike Walker

01/06/88,Brandy Brannigan,James Gibbins

02/06/88,Wonderful Visit, The,H.G. Wells

03/06/88,Hound of the Baskervilles, The - part 2 : 'Death on the Moor',Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

07/06/88,Behind the Barricades,Ruth Rabin Worrall

08/06/88,Look Here, Old Son,Royce Ryton & David Conville

09/06/88,Cultivating Friends,Steve May

14/06/88,Tin,Roger Crawford

15/06/88,Basking in the Sun, A,Keith Hagenbach

16/06/88,Honour Bound,Melville Jones

21/06/88,Woman Who Does, A,Jimmie Chinn

22/06/88,Hound of the Higginbottoms, The,Diana Griffiths

23/06/88,Spitfire,Martyn Read

25/06/88,Something to Declare,Royal Court Young People's Theatre

26/06/88,Lifetime,Nigel D. Moffatt

27/06/88,Crisp & Even Brightly,Alick Rowe

28/06/88,Dreams of Dublin Bay,Frank Dunne

02/07/88,Moonman,Steve May

03/07/88,Upended,Rhys Adrian

05/07/88,Something More Ferocious,David Marshall

07/07/88,Dirty Weekend, A,Ron Glossop

10/07/88,There's a Werewolf on the Landing,Raymund Fitzsimons

12/07/88,Spring Flowers,Ted Moore

13/07/88,Different Way Home, A,Jimmie Chinn

14/07/88,Sardine Burial,Catherine Czerkawska

17/07/88,What a Saga!,Diana Souhami

19/07/88,Boat, The,James Douglas

20/07/88,Royal Household, A,Susannah Greenberg

21/07/88,Made in England,Rodney Clark

24/07/88,Child Of Her Time, A,Roy Kelly

26/07/88,My Brother Edward,Andrew Gordon

27/07/88,Boys' Toys,Paul Thain

28/07/88,Slide-Rule Engineer, The,Stewart Love

31/07/88,Good Used Heart, A,Roy Goldman

02/08/88,Hard of Hearing,Colin Haydn Evans

03/08/88,Scarecrow Singing, A,Alison Leonard

04/08/88,Just A Few Friends,Roger Davenport

07/08/88,Reunion,John Casson

08/08/88,Murder of Roger Ackroyd, The,Agatha Christie

09/08/88,End of the Line,Ray Hartshorne

10/08/88,Heavy Roller,John Latham

11/08/88,Over My Dead Body,Richard Morris

14/08/88,On A Plate,Steve May

15/08/88,Governess, The,Evelyn Hervey

16/08/88,Well, At Least It Didn't Rain,Renny Krupinski

17/08/88,Tempting Fate,Carolyn Sally Jones

18/08/88,Blind Down The Thames,Peter Terson

21/08/88,Shining........Shining,David Ashton

22/08/88,Inspector French & The Starvel Tragedy,Freeman Wills Crofts

23/08/88,Forgeries,Michael Butt

24/08/88,FOUND Apple Blossom Afternoon,Dave Sheasby

25/08/88,Hate Mail,T. Smith (pseudonym of R.D.Wingfield)

28/08/88,Gosforth's Fête,Alan Ayckbourn

29/08/88,Right Ho, Jeeves,P.G. Wodehouse

30/08/88,Material Concerns,Timothy Jackson

31/08/88,Oxfords,David Stafford

01/09/88,Morris Dances,Neil Rhodes

03/09/88,Imaginary Friend, An,Guy Jenkin

04/09/88,Johnny Mangano & His Amazing Dogs,Michael Tremblay

07/09/88,Museum Piece,Keith Goodall

07/09/88,Break, The,Bernard MacLaverty

08/09/88,Echoes of a Summer Day,Andrew Tyrrell

13/09/88,FOUND Bright Red One, The,Renny Krupinski

14/09/88,Paul,Martin Boylan

15/09/88,FOUND Burma Star, The & The Family Treat,Peter Roberts

20/09/88,Wooing of Gillian Carstairs & Christopher Binding, The,Diana Souhami

21/09/88,Who'll Look After Little Ben?,Peter Scofield

22/09/88,Aftermath,Michael Toft

26/09/88,Miss Pym Disposes,Josephine Tey

27/09/88,Sticks & Stones,Alex Baron & Jean Binnie

28/09/88,All Done In A Squeaky Voice,Colin Haydn Evans

29/09/88,Big Broadcast of 1922, The,Keith Waterhouse

01/10/88,Under Milk Wood (1963 prod'n),Dylan Thomas

04/10/88,Sky Is Falling, The,Raymond Hartshorne

05/10/88,FOUND Turning of the Tide, The,Nick Fisher

06/10/88,Festival,Mick Mangan

08/10/88,Too Late The Pharalope,Alan Paton

11/10/88,Squatting in a Gold Mine,Steve May

12/10/88,Him & It,Steve Walker

13/10/88,Dear Diary,Kay McManus

18/10/88,After The Beep,Adisakdi Tantimedh

19/10/88,Exeat,Pippa Corner

20/10/88,Static,Jeanette Winterson

22/10/88,Rain Gathering, The,Jeremy Raison

22/10/88,Not Dead But Lifeless,Pat Boran

23/10/88,Angles,Ian Boersma

23/10/88,Chicken on the Motorway,Andrew Smith

23/10/88,Listen To My Inside Mind,Abigail Docherty

24/10/88,With All Things On Top,Charles James

24/10/88,Visitants,April de Angelis

25/10/88,Box, The,Hattie Naylor

26/10/88,Great Men of Music,Craig Warner

27/10/88,Family That Plays Together, The,Joel Smith

29/10/88,Writings on the Wall,Steve Hayes-Pollard

29/10/88,Once in a Lifetime,Sean Moffatt

30/10/88,Events at Drimlagheen (Globe Theatre - play no. 1),William Trevor

31/10/88,Murder by Degrees,John Abineri

01/11/88,Christopher, The,Jeremy Tiptaft

02/11/88,Purging, The,Georges Feydeau

03/11/88,FOUND Not Fade Away,Peter Roberts

08/11/88,Different Drum,John Loader

09/11/88,Spook & The General,Aubrey Woods

10/11/88,Anneke's Baby,Guy Slater

13/11/88,Glasnost (Globe Theatre - play no. 3),John Mortimer

15/11/88,Bald Angel, The,Melvyn Burgess

17/11/88,Digressions,Juliet Ace

20/11/88,FOUND Matter of Style, A (Globe Theatre - play. no. 4),David Pownall

22/11/88,Words, Words, Words,Arnold Evans

23/11/88,Perfect Moment, The,Kevin Elyot

24/11/88,Today We'll Finish Keats,Colin Douglas

27/11/88,Thought of Lydia, The (Globe Theatre - play no. 5),Frederick Raphael

29/11/88,Image Of Her Mother, The,Harriet O' Carroll

30/11/88,Beautiful Feeling,David Marshall

01/12/88,Four Stars In Survival,John Nelson Burton

04/12/88,Against The Wind (Globe Theatre - play no. 6),Shirley Gee

06/12/88,Garbage In, Garbage Out,Julia Schofield

07/12/88,Yorkshiremen Never Drink Gin,Chris Thompson

08/12/88,Coming Down,Dave Sheasby

11/12/88,Taybridge,Gerry Jones

14/12/88,Life on a New Planet,Tony Bagley

15/12/88,Front Runners,Neil Shenton

20/12/88,Brain Part, The, The Heart Part,Leo Goldman

21/12/88,FOUND Strange Delights,Perry Pontac

22/12/88,FOUND Angels at Partridge Cottage,Lucy Gannon

25/12/88,Strange Case of Edgar Allan Poe, The,Christopher Cook

31/12/88,Colonel's Dancers, The,Barbara Newman

01/01/89,Secret Lives - part 1,E.F. Benson

02/01/89,Moon of Gomrath, The,Alan Garner

03/01/89,Dunwoody's Descent,Peter Johnson

04/01/89,Misconceptions,Felicity Hayes McCoy

08/01/89,Secret Lives - part 2,E.F. Benson

10/01/89,Umbrella Man, The,Margaret Steward

11/01/89,Unzen,Shuzako Endo

12/01/89,Mary Morgan Still Believes in Fairy Tales,Derrick Geer

15/01/89,Secret Lives - part 3,E.F. Benson

17/01/89,Is There Room In Your Life?,Rod Tinson

19/01/89,Questions,Michael Bartlett

24/01/89,Like He's Never Been Away,Paul Hawksbee

26/01/89,John Brown's Body,John Graham

31/01/89,FOUND Nocturne for Mr. Yeats, A,Robert Graham

01/02/89,At The End Of The Day,Pete Sadler

02/02/89,FOUNDWomen Laughing,Michael Wall

07/02/89,Miracle of Roger's Legs, The,David Luck

08/02/89,Funny How The Magic Starts,Sam McBratney

09/02/89,Rusty Link, The,Ewart Hutton

14/02/89,After Her Blood,Paul & Shelagh Wolfson

15/02/89,Margie,Madeleine Fullerton

16/02/89,Case of the Substitute Spouse, The,Sarah Maxwell

21/02/89,Shaz, Daz, Gaz & Baz,Chris Thompson

22/02/89,Psnuff,Dorothy Osborne

23/02/89,George Pulham,Tony Benge

28/02/89,Talk Back,Albert Welling

01/03/89,Ollie's Odyssey,Paul M. Levitt

02/03/89,Better Cart Than Anyone Ever Had, A,Derrick Geer

07/03/89,Dying Art, A,Barbara Ann Villiers

08/03/89,Navigator's Log, The,Don Haworth

09/03/89,Party for Bonzo, A,Ayshe Raif

15/03/89,View to a Death,Hugh Jenkins

16/03/89,Taff End, The,Ewart Alexander

21/03/89,Philpott & Son,Barbara Lacey

22/03/89,Haunted By More Cake,Steve Walker

23/03/89,Hepling,John Turley

27/03/89,Trouble Bruin,Aubrey Woods

28/03/89,Makeup, The,Charles Jennings

29/03/89,Soft,John Bond

30/03/89,Swallows, The,Mark Beeson

01/04/89,Violette,Ray Jenkins

04/04/89,Two Miracles on the Last Train,Richard Walker

05/04/89,Graceland,Ellen Byron

06/04/89,Waiting for Mr. Doubledale,Christopher Denys

11/04/89,In A Place of Shadows,David Marshall

12/04/89,Left,Sue Ashby

13/04/89,Waiting at the Gate,Barbara Ann Villiers

15/04/89,One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest,Dale Wassermann/Martyn Read

16/04/89,Le Malade Imaginaire,Molière

19/04/89,Lodestone, The,Sheila Hodgson

20/04/89,Winners,Brian Friel

26/04/89,Stranger at the Door,Beth Edge

27/04/89,Accident & Design,Carolyn Sally Jones

30/04/89,Present Laughter,Noël Coward

01/05/89,Aristocrats,Brian Friel

03/05/89,Sheraton Lane Ends,Ted Moore

04/05/89,Running West,Stephen Mollett

10/05/89,Animal Crackers,Stephen Dunstone

11/05/89,Flesh Made Word,Andrew Tomlin

17/05/89,Lark in the Air,Anne Barrett

18/05/89,How Could You Believe Me.........,David Stafford

21/05/89,Dippers, The,Ben Travers

24/05/89,Recce,Don Haworth

25/05/89,Just Not Cricket,Adam Thorpe

28/05/89,Arsenic & Old Lace,Joseph Kesselring

31/05/89,Son, The,Graham Swift

01/06/89,Last of the Cowboys,Carolyn Sally Jones

07/06/89,Secret Sharer, The,Joseph Conrad

08/06/89,Deadly Embrace,Eric Paice

21/06/89,Babies in Rhinestones,Shena McKay

22/06/89,Hedge Priest, The,Michael Payne

24/06/89,Ravenous,Kate Penning

28/06/89,Box of Chocolates,Christopher Reason

29/06/89,Lieutenant Gustl,Arthur Schnitzler

01/07/89,Just Remember Two Things : It's Not Fair & Don't Be Late,Terence Frisby

02/07/89,Heart of a Dog, The,Mikhail Bulgakov

03/07/89,Bitter Chalice,Christopher Jones

05/07/89,Death, Fire & Life,Arnold Bennett

06/07/89,Leaving Shanghai,Taijin Takeda

12/07/89,Vacant Possession - play no. 1 : 'One Door Closes',Paul Angelis

13/07/89,World My Wilderness, The,Rose Macaulay

19/07/89,Vacant Possession - play no. 2 : 'Home Game',Liane Aukin

20/07/89,Kind of Spring, A,William Ingram

26/07/89,Vacant Possession - play no. 3 : 'Glass Houses',Gawn Grainger

27/07/89,No Poetry Anymore,Maurice Brown

02/08/89,Vacant Possession - play no. 4 : 'Final Agreement',Julia Schofield

06/08/89,Truckin' Maggie!,Diane Ney

09/08/89,Bird In The Hand, A,Michael Sharp

13/08/89,Sirius Rising,James Rankin

16/08/89,Baby Buggy, The,Elizabeth Baines

17/08/89,Ultimate Invention, The,Don Haworth

23/08/89,Side Effects,Steve May

24/08/89,Touch of Unpleasatness, A,Derrick Geer

26/08/89,Intimate Exchanges - play no. 2 : 'A Game of Golf',Alan Ayckbourn

26/08/89,Intimate Exchanges - play no. 1 : 'Events on a Hotel Terrace',Alan Ayckbourn

28/08/89,Intimate Exchanges - play no. 4 : 'Love in the Mist',Alan Ayckbourn

28/08/89,Intimate Exchanges - play no. 3 : 'A Pageant',Alan Ayckbourn

30/08/89,Crossing, The,Jenny Sinclair

31/08/89,Man in a Box,Martin Worth

02/09/89,Willoughby's Phoney War (Downhill from Munich),William Fox

03/09/89,Corn Is Green, The,Emlyn Williams

04/09/89,Dear Octopus,Dodie Smith

06/09/89,Heat, The,Nigel Baldwin

07/09/89,Giving In,Dorothy Gharbaoui

10/09/89,Body & Soul - part 1,Roy Kendall

13/09/89,Jogging Can Damage Your Marriage,Chris Thompson

14/09/89,Shipbuilding,John Harvey

17/09/89,Body & Soul - part 2,Roy Kendall

20/09/89,Honeycomb Hall,Dorothy Osborne

21/09/89,Into The Night,Joe Dunlop

27/09/89,My Very Dear Friend,Guy Hibbert

28/09/89,Mees Margaret,Elizabeth Morgan

04/10/89,Recipe for Trout,Arnold Evans

05/10/89,Lethal Cocktails,Shelagh Stephenson

07/10/89,Goodnight to Flamboro',Martyn Wade

11/10/89,Man from Botany Bay, The,Jeanne Feasey

18/10/89,Clicktrack,Guy Meredith

19/10/89,Ask The Right Question,Michael Z. Lewin

21/10/89,In The Summer of 1918,Stephen MacDonald

25/10/89,Dangerous Games,Frank Dunne

26/10/89,Best-Kept Village, A,Martin Worth

28/10/89,Spectre of Ernie Pike, The,Jane Coles

30/10/89,This Happy Breed,Noël Coward

01/11/89,Every Traveller Carries Some Luggage,Carlos Cerda

02/11/89,Olive,Anthony Wheeler

03/11/89,Study in Scarlet, A - part 1 'Revenge',Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

04/11/89,Bogeyman, The,David Calcutt

08/11/89,City Voices,Dot Rubin

09/11/89,Welcome Home,Chris Thompson

10/11/89,Study in Scarlet, A - part 2 'The Country of the Saints',Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

11/11/89,Action of the Tiger, The,Peter Roberts

15/11/89,Home Comforts,Andy Baker

16/11/89,Greatest Gift, The,Stephanie Norgate

18/11/89,Celtic Cross, The,Mike Dorrell

22/11/89,Biding Time,Sally Worboyes

23/11/89,Cottage, The,Derrick Geer

25/11/89,Spoiling Egypt,Mike Walker

29/11/89,Nativity Letters, The,Nick Warburton

30/11/89,Posters of the Moulin Rouge - no. 1 (untitled),

06/12/89,Bon Voyage,Noël Coward

07/12/89,Posters of the Moulin Rouge - no. 2 : 'The Boneless Wonder',John Peacock

08/12/89,Sign of the Four, The - part 1 : 'Timbertoe',Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

13/12/89,Pretty Polly Barlow,Noël Coward

14/12/89,Posters of the Moulin Rouge - no. 3 : 'La Goulue',John Peacock

15/12/89,Sign of the Four, The - part 2 : 'The Great Agra Treasure',Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

20/12/89,Star Quality,Noël Coward

21/12/89,Posters of the Moulin Rouge - no. 4 : 'Jane Avril',John Peacock

24/12/89,Beasts of Ambridge, The,Paul Burns

25/12/89,Treasure Island,Robert Louis Stevenson

26/12/89,Rogue Male,Geoffrey Household

27/12/89,Rebecca,Daphne du Maurier

28/12/89,Prisoner of Zenda, The,Anthony Hope

29/12/89,39 Steps, The,John Buchan

30/12/89,Arrived Safe, Writing Later,Stephen Dunstone

31/12/89,Plaza Suite - part 1 'Visitor from Mamoreneck',Neil Simon

01/01/90,Second Honeymoon,Krista Hanratty

03/01/90,Dreamers & Liars,Nick McCarty

04/01/90,Sorry, Goodbye & Get Stuffed,Nick McCarty

10/01/90,Warm-Up Man, The,Simon Booker

11/01/90,She's OK,Peter Trainor

17/01/90,Invitation, The,Matthew Solon

18/01/90,Inside Me,Adrian Mourby

24/01/90,Loose Ends,Stuart Hepburn

25/01/90,Spinning Room of Drunken Lovers, The,John Latham

29/01/90,O'Rourke's First Case,Vincent McInerney

31/01/90,Elephants,Maurice Brown

01/02/90,Ways & Means,John Kirkmorris

07/02/90,Carnival King,Bruce Bedford

08/02/90,Getting to Know Mr. Schmeigelow,Peter Terson

12/02/90,Man Appeal,James Douglas

14/02/90,Shanti & The Crocodile,Judy Leather

15/02/90,Other Men Do,Adrian Mourby

21/02/90,Match, A,Tony Whittaker

22/02/90,Still Life Painting,Stephen Mallatratt

24/02/90,Tunes of Glory,James Kennaway

28/02/90,Past Perfect,Rosalind Corfe

01/03/90,Emperor's Dream, The,Diana Griffiths

07/03/90,Ask No Questions,Yvonne Gilan

08/03/90,On Frozen Pond,Colin Haydn Evans

14/03/90,Evelyn,Rhys Adrian

19/03/90,Alphabetical Order,Michael Frayn

21/03/90,Dance Without Music,Anna Clemence Mews

22/03/90,Foreign Bodies,Jeffrey Wyn Thomas

28/03/90,No More a' Roving,Peter Ling

29/03/90,Barcelona Bird, The,Elizabeth Troop

31/03/90,Elephant Man, The,Bernard Pomerance

04/04/90,My Uncle Freddie - no. 1 : 'The Pineapple King of Jarrow',Alex Ferguson

05/04/90,Heart & Bone,Stpehen Greenhorn

08/04/90,Literature Is My Mistress - Medicine My Wife (1st. of 7 parts from 8/4/ to 20/5/1990),Michael Bakewell

11/04/90,My Uncle Freddie - no. 2 : 'A Shocking Day',Alex Ferguson

12/04/90,Passion Play, The,Unknown author

16/04/90,Jenny Wagon, The,John Peacock

18/04/90,My Uncle Freddie - no. 3 : 'For The Honour of the Family',Alex Ferguson

19/04/90,Nets, The,Sheelagh Kanelli

21/04/90,Summer of the Aliens,Louis Nowra

23/04/90,Merry Wives of Windsor, The,William Shakespeare

25/04/90,Cut, The,Isabel Coulson

26/04/90,Song of the Bellman's Wife, The,Julia Stoneham

28/04/90,Old Ways, The,Alan Berrie

02/05/90,Sitter, The,Peter Tinniswood

03/05/90,Bombay Mix,R.J. Gallagher

09/05/90,Bright as a Lamp, Simple as a Ring,Catherine Czerkawska

10/05/90,Time for Miracles, A,Rosalind Underhill

14/05/90,Miss Probert,Alun Richards

16/05/90,Room in Budapest, A,Ken Whitmore

17/05/90,Room Full of Mirrors, A,Patricia Finney

23/05/90,Hound of the Cabells, The,Mark Beeson

24/05/90,Nightmare World,Wally K. Daly

27/05/90,Tales My Father Taught Me,Peter Terson

28/05/90,Kind Hearts & Coronets,Roy Horniman

30/05/90,Odds Against,Susan Boyd

31/05/90,Doesn't Everybody Live in a Ballroom?,Sam Jacobs

05/06/90,Fiddler of the Reels, The,Thomas Hardy

06/06/90,Melancholy Hussar, The,Thomas Hardy

07/06/90,Withered Arm, The,Thomas Hardy

13/06/90,Dai's Ark,William Ingram

14/06/90,Glasnost,John Mortimer

20/06/90,Last Train to Tunbridge Wells,Margaret Gillard

27/06/90,I've Been Running,Clare McIntyre

28/06/90,Travels in West Africa,Jill Truman

01/07/90,Marching,Don Haworth

04/07/90,Starting Out,Michael Toft

08/07/90,Reaching for the Sun,John Ashbrook

11/07/90,Tomorrow's Gain,Chris Whitehorn

12/07/90,Happy Families,Martyn Read

18/07/90,Piggy in the Middle,Colin Scott

19/07/90,You Can't Put It Back,Chris Thompson

22/07/90,Victory,Sam McBratney

25/07/90,Colour Blind,Bernard Kops

26/07/90,Albert's Bridge,Tom Stoppard

27/07/90,Napoleon of Notting Hill, The - part 1 : 'The Charter of the Cities',G.K.Chesterton

28/07/90,Man That Got Away, The,Philip Norman

29/07/90,Red Ribbons,Thomas McLaughlin

01/08/90,House Halfway to Africa, A,Stephen Mollett

02/08/90,Screen Scene,Alain Vettese

03/08/90,Napoleon of Notting Hill, The - part 2 : 'The Battle',G.K.Chesterton

04/08/90,Artist Descending a Staircase,Tom Stoppard

05/08/90,Showing Promise,Dave Sheasby

08/08/90,Elvis, Lucy & Captain Sensible,Peter Mortimer

09/08/90,Juggling for Beginners,Roy Kelly

11/08/90,Shades of Blue,Leigh Jackson

12/08/90,Dog It Was That Died, The,Tom Stoppard

15/08/90,Zoe & Celia,Stephen James

16/08/90,Devil, The & Stepashka,Leo Tolstoy/Claire Booker

22/08/90,House of Electric Power Production, The,David Luck

23/08/90,Madame,Elizabeth Wainwright

29/08/90,Point of the Story, The,Perry Pontac

30/08/90,These Pleasures,Katie Campbell

01/09/90,Execution of Mary Timney, The,Tom Pow

05/09/90,Undercurrents,Leslie Davidoff

06/09/90,Mary Had A Little Lamb,Arnold Evans

09/09/90,Secret Journey, A,Frederick Bradnum

13/09/90,Rock-a-Bye Baby,Dave Simpson

19/09/90,Something Happened,Mike Walker

20/09/90,Bed & Breakfast,Rachel Wyatt

23/09/90,Testimony,Claudette Williams

26/09/90,Genealogy,Sue Rodwell

27/09/90,From The Depths of Water,Andrzej Mularczyk

30/09/90,Typhoid Mary,Shirley Gee

03/10/90,Second-Hand Clothes,Ted Moore

04/10/90,Nods & Whispers,Nick McCarty

07/10/90,Master Class,David Pownall

10/10/90,Auntie Jane,Geoffrey Parkinson

11/10/90,There's A Valley in Spain,Berlie Doherty

14/10/90,Railway Station Man, The,Jennifer Johnston

17/10/90,Getting Out,James Watson

18/10/90,Believe in the Stars,Gaylord Meech

21/10/90,Skull Beneath The Skin, The - part 2 (part 1, Tx 20.10.1990,P.D. James

22/10/90,Tom, Dickon, Harry,Christopher Denys

24/10/90,Lying Low,Dave Dick

25/10/90,By The Pool,Stewart Conn

28/10/90,Episode on a Thursday Evening,Don Haworth

31/10/90,Voices in the Wilderness,W.F. Jones

01/11/90,Jackson Ward,James Scott

05/11/90,Long Sunset, The,R.C. Sherriff

08/11/90,Mire Farm,Bruce Bedford

11/11/90,Pot of Gold, The,Plautus

12/11/90,Journey's End,R.C. Sherriff

15/11/90,Flying Colours, The,Barbara Machin

19/11/90,Slip, The,Patrick Carroll & Barry Wassermann

22/11/90,Lobby Talk,Juliet Ace & Vic Aiken

25/11/90,Devils in the Grass,Adisakdi Tantimedh

26/11/90,Inspector Calls, An,J.B. Priestley

29/11/90,Remember Happiness,Tony Butler

02/12/90,Press Cuttings,George Bernard Shaw

03/12/90,Sister, Dear Sister,George Baker

06/12/90,Eating In Our Dreams,Shelagh Stephenson

09/12/90,Frost In May,Antonia White

10/12/90,Where Are You, Wally?,Patrick Carroll & Barry Wassermann

13/12/90,Power of Attorney,David Wade

17/12/90,Death & The Dancing Footman,Ngaio Marsh

19/12/90,Haunted Man, The & The Ghost's Bargain,Charles Dickens

23/12/90,Holly & The Ivy, The,Wynyard Browne

24/12/90,Fox At The Manger,P.L. Travers

26/12/90,Toad of Toad Hall,Kenneth Grahame

27/12/90,Hercule Poirot's Christmas,Agatha Christie

06/01/91,Curtmantle,Christopher Fry

07/01/91,Mysterious Turk, The,Christopher Denys

10/01/91,Volvulus,John Bond

13/01/91,Emperor of Ice-Cream, The,Brian Moore

20/01/91,Strange Meeting,Susan Hill

24/01/91,Committee for Public Safety, The,Christopher Denys

27/01/91,Companeros,Mike Walker

28/01/91,Garden Notes,Frederick Mohr

31/01/91,Az Sekerli - A Turkish Romance,Ayshe Raif

03/02/91,Far Cry, The,David Z. Mairowitz

04/02/91,Silver,Jonathan Smith

07/02/91,Weird of Eddie Kerr, The,Robert Paterson

10/02/91,Talking Heads - no. 1 : 'A Chip in the Sugar',Alan Bennett

14/02/91,House at no. 9 Rue Fleurie, The,Jackie Kohnstamm

17/02/91,Talking Heads - no. 2 : 'A Bed Among The Lentils',Alan Bennett

21/02/91,Breaking Up!,Peter Roberts

24/02/91,Talking Heads - no. 3 : 'A Lady of Letters',Alan Bennett

28/02/91,Going Clear,Brian B. Thompson

03/03/91,Talking Heads - no. 4 : 'Her Big Chance',Alan Bennett

07/03/91,Kings For A Penny Drink,Derrick Geer

10/03/91,Talking Heads - no. 5 : 'Soldiering On',Alan Bennett

11/03/91,Adventure of the Pimlico Poisoner, The,Peter Mackie

13/03/91,Canterbury Tales - no. 1 'The Pardoner's Tale',Colin Haydn Evans (after Chaucer)

14/03/91,Some Kind of Justice,Derrick Geer

17/03/91,Talking Heads - no. 6 : 'A Cream Cracker Under The Settee',Alan Bennett

20/03/91,Canterbury Tales - no. 2 'The Wife of Bath's Tale',Colin Haydn Evans (after Chaucer)

21/03/91,Waterslain,Sue Ashby

24/03/91,Way South, The,Jacqueline Holborough

25/03/91,Smiler With The Knife, The,Nicholas Blake

27/03/91,Canterbury Tales - no. 3 'The Miller's Tale',Colin Haydn Evans (after Chaucer)

28/03/91,Micky Just Smiles,Mark Power

31/03/91,Out By Christmas,Robert Stuart Tyler

03/04/91,Canterbury Tales - no. 4 'The Franklin's Tale',Colin Haydn Evans (after Chaucer)

04/04/91,Last Castrato, The,Anthony George

05/04/91,Absentee, The - part 1,Maria Edgeworth

07/04/91,Jonas,J.C.W. Brook

08/04/91,Englishman's Home, An,Ray Ball

10/04/91,Reading The Spin,R.J. Gallagher

11/04/91,After That,Noa Kleinman

12/04/91,Absentee, The - part 2,Maria Edgeworth

14/04/91,Moving Along,Gillian Richmond

15/04/91,Envy of a Stranger, The,Caroline Graham

17/04/91,Resting,John Graham

18/04/91,1957 Class Prefects Reunion, The,Alasdair Campbell

21/04/91,Castlehill,Diane Whiteley

22/04/91,Gabriel Hounds, The,Mary Stewart

24/04/91,Arthur Halfshaft - The Man,Alick Rowe

25/04/91,Plymouth in War (docudrama in verse),Priscilla Napier

28/04/91,To Die in Africa,David Mowat

29/04/91,Death Beach,Michael McStay

01/05/91,Devil, The & The Situation Comedy Writer,Clive Benson

02/05/91,Cartwright's Pictures,John Mash

04/05/91,Norman Conquests, The - no. 1 : 'Table Manners',Alan Ayckbourn

05/05/91,Norman Conquests, The - no. 2 : 'Living Together',Alan Ayckbourn

06/05/91,Norman Conquests, The - no. 3 : 'Round & Round The Garden',Alan Ayckbourn

08/05/91,Gordon Bennett! - part 1 : 'Bennett & Lincoln',Sam Cassimally

09/05/91,Last Of The Whole Earth Policemen, The,Siân Williams

12/05/91,Importance of Being Frank, The,Tom Holland

13/05/91,Little Father, The,Royce Ryton

15/05/91,Gordon Bennett! - part 2 : 'Bennett & Stanley',Sam Cassimally

16/05/91,Relative Strangers,Sue Ashby

20/05/91,Excuse Fingers,John Peacock

23/05/91,Francie Nichol,Tom Hadaway

26/05/91,Blithe Spirit,Noël Coward

27/05/91,Night of the Wolf, The,Victor Pemberton

03/06/91,Barretts of Wimpole Street, The,Rudolf Besier

06/06/91,Running Out Of Sky,Margaret Stewart

09/06/91,Debt Collector, The,Harry Towb

10/06/91,Mansell Conspiracy, The,Jack Gerson

13/06/91,Morning Darkness,Bruce Stewart

16/06/91,Lucifer & The Lobster,Sean Moffatt

17/06/91,Beyond Evil,Peter McKelvey

19/06/91,House of Dreams,Henrietta March Phillipps

20/06/91,Wooden Heart,R.J. Gallagher

23/06/91,Captain Cook & the Kraken,Alan Hancock

24/06/91,Handwoven Underwater,Roger Davenport

26/06/91,Ilona & Emil,Frederick Bradnum

30/06/91,Seaside,Mike Walker

01/07/91,Miss Peabody's Inheritance,Elizabeth Jolley

03/07/91,Confidential Agent, A - no. 1 'Poison in the Air',Nick McCarty

04/07/91,Astounding Joseph Darby, The,John Edgar

08/07/91,Murder on the Links,Agatha Christie

10/07/91,Confidential Agent, A - no. 2 'A Husband Scorned',Nick McCarty

11/07/91,Cheatin' Heart,Maggie Shevlin

15/07/91,Differing States,Mike Walker

17/07/91,Confidential Agent, A - no. 3 'Fire',Nick McCarty

18/07/91,Love Machine, The,John Fulford

22/07/91,Pope's Brother, The,Steve Walker

24/07/91,Confidential Agent, A - no. 4 'Sharks Have Pearly Teeth',Nick McCarty

25/07/91,Ouzo in Ag Nik,Jayne Hollinson

26/07/91,Beach of Falesa, The,Robert Louis Stevenson

29/07/91,Marie Lloyd, Queen of the Halls,Steve Trafford

31/07/91,Better Not Singing,Patrick Costeloe

01/08/91,Evasion Tango,Patricia Cleveland-Peck

02/08/91,Misadventures of John Nicholson, The,Robert Louis Stevenson

04/08/91,Song of the Forest,Tina Pepler

05/08/91,Bertie & The Tinman,Peter Lovesey

07/08/91,Boris Gives a Party,Peter Tegel

08/08/91,Beyond the Rainbow,John Binnie

09/08/91,Ebb-Tide, The,Robert Louis Stevenson

11/08/91,Flight of Fellowship, The,Chris Allen

12/08/91,Amazing Test Match Crime, The,Adrian Allington

14/08/91,Viva Cwncanna,William Ingram

15/08/91,Dancing in the Dark,Elizabeth Mickery

16/08/91,Pavilion on the Links, The,Robert Louis Stevenson

18/08/91,Anthills of the Savannah,Chinua Achebe

19/08/91,Thin Boy,Colin Davis

21/08/91,Garden Affair, The,Robert Lord

22/08/91,Third Mask, The,Jenny Sinclair

25/08/91,Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie,Brian Freemantle

26/08/91,Accomplices,John Harvey

28/08/91,Kaleidoscope,Ray Bradbury

29/08/91,If Wishes Were Changes,Alan McDonald

01/09/91,Abandoned,Jonathon Smith

04/09/91,Midas Plague, The,Frederick Pohl

05/09/91,Flowers for Algernon,Daniel Keyes

08/09/91,Chrysalids, The,John Wyndham

09/09/91,Christopher & Columbus,Elizabeth von Arnim

11/09/91,On The Carpet,Eve Ward

12/09/91,Who Goes Here?,Bob Shaw

15/09/91,Working Out,Louise Page

16/09/91,Crime of Passion,R.E.T. Lamb

18/09/91,Posters of Montmartre - no. 1 : 'May Belfort',John Peacock

19/09/91,Roscoe'e Time,Don Haworth

22/09/91,Writing Fiction,Caryl Phillips

23/09/91,Lizard in the Grass,Susan Hill

25/09/91,Posters of Montmartre - no. 2 : 'Footitt & Chocolat',John Peacock

30/09/91,You Only Live Twice,Ian Fleming

02/10/91,Posters of Montmartre - no. 3 : 'Casque d'Or',John Peacock

03/10/91,Reluctant Carnivores, The,Anna Clemence-Mews

06/10/91,Lea & Renata,Jane Beeson

07/10/91,Madman of Convenience, A,Terry James

09/10/91,Posters of Montmartre - no. 4 : 'Aristide Bruant',John Peacock

10/10/91,Gigo,Trevor Hoyle

13/10/91,The Wide-Brimmed Hat, Edward Petherbridge (or is it by Michael Wall? - Ed)

14/10/91,Dark Heritage,Catharine Hughes

16/10/91,Entente Municipal,Andy Rimmer

17/10/91,Morris on the Somme,Mick Jones

19/10/91,Nadir,Parv Bancil

20/10/91,Copyright,Eileen Ryan

20/10/91,Asha,Tanika Gupta

21/10/91,Out of Season,Bola Makanjuola

21/10/91,So You Wanna Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star,Wendy Paterson

22/10/91,You, Me & 12,000 Geese,Angela Turvey

23/10/91,Caught,Sarah Woods

24/10/91,Judgment Days,Ann Hawker

26/10/91,Onward & Upward,Kevin McGee

26/10/91,We Expect Respect,Trish Cooke

26/10/91,Snow Queen, The,Andrew Gregory

27/10/91,Stranger from America,Christine McGeorge

28/10/91,Part of the Furniture,Trevor Lloyd

28/10/91,Hair,Paul Boakye

29/10/91,Kenny,Alan Dapré

31/10/91,Conflagration,Trevor Hoyle

02/11/91,Little Walls, The,Winston Graham

03/11/91,By Grand Central Station I sat Down & Wept,Elizabeth Smart

06/11/91,Shanti & The Dead Poet,Judy Leather

07/11/91,Parker's Mood,John Ward

13/11/91,Shanti's Left Foot,Judy Leather

14/11/91,Dollar Princess, The,Katherine Parker

18/11/91,Best of Friends, The,Hugh Whitemore

19/11/91,Requiem for Mozart - part 1 : 'After God, Papa',Stanley Sadie

20/11/91,Mathematical Triangle - no. 1 : 'Anaxagoras',John Wain & Laszlo Solymar

21/11/91,Out There Somewhere,Gaylord Meech

23/11/91,Colour of Murder, The,Julian Symons

26/11/91,Requiem for Mozart - part 2 : 'I Will No Longer Be a Fiddler!',Stanley Sadie

27/11/91,Mathematical Triangle - no. 2 : 'Archimedes',John Wain & Laszlo Solymar

28/11/91,Almost Always African,Anne Caulfield

03/12/91,Requiem for Mozart - part 3 : 'I Didn't Know I Was a Valet!',Stanley Sadie

04/12/91,Mathematical Triangle - no. 3 : 'Hypatia',John Wain & Laszlo Solymar

05/12/91,Tough Business, A,Chris Allen

09/12/91,King Solomon's Mines,H. Rider Haggard

10/12/91,Requiem for Mozart - part 4 : 'And The Candle Went Out!',Stanley Sadie

11/12/91,Mystery of a Butcher's Shop, The - part 1 : 'An Offal Discovery',Gladys Mitchell

12/12/91,Missing Woman,Michael Z. Lewin

15/12/91,All The Uncrowned Heads of Europe,Maurice Leitch

18/12/91,Mystery of a Butcher's Shop, The - part 2 : 'The Bones of the Matter',Gladys Mitchell

19/12/91,Faithful Heart, The,Stephanie Miller

22/12/91,Trelawny,Aubrey Woods (after Pinero)

23/12/91,Woman Of No Importance, A,Oscar Wilde

24/12/91,Mr & Mrs. Nobody,Keith Waterhouse

25/12/91,London Assurance,Dion Boucicault

26/12/91,Silver King, The,Henry Arthur Jones

27/12/91,Schoolmistress, The,Arthur Wing Pinero

29/12/91,Shaughraun, The,Dion Boucicault

02/01/92,Symphonic Variations,Bruce Stewart

05/01/92,By Royal Appointment,John Wyke

06/01/92,Hunter & The Hill, The,Tom Wright

09/01/92,Matter of Sex, A,Nick Stafford

12/01/92,Garrick Fever, The,J.R. Planche

13/01/92,Day by the Sea, A,N.C. Hunter

16/01/92,Manikudiak & The Bear,Chris Galer

19/01/92,Mad Dan,John Scotney

23/01/92,Music Teacher, The,Guy Slater

26/01/92,Words Are Strange, The,Robin Glendinning

30/01/92,Australian in Donegal,Harry Barton

02/02/92,Stone Age,Carolyn Sally Jones

03/02/92,Date in September, A,Alex Ferguson

06/02/92,Is There Anybody There?,Gerry Jones

07/02/92,Under Western Eyes - part 1,Joseph Conrad

09/02/92,Whom Do I Have The Honour of Addressing?,Peter Shaffer

10/02/92,Scattering Day,Patrick Carroll

13/02/92,Grace & Favour,Richard Everett

14/02/92,Under Western Eyes - part 2,Joseph Conrad

19/02/92,Gloriana Murder Mystery, The,Michael Payne

24/02/92,Last Call,Geraldine McCaughrean

26/02/92,Fair Exchange,Wally K. Daly

27/02/92,Raspberry Garden, The,Judith Armstrong

01/03/92,Scourge of Hyacinths, A,Wole Soyinka

04/03/92,My Uncle Freddie (series 2) - no. 1 : 'Heart's Ache, Heart's Ease',Alex Ferguson

05/03/92,Frightful Thing, The,Neil Shenton

09/03/92,Arcady,Guy Meredith

11/03/92,My Uncle Freddie (series 2) - no. 2 : 'A Time of Deep Affliction',Alex Ferguson

12/03/92,Butterflies Don't Count,Wally K. Daly

15/03/92,Sense of Things Going Forward, A (Globe Theatre, play no. 1),Craig Warner

16/03/92,Market Forces,Christopher Denys

18/03/92,My Uncle Freddie (series 2) - no. 3 : 'A Catalogue of Disasters',Alex Ferguson

19/03/92,Seven Years' Solitary,Edith Bone/Jonathan Smith

22/03/92,What Happened with St. George (Globe Theatre - play no. 2),David Cregan

25/03/92,Bat & Ball,Peter Stafford

26/03/92,Three-Way Split,Rona Munro

29/03/92,Faith (Globe Theatre - play no. 3),Robin Glendinning

30/03/92,Plain Facts in a Country Dress,R.E.T. Lamb

01/04/92,After Icarus,Stephen Greenhorn

05/04/92,Theory & Practice of Rings, The (Globe Theatre - play no. 4),Marcella Evaristi

06/04/92,Whose Body?,Dorothy L. Sayers

08/04/92,Black Stockings & Broken Mirrors (Ghosts from the Past - play no. 1),Bernadette Crosthwaite

09/04/92,Sunshine,Sally Zane

12/04/92,Music & Silence (Globe Theatre - play no. 5),Rose Tremain

13/04/92,Whoresheugh,David Bean

15/04/92,Boat Hook, The (Ghosts from the Past - play no. 2),Sheila Hodgson

19/04/92,Wizard Who Worked Wonders, The,Calderon de la Barca

22/04/92,Mortmain (Ghosts from the Past - play no. 3),John Metcalfe

23/04/92,Who Stole Your Scone?,Marion Brechin

24/04/92,Carmen - part 1,Prosper Mérimée

29/04/92,Warden for All Saints, A (Ghosts from the Past - play no. 4),H.S. Bhabra

30/04/92,Red Car in the Fountain, A,Phillip Corker

01/05/92,Carmen - part 2,Prosper Mérimée

03/05/92,Year of Miracle & Grief, The,Leonid Borodin

04/05/92,84, Charing Cross Road,Helène Hanff

06/05/92,Cod Wars - part 1,Gilly Fraser

07/05/92,Natural Selection,Colin Scott

10/05/92,Adonis Bird, The,Nigel Lewis

11/05/92,Jacobowsky & The Colonel,Franz Werfel

13/05/92,Cod Wars - part 2,Gilly Fraser

17/05/92,Flower of Blood,Bruce Stewart

18/05/92,Portrait of Elmbury, A,John Moore

20/05/92,Mother! - or The Unwise Son,Frederick Bradnum

21/05/92,Return Ticket,Vince Foxall

24/05/92,Derby Day - part 1,Bill Naughton

25/05/92,Derby Day - part 2,Bill Naughton

27/05/92,Introducing Fagan,Maurice Leitch

28/05/92,Judgement Days,Ann Hawker

31/05/92,Fen Story, The,Adam Thorpe

01/06/92,Sort of a Hero,Eric Pringle

04/06/92,Slice of Life, A,Robert East

05/06/92,Castle of the Star - part 1,Colin Haydn Evans

07/06/92,Life After Death,Dave Dick

08/06/92,Culper Tapes, The,Bruce Stewart

10/06/92,Secret Gardens - no. 1 : 'In A Hole In The Ground, There Lived a Tolkien',Humphrey Carpenter

11/06/92,Revenge,Ayshe Raif

12/06/92,Castle of the Star - part 2,Colin Haydn Evans

15/06/92,Shuttlecocks & Socialism,Chris Thompson

17/06/92,Secret Gardens - no. 2 : 'Mr. McGregor's Garden',Humphrey Carpenter

22/06/92,Witchwood,John Buchan

24/06/92,Secret Gardens - no. 3 : 'An Expotition to the North Pole',Humphrey Carpenter

25/06/92,Over The Rainbow,Colin Morton & Harry Sear

01/07/92,Landlocked,Tessa Gearing, Adrian Mourby & Greg Cullen

02/07/92,Islands,Judith Warner

06/07/92,Straight Down The Middle,Robert East

08/07/92,Anniversary - part 1,Robin Miller

09/07/92,Pilgrims,Ray Ball

12/07/92,Singing & Dancing in Kampur,David Mowat

13/07/92,Stranger in the Tea Leaves, A,William Ingram

15/07/92,Anniversary - part 2,Robin Miller

16/07/92,Case of the Vanishing Lamp, The,Sarah Maxwell

17/07/92,La Peste - part 1,Albert Camus

22/07/92,Peggers, The & The Creelers - no. 1 'Salt Sea Strawberries',Catherine Czerkawska

24/07/92,La Peste - part 2,Albert Camus

27/07/92,Settling With The Indians,Mick Mangan

29/07/92,Peggers, The & The Creelers - no. 2 'The Water's Wide',Catherine Czerkawska

30/07/92,Winning,Tom McNab

02/08/92,Blood & Ice,Liz Lochhead

03/08/92,Caves of Steel,Isaac Asimov

05/08/92,Peggers, The & The Creelers - no. 3 'The World's Ill Divided',Catherine Czerkawska

06/08/92,Synchro!,Helen Kluger

09/08/92,Smart Boy Wanted,Colin Douglas

10/08/92,Voyage of the Swallow,Eric Pringle

12/08/92,Little Yellow Bird,Pieter Rogers

13/08/92,Looking at the Sun,Barry Hines

16/08/92,Freeway, The,Peter Nichols

17/08/92,Event of the Season, The,Perry Pontac

19/08/92,Who Sings The Hero? - no. 1 : 'Dr. Barry',Jean Binnie

20/08/92,Song of My Father, The,Paul Herzberg

23/08/92,Singer - part 2 (part 1, Tx (Sat.Playhouse) 22.8.1992),Peter Flannery

26/08/92,Who Sings The Hero? - no. 2 : 'Never Mind, I Stopped My Train!',Martin Sorrell

27/08/92,Image, The,Dorothy Gharbaoui

30/08/92,Movie Starring Me,A,David Edgar

31/08/92,Bertie & The Seven Bodies,Peter Lovesey

02/09/92,Who Sings The Hero? - no. 3 : 'The Man Who Came Back',Matthew Solon

03/09/92,What Became of Peter Wish?,Frederick Bradnum

06/09/92,Monument, The,Alan Berrie

09/09/92,Who Sings The Hero? - no. 4 : 'A Misfortune at Seaham',Graeme Fife

10/09/92,Dream Maker, The,Alex Shearer

13/09/92,Potter's Wheel,Albert Welling

14/09/92,Means Test Man,Walter Brierley

16/09/92,Who Sings The Hero? - no. 5 : 'A Righteous Gentile',Barry Turner & Harry Towb

20/09/92,Watching Over Israel,Nick Enright

21/09/92,Angel of Rome, The,Neville Watchurst

23/09/92,Who Sings The Hero? - no. 6 : 'Saving of the Saluto',Melville Jones

24/09/92,Dealing with Clair,Martin Crimp

27/09/92,Campanology,Derek Lister

28/09/92,Totally Gutted,Alick Rowe

30/09/92,Mum's The Word,Brian Miller

01/10/92,German Summer, The,Ewart Hutton

04/10/92,Englishman Abroad, The,Christopher Douglas

05/10/92,Tarra Lengy,Frank White

08/10/92,Travel Over Spanish Sighs,Douglas Esson

11/10/92,Man-Eater of Malgudi, The,R.K. Narayan

12/10/92,Something Like A Miracle,Gerry Huxham

15/10/92,Ridge, The,Roy MacGregor

16/10/92,Scarlet Letter, The - part 1,Nathaniel Hawthorne

18/10/92,Cello & The Nightingale, The,Patricia Cleveland-Peck

19/10/92,Frozen Stream Called Wounded Knee, A,John Pilkington

22/10/92,Hot Rubber or Death on the Motorway,John Fletcher

23/10/92,Scarlet Letter, The - part 2,Nathaniel Hawthorne

25/10/92,Rabbit Hunt, The,Mike Walker

30/10/92,True Story of Martin Guerre, The - part 1,Jean de Coras

02/11/92,Add Life to Years,Rib Davis

06/11/92,True Story of Martin Guerre, The - part 2,Jean de Coras

09/11/92,Fight for Barbara, The,D.H. Lawrence

11/11/92,Romantics, The,Robin Brooks

12/11/92,Monkey Trap, The,Martin Worth

15/11/92,Vampirella,Angela Carter

16/11/92,Puss in Boots,Angela Carter

19/11/92,Company of Wolves, The,Angela Carter

23/11/92,However,Al Hunter

26/11/92,Fragments in a Vulgar Tongue,David Zane Mairowitz

03/12/92,Rainbow in the Night, A,R.J. Gallagher

07/12/92,Stardust,Roger Stennett

10/12/92,High Cost of Travel, The,Eric MacDonald

11/12/92,Wrong Box, The,Robert Louis Stevenson

14/12/92,Black Bartlemy's Treasure,Jeffery Farnol

17/12/92,Closed to Visitors,Dawn Lowe-Watson

18/12/92,Suicide Club, The,Robert Louis Stevenson

20/12/92,Christmas Spirits - no. 1 : 'The Haunted Man & The Ghost's Bargain',Charles Dickens

24/12/92,Lintel, The,Albert Welling

25/12/92,Christmas Spirits - no. 2 : 'A Christmas Carol',Charles Dickens

26/12/92,Christmas Spirits - no. 3 : 'After Supper Ghost',Jerome K. Jerome

27/12/92,Brave New World,Aldous Huxley

28/12/92,Christmas Spirits - no. 4 : 'The Exorcism',Don Taylor

29/12/92,Christmas Spirits - no. 5 : 'Blithe Spirit',Noël Coward

30/12/92,Christmas Spirits - no. 6 : 'Jonas',J.C.W. Brook

31/12/92,Christmas Spirits - no. 7 : 'The Canterville Ghost',Oscar Wilde

01/01/93,Christmas Spirits - no. 8 : 'The Turn of the Screw',Henry James

04/01/93,Absolute Discretion,Grant C. Eustace

06/01/93,Child's Play - no. 1 : 'Spacehoppers, Clackers & Really Big Fish',Roy Hutchins

07/01/93,Billion Dollar Carp, The,Nick McCarty

11/01/93,Salamander Chest, The,Grant C. Eustace

13/01/93,Child's Play - no. 2 : 'The Hanging of Ernest Moon',John Latham

14/01/93,Quelque Fleurs,Liz Lochhead

18/01/93,Folly, The,Martyn Read

20/01/93,Child's Play - no. 3 : 'Hanuman's Child',Nandita Ghose

21/01/93,Another Dimension,Don Haworth

25/01/93,Boy Bishop,Alick Rowe

27/01/93,Child's Play - no. 4 : 'Two Together?',Diane Samuels

28/01/93,I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now,Tim Green

01/02/93,Keystone,Peter Lovesey

03/02/93,Child's Play - no. 5 : 'Just 14',Amanda Swift

04/02/93,Kai Mei Sauce,Kevin Wong

08/02/93,Craft,Guy Meredith

10/02/93,Miser, The,Carlo Goldoni

11/02/93,At The Gellert,Gillian Reeve

15/02/93,Craft Two - The Tokyo Connection,Guy Meredith

17/02/93,Walking The Plank Of Love,Nick Pullin

18/02/93,Song for a Sanctuary,Rukshana Ahmed

22/02/93,Lavender Song,Patricia Wood

25/02/93,Architect's Dream, The,Neil Rhodes

01/03/93,Thorne Investigates - no. 1 : 'Unto The Grave',John Penn

08/03/93,Thorne Investigates - no. 2 : 'Mortal Term',John Penn

11/03/93,Frewintosh Formula, The,Iain Crawford

15/03/93,Thorne Investigates - no. 3 : 'Double Negative',John Penn

18/03/93,Birdwheel, The,Geoffrey Parkinson

22/03/93,Clergyman's Daughter, A,George Orwell

25/03/93,Marshalling Yard, The,Ted Moore

29/03/93,Birthday,Michael Frayn

01/04/93,Far Cry from Brazil, A,Robert East

05/04/93,Walk or Die,David Gooderson

08/04/93,Truth Confined,Juliet Ace

12/04/93,Weir of Hermiston,Robert Louis Stevenson

14/04/93,My Darling Emmenthal,John Laurence

19/04/93,Death Drop,B.M. Gill

21/04/93,Per Ardua ad Terram,Peter Reynolds

22/04/93,Jacobean Box, The,Don Taylor

26/04/93,Eagle Has Landed, The,Jack Higgins

29/04/93,I'll Be Caesar,Alan England

03/05/93,Eagle Has Flown, The,Jack Higgins

10/05/93,Focus,Arthur Miller

17/05/93,Other Side of the Hill, The - part 1 : 'It's a Long Way from Talavera',Peter Luke

20/05/93,Christening Robe, The,Aileen la Tourette

24/05/93,Other Side of the Hill, The - part 2 : 'The Long Road to Waterloo',Peter Luke

26/05/93,Wild Hops - no. 1,Sally Worboyes

27/05/93,Hero,Roderick Graham

31/05/93,Legend of Robin Hood, The,John Fletcher

02/06/93,Wild Hops - no. 2,Sally Worboyes

03/06/93,Disguised as Dr. Koch,Martin Worth

07/06/93,Ballad of Johnny Reece, The,Nick Fisher

09/06/93,Wild Hops - no. 3,Sally Worboyes

10/06/93,Here Be Dragons,Stewart Love

14/06/93,Kitty Wilkinson,David Pownall

16/06/93,Wild Hops - no. 4,Sally Worboyes

17/06/93,Dark Bells, Green Days,Florence Percy

21/06/93,Lucky One, The,Lucy Ching

24/06/93,Made in Heaven,Julia Stoneham

28/06/93,San Rocco Mob, The,Bruce Stewart

01/07/93,This Should Be My Wedding Day,Elizabeth Ryan

05/07/93,Scarlet on Black,Roger Danes

08/07/93,Final Whistle, The,Bernard Farrell

12/07/93,Old-Fashioned Villain, An,Mike Harris

15/07/93,Rediscovering Leo,John Harrison

19/07/93,British Bulldog, The,Christopher Denys

21/07/93,Prisoners & Captives - no. 1 : 'Bright as a Lamp, Simple as a Ring',Catherine Czerkawska

22/07/93,Betrayer, The,C.M. Williams

22/07/93,Last Seed, The,C.M. Williams

26/07/93,Hay Fever,Noël Coward

28/07/93,Prisoners & Captives - no. 2 : 'The Garden Girls',Jacqueline Holborough

29/07/93,Life Class, The,Harry Quinn & Colin Douglas

02/08/93,Yaxley's Cat,Robert Westall

04/08/93,Prisoners & Captives - no. 3 : 'The Way South',Jacqueline Holborough

05/08/93,Funny Side of Love, The,David Stafford

09/08/93,Facts Speak for Themselves, The,Mark Leech

12/08/93,Of Myths & Men,Anthony George

16/08/93,Tiger! Tiger!,Alfred Bester

18/08/93,Excuse My Dust,Ayshe Raif

23/08/93,Charlie Muffin,Brian Fremantle

25/08/93,Thirty Years is Pearl,Sheila Goff

26/08/93,Ring of Roses,Nick Stafford

30/08/93,Fake's Progress, A,Shaun Prendergast

01/09/93,Overspill,Rupert Mallin

06/09/93,Road to Munich,Douglas Livingstone

09/09/93,Gilbert & George Go To Seaview,Andy Rashleigh

13/09/93,Larry the Lamb,Peter Thomson/Franz Kafka

16/09/93,Paradise Machine, The,Paul Thain

20/09/93,Pledge, The,Friedrich Durrenmatt

23/09/93,Betrayers, The,Rib Davis

27/09/93,Glamour, The,Christopher Priest

30/09/93,Great Gulf Fixed, A,Jonathan Myerson

04/10/93,Roland's Afterlife,Frederick Bradnum

07/10/93,Mysterious Mansion, The,Honoré de Balzac

11/10/93,Touching the Rock,John M. Hull

14/10/93,Black Dolls, The,Eduardo Manet

18/10/93,Season of Clear Shining, A,Nan Woodhouse

20/10/93,Splendid Isolation,Angela Turvey

21/10/93,Hair of the Dog,Lesley Davies

22/10/93,On The Eve - part 1,Ivan Turgenev

25/10/93,Understanding Women,Melissa Murray

27/10/93,Best That Money Can Buy, The,Ronnie Smith

28/10/93,Becoming Carmen,Arnold Evans

29/10/93,On The Eve - part 2,Ivan Turgenev

01/11/93,Seven Per Cent Solution, The,Nicholas Meyer

03/11/93,Black Velvet,Tony Ramsay

04/11/93,James Johnson's Story,Jolyon Maugham

08/11/93,Gun Before Butter,Nicolas Freeling

10/11/93,Foreign Girls - no. 1,Elaine Feinstein

11/11/93,After You've Gone,Annie Caulfield

15/11/93,Night of Wenceslas, The,Lionel Davidson

17/11/93,Foreign Girls - no. 2,Elaine Feinstein

18/11/93,Good Boy,Owen Roe

22/11/93,Back of the Tiger, The,Jack Gerson

24/11/93,Foreign Girls - no. 3,Elaine Feinstein

25/11/93,Michelle & The Landlady,Caroline Forbes

29/11/93,Randle's Scandals,Trevor Hoyle

02/12/93,Second Summer, A,Elizabeth Wainwright

06/12/93,King's General, The,Daphne du Maurier

09/12/93,Baby Grand, The,Stacy Aumonier

13/12/93,Quicksilver,James Douglas

16/12/93,Christmas Eve Can Kill You..........,Marie Jones

17/12/93,Zorba the Greek - part 1,Nikos Kazantzakis

20/12/93,Cinderella,H.J. Byron

23/12/93,Death of an Old Girl,Elizabeth Lemarchand

24/12/93,Zorba the Greek - part 2,Nikos Kazantzakis

25/12/93,Christmas at the Ritz - no. 1 : 'Turkey Time',Ben Travers

26/12/93,Christmas Carol, A,Charles Dickens

27/12/93,Christmas at the Ritz - no. 2 : 'Hit The Heights!',Brian Sibley

28/12/93,Christmas at the Ritz - no. 3 : 'The Circle',W. Somerset Maugham

29/12/93,Christmas at the Ritz - no. 4 : 'On Approval',Frederick Lonsdale

30/12/93,Christmas at the Ritz - no. 5 : 'The Vortex',Noël Coward

31/12/93,Christmas at the Ritz - no. 6 : 'The Good Companions',J.B. Priestley

06/01/94,Voices Offstage,Peter Ling

13/01/94,Goose Breath,Mark Davies Markham

20/01/94,Christmas in Radnorshire,Neil Rhodes

27/01/94,Death of Ivan Ilyich, The,Leo Tolstoy

03/02/94,Tyranny of Karma, The,Agnes Sam

10/02/94,Child & The Journey, The,Sue Glover

17/02/94,Amber,Catherine Czerkawska

21/02/94,Brief Encounter,Noël Coward

24/02/94,Eyes Down,Judith Johnson

02/03/94,Il Conde,Joseph Conrad

03/03/94,Burn Supper, The,Colin Douglas

04/03/94,Prisoners of Honour - part 1,Ron Hutchinson

09/03/94,Jaw Jaw,Mike Walker

10/03/94,Spoil Heap,Frank White

11/03/94,Prisoners of Honour - part 2,Ron Hutchinson

17/03/94,Cathal Of The Woods,Lindsay Clarke

21/03/94,Governor's Consort, The,Peter Tinniswood

24/03/94,Tipperary Smith,Paul Copley

31/03/94,Sir Colin's New Clothes,Chris Allen

07/04/94,Mourning After, The,Julian Perkins

11/04/94,Night Mother,Marsha Norman

13/04/94,Rehearsing Violetta,Paul M. Levitt

14/04/94,Women of the Dust,Ruth Carter

18/04/94,Wing, A & A Prayer,Sue Limb

21/04/94,Wedding, The,Stephen James

27/04/94,Election Lives,Matthew Solon

28/04/94,Campden Wonder, The,Richard Derrington & Roger Hume

04/05/94,Women Who Do - no. 1 : 'Tears Before Bedtime',Arnold Evans

05/05/94,Fairplay,Simon Stallworthy

11/05/94,Women Who Do - no. 2 : 'Juniper & Cowrie Shells',Arnold Evans

12/05/94,I Can Feel Your Grief, Tony,Ewart Hutton

16/05/94,Coleman & Astor - no. 1 : 'Death of a Hooligan',Michael McStay

18/05/94,Women Who Do - no. 3 : 'Waiting for Omar Sharif',Arnold Evans

19/05/94,Sixth Form Poet, The,David Bowker

23/05/94,Coleman & Astor - no. 2 : 'A Day at the Races',Michael McStay

25/05/94,Women Who Do - no. 4 : 'The Ties That Bind Us',Arnold Evans

30/05/94,Coleman & Astor - no. 3 : 'No Harm Done',Michael McStay

01/06/94,Women Who Do - no. 5 : 'A French Revolution',Arnold Evans

02/06/94,Laughing Gas,David Chandler

06/06/94,Coleman & Astor - no. 4 : 'Fools Rush In',Michael McStay

09/06/94,Net, The,Gaylord Meech

13/06/94,Unofficial Rosie - no. 1 : 'Starting Over',Alan McDonald

16/06/94,Mali,Barbara-Ann Villiers

20/06/94,Unofficial Rosie - no. 2 : 'Softies',Alan McDonald

27/06/94,Unofficial Rosie - no. 3 : 'The Front Man',Alan McDonald

30/06/94,Watch Out for Mr. Stork,Diane Samuels

04/07/94,Unofficial Rosie - no. 4 : 'Massaging the Truth',Alan McDonald

07/07/94,Subutu Passage,Douglas Young

11/07/94,P Division - Code Four One (series 1) - no. 1 : 'The Bonepit',Peter Turnbull

13/07/94,I Spy,Martin Smith

14/07/94,Hickey's Collapse,Bruce Stewart

18/07/94,P Division - Code Four One (series 1) - no. 2 : 'The Ladder',Peter Turnbull

21/07/94,Evelyn Homes,Rupert Mallin

25/07/94,P Division - Code Four One (series 1)-: no. 3 : 'Long Pig',Peter Turnbull

01/08/94,P Division - Code Four One (series 1) - no. 4 : 'Torchman',Peter Turnbull

03/08/94,Grove of Straight Trees, A,Nick Warburton

04/08/94,Dear Penny,Robert East

10/08/94,Doctors - no. 1,Phil Redmond/Kathleen Potter

11/08/94,We Do The Sky,Michael Mears

15/08/94,Grandma & Mrs. Chatterjee,Kitty Fitzgerald

17/08/94,Doctors - no. 2,Phil Redmond/Maureen Bessman

18/08/94,Break My Bones,Kitty Fitzgerald

24/08/94,Doctors - no. 3,Phil Redmond/David Joss Buckley

25/08/94,Last of the Joan Crawfords, The,Elizabeth Troop

31/08/94,Doctors - no. 4,Phil Redmond/Maurice Bessman

01/09/94,Elephant's Foot, The,Tim Jackson

07/09/94,Doctors - no. 5,Phil Redmond/David Joss Buckley

08/09/94,Tree, The,R.E.T. Lamb

14/09/94,Doctors - no. 6,Phil Redmond/Maurice Bessman

15/09/94,Little Muspratt,Penelope Mortimer/Caroline Bennett

22/09/94,Peer Gynt, The of Victoria Street,Geoffrey Parkinson

29/09/94,Magda's Lover,James MacVeigh

06/10/94,Stay Stum,Sheila Goff

13/10/94,Twilight,Mary Halpin

14/10/94,Frankenstein - part 1,Mary Shelley

20/10/94,Fast Coach from Gneixendorf ,Jo Anderson

21/10/94,Frankenstein - part 2,Mary Shelley

24/10/94,Odd Body, An - no. 1 'Past Imperfect',Sue Rodwell

27/10/94,Public Order,Matthew Solon

31/10/94,Odd Body, An - no. 2 'A Slim Chance',Sue Rodwell

01/11/94,Lost & Found,Martin Glynn

03/11/94,Zeitgeist Times,Dave Gorman

07/11/94,Odd Body, An - no. 3 : 'A Sheltered Life',Sue Rodwell

08/11/94,City,Martin Jameson & Joe Turner

10/11/94,Fat,Deborah Freeman

14/11/94,Odd Body, An - no. 4 : 'The Hostages',Sue Rodwell

17/11/94,Reaching for the Sky,Dave Dixon

18/11/94,La Vie de Bohème - part 1,Henry Murger

24/11/94,Captain Nolan's Chance,Kingsley Amis

25/11/94,La Vie de Bohème - part 2,Henry Murger

29/11/94,Lunchtime of the Gods, The,Perry Pontac

01/12/94,Flowers of the Forest, The,Donald Campbell

06/12/94,Tusitala - The Teller of Tales : 'The Bottle Imp',Robert Louis Stevenson

08/12/94,Johnny Sheehy,Christopher Fitz-Simon

15/12/94,Emily's Ghost,Colin Finbow

21/12/94,Playing With Dracula,Nick Fisher

22/12/94,For A Son,Carey Harrison

24/12/94,Snow Queen, The,Berlie Doherty/Andersen

25/12/94,Twelve Days of Christmas, The,Bryony Lavery

26/12/94,Wind in the Willows, The,Kenneth Grahame/Alan Bennett

27/12/94,Pinocchio,Carlo Collodi

28/12/94,Journey to the Centre of the Earth,Jules Verne

29/12/94,Three Men in a Boat,Jerome K. Jerome

30/12/94,Wolves of Willoughby Chase, The,Joan Aiken

02/01/95,Mr. McNamara,William Trevor

04/01/95,Victoria Station - no. 1 : 'Signal Failure',Steve Chambers

05/01/95,Inheritance, The,Collin Johnson

11/01/95,Victoria Station - no. 2 : 'Tunnel Vision',Steve Chambers

12/01/95,Captain Colenso's Last Voyage,Alun Richards

18/01/95,Victoria Station - no. 3 : 'First Class Distinction',Steve Chambers

19/01/95,Morning Has Broken,Susan Carlton

25/01/95,Victoria Station - no. 4 : 'Fog Warnings',Steve Chambers

26/01/95,Bruised Reed, A,Anna Clemence Mews

01/02/95,Victoria Station - no. 5 : 'Over The Points',Steve Chambers

02/02/95,Thank You For Talking To Me, Africa,Othniel Smith

08/02/95,Happy Auntie, The,Stephen Laughton

09/02/95,I Luv You, Jimmy Spud,Lee Hall

13/02/95,Enchanting Evil, The,Barbara Cartland

14/02/95,Some Of My Best Friends Are Dolphins,Marianne Carey

16/02/95,Second Chance,Sue Rodwell

17/02/95,Winter of Our Discontent, The - part 1,John Steinbeck

20/02/95,Another Life,Rosemary Carter

23/02/95,Rocco Don't Eat Greens,Nick Pullen

24/02/95,Winter of Our Discontent, The - part 2,John Steinbeck

27/02/95,Newgate Calendar, The - no. 1 : 'The Life, Crimes & Death of Jonathan Wild' ,Christopher Denys

02/03/95,Inside,David Ian Neville

03/03/95,Dead Souls - part 1 : 'Coming',Nicolai Gogol

06/03/95,Newgate Calendar, The - no. 2 : 'The Tragic Life & Shameful Death of Mary Blandy',Christopher Denys

10/03/95,Dead Souls - part 2 : 'Going',Nicolai Gogol

16/03/95,Tower,Greg Cullen

17/03/95,Mateo Falcone,Prosper Mérimée

23/03/95,Missing,Elizabeth Baines

30/03/95,Globe Theatre '95 - play no. 1 : 'Banishing Lucifer',Hattie Naylor

05/04/95,Cinderella Service, The - no. 1,Julia Stoneham

06/04/95,Globe Theatre '95 - play no. 2 : 'Charley Tango',David Lan

12/04/95,Cinderella Service, The - no. 2,Julia Stoneham

13/04/95,Globe Theatre '95 - play no. 3 : 'Cathedral',Nick Ward

19/04/95,Cinderella Service, The - no. 3,Julia Stoneham

20/04/95,Globe Theatre '95 - play no. 4 : 'The Prisoner of Papa Stour',Louise Page

24/04/95,Globe Theatre '95 - play no. 5 : 'The Dolphinarium',Steve Walker

27/04/95,Post-Election Lives,Matthew Solon

04/05/95,Globe Theatre '95 - play no. 6 : 'Pen Pals',Peter Tinniswood

08/05/95,List, The - part 1 'Reunion' (pt. 2 Tx R4 8.5.1995/2010 hrs.),Nick Stafford

11/05/95,Hardly Touching,Neil Biswas

18/05/95,Thieves Like Us,Biyiy Bandele

25/05/95,Letters to Mam,William Ingram

31/05/95,No Rights, Only Wrongs - part 1,Gillian Bevan

01/06/95,Intimate Tragedy, An,Jasmin Dizdar & Hilary Dunn

02/06/95,Luck of Barry Lyndon, The - part 1,William Makepeace Thackeray

07/06/95,No Rights, Only Wrongs - part 2,Gillian Bevan

08/06/95,Lovely Witches,Moya O'Shea

09/06/95,Luck of Barry Lyndon, The - part 2,William Makepeace Thackeray

14/06/95,Medical Detectives - no. 1 : 'Death in the Parish',Michael Howell & Peter Ford/Michael Butt

15/06/95,Matt Black & Chrome,Dominic Minghella

21/06/95,Medical Detectives - no. 2 : 'The Last Infirmity',Michael Howell & Peter Ford/Michael Butt

22/06/95,Mr. Love,Karoline Leach

28/06/95,Medical Detectives - no. 3 : 'The Epping Jaundice',Michael Howell & Peter Ford/Michael Butt

29/06/95,Borderlands of Audleystown, The,Martin Lynch

05/07/95,Medical Detectives - no. 4 : 'The Stranded Eagle',Michael Howell & Peter Ford/Michael Butt

06/07/95,Goillach,George Gunn

13/07/95,Mandarin Lime, The,Gary Mitchell & Jimmy Murphy

27/07/95,Get Wisdom, Get Understanding,Jonathan Myerson

03/08/95,Talking,Rachel Joyce

04/08/95,Imaginative Experience, An - part 1,Mary Wesley

07/08/95,Twin Reaction - no. 1 : 'Look Again',Juliet Ace

10/08/95,Scholar Gipsy, The,Gerald Vaughan-Hughes

11/08/95,Imaginative Experience, An - part 2,Mary Wesley

14/08/95,Twin Reaction - no. 2 : 'Come Follow',Juliet Ace

17/08/95,Without The Sustaining World,Sarah Woods

21/08/95,Twin Reaction - no. 3 : 'Double Trouble',Juliet Ace

28/08/95,Saint, The - no. 1 : 'Saint Overboard',Leslie Charteris

31/08/95,How To Murder Your Husband,Julie Rutterford

04/09/95,Saint, The - no. 2 : 'The Saint Closes The Case',Leslie Charteris

07/09/95,Forgotten Army,Tom Wright

11/09/95,Saint, The - no. 3 : 'The Saint Plays With Fire',Leslie Charteris

14/09/95,Pioneers, Oh Pioneers,Nigel Gearing

18/09/95,Mr. Solowei & The Unicorn,Helen Buhaenko

20/09/95,Quiz Night,Peter Bowen

21/09/95,Alaska,Susan-Jane Harrison

25/09/95,Thrill of the Chaste, Craig Baxter

27/09/95,Panacea, The,Amina Osman

28/09/95,Under The Spreading Chestnut Tree,Tracy Adair-Routh

02/10/95,Wasted Years - part 1,John Harvey

05/10/95,Making Up,David Goodland

09/10/95,Wasted Years - part 2,John Harvey

11/10/95,Who Sings The Hero? (2nd. series) - no. 1 : 'The Sinking of the City of Cairo',Vincent McInerney

16/10/95,P Division - Code Four One (series 2) - no. 1 : 'McInroy's Point',Stephen Mulrine

18/10/95,Who Sings The Hero? (2nd. series) - no. 2 : 'Black Ice',Bruce Bedford

23/10/95,P Division - Code Four One (series 2) - no. 2 : 'Suffer The Children',Stephen Mulrine

25/10/95,Who Sings The Hero? (2nd. series) - no. 3 : 'The Butterfly Hunt',Matthew Solon

26/10/95,First Forum,Tamara Griffiths

30/10/95,P Division - Code Four One (series 2) - no. 3 : 'Kissogram',Anne Downie

01/11/95,Who Sings The Hero? (2nd. series) - no. 4 : 'The Roof of the World',John Fletcher

02/11/95,Waste of Glory,David Gooderson

03/11/95,Eve of St. Agnes, The,Carey Harrison/John Keats

06/11/95,P Division - Code Four One (series 2) - no. 4 : 'Secret Affair',Danny McCahon

08/11/95,Bill & Koo,Graham McKenzie

09/11/95,Hard Time To Be A Father, A,Fay Weldon

10/11/95,Last of the Mohicans, part 1,J. Fenimore Cooper

13/11/95,P Division - Code Four One (series 2) - no. 5 : 'The Good Thief',Donald Campbell

15/11/95,The Colour Norman, Stephen Dinsdale & Jerome Vincent

16/11/95,Purple Side Coasters,Sarah Daniels

17/11/95,Last of the Mohicans - part 2,J. Fenimore Cooper

20/11/95,P Division - Code Four One (series 2) - no. 6 : 'Hooked',Nick McCarty

22/11/95,Prisoner of Gender, John Merryfield

23/11/95,Dat's Love,Leonora Brito

27/11/95,Go For The Grail,Alison Leonard

29/11/95,Eyes of Max Carrados, Ernest Bramah

30/11/95,Mule,Bola Makanjuola

06/12/95,Ben Sees It Through,J. Jefferson Farjeon

07/12/95,True Blue,Jez Simons & Jyoti Patel

12/12/95,Man & Snowman,Jane Buckler

13/12/95,Conquest Marches On,Berkeley Gray

14/12/95,Thackeray,Olwyn Wymark & Barbara Clegg

20/12/95,Blonde for Danger,Berkeley Gray

21/12/95,Sealed With A Kiss,Patrick Cumper

24/12/95,Baboushka,Nick Warburton

25/12/95,Nutcracker Christmas, The,Nicholas McInemy

26/12/95,Box of Delights, The - part 1 : 'When The Wolves Were Running',John Masefield

27/12/95,Box of Delights, The - part 2 : 'Under The Chester Hills',John Masefield

28/12/95,Theo,Moya O'Shea

29/12/95,Heidi,Johanna Spyri

03/01/96,Overheard,Tony McHale

04/01/96,Late in the Day,Moya O'Shea

11/01/96,Blood Sugar,Lee Hall

18/01/96,Moonbeam & Mrs. Pat,Peter Ling

25/01/96,Strangers on a Train,Patricia Highsmith

26/01/96,Sunset Song - part 1,Lewis Grassic Gibbon

31/01/96,Kaleidoscope,Ray Bradbury

02/02/96,Sunset Song - part 2,Lewis Grassic Gibbon

07/02/96,Paupers & Pig Killers - series 1, no. 1,Eric Pringle

08/02/96,Ananda Sananda,Tanika Gupta

09/02/96,Glitter of Mica,Jessie Kesson/Ann Downie

14/02/96,Paupers & Pig Killers - series 1, no. 2 : 'The Fruits of the Earth',Eric Pringle

15/02/96,Popish Plot, A,Peter Luke

16/02/96,His Masterpiece - part 1 ,Emile Zola

21/02/96,Paupers & Pig Killers - series 1, no. 3 : 'Pastoral',Eric Pringle

22/02/96,Conversion of Jack Tupper, The,Geoffrey Parkinson

23/02/96,His Masterpiece - part 2,Emile Zola

27/02/96,Anthony Trollope - The Chronicler of Barsetshire,Martyn Wade

28/02/96,Magic Caravan, The,Tim Green

01/03/96,Bonjour Tristesse,Françoise Sagan

07/03/96,Laurel & Hardy,Tom McGarth

14/03/96,Lost Fortnight,John Houseman

18/03/96,Clearance of Audleystown, The,Martin Lynch

21/03/96,If The Snakes Don't Get You...................,Paul Tomlinson

28/03/96,One Moonlit Night,Caradog Prichard

04/04/96,Two Sisters, The,David Ashton

10/04/96,London Particulars - part 1,John Peacock

17/04/96,London Particulars - part 2,John Peacock

18/04/96,Electric Angel, The,Beatrice Colin

19/04/96,Constant Nymph, The - part 1 : 'Sanger's Circus',Margaret Kennedy

22/04/96,Sisters of the Sciennes, The,Donald Campbell

24/04/96,Miss Dynamite,Guy Fithen

25/04/96,Judith Shakespeare,Nan Woodhouse

26/04/96,Constant Nymph, The - part 2 : 'The Silver Sty',Margaret Kennedy

01/05/96,Killer Conquest,Guy Fithen

08/05/96,Return of Max Carrados, The - no. 1 : 'The Ingenious Mind of Rigby Lacksome',Ernest Bramah

09/05/96,Out Of The Woods,Olwen Wymark

15/05/96,Return of Max Carrados, The - no. 2 : 'The Secret of Headlam Height',Ernest Bramah

22/05/96,My Way - no. 1 : 'St. Paul's Boys' Choir',Georgia Pritchett

23/05/96,One Day I'll Fly Away,Helen Kluger

24/05/96,Handful of Dust, A - part 1,Evelyn Waugh

29/05/96,My Way - no. 2 : 'Sid Vicious',Georgia Pritchett

30/05/96,Beautiful Game, The - A Game of Three Halves,Stan Hey & John Fletcher

03/06/96,Beautiful Game, The - If It Wasn't For That Graham Taylor,John Salthouse

05/06/96,My Way - no. 3 : 'The Gypsy Kings',Georgia Pritchett

06/06/96,Soup,Michael Mears

07/06/96,Tin Drum, The - part 1,Günter Grass

13/06/96,With A Little Help From My Friends,Frances McNeil

14/06/96,Tin Drum, The - part 2,Günter Grass

20/06/96,Wayne, A Growth Industry,John Dixon & Charles Nicklin

11/07/96,Wireless Lady, The,Peter Tinniswood

25/07/96,Volcano,Peter Wolf

01/08/96,Beauty of Bone, The,Bridget Lawless

08/08/96,Riding with Buffalo Bill,Tim Rhys

15/08/96,Road to Paradise, The,Julia Pascal

16/08/96,Aran Islands The - part 1,J.M. Synge

22/08/96,Wilde Belles,Rosemary Kay

23/08/96,Aran Islands The - part 2,J.M. Synge

29/08/96,That Silent Sea,Jonathan Myerson

30/08/96,Seafarer, The,Don Taylor

05/09/96,Whistle-Blowers, The,Greg Cullen

09/09/96,Last September, The - part 1,Elizabeth Bowen

12/09/96,Civil War, A,R.J. Gallagher

16/09/96,Last September, The - part 2,Elizabeth Bowen

19/09/96,Dangerous Samples,John Pilkington

23/09/96,I Am A Donut - part 1,Mike Bradwell

26/09/96,Lost,Bob Hescott

30/09/96,I Am A Donut - part 2,Mike Bradwell

03/10/96,Blood of the Ring Finger,Jane Cassidy

09/10/96,Hulme Stories - no. 1 'Something in the Air',Bill Taylor

16/10/96,Hulme Stories - no. 2 'Out of Order',Bill Taylor

17/10/96,Joke, The,Stephen Mollett

18/10/96,Mysteries of Udolpho, The - part 1,Ann Radcliffe

21/10/96,Hand In Glove - no. 1 : 'A Good Shaking',Stephen Mulrine

23/10/96,Hulme Stories - no. 3 'Dog Days',Bill Taylor

24/10/96,Piano Tuner's Wives, The,William Trevor

25/10/96,Mysteries of Udolpho, The - part 2,Ann Radcliffe

28/10/96,Hand In Glove - no. 2 : 'Fast & Loose',Stephen Mulrine

30/10/96,Hulme Stories - no. 4 'Seduction',Bill Taylor

31/10/96,Russian Roulette,Gerry Huxham

04/11/96,Hand In Glove - no. 3 : 'Rights & Wrongs',Stephen Mulrine

07/11/96,Breath of Fresh Air, A,Graeme Fife

14/11/96,Homeboys,Roy Williams

21/11/96,Change of Heart,Robin Kelly

27/11/96,Victoria Station 2 - no. 1 : 'Goods Perishable',Steve Chambers

28/11/96,My Darling, My Darling, My Life & My Bride,Aileen la Tourette

29/11/96,My Brilliant Career - part 1 : 'My Unladylike Behaviour',Miles Franklin

04/12/96,Victoria Station 2 - no. 2 : 'Tickets Please',Steve Chambers

06/12/96,My Brilliant Career - part 2 : 'Daughter of the Southern Cross',Miles Franklin

11/12/96,Victoria Station 2 - no. 3 : 'Express Desire',by Steve Chambers

12/12/96,Like That,Annie Caulfield

13/12/96,Cyrano de Bergerac - part 1,Edmond Rostand

18/12/96,Victoria Station 2 - no. 4 : 'Silent Night Train',Steve Chambers

19/12/96,Potted History,Andrew Dallmeyer

20/12/96,Cyrano de Bergerac - part 2,Edmond Rostand

26/12/96,Wizard of Earthsea, A,Ursula Le Guin

27/12/96,Alice in Wonderland - part 1 ,Lewis Carroll

01/01/97,Bell, Book & Candle,John van Druten

02/01/97,Kite, The,Stephen James

03/01/97,Alice in Wonderland - part 2,Lewis Carroll

06/01/97,Love Letters of Ragie Patel, The,Lee Hall

08/01/97,Walton's Pike,Tony Ramsey

16/01/97,End of the Line,Peter Cox & Guy Roderick

20/01/97,Sorrows of Sandra, The,Lee Hall

23/01/97,Untouchable,Mulk Raj Anand

28/01/97,Spoonface Steinburg,Lee Hall

30/01/97,Aglooka : John Rae & The Lost Navigators,Tom Pow

31/01/97,Night Flight,Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

06/02/97,Let Them Call It Jazz,Jean Rhys

13/02/97,Gift From The North,David Pownall

20/02/97,Troll's Opinion, The,Bruce Norris

20/02/97,Demonology,Kelly Stuart

26/02/97,Star Quilter, The,William S. Yellow Robe Jr.

05/03/97,Accused of Murder - no. 1 'My Beloved Husband',Pieter Rogers

12/03/97,Accused of Murder - no. 2 'The Alabama Belle',Pieter Rogers

13/03/97,Earthquake Girl, The,Katie Hims

19/03/97,Hinterlands,Sarah Woods

26/03/97,Hollow Man, The - part 1 : 'Into Thin Air',John Dickson Carr

28/03/97,Valley of Fear, The - part 1 'The Scowrers',Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

02/04/97,Hollow Man, The - part 2 : 'The Second Bullet',John Dickson Carr

04/04/97,Valley of Fear, The - part 2 'The Tragedy of Birlstone',Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

10/04/97,Paradise Radio,Dominic Power

11/04/97,Beside The Ocean of Time - part 1,George Mackay Brown

17/04/97,Wobbly Eggs,Mary Cooper

18/04/97,Beside The Ocean of Time - part 2,George Mackay Brown

08/05/97,Body Politic,Mark Riblin

15/05/97,Next Time We Might Play Better,Peter Tinniswood

19/05/97,Diamonds - no. 1 : 'Stars of the Orange River',John Peacock

22/05/97,Inside Outlander,Carol McGuigan

26/05/97,Diamonds - no. 2 : 'The Diamond Jousts',John Peacock

02/06/97,Diamonds - no. 3 : 'Diamond Cut Diamond',John Peacock

09/06/97,Man in the Elephant Mask, The - part 1,Peter Wolf

11/06/97,Nimby,Stephen Dinsdale & Jerome Vincent

12/06/97,Act of Faith,David Napthine

13/06/97,Story of an African Farm, The - part 1,Olive Schreiner

16/06/97,Man in the Elephant Mask, The - part 2,Peter Wolf

19/06/97,Raskolnikov's Axe,Christopher Fitz-Simon

20/06/97,Story of an African Farm, The - part 2,Olive Schreiner

23/06/97,Hong Kong Holding Company, The - part 1,Matthew Solon

26/06/97,Bounty Hunter, The,Tanika Gupta

27/06/97,Agnes Gray,Anne Brontë

30/06/97,Hong Kong Holding Company, The - part 2,Matthew Solon

03/07/97,Killing Susan,Vivienne Allen

17/07/97,Fine & Private Place, A,Peter Moffat

28/07/97,Pilgrimage - part 1,Zenna Henderson

31/07/97,Oscar for Janice, An,Janet George

04/08/97,Pilgrimage - part 2,Zenna Henderson

07/08/97,Skeleton,Tanika Gupta


14/08/97,Do The Needful,Mahesh Dattani

21/08/97,Scorching Winds,Deepak Verma

25/08/97,Electricity - part 1 : 'Nothing Is Forever',Victoria Glendinning

28/08/97,Where Waters Meet,Yvette Z'Graggen

01/09/97,Electricity - part 2 : 'Let There Be Light',Victoria Glendinning

05/09/97,Aspern Papers, The - part 1,Henry James

08/09/97,David - part 1 : 'Bathsheba',Nick Warburton

11/09/97,Learning the Language,Harwant Bains

12/09/97,Aspern Papers, The - part 2,Henry James

15/09/97,David - part 2 : 'Absalom',Nick Warburton

18/09/97,Cries Across The Tracks,Laurence Allan

25/09/97,Fossils,Andy Rattenbury

08/10/97,House in Gallows Lane, The - part 1 : 'The Fortune-Teller',John Dickson Carr

10/10/97,Lifted Veil, The - part 1,Jonathan Holloway

15/10/97,House in Gallows Lane, The - part 2 : 'The Point of a Pin',John Dickson Carr

16/10/97,Deadline,John Fletcher

17/10/97,Lifted Veil, The - part 2,Jonathan Holloway

22/10/97,To Wake The Dead - part 1 : 'The Riddle of the Stone',John Dickson Carr

23/10/97,Boy Who Thought He Was An Elephant, The,John McLelland

24/10/97,Leopard, The - part 1,Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

29/10/97,To Wake The Dead - part 2 : 'The Secret In The Stone',John Dickson Carr

30/10/97,Who Was Emily Davison?,Rose Tremain

31/10/97,Leopard, The - part 2,Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa

05/11/97,Blind Barber, The,John Dickson Carr

06/11/97,Grey Man, The,Gill Adams

07/11/97,Childhood's End - part 1 'Beginning',Arthur Clarke

12/11/97,Mysteries of the London Underground - no. 1 : 'The Metropolitan Line Murder',Baroness Orczy/Michael Butt

13/11/97,Wasteland,Nigel Moffat

14/11/97,Childhood's End - part 2 'End',Arthur Clarke

19/11/97,Mysteries of the London Underground - no. 2 : 'The Phantom Billboard',Baroness Orczy/Michael Butt

20/11/97,Little Lower Than The Angels,Rachel Joyce

26/11/97,Mysteries of the London Underground - no. 3 : 'Death on the District Line',Baroness Orczy/Michael Butt

27/11/97,Long Time Man,Judy Upton

03/12/97,Who Sings The Hero? (3rd. series) - no. 1 : 'No Joan of Arc',Bryony Lavery

04/12/97,Shells on a Woven Chord,Akulah Agbami

08/12/97,Hand in Glove (series 2) - no. 1 : 'Testing Times',Stephen Mulrine

10/12/97,Who Sings The Hero? (3rd. series) - no. 2 : 'Under Siege',Melissa Murray

11/12/97,Finding Fellows,Nick Fisher

15/12/97,Hand in Glove (series 2) - no. 2 : 'Win Some, Lose Some',Stephen Mulrine

17/12/97,Who Sings The Hero? (3rd. series) - no. 3 : 'Rosa Parks',Bonnie Greer

18/12/97,Clever As Paint,Kim Morrissey

22/12/97,Hand in Glove (series 2) - no. 3 : 'Not Proven',Stephen Mulrine

24/12/97,Bethlehem,Bernard Walke/Melville Jones

25/12/97,Rock & Roll Christmas, A,Sue Teddern

26/12/97,Charlie & The Great Glass Elevator,Roald Dahl

29/12/97,Christmas Card, A,Paul Theroux/Nick Warburton

31/12/97,From The Bottom of a Well,Claire Dowie

01/01/98,Cigarettes & Chocolate,Anthony Minghella

05/01/98,2025- part 1,Mike Walker

07/01/98,Shoulders,Gurmeet Mattu

08/01/98,Hafod - Visions of Eden,Tracy Spottiswoode

12/01/98,2025 - part 2,Mike Walker

14/01/98,Young PC - series 2, no. 1,Mark Davies Markham

15/01/98,Buried Treasure,Andrew Laty

19/01/98,Slow Burn - part 1,John Harvey

21/01/98,Young PC - series 2, no. 2,Mark Davies Markham

22/01/98,Tam O'Shanter,Robert Burns/Catherine Czerkawska

26/01/98,Slow Burn - part 2,John Harvey

28/01/98,Young PC - series 3, no. 3,Mark Davies Markham

29/01/98,Deep Down,Carol McGuigan

04/02/98,Who Sings The Hero? (4th. series), no. 1 : 'Hard Row to Porlock',Eric Pringle

05/02/98,Sweet Rugged Mystery,Jesse Moyo James

11/02/98,Who Sings The Hero? (4th. series), no. 2 : 'Trapped',Martin Sorrell

12/02/98,Come to Me,Michael Punter

19/02/98,Up & Down in Silvertown,Mike Walker

24/02/98,Lantern Slides,Mark Pottle

26/02/98,Missing the Melody,Karen Hope

12/03/98,Last Resort, The,Philip Osment

19/03/98,Salzburg in London,Marcy Kahan

26/03/98,Hideous Kinky,Esther Freud

27/03/98,Ladies' Paradise, The - part 1,Emile Zola

01/04/98,Bag-a-Bagel,Sue Teddern

02/04/98,Pig Paradise,Kitty Fitzgerald

03/04/98,Ladies' Paradise, The - part 2,Emile Zola

04/04/98,Summer with Monika,Roger McGough

07/04/98,Keep Out. Private,John McLelland

08/04/98,Double Trouble,Georgia Pritchett

09/04/98,Maids of Orleans, The,Beatrice Colin

10/04/98,Roman Fever,Edith Wharton

13/04/98,End of the Affair, The,Graham Greene

14/04/98,Servant's Room, The,Don Taylor

15/04/98,Wannabe,Sue Teddern

16/04/98,Monkey Bin, The,Bob Sherman

17/04/98,Take That, Lennon & Sid,Jonathan Harvey

20/04/98,Hermit Thrush at Morn,Natalia Power

21/04/98,Ad for a Dad,John Goodwin

22/04/98,Showing Up,Georgia Pritchett

23/04/98,Mrs. Shakespeare,Robert Nye

24/04/98,Desert Island Desserts,Alexandra Cadell

27/04/98,On The Whole, It's Been Jolly Good,Peter Tinniswood

28/04/98,Last Obit, The,Peter Tinniswood

29/04/98,Verona - A Conspiracy of Parrots,Peter Tinniswood

30/04/98,Private Wheeler's War,Christopher Aird & Jonathan Tafler

04/05/98,If You Knew Suzie,Patrice Chaplin

06/05/98,Roberto Sultana,Katie Hims

07/05/98,Motor Flight,Michael Bakewell

08/05/98,Captain's Wife, The,Juliet Ace

11/05/98,Chekhov In My Life,Carolyn Sally Jones

13/05/98,Young Ambassadors, The,Angela Pelham/Jennifer Curry

14/05/98,Teahouse Detective, The - The York Mystery,Baroness Orczy/Michael Butt

15/05/98,Painting Mrs. Jones,Rachel Joyce

18/05/98,Roy & Daisy,Corin Redgrave

19/05/98,And The Birds Are Still Singing,Nick Fisher

20/05/98,Jerusalem North West,Jennifer Rosenthal

21/05/98,Hambone's Day,David Johynston

22/05/98,Confessions of a Love Addict,Yana Stajno

25/05/98,Greengage Summer, The,Rumer Godden

26/05/98,Happiness Foundation, The,Matthew Solon

27/05/98,Cinderella D-Day - part 1 'Spring, 1944',Julia Stoneham

28/05/98,Last Bed, The,Hugo Claus

29/05/98,Bullseye Babes,Cally Phillips

01/06/98,Trouble You Bring Me, The,Tony Staveacre

02/06/98,Like The First Dewfall,Elizabeth Jolley

03/06/98,Cinderella D-Day - part 2,Julia Stoneham

08/06/98,Devil, The & Paganini,Hattie Naylor

10/06/98,Cinderella D-Day - part 3 'August, 1944',Julia Stoneham

11/06/98,Parson Skinner of Camerton,Kate Withers

12/06/98,Minty Alley,C.L.R.James

15/06/98,Stations of the Cross,Israel Horovitz

16/06/98,Render Unto Caesar,Patrick J. Power

17/06/98,Mary Something Takes The Veil,Charlotte Jones

19/06/98,Fair Game,Dave Simpson

22/06/98,Strange Petitioner, The,Joe Dunlop

23/06/98,Family Affair,Jayne Hollinson

24/06/98,Retouching,Jane Cassidy

26/06/98,Talkers,Neil Brand

29/06/98,Divided Harvest,Vanessa Rosenthal

01/07/98,Jack & Frances,Michael Bakewell

02/07/98,As I crossed A Bridge of Dreams,Lady Sarashina/Ivan Morris

03/07/98,Bomb Damage Sale Wedding Dress, The,Christina Reid

08/07/98,John Dodd Gets Taken For A Ride,Richard Lumsden

09/07/98,Rivers of Deceit,Rebecca Bartlett

10/07/98,Unwritten Law - no. 1 : 'A Case of Blasphemous Obscenity',Rib Davis

15/07/98,Atia - A True Story,Mays Chowdhry

16/07/98,You, Me & A Glitterball,Lucy Catherine

17/07/98,Unwritten Law - no. 2 (Untitled),Rib Davis

20/07/98,Soap Queen for New Delhi, A,Neil Harris

22/07/98,Little Princess, A - part 1,Frances Hodgson Burnett

23/07/98,Connected,Judith Johnson

24/07/98,Unwritten Law - no. 3 : 'The Case of the Ladies' Directory',Rib Davis

27/07/98,Hearts & Bones,Annie McCartney

28/07/98,Dogs,Sheila Goff

29/07/98,Little Princess, A - part 2,Frances Hodgson Burnett

30/07/98,Mr. Loveday's Little Outing,Evelyn Waugh

31/07/98,Unwritten Law - no. 4 : '85 Burglaries & A Phone Tap' ,Rib Davis

03/08/98,Big Hot Summer, The,Bill Taylor

04/08/98,Telling Tales,Gordon Snell

05/08/98,Something of the Night,Jenny McDade

06/08/98,Whispering Tree, The,Tanika Gupta

10/08/98,Hidden Identity - part 1,Gary Mitchell

11/08/98,Pity About Kitty,Jimmie Chinn

12/08/98,Beat Goes On, The - no. 1 : 'Sing Our Own Song',Maurice Bessman

14/08/98,Deep In The Heart of Nowhere,Graham White

16/08/98,No-One Writes to the Colonel,Gabriel Garcia Marquez

17/08/98,Hidden Identity - part 2,Gary Mitchell

18/08/98,À Tous Ceux Qui,Noelle Renaude

19/08/98,Beat Goes On, The - no. 2 : 'Luv Dancin'',Trish Cooke

21/08/98,Orchestra, The,Jean Anouilh

24/08/98,Hidden Identity - part 3,Gary Mitchell

25/08/98,Hydro, The - series 1, no. 1,Ronald Frame

26/08/98,Beat Goes On, The - no. 3 : 'Rhythm On The Ceiling',Stephen Butchard

27/08/98,Unforgettable - no. 1 : 'Have You Heard The Music Man?',David Napthine

28/08/98,Legal Affairs - no. 1,Chris Thompson

31/08/98,Five Children & It,E. Nesbit

01/09/98,Hydro, The - series 1, no. 2,Ronald Frame

02/09/98,Beat Goes On, The - no. 4 : 'A Song for Jake',Winsome Pinnock

03/09/98,Unforgettable - no. 2 : 'Eraser',David Napthine

04/09/98,Legal Affairs - no. 2,Chris Thompson

07/09/98,From A Distance,Maggie Allen

08/09/98,Hydro, The - series 1, no. 3,Ronald Frame

10/09/98,Unforgettable - no. 3 : 'May All Your Wishes Come True',David Napthine

11/09/98,Legal Affairs - no. 3,Chris Thompson

14/09/98,Spirite,Theophile Gautier

15/09/98,Hydro, The - series 1, no. 4,Ronald Frame

16/09/98,Night House, The,Gillian Tindall

17/09/98,Airswimming,Charlotte Jones

18/09/98,Legal Affairs - no. 4,Graham Harvey

21/09/98,Charm Factory, The - no. 1 : 'Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes',Sue Teddern

22/09/98,Charm Factory, The - no. 2 : 'Rags to Riches',Sue Teddern

23/09/98,Charm Factory, The - no. 3 : 'Broken Wings',Sue Teddern

24/09/98,Charm Factory, The - no. 4 : 'You Belong To Me',Sue Teddern

25/09/98,Legal Affairs - no. 5,Chris Thompson

28/09/98,Sounds of Silence,Jill Truman

29/09/98,E-Love,Alan MacDonald

30/09/98,Final Furlong, The,Christopher Reason

02/10/98,Passnotes on Romeo & Juliet,Jane Buckler

05/10/98,I Can't Be Ill, I'm a Hypochondriac,Paul Mendelson

06/10/98,Mature Women,Jane Beeson

07/10/98,Strange Affair of the Brown Dog, The,Peter Mason/Tony Coult

08/10/98,No Signposts in the Sea,Vita Sackville-West

09/10/98,Playing for Extra Time,Alan MacDonald

11/10/98,Painful Case, A,James Joyce

12/10/98,After the Race,James Joyce

13/10/98,Two Gallants,James Joyce

14/10/98,Boarding House, The,James Joyce

15/10/98,Little Cloud, A,James Joyce

16/10/98,Counterparts,James Joyce

19/10/98,Curious, If True - no. 1 : 'The Squire's Story',Elizabeth Gaskell

20/10/98,Curious, If True - no. 2 : 'The Crooked Branch',Elizabeth Gaskell

21/10/98,Curious, If True - no. 3 : 'The Poor Clare',Elizabeth Gaskell

22/10/98,Curious, If True - no. 4 : 'Lois the Witch',Elizabeth Gaskell

23/10/98,Curious, If True - no. 5 : 'The Grey Woman',Elizabeth Gaskell

27/10/98,Prize Fighting,David & Caroline Stafford

28/10/98,Room of Leaves,Amanda Dalton

29/10/98,Little Angels,Vivienne Allen

02/11/98,Confidant, The,Elizabeth Bowen

03/11/98,Au Revoir, Johnny Onions,Tracy Spottiswoode

04/11/98,Real Women - no. 1 : 'Miss Linley's Matrimonial Excursion',Judith French

05/11/98,Real Women - no. 2 : 'Condemn'd for Piracy',Judith French

06/11/98,Real Women - no. 3 : 'A Spinster of No Profession',Judith French

09/11/98,Silence of Memory, The,Tina Pepler

11/11/98,Strange Meeting,Peter Wolf

13/11/98,In Singapore,Caroline Harrington

16/11/98,Life's Little Ironies - no. 1 : 'An Imaginative Woman',Eric Pringle

17/11/98,Wrong Side of the River, The - no. 1 : 'Mudlark',Mary Cooper & Peter Spafford

18/11/98,Wrong Side of the River, The - no. 2 (Untitled),Mary Cooper & Peter Spafford

19/11/98,Wrong Side of the River, The - no. 3 : 'The Great Silver',Mary Cooper & Peter Spafford

23/11/98,Life's Little Ironies - no. 2 : 'Dan'l & Charity Hornhead',Thomas Hardy/Mike Harris

24/11/98,In Care,Leonie Edery

25/11/98,Golden Triangle, The - no. 1 : 'The Awakening Conscience',Robin Brooks

27/11/98,Writing Home,Manny Draycott Lai

30/11/98,Life's Little Ironies - no. 3 : 'To Please His Wife',Thomas Hardy/Mike Harris

02/12/98,Golden Triangle, The - no. 2 : 'The Order of Release',Robin Brooks

04/12/98,Mermaid at Zennor, A,Michael Butt

07/12/98,LIfe's Little Ironies - no. 4 : 'The Tragedy of Two Ambitions',Thomas Hardy/Mike Harris

08/12/98,Road Back, The,Gordon Cruikshank

09/12/98,Golden Triangle, The - no. 3 : 'Love Among The Ruins',Robin Brooks

10/12/98,Teahouse Detective, The - 'The Metropolitan Line Murder',Baroness Orczy/Michael Butt

15/12/98,Gurney,Tim Sanders

16/12/98,Clive,Stephanie Norgate

17/12/98,Teahouse Detective, The - 'The Body in the Barge',Baroness Orczy/Michael Butt

18/12/98,Grounded,Elizabeth Baines

21/12/98,Maigret's Christmas,Georges Simenon

22/12/98,Henry's Leg - part 1,Ann Pilling

23/12/98,Henry's Leg - part 2,Ann Pilling

24/12/98,Teahouse Detective, The - 'The de Genneville Inheritance' ,Baroness Orczy/Michael Butt

25/12/98,Gemini Apes, The,Dirk Maggs

28/12/98,Open Secrets - no. 1 : 'Carried Away',Alice Munro

29/12/98,Open Secrets - no. 2 : 'A Real Life',Alice Munro

30/12/98,Open Secrets - no. 3 : 'Open Secrets',Alice Munro

31/12/98,Open Secrets - no. 4 : 'Spaceships Have Landed',Alice Munro

01/01/99,Open Secrets - no. 5 : 'Vandals',Alice Munro

04/01/99,Enoch Arden,Alfred Tennyson

05/01/99,Elemental Tales - no. 1 : 'Gaia',Sarah Woods

06/01/99,Love Song On The Buses, A,Sarah Woods

07/01/99,Head of Medusa, The,George Brandt

11/01/99,Contemplating Adultery,Michael Butt

12/01/99,Elemental Tales - no. 2 : 'Bawcock's Eve',Nick Darke

13/01/99,Voyages of Descent,Clare Seal

15/01/99,Girl from Clare, The,Patricia M. Cobey

18/01/99,Soldier's Debt, A,Nick Warburton

19/01/99,Elemental Tales - no. 3 : 'The Fire Inside',Nick Stafford

20/01/99,Goodbye Moses,Jennie Buckman

21/01/99,Slight Tilt To The Left, A,Michael Mears

25/01/99,Dead Men Tell No Tales,Emile Zola/Kelvin Segger

26/01/99,Elemental Tales - no. 4 : 'The Mistral',Hattie Naylor

27/01/99,Market Research,Steve May

28/01/99,Nightworkers,Louise Doughty

01/02/99,Yearning, The,Rosemary Kay

02/02/99,Dressmaker, The,Bonnie Greer

03/02/99,Portrait,Michael Mundell

04/02/99,Only A Matter Of Time,Alan Plater

05/02/99,Say It With Flowers,Kevin Wong

08/02/99,True Memoirs of Harriette Wilson, The,Michael Crompton

09/02/99,On The Rob,Rachel Bentham

11/02/99,Cuban Solo,David Pownall

12/02/99,Lark Rise & Beyond - part 1 : 'Lacemaking & Bees',Flora Thompson/Nick Warburton

15/02/99,Praying Hands,Gill Adams

16/02/99,From Galway to Graceland,Sue Teddern

17/02/99,Women on Love - no. 1 : 'Warming Her Pearls',Sarah Daniels

18/02/99,Waistland,Tanika Gupta

19/02/99,Lark Rise & Beyond - part 2 : 'School',Flora Thompson/Nick Warburton

22/02/99,Hush,Phelim Rowland

24/02/99,Women on Love - no. 2 : 'Coat',Tanika Gupta

25/02/99,Assassins - no. 1 : 'The Virgin Knife',David Pownall

26/02/99,Lark Rise & Beyond - part 3 : 'Harvest',Flora Thompson/Nick Warburton

01/03/99,High In The Clouds,Don Haworth

02/03/99,People Come Here To Cry,Char March

03/03/99,Women on Love - no. 3 : 'Lonely Heatrs',Helen Kluger

04/03/99,Assassins - no. 2 : 'A Mere £5000',David Pownall

05/03/99,Dry Sherry,Elizabeth Baines

08/03/99,Girl From Arles, The,Alphonse Daudet

09/03/99,Curragh Wrens, The,Rebecca Bartlett

10/03/99,Women on Love - no. 4 : 'The Love a Life Can Show Below',Hattie Naylor

11/03/99,Assassins - no. 3 : 'Sic Semper Tyrannis',David Pownall

15/03/99,Letters from a Strange Land,John Clifford

16/03/99,Winter Journey, The,Patricia Hannah

17/03/99,East Coast Line (Northbound),Lesley Glaister

18/03/99,East Coast Line (Southbound),Lesley Glaister

19/03/99,M for Mother,Marjorie Riddell

22/03/99,Sunday Morning at the Centre of the World,Louis de Bernières

23/03/99,End of the World, The Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me,Julie Wilkinson

24/03/99,White Velvet Nightcap in Florida, A,Stephen Mollet

25/03/99,Straw Without Bricks,E.M. Delafield

26/03/99,J. Edgar Hoover - Red Scare,Mike Walker

29/03/99,Making Space - no. 1 : 'The Beast at the Bottom of the Sea',Roger Nichols

30/03/99,Making Space - no. 2 : 'Send My Roots Rain',Geoffrey Beevers

31/03/99,Making Space - no. 3 : 'The Red Room',Lucy Gough

02/04/99,J. Edgar Hoover - Public Enemy,Mike Walker

07/04/99,Etiquette,Laura Bridgeman

08/04/99,Woman of Ice,Bryony Lavery

09/04/99,J. Edgar Hoover - They Call Him Bobby,Mike Walker

12/04/99,Dossier Ronald Akkerman,Suzanne van Lohuizen

13/04/99,Summoned by Shelves,Lynne Truss

15/04/99,Property of Colette Nervi, The,William Trevor

16/04/99,J. Edgar Hoover - Private & Confidential,Mike Walker

19/04/99,Future Perfect,Charlotte Jones

20/04/99,Jingle,Michael Z. Lewin

22/04/99,I See The Moon,Alex Ferguson

23/04/99,Abduction of Esther Lyons, The,Sam Boardman-Jacobs

26/04/99,46 Nursing Homes,Ruth Silcock

28/04/99,When We Were Queens,Peter Straughan

29/04/99,Encore,Nan Woodhouse

30/04/99,Secret of Fire, The,Steve Hennessy

03/05/99,Love In A Cold Climate,Nancy Mitford

04/05/99,Julie Enfield Investigates Murder West One - part 1 : 'A Cure for Death',Nick Fisher

05/05/99,Glad To Be Back,Ed Jones

06/05/99,Starry Eyes,Lucy Catherine

07/05/99,Venture Too Far, A,Julia Keay

11/05/99,Julie Enfield Investigates Murder West One - part 2 : 'The Art of the Matter',Nick Fisher

12/05/99,Getting Off The London Train,Carol McGuigan

13/05/99,Immortals, The,Robin Brooks

14/05/99,New Look, The - no. 1 : 'Tailor's Tacks',Juliet Ace

17/05/99,Incident at Harar,Judith Somerville

18/05/99,Julie Enfield Investigates Murder West One - part 3 : 'Five Star Killing',Nick Fisher

19/05/99,Whitsun Weddings, The,Philip Larkin/Kathleen Jamie

21/05/99,New Look, The - no. 2 : 'Beeny's Camiknickers',Juliet Ace

23/05/99,Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The,Samuel Taylor Coleridge

25/05/99,Julie Enfield Investigates Murder West One - part 4 : 'Soho Espresso',Nick Fisher

26/05/99,Cloudberries,Elaine Feinstein

28/05/99,New Look, The - no. 3 : 'Celluloid Lady',Juliet Ace

31/05/99,Let It Bleed,Ian Rankin

01/06/99,Queen's Retreat, The,Tanika Gupta

02/06/99,Devonia - no. 1 : 'The Beano',Andy Rashleigh

03/06/99,Monster Man,Bernard Kops

04/06/99,Profile,Steve May

07/06/99,Sirens of Fleet Street - no. 1 : 'Free-Minded Albion's Daughter',Lavinia Murray

08/06/99,Those Old Metal Things,Trish Cooke

09/06/99,Devonia - no. 2 : 'Day Trip, 1925',Andy Rashleigh

11/06/99,London Particulars - no. 1 : 'The Last of the Bow Street Runners',John Peacock

14/06/99,Sirens of Fleet Street - no. 2 : 'Change of Heart',Felicity Goodall

16/06/99,Devonia - no. 3 : 'Night Boat, 1936',Andy Rashleigh

17/06/99,Fast Girls,Diana Amsterdam

18/06/99,London Particulars - no. 2 : 'A Cuckoo In The Nest',John Peacock

21/06/99,Sirens of Fleet Street - no. 3 : 'Miss Thingummybob',Janys Chambers

22/06/99,Lewes Kiss, The,Keith Darvill

24/06/99,Shade Catcher, The,Micheline Wandor

25/06/99,London Particulars - no. 3 : 'Out On The Drag',John Peacock

29/06/99,Bodies & Souls,Martyn Wade

30/06/99,Not My Problem,Ayshe Raif

01/07/99,Glad House, The,Michael Punter

02/07/99,London Particulars - no. 4 : 'The Kitten-Houser',John Peacock

05/07/99,Sappho's Orchard,Natalia Power

06/07/99,Brighton Line 1, The,Maggie Allen

07/07/99,Plum's War,Michael Butt

09/07/99,Drought, The,Stephen Dunstone

12/07/99,For The Love of Strangers,Susan Stern

13/07/99,Brighton Line II, The,Maggie Allen

14/07/99,Out in the Dark,Vanessa Rosenthal

19/07/99,Tutti Frutti Holy Man,Harwant Bains

20/07/99,Man in the Moon, The,Janet Smith

22/07/99,What's To Be Done With Algernon?,Michael Allen

23/07/99,Cool,Tina Pepler

26/07/99,McLevy,David Ashton

27/07/99,Love Among The Haystacks,D.H. Lawrence/Nick McCarty

29/07/99,Several Lives of Monsieur Nadaud, The,Gillian Tindall

30/07/99,Letter To My Mum,Judith Johnson

02/08/99,Summer Book, The,Tove Jansson

03/08/99,Def to the Rep,Leonora Brito

05/08/99,Maru,Bessie Head

06/08/99,Home,Hattie Naylor

10/08/99,Petrella - no. 1 : 'Good Fences Make Good Neighbours',Michael Gilbert

12/08/99,Tower to the Sun,Allan Prior

13/08/99,Cat in the Kennel, The,John Hegley

17/08/99,Petrella - no. 2 : 'The Myth of Return',Michael Gilbert

18/08/99,In Deep Water (3 short plays),Michelle Megorian

20/08/99,Over the Horizon,Rin Tagaki

23/08/99,Goethe Reborn,David Constantine

24/08/99,Petrella - no. 3 : 'Vengeance Foreseen',Michael Gilbert

25/08/99,Harvey Angell,Diana Hendry

27/08/99,Vanishing Act,Jenny McDade

30/08/99,Story of the Amulet, The,E. Nesbit

31/08/99,Petrella - no. 4 : 'Outpacing the Fiend',Michael Gilbert

01/09/99,Complete Adventures of Claudine, The - no. 1 : 'Claudine at School',Colette/John Peacock

03/09/99,Skeggy,Chris Thompson

06/09/99,Woman Destroyed, The,Simone de Beauvoir

09/09/99,Fly by Night,Louise Oliver

13/09/99,Pursuit,Glyn Hughes

15/09/99,Complete Adventures of Claudine, The - no. 3 : 'Claudine Married',Colette/John Peacock

16/09/99,Dear Gerald,Gerald Meadows

17/09/99,Rites of Passage,Nick Burbidge

20/09/99,Poor Clare,Carol McGuigan

21/09/99,Altaban the Magnificent,Sebastian Baczkiewicz

22/09/99,Complete Adventures of Claudine, The - no. 4 : 'Claudine & Annie',Colette/John Peacock

23/09/99,Dreaming Woman, The,Don Taylor

24/09/99,From The House at the Top of the World - Chinese Garden,Ray Jenkins

29/09/99,Scan, The,Peter Tinniswood

01/10/99,From The House at the Top of the World - The Forger,Ray Jenkins

04/10/99,Fox, The,D.H. Lawrence/Nick McCarty

07/10/99,Bent's Business - Talk's Cheap,Peter Simpkin

08/10/99,From The House at the Top of the World - Stolen,Ray Jenkins

11/10/99,Ladybird, The,D.H. Lawrence/Nick McCarty

14/10/99,Bent's Business - An Old Flame,Peter Simpkin

20/10/99,For I Have Sinned,Wally K. Daly

21/10/99,Mrs. Parker,Naylah Ahmed

22/10/99,Errant Gene, The,Rukhsana Ahmad

26/10/99,Hydro, The - series 2, no. 1,Ronald Frame

27/10/99,My Last Week with Modolia,Ben Moor

28/10/99,God The Son,Angela McNab

29/10/99,Paupers & Pig Killers - series 2, no. 1 : 'Don't Look Down Your Nose At Me, Sir',Eric Pringle

01/11/99,White Horse Hill,Sally Pomme Clayton

02/11/99,Hydro, The - series 2, no. 2,Ronald Frame

03/11/99,My Pregnancy Test,Alex Lowe

04/11/99,There Comes a Karma,Vayu Naidu

05/11/99,Paupers & Pig Killers - series 2, no. 2 : 'Travel Broadens The Seat',Eric Pringle

08/11/99,Orchestra Paloma,Paul Dodgson

09/11/99,Hydro, The - series 2, no. 3,Ronald Frame

10/11/99,Clock of Heaven, The,Micheline Wandor

11/11/99,Island Whispers,Christine Belle

12/11/99,Paupers & Pig Killers - series 2, no. 3 : 'The Year of the Cuckoo',Eric Pringle

15/11/99,Cloud Chamber, The,Mike Walker

16/11/99,Hydro, The - series 2, no. 4,Ronald Frame

17/11/99,Guv'nor, The - Henry Irving & The Bells,Corin Redgrave

18/11/99,Dead Meat,Sean Hughes & Owen O'Neill

22/11/99,Standing on Tiptoes,Rebecca Saire

23/11/99,Matter of Interpretation, A,Peter Morgan

24/11/99,Vanilla,Lesley Bruce

25/11/99,Table for Two,Jeremy Front

26/11/99,So Beats My Heart,Nandita Ghose

29/11/99,Germs Apart,Vanessa Rosenthal

30/11/99,Know What I Mean?,John Mortimer

30/11/99,Verger Queen, The,Neil Bartlett

01/12/99,Unwritten Law - series 2, no. 1 : 'I've Only Just Learned To Cry',Rib Davis

03/12/99,Henry & William,Mike Walker

06/12/99,Sisters By Chance,Carol Sheilds

07/12/99,Shout In The Distance, A,Maurice Leitch

08/12/99,Unwritten Law - series 2, no. 2 : 'Only A Phase',Rib Davis

09/12/99,Distinctive Child, A,Lavinia Murray

10/12/99,Poisoned By A Tree,Annie Caulfield

13/12/99,Wind of Change,Helen Brandom

14/12/99,Alphabox,Jeff Noon/Mike Walker

15/12/99,Unwritten Law - series 2, no. 3 : 'Breaking the Chain',Rib Davis

17/12/99,Save The Last Dance For Me,Bill Morrison

20/12/99,Nobody,Daniel Brocklehurst

22/12/99,Unwritten Law - series 2, no. 4 : 'On Self Deliverance',Rib Davis

23/12/99,Danny, The Champion of the World - part 1 : 'A Deep, Dark Secret',Roald Dahl

24/12/99,Danny, The Champion of the World - part 2 : 'The Fantastic, Marvellous Idea',Roald Dahl

26/12/99,Season's Greetings,Alan Ayckbourn

27/12/99,Deep End, The,Pete Lawson

28/12/99,Mermaid's Tale, The,Lucy Gough

29/12/99,If Music Be The Food of Love, Mine's a Jam Butty,Lesley Whiteley & Julie Wilkinson

30/12/99,Boy's Own Book of the Dead, The,Graham White

31/12/99,Ringing the Changes,Don Paterson & Jo Shapcott

04/01/00,Sicilian Fairy, The & The Irish Giant,Nicholas McInerney

05/01/00,Catapult & A Lady's Spin, A,Sheila Goff

07/01/00,Before Beeton : The Eliza Acton Story,Jyll Bradley

10/01/00,Baldi - series 1, no. 1 : 'The Prodigal Son',Barry Devlin

11/01/00,Bluethroat Morning - play no. 1,Tony Ramsay

12/01/00,Bluethroat Morning - play no. 2,Tony Ramsay

13/01/00,Recapturing Colours,Char March

17/01/00,Baldi - series 1, no. 2 : 'Keepers of the Flame',Simon Brett

19/01/00,Stay!,Georgia Pritchett

20/01/00,Trinity, The - no. 1 : 'The Bell-Ringer & The Bivalve,Sarah Woods

21/01/00,Prince, The,Niccolo Machiavelli

24/01/00,Baldi - series 1, no. 3 : 'Miss Lonelyhearts',Barry Devlin

26/01/00,Rocks Below, The,Beatrice Colin

27/01/00,Trinity, The - no. 2 : 'The Early Birds',Sarah Woods

28/01/00,American Beer,Steve Timms

31/01/00,Baldi - series 1, no. 4 : 'The Emerald Style',Simon Brett

01/02/00,Have I Enough,Carmen Walton

02/02/00,About Colin,Robert Shearman

03/02/00,Trinity, The - no. 3 : 'Fat Cheeks & The Lion',Sarah Woods

04/02/00,Pitch, The,Jeremy Front

07/02/00,Baldi - series 1, no. 5 : 'Death Cap',Simon Brett

09/02/00,Better To Have Loved - no. 1 : 'Stone Trees',Jane Gardam

10/02/00,Better To Have Loved - no. 2 : 'The July Ghost',A.S. Byatt

11/02/00,Better To Have Loved - no. 3 : 'The New People',Rose Tremain

14/02/00,Baldi - series 1, no. 6 : 'Devil Take The Hindmost',Annie Caulfield

15/02/00,Gaston du Vallon - Channel Swimmer,Stephen Fielding

16/02/00,Protégé, The,Jan Hartman

17/02/00,Taming the Wart,Colin Haydn Evans

18/02/00,Seer of Sorts, A,Charlotte Jones

21/02/00,Passing,Lin Coghlan

22/02/00,Mantle of the Earth, The,Graeme Curry

23/02/00,Hanna, I'll Find You,Frances McNeil

25/02/00,Dirk Bogarde on 4,narrated by James Fox

28/02/00,Charm Factory, The (series 2) - no. 1 : 'Happy Days & Lonely Nights',Sue Teddern

29/02/00,Figurehead, The,Ted Moore

01/03/00,Bull Beneath The Earth, The,David Calcutt

02/03/00,Passionate Dance, A,Jennifer Curry

03/03/00,Young Ornithologists's Guide, The,Jyll Bradley

06/03/00,Charm Factory, The (series 2) - no. 2 : 'Secret Love',Sue Teddern

07/03/00,Our Nig,Harriet E. Wilson

08/03/00,Sabina!,Chris Dolan

09/03/00,David's Birthday,Gillian Plowman

10/03/00,Postcards from Shannon,George Rosie

13/03/00,Charm Factory, The (series 2) - no. 3 : 'Answer Me',Sue Teddern

15/03/00,In The Treacle Well,Patricia Hannah

16/03/00,Journey, The,Pearse Elliott

20/03/00,Charm Factory, The (series 2) - no. 4 : 'I Still Believe',Sue Teddern

21/03/00,King of Edge Hill, The,Karen Brown

22/03/00,Art Class, The,Neil Brand

27/03/00,Beyond the Canvas - no. 1 : 'Judith Beheading Holofernes',Lucy Gough

28/03/00,Beyond the Canvas - no. 2 : 'Nocturne in Blue & Gold,Geoffrey Beevers

29/03/00,Beyond the Canvas - no. 3 : 'Nevermore',Nicholas McInerney

30/03/00,Tell Jake to Sleep on the Roof,Alison Joseph

03/04/00,Voyage of Discovery, The,Fraser Harrison

04/04/00,Noisy Bodies,Clare McIntyre

06/04/00,English Rose,Jenny Mitchell

07/04/00,Packer, The,Peter Tinniswood

10/04/00,Elsie & The Child,Arnold Bennett

11/04/00,Limits of Dominion, The,Arnold Bennett

12/04/00,Fish, The,Arnold Bennett

13/04/00,Mr. Jack Hollins Against Fate,Arnold Bennett

14/04/00,Last Love,Arnold Bennett

17/04/00,Blue Man, The,Gillian Clarke

19/04/00,Another Shakespeare,Martyn Wade

20/04/00,Power,Elizabeth Baines

24/04/00,Deep Blue Sea, The,Terence Rattigan

25/04/00,Reaper's Year, The,Ivan Cutting

26/04/00,Not Like Enid Blyton,Val Syms

28/04/00,So Long Life,Peter Nichols

01/05/00,Owl Service, The,Alan Garner

02/05/00,Barnes & Molly,Ray Brown

03/05/00,Book of Secrets, The,Not quoted in RT

04/05/00,Journey With A Golden Lady,Ellen Phethean

09/05/00,Before Your Very Eyes,David Pownall

10/05/00,Ladies' Night at Finbar's Hotel,Maeve Binchy & others

15/05/00,Work In Progress,Gary Brown

16/05/00,Zero Tolerance,Lloyd Evans

18/05/00,Who Shot Shelley?,David Britton

23/05/00,Art of Love , The,Robin Brooks

25/05/00,Looks Like Rain,Jimmie Chinn

26/05/00,Hunt for Billy Casper, The,Jeff Young

29/05/00,Secret Parts, The,Eve Brook/David Edgar

30/05/00,Danny's Wake,Jim Sweeney

02/06/00,Visitation, A,Don Taylor

05/06/00,Child of Our Time - play no. 1 : 'Child of the Border',Gill Adams

07/06/00,Teahouse Detective, The - (series 2), no. 1 : 'The Edinburgh Mystery',Baroness Orczy/Michael Butt

08/06/00,Gray's Elegy,Stephen Wyatt

09/06/00,Men Are From...................,David Stafford

12/06/00,Child of Our Time - play no. 2 : 'Child of the Snow',Lee Hall

13/06/00,Silver Whale Fish,Zinne Harris

14/06/00,Teahouse Detective, The - (series 2), no. 2 : 'The Brighton Mystery',Baroness Orczy/Michael Butt

15/06/00,Thin Woman in a Morris Minor,Sarah le Fanu

16/06/00,Age Gap,Peter Tinniswood

19/06/00,Child of Our Time - play no. 3 : 'Child of the Suburbs',Katie Hims

20/06/00,Higher Education, A,Lloyd Peters

21/06/00,Teahouse Detective, The - (series 2), no. 3 : 'The London Mystery',Baroness Orczy/Michael Butt

22/06/00,IQ - The Affair of the Yellow Dress,Paul Celeste

26/06/00,Child of Our Time - play no. 4 : 'Child of the City - Wou Suk's Story',Stephen Butchard

27/06/00,Night Visit,Jean Binnie

28/06/00,Pause Between Acts,Mavis Cheek

29/06/00,Womb With a View, A,Simon Brett

30/06/00,Gin & Rum,Philip Palmer

03/07/00,Child of Our Time - play no. 5 : 'Children of the Rain',Lee Hall

04/07/00,Don't Forget to Breathe,Debbie Kent

05/07/00,Slow Train to Woking,Michael Mears

07/07/00,Vidocq, The & The Last Right,R.J. Gallagher

10/07/00,Songs That Houses Sing, The - no. 1 : 'DIY',Hattie Naylor

11/07/00,Songs That Houses Sing, The - no. 2 : 'The House in Tamworth Park',Josephine Corcoran

12/07/00,Songs That Houses Sing, The - no. 3 : 'The Currs',Kate Clanchy

13/07/00,Songs That Houses Sing, The - no. 4 : 'Kissing Shadows',Rachel Joyce

14/07/00,Erskine May,Dan Rebellato

17/07/00,Double Acts - no. 1 : 'That's Not A Name I Know',Alice Barry & Claire Bennett

18/07/00,Double Acts - no. 2 : 'The Gathering Wave',Isabel Wright

19/07/00,Double Acts - no. 3 : 'Cottage Industry',Carl Grose & Bryl Roderick

20/07/00,Double Acts - no. 4 : 'Cardamom',Leila Abdouela & Sarah Phelps

21/07/00,Double Acts - no. 5 : 'Making Waves',Sol B. River & Gee Williams

24/07/00,Antique Silver,Dan Rebellato

25/07/00,Summer Sectioned,John Binnie

26/07/00,Falling In Love Again,Bernard Kops

27/07/00,Writers' Block Workshop, Yana Stajno

28/07/00,Bull Epic,Don McCamphill

31/07/00,The Cowboy & The Tenderfoot,Alan Wilkinson

01/08/00,Block, The,Alex Lowe

02/08/00,Jeff's Kingdom,Martin Smith

03/08/00,Bucket.................& The Whited Sepulchre,James Hendrie

04/08/00,Raising the Sage,Peter Roberts

07/08/00,Bed & Breakfast Star, Jacqueline Wilson

08/08/00,Midnight Fox, The,Betsy Byars

09/08/00,The Growing Summer, Noel Streatfeild

10/08/00,Fast Gentleman, Keble Howard

11/08/00,Place of the Invalids,Lynne Truss

14/08/00,Parachutes,John McGahern

15/08/00,Summer of Love at the Buena Vista, Margate,Chris Thompson

16/08/00,Last Piano Player, The,Eric Pringle

18/08/00,Zentulli & Son,Jerome Vincent

20/08/00,As I Lay Dying,William Faulkner

21/08/00,Small Parts,Juliet Ace

23/08/00,Amazing Ratman Story, Dave Sheasby

24/08/00,Calcutta Kosher,Shelley Silas

25/08/00,Dogged Persistence,Martyn Wade

27/08/00,As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning,Laurie Lee

28/08/00,Forty Years On,Alan Bennett

29/08/00,Country House, A, author not named in RT

30/08/00,Desire Lines,Amanda Dalton

31/08/00,Fantastic Symphony - An Episode in the life of an Artist,John Foley

01/09/00,A Woman's Walk Is Never Done, Alex Ferguson

04/09/00,Murke's Collected Silences,Jonathan Holloway

05/09/00,Matthew, Marke, Luke & Rachel,Jeremy Thomas

06/09/00,Founders Day,Vanessa Rosenthal

07/09/00,Lulu,Katie Hims

08/09/00,Salt March, The,Nasser Mamarzia

11/09/00,Written to Death,Lesley Glaister

12/09/00,Soft Stones,Peter Spafford & Mary Cooper

13/09/00,Breakfast in Brighton,Nigel Richardson

14/09/00,Pot Shot,Jennie Buckman

15/09/00,Dead House at Para, The,Michael Hastings

17/09/00,Daughters of the Vicar,D.H. Lawrence

21/09/00,Trooping with Crows,Kelvin Segger/Emile Zola

22/09/00,Walk Against Fear,Sol B. River

25/09/00,Aire & Angels,Louise Gooding

26/09/00,Breakfast,Julia Schofield

27/09/00,Good Samaritan, The,Stephen Wakelam

28/09/00,Man Who Knew Everything, The - no. 1 : 'Madame Rachel & The Waters of Life',Robin Brooks

02/10/00,Stone Memories,Rebecca Bartlett

03/10/00,Three Chickens,William Stanton

04/10/00,Centurions, The - no. 1,Bridget O'Connor & Peter Straughan

05/10/00,Man Who Knew Everything, The - no. 2 : 'The Dilke-Crawford Imbroglio',Robin Brooks

06/10/00,Ice Mountain,Hattie Naylor

09/10/00,A to Z,Lucy Catherine

11/10/00,Centurions, The - no. 2,Bridget O'Connor & Peter Straughan

12/10/00,Man Who Knew Everything, The - no. 3 : 'The Pimlico Poisoning',Robin Brooks

13/10/00,Oscar's Mother,Joy Melville

16/10/00,Static,Chris Thorpe

17/10/00,Dorothy - A Manager's Wife,Peter Tinniswood

18/10/00,Goan Flame,Bettina Gracias

19/10/00,Man Who Knew Everything, no. 4 : 'The Ghastly Mordaunt Business',Robin Brooks

20/10/00,Robin Hood's Revenge,Richard Bean

30/10/00,Anarchist Bed & Breakfast, Bernard Kops

31/10/00,Taking the Waters,Harry Quinn & Colin Douglas

02/11/00,Time Added On For Injuries,Alan Plater

03/11/00,Ellen Brassheart's Obduracy,George Bernard Shaw

06/11/00,In The Absence of Angels,Linda McLean

07/11/00,Walking De Niro,Carmen Walton

08/11/00,Hold That Dream,Maggie Allen

09/11/00,In Silence of Memory,Tina Pepler

10/11/00,Peacock Path, The,Jennifer Curry

13/11/00,Bridal Suite, The,Michael Butt

14/11/00,Listen to Your Parents,Benjamin Zephaniah

15/11/00,Don't Die Wondering,Emma Donoghue

16/11/00,Good Place for Fishing, A,Richard Lumsden

17/11/00,Square Circle Triangle,Carolyn Scott-Jeffs

20/11/00,Sea-Bathing & Stilton,Greg Lyons

21/11/00,Visitors' Book, The,Stephen Mollett

22/11/00,Rabbits of Godalming, The,Peter Morgan

23/11/00,Love to Hate,Wally K. Daly

24/11/00,Cruel Sunset,Sebastian Baczkiewicz

27/11/00,Ruth Ellis - The Son's Story,Vivienne Allen

28/11/00,House,Sheila Goff

29/11/00,Purvis,Nick Warburton

30/11/00,Snapper,Char March

04/12/00,Into The Ether,Andrew Dallmeyer

05/12/00,Plays of the Severn - no. 1 : 'A Magnificent Prospect of the Works',Peter Roberts & Alex Jones

06/12/00,Plays of the Severn - no. 2 : 'Just Another Tunnel',Christopher Denys & Alex Jones

07/12/00,Plays of the Severn - no. 3 : 'A Little Bit o' Bacon Fat',Martyn Read & Alex Jones

08/12/00,Starving Girl of Llanvihangel, The,Mary Cooper

10/12/00,VHF,Nigel Karikari

11/12/00,Marcus Mundy's Change of Life,Alexandra Caddell

12/12/00,Hanging from the Sky,Rachel Bentham

13/12/00,Bridge at Cookham, The (3 short plays),Sheila Goff

15/12/00,Toad,Pat Rowe

18/12/00,Sweetly Sings the Donkey,Shelagh Delaney

19/12/00,Man In Snow,Israel Horovitz

20/12/00,Secret, The,Ruth Thomas

21/12/00,McLevy (series 1) - no. 1 : 'For Unto Us',David Ashton

22/12/00,Tunnel Under The World, The,Frederick Pohl

25/12/00,Echoing Waters, The,Alan Garner

26/12/00,Holiday Home,Elizabeth Baines

27/12/00,Hunting of the Snark, The,Lewis Carroll

28/12/00,McLevy (series 1) - no. 2 : 'The Trophy Club',David Ashton

29/12/00,Skellig,David Almond

01/01/01,Tales The Countess Told,Stephen Wyatt

02/01/01,Little Words,Amy Rosenthal

03/01/01,Peacemakers - no. 1 : 'The Baroness',Melissa Murray

04/01/01,McLevy (series 1) - no. 3 : 'The Second Shadow',David Ashton

05/01/01,Fresh Figs at 5 a.m.,Louise Oliver

08/01/01,Whims & Oddities,Natalia Power

09/01/01,Miss Kilmansegg & Her Missing Leg,Thomas Hood/Martyn Wade

10/01/01,Peacemakers - no. 2 : 'Summer '76',Annie Caulfield

11/01/01,McLevy (series 1) - no. 4 : 'The Burning Question',David Ashton

12/01/01,Angel Story,Hattie Naylor

15/01/01,On The Train to Chemnitz,Peter Tinniswood

16/01/01,Natural Selection of Margret, The,Patricia Hannah

17/01/01,Peacemakers - no. 3 : 'The Priest',David Johnston

18/01/01,Peter's Cafe,Manny Draycott Lai

19/01/01,Price of Reputation, The,Don McCamphill

22/01/01,Victorian Marriage Beds - no. 1 : 'A Proper Woman',Geoffrey Beevers

23/01/01,Fallen,Philip Palmer

24/01/01,Polish Soldier, The,Gregory Evans

25/01/01,Angel of New Street, The,Liz John

26/01/01,Something Memorable,Adam Thorpe

29/01/01,Victorian Marriage Beds - no. 2 : 'Singleheart',Nicholas McInerney

30/01/01,Mablethorpe,Lucy Catherine

31/01/01,Trials & Tribulations of Armitage Shanks, The,Mike Harris

01/02/01,Book Lovers,Martyn Wade

02/02/01,Chandra,George W. Fraser

05/02/01,Victorian Marriage Beds - no. 3 : 'A Madman's Defence',Nicholas McInerney

06/02/01,Time That Was, A,Hilary Fannin

07/02/01,Leo Adrift,Stephen Mollett

08/02/01,Ripples,Debbie Kent

09/02/01,Ghost on the Moor,Peter Wolf

13/02/01,Hitler's Buddha,R.J. Gallagher

15/02/01,Buried by Glass,Mike Walker

16/02/01,Bread From The Air, Gold From The Sea,George W. Fraser

19/02/01,Gabriel's Ashes,Chris O'Connell

20/02/01,Lockerbie On Trial (dramadoc),Peter Goodchild

22/02/01,Spy Nozy & The Poets,Paul B. Davies

23/02/01,Sky High,Helen Brandom

26/02/01,Shaft,Emma Clarke

27/02/01,First Love,Samuel Beckett

01/03/01,Somewhere in a Desert,Dominique Sigaud

02/03/01,97 Per Cent Penetration in Finland,Clare Seal & Dominic Black

05/03/01,Blue Air, Love & Flowers,Charlotte Jones

06/03/01,Brimstone,Michael Simmons Roberts

08/03/01,Once In A While,Stephen James

09/03/01,Island of the Day Before Yesterday,Jane Stevenson

12/03/01,Examination Day,Carolyn Sally Jones

13/03/01,Redemption,Joanna Murray-Smith

14/03/01,Duvet Lady, The,Peter Tinniswood

15/03/01,Black Monk, The,Anton Chekhov

16/03/01,Baldi - series 2, no. 1 : 'Three In One',Simon Brett

19/03/01,Maine Voices,Ian McMillan

20/03/01,Barrel Boy,Angela Turvey

21/03/01,Michael & Me,David Eldridge

22/03/01,In A Strange Country,Carolyn James

23/03/01,Baldi - series 2, no. 2 : 'Twilight of a God',Mark Holloway

27/03/01,Don't Forget The Diver,Rod Tinson

28/03/01,Maleficium,Liz Lochhead

29/03/01,Snaking Flame,Ajum Malik

30/03/01,Baldi - series 2, no. 3 : 'Schecter's Knot',Martin Meenan

02/04/01,Talkers,Neil Brand

04/04/01,Door In The Wall, H.G. Wells

05/04/01,Fairy Godmother, The,Susie Maguire

06/04/01,Baldi - series 2, no. 4 : 'Not For Life',Simon Brett

09/04/01,Until Morning,Bathsheba Doran

10/04/01,Dead Money,Christopher W. Hill

12/04/01,Just William Lady, The,Tony Coult

13/04/01,Baldi - series 2, no. 5 : 'Scratching The Surface',Martin Meenan

15/04/01,Red Badge of Courage, The,Stephen Crane

16/04/01,Genevieve,Adrian Bean/William Rose

17/04/01,Zander's Boat,Grace Barnes

18/04/01,Bye Bye Miss America High,Vanessa Rosenthal

19/04/01,Sherlock Holmes - The Final Problem,Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

20/04/01,Baldi - series 2, no. 6 : 'Early Retirement',Mark Holloway

23/04/01,A Kiss from a Sailor, John Peacock

24/04/01,Machine Stops, The,E.M. Forster

26/04/01,Voices from Chernobyl,Svetlana Alexievich

27/04/01,Census......915 Years & Still Counting,Char March

30/04/01,Cops & Robbers,Katie Hims

01/05/01,A Small Good Thing, Raymond Carver

03/05/01,Fresh From The Coast,Caroline Gawn

07/05/01,Moondial,Helen Cresswell

08/05/01,Anne Morrow Lindbergh's Diary of a Kidnapping,Rachel Joyce

10/05/01,Mary, Mary,Martin Sorrell

15/05/01,CV5 - A Dance in a Suburban Ballroom,Jonathan Davidson

16/05/01,Mr. Lowry's Loves,Glyn Hughes

17/05/01,Blackpool Detective, The,Peter Whalley

21/05/01,Sea Warrior, The,Leila Aboulela

25/05/01,Dreamer of the Calle de Salvador, The,Roger Osborne

28/05/01,Flambards,K.M. Peyton

29/05/01,Modem Gal,Sara Kestelman

30/05/01,Close To Home,Maggie Allen

31/05/01,Remembering Mum,Lavinia Greenlaw

01/06/01,Red Story, The,Hattie Naylor

04/06/01,Trampoline,Meredith Oakes

05/06/01,Mamihlapinatapal,Eliza Langland

06/06/01,Try Tony,Pom Boyd

07/06/01,Dinner at the Gothan Bar & Grill,Diana Amsterdam

08/06/01,Now Or Never,Nan Woodhouse

12/06/01,My Mother & Other Strange Creatures,Claire Bennett

13/06/01,Love,Ian Curteis

14/06/01,Promises To Keep,Vivienne Allen

15/06/01,Don't Get Me Wrong,Annie McCartney

20/06/01,What Mummy & Daddy Do,Elizabeth Baines

22/06/01,Poor Pen,Laurie Graham

24/06/01,My Last Duchess,Martyn Wade

25/06/01,Petrella (series 2) - no. 1 : 'Heroes & Villians',Michael Gilbert

26/06/01,Ice Cream Afternoon,Graham White

28/06/01,State Of The Art ,Ali Smith

29/06/01,Suit of Lights, A,David Napthine

02/07/01,Petrella (series 2) - no. 2 : 'The Missionary Position',Michael Gilbert

05/07/01,Life Sentence,Jill Hyem

09/07/01,Petrella (series 2) - no. 3 : 'Death Watch',Michael Gilbert

10/07/01,Burning My Boats,Jane Poncia

12/07/01,Looks Like Rain Again,Jimmie Chinn

13/07/01,Christabel,Samuel Taylor Coleridge

16/07/01,Petrella (series 2) - no. 4 : 'Original Sins',Michael Gilbert

17/07/01,Lila,Katie Hims

18/07/01,Last Days of Desire, The,Torben Betts

19/07/01,Face In The Crowd, A,Marc Jobst/Ian McMillan

20/07/01,Poetry Disease, The,Alan McDonald

23/07/01,Dacha, The,Helen Kluger

24/07/01,No Future In Eternity,Linda Cotterill & Timandra Harkness

25/07/01,Trio,Diana Webster

26/07/01,Depth of Field,Matthew Dunster

30/07/01,Our Man in Athens,Tom Holland

31/07/01,Paddington Puma,Gee Williams

06/08/01,Don't Go Away,Jane Buckler

08/08/01,Devil's Music, The - no. 1 : 'Roll, Jordan, Roll',Alan Plater

09/08/01,Mela Mania,Anjum Malik

13/08/01,There's Me, David, Chelsea, Charlene, Scott & Bianca,Pam Leeson

14/08/01,Birthday, The,Stephen James

15/08/01,Devil's Music, The - no. 2 : 'The Great Pork Pie Mystery',Alan Plater

16/08/01,Rector of Stiffkey, The,Carolyn Sally Jones

21/08/01,Treasure of Sierra Midrumbie, The,Simon Little

22/08/01,Devil's Music, The - no. 3 : 'Beacons',Alan Plater

23/08/01,Past is a Foreign Country, The,Louise Page

24/08/01,Emily Rising,Dan Rebellato

26/08/01,Far Cry From Kensington, A,Muriel Spark

27/08/01,Smiles of a Summer Night,Ingmar Bergman/Shaun McKenna

28/08/01,National Velvet - part 1 : 'The Dream',Enid Bagnold

29/08/01,National Velvet - part 2 : 'The Race',Enid Bagnold

30/08/01,Story of Tracy Beaker, The,Jacqueline Wilson

31/08/01,Better To Have Loved,Jane Gardam

03/09/01,Flanders Panel, The,Arturo Perez-Reverte/Jonathan Holloway

04/09/01,Home & Dry,Ed Jones

05/09/01,Moderniser, The,Steve Roberts

07/09/01,Chin Hair, The,Rachel Matthews

10/09/01,Smokers,Andy Rashleigh

11/09/01,Barbara Allen,David Pownall

12/09/01,Unbridled Spirits,Stevie Davies

13/09/01,Upton Women,Andy Barrett

14/09/01,Comforting,Joseph Crilly

17/09/01,Free Gift,Israel Horovitz

18/09/01,Honey,Gillian Clarke

20/09/01,Secrets in Sepia,Val Syms

21/09/01,Alien Sister, The,Judy Upton

25/09/01,Man on the Green Bicycle, The,Jennifer Curry

27/09/01,God at the Gate, The,Jamila Gavin

28/09/01,Mr. Reliable,Peter Tinniswood

01/10/01,Hidden History - no. 1 : 'Betrayal - The Trial of William Davidson',Tanika Gupta

02/10/01,Five Letters Home to Elizabeth,Simon Stephens

03/10/01,Man Who Knew Everything, The (series 2) - no. 1 : 'The Extraordinary Case of Serafino Pelizzoni',Robin Brooks

04/10/01,Other Voices,Sara Maitland

08/10/01,Hidden History - no. 2 : 'Blood for Britain',Michael McMillan

10/10/01,Man Who Knew Everything, The (series 2) - no. 2 : 'The Balham Mystery',Robin Brooks

12/10/01,Uncle Happy,Michael Mears

14/10/01,Wakefield,Nathaniel Hawthorne/Martyn Wade

15/10/01,Hidden History - no. 3 : 'When Tiger Woods Comes to Tiger Bay',Leonora Brito

16/10/01,Always On My Mind,Carolyn Bonnyman

17/10/01,Man Who Knew Everything, The (series 2) - no. 3 : 'Darling Daisy',Robin Brooks

18/10/01,Deceit of Angels, The,Kelvin Segger

19/10/01,Latecomer, The,Don Paterson

29/10/01,Fatal Loins,Perry Pontac

30/10/01,Blunt Speaking,Corin Redgrave

31/10/01,Boomerang,Lesley Glaister

02/11/01,Matinée Performance,Deborah Cook

06/11/01,Dimming of the Day, The,Jane Cassidy

07/11/01,Smooth as Chocolate,Susan Stern

08/11/01,Between The Lines,Neil Brand

09/11/01,Humble Beasts,Matt Parker

12/11/01,Incommunicado,Stephanie Young

14/11/01,From A Great Height,Dave Duggan

16/11/01,Lovely Evening,Peter Gill

16/11/01,Look Across The Eyes, The,Peter Gill

20/11/01,Past Forgetting,Angela Huth

22/11/01,Hen Party,Diane Samuels

23/11/01,Man Talk,Othniel Smith

27/11/01,Present, The,Jackie Pavlenko

28/11/01,Always The Bridesmaid,Noel Greig

29/11/01,Criminal Conversation,Judith French

30/11/01,Dear Dr. Goebbels,Neville Smith

03/12/01,Money For Old Rope,Juliet Ace

04/12/01,Human Rights,Jonathan Liechenstein

05/12/01,The Waltzer,Rhiannon Tise

06/12/01,In The Keep-Net,Penny Gold

07/12/01,Recall Man,David Napthine

09/12/01,Don't Look Now,Daphne du Maurier

10/12/01,Stowaway,Tanika Gupta

12/12/01,The Pyramid, part 1 : 'The Love of Evie',William Golding

13/12/01,Pyramid - part 2 : 'A Real Princess',William Golding

14/12/01,Pyramid - part 3 : 'A Sprat To Catch A Mackerel',William Golding

17/12/01,It's A Wonderful Divorce,Anthony Green

18/12/01,Get Stuffed! - The Farcical Life of Georges Feydeau,Natalia Power

19/12/01,Night Before Christmas,Steve May

20/12/01,Cyanide at 5 o'clock,Pavel Kahout

21/12/01,Tasty Morsels,Lindsay Jane Sedgwick

24/12/01,Grace & The Angel,Sheila Goff

26/12/01,Red Balloon,Albert Lamorisse

28/12/01,Haunting, A,William Boyd

31/12/01,Stone Diaries - part 1 : '1905-16 : Birth & Childhood',Carol Shields

01/01/02,Stone Diaries - part 2 : '1927-36 : Marriage & Love',Carol Shields

02/01/02,Stone Diaries - part 3 : '1947-64 : Motherhood & Work',Carol Shields

03/01/02,Stone Diaries - part 4 : '1965-77 : Sorrow & Ease',Carol Shields

04/01/02,Stone Diaries - part 5 : '1985-93 : Sorrow & Decline',Carol Shields

07/01/02,Rain of Stones, A,Wole Soyinka

08/01/02,Tuesday Is Library Day,Katie Hims

09/01/02,Polar Wife, A,Patricia Hannah

10/01/02,Happy Gathering,Naylah Ahmed

11/01/02,Damned If I Do,Dick Vosburgh & Peter Vincent

14/01/02,Apostle of Light,John Pilkington

15/01/02,Kings - no. 1 : 'True Anointed',Sebastian Baczkiewicz

16/01/02,Voices In The Room,Bonnie Greer

17/01/02,Clearing The Rubble,Mahesh Dattani

18/01/02,John Glenn Stole My Spacesuit,Louise Ironside

21/01/02,Skategrinder,Celia Brice

22/01/02,Kings - no. 2 : 'Hazar's Chicken',Sebastian Baczkiewicz

23/01/02,Not The End of the World,Simon Smith

24/01/02,Ae Fond Kiss : The Love Letters of Robert Burns & Clarinda,Alison Joseph

25/01/02,I Will Tell,Rachel Gaffin

28/01/02,Thousand Ships, A,Mark Haddon

29/01/02,Kings - no. 3 : 'The Loved One',Sebastian Baczkiewicz

30/01/02,Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - no. 1 : 'The Madness of Colonel Warburton',Bert Coules

31/01/02,The Unhearable,Pam Leeson

01/02/02,From The Waist Up,Judith Adams

04/02/02,The Launch,Simon Bovey

05/02/02,Kings - no. 4 : 'Michal, Saul's Daughter',Sebastian Baczkiewicz

06/02/02,Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - no. 2 : 'The Star of The Adelphi',Bert Coules

07/02/02,Why Can't A Woman Be More Like A Man?,Alison Joseph

08/02/02,Satisfaction Guaranteed,Isaac Asimov

10/02/02,Weather In The Streets ,Rosamond Lehmann

12/02/02,Kings - no. 5 : 'Abishag the Virgin',Sebastian Baczkiewicz

13/02/02,Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - no. 3 : 'The Peculiar Persecution of Mr. John Vincent Harden',Bert Coules

14/02/02,Dancing With The Dead,James Whyle

15/02/02,Going Naked Is The Best Disguise,Steve Jacobi

18/02/02,Five Beats To The Bar,Neil d'Souza

19/02/02,Hundred Miles, A,Marty Ross

20/02/02,Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - no. 4 : 'The Singular Inheritance of Miss Gloria Wilson',Bert Coules

21/02/02,When,Vayu Naidu

22/02/02,Famous,Paul Dodgson

25/02/02,Uncertainty,Mike Walker

26/02/02,Half Name for a Half Person, A,Zosia Wand

27/02/02,Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - no. 5 : 'The Saviour of Cripplegate Square',Bert Coules

28/02/02,Black Queen to King's Castle,Peter Wolf

01/03/02,Vanquishing The Gorbals,Carmen Walton

04/03/02,Kin,Paula Cunningham & Mark Illis

05/03/02,Touching the Linden Tree,Colin Hough & Rebecca Trick-Walker

06/03/02,Route Number 12,Cynthia Hamilton & Nicola McCartney

07/03/02,Milk,Neil Leyshon & Stephen McAnena

08/03/02,Written in Mist,Stephanie Dale & Ieuan Watkins

11/03/02,Baby First,Steve May

12/03/02,Nightcap,Laura Watson

13/03/02,Nature of Vikings,Author's name not in RT

14/03/02,Coming of Age - no. 1 : 'Blackout',Anji Loman Field

15/03/02,My Sky Blue Trades,Gerry McKee

18/03/02,Façade,David Pownall

19/03/02,Far Country,Kathryn Heyman

20/03/02,Good Thing,Phelim Rowland

21/03/02,Coming of Age - no. 2 : 'Mother Me',Maya Chowdhry

22/03/02,Cross My Heart & Hope To Fly,Sarah Daniels

25/03/02,Making Space (series 2) - no. 1 : 'Earth Song',Nicholas McInerney

26/03/02,Making Space (series 2) - no. 2 : 'The Language of Flowers',Tim Jackson

27/03/02,Making Space (series 2) - no. 3 : 'The End of Time',Nicholas McInerney

28/03/02,Coming of Age - no. 3 : 'Pilcher & Son',Stuart Morris

29/03/02,Letters to an Icon,Will Self, Bonnie Greer & Ali Smith

01/04/02,Golden Age,Kenneth Grahame

02/04/02,Cuba Libre at the Café España,Graham Mort

03/04/02,The Spies, David Pownall

04/04/02,Coming of Age - no. 4 : 'Soldier Boy',Grant Buchanan Marshall

05/04/02,Meeting in Seville, A,Paul Mendelson

08/04/02,Existence,Edward Bond

11/04/02,Titanic Enquiry - part 1,Bob Sherman

12/04/02,Titanic Enquiry - part 2,Bob Sherman

15/04/02,Fat Camp,Gary Brown

16/04/02,Bottle Blonde & Beautiful,Vanessa Rosenthal

17/04/02,Trueman,Brian B. Thompson

18/04/02,In Extremis,Neil Bartlett

19/04/02,Household in Hove, A,John Spurling

22/04/02,Letters to Miss Lucie,William Ingram

23/04/02,King's Coiner,Philip Palmer

24/04/02,The Mind's Eye, Jill Hyem

25/04/02,Before The Flood,Graham White

26/04/02,Goblin Market,Abigail Docherty

29/04/02,I Think I Could Turn & Live With Animals,Amanda Dalton

02/05/02,Three Wishes,Ben Moor

05/05/02,Strange Affair of Adelaide Harris,Leon Garfield

07/05/02,Sara,Melissa Murray

08/05/02,Breath of Fire,Author's name not in RT

09/05/02,Bride of Heaven,E.M. Delafield/Gwyneth Powell

12/05/02,Bridge of San Luis Rey,Thornton Wilder

13/05/02,The Compass Rose, - a Tattoo Lexicon,Sarah Phelps

14/05/02,Faith, Hope & Charity - no. 1 : 'Faith',Michael Duke

15/05/02,Escapement,David Szalay

16/05/02,Fairy Lost in the 21st. Century, A,Val Syms

17/05/02,The Ayah House, Sandra d'Arcy

20/05/02,Closet Princess,Lesley Bruce

21/05/02,Faith, Hope & Charity - no. 2 : 'Hope',Michael Duke

22/05/02,Bracken Hill,Kiyoko Murata/Lavinia Murray

23/05/02,Born a Fox,A.L. Kennedy

26/05/02,Little Prince,Antione de Saint-Exupéry

27/05/02,The Raft, Lucy Gough

28/05/02,Faith, Hope & Charity - no. 3 : 'Charity',Michael Duke

29/05/02,Mountaineering,Nick Warburton

30/05/02,House at Tinner's Tor,Jane Beeson

03/06/02,Rosalind,J.M. Barrie

04/06/02,Ceremonial in Three Flats,John Mortimer

05/06/02,One Up, One Down,D.J. Britton

06/06/02,The Sound of Silence, Shelley Silas

10/06/02,Living Where We Live,Stephen James

11/06/02,Selling Immortality,Stephen Wakelam

12/06/02,Love's Work,Mick Gordon

13/06/02,Charge of the Light Brigade,John Osborne

17/06/02,Case of the Vanishing Author,Stephen Sheridan

18/06/02,Reni & The Brownshirts : The Childhood of Renee Goddard,Robin Glendinning

19/06/02,McLevy (series 2) - no. 1 : 'A Good Walk Spoilt',David Ashton

20/06/02,Pushchairs & Walking Sticks,Rebecca Trick-Walker

24/06/02,Jallebies & Tea,Bettina Gracias

25/06/02,29 Worst Minutes of Raymond Hej,Ian McMillan

26/06/02,McLevy (series 2) - no. 2 : 'Wild Justice',David Ashton

27/06/02,Deptford Wives,Jennie Buckman

28/06/02,Paternity Test - part 1 : 'Contact',Mark Wheatley

30/06/02,Vicissitudes of Evangeline,Elinor Glyn

01/07/02,Broken Nest, A,Rabindranath Tagore

03/07/02,McLevy (series 2) - no. 3 : 'The Wild Spark',David Ashton

04/07/02,Triton Amongst The Minnows, A,Kim Hicks

05/07/02,Paternity Test - part 2 : 'Proof',Mark Wheatley

08/07/02,Where The Skylarks Nest,Jayne Kirkham

09/07/02,Doctor's House,Alan Drury

10/07/02,McLevy (series 2) - no. 4 : 'Stab in the Back',David Ashton

11/07/02,Dazzled by the Dark,Rebecca Bartlett

12/07/02,Brief Chronicles of Annie Rose,Elisabeth Lewis

15/07/02,Our Late Supper,Nick Warburton

16/07/02,Huskar - An Awful Visitation ,John Graham Davies

17/07/02,Lewis Carroll's Adventures in Russia,Michael Bakewell

18/07/02,Men Are From..............,David & Caroline Stafford

19/07/02,Moving On,Harry Quinn & Colin Douglas

22/07/02,Detox,Rebecca Saire

23/07/02,To Winchester,Nick Warburton

24/07/02,I Decided To Kill my Brother-in-Law After Dinner,Margaret Wilkinson

25/07/02,Sitting Among Eskimos,Maggie Graham

26/07/02,Dead Line,William Stanton

28/07/02,City of Spades,Colin McInnes

31/07/02,Dare Game,Jacqueline Wilson

01/08/02,Love & Friendship,Jane Austen/Robin Brooks

02/08/02,Common Pursuit,Alan McDonald

05/08/02,Love In The Afternoon - no. 1 : 'The God of Love',Michael Butt

07/08/02,Tiger Leaping Gorge,Brian Campbell

08/08/02,Glorious John,Glyn Hughes

12/08/02,Love In The Afternoon - no. 2 : 'The Air Raid',Peter Tinniswood

13/08/02,Pongo, Sadfish, Blackie & Sid,Debbie Oates

15/08/02,Kensington Pilgrims,Michael Butt

16/08/02,Billy & Elvis,Val Syms

19/08/02,Love In The Afternoon - no. 3 : 'Sea Wyf & Biscuit',Shaun McKenna

21/08/02,Odd Body, An (series 2) - no. 1 : 'Taking Poison',Sue Rodwell

22/08/02,Tender Prayer, A,Lucy Catherine

23/08/02,Jessie Kesson - A Good Crack at Life,Jenny Lee

26/08/02,Love In The Afternoon - no. 4 : 'The Road to Lichfield',Penelope Lively/Jill Hyem

27/08/02,Go-Slow Club,Tracy Aston

28/08/02,Odd Body, An (series 2) - no. 2 : 'An Old Dog',Sue Rodwell

29/08/02,Reprise,John. P. Rooney

30/08/02,Catching Up With Clifford,Glenn Mitchell

02/09/02,Love In The Afternoon - no. 5 : 'The Girl Because',Emma Pearson

03/09/02,Voyages,Michael Hastings

04/09/02,Odd Body, An (series 2) - no. 3 : 'Dead Heads & Chutney',Sue Rodwell

05/09/02,Red Feathers,Hilary Fannin

09/09/02,Love In The Afternoon - no. 6 : 'Courtin' Miss Lucy',Lisselle Kayla

10/09/02,Whitlock's Walk,John Burrows

16/09/02,Chasing the Rainbow - no. 1 : 'Tums, Bums & Meat Samosas',Lekha Desai Morrison

17/09/02,After The Break,Ian Curteis

23/09/02,Chasing the Rainbow - no. 2 : 'Jeevan Saathi, Life Partner',Ashok Patel

24/09/02,Week Like Any Other, A,Natalya Baranskya

25/09/02,Picture Palace,Louise Oliver

26/09/02,Autumn Journal (poem),Louis Macneice

27/09/02,Blind,Juliet Ace

30/09/02,Chasing the Rainbow - no. 3 : 'This Sweet Bitter Earth',Anita Franklin

01/10/02,Beethoven In Crisis, Summer, 1802,David Constantine

02/10/02,Beautiful Couple,Carolyn Pertwee

03/10/02,Boxed,Mark Homer, Caroline Giammetta & Ray Kilby

07/10/02,Arnold Bennett Stories - no. 1 : 'Elise & The Child' ,Arnold Bennett

08/10/02,Arnold Bennett Stories - no. 2 : 'The Limits of Dominion' ,Arnold Bennett

09/10/02,Arnold Bennett Stories - no. 3 : 'The Fish' ,Arnold Bennett

10/10/02,Arnold Bennett Stories - no. 4 : 'Mr. Jack Hollins Against Fate' ,Arnold Bennett

11/10/02,Arnold Bennett Stories - no. 5 : 'Last Love' ,Arnold Bennett

15/10/02,The Museum, Leila Aboulela

16/10/02,Brave Swimmer,Noel Greig

17/10/02,Good Death, A,Julia Blackburn & Herman Makkink

18/10/02,Dot's Net,Neil Monaghan

22/10/02,Ideal Heroine,Alison Joseph

23/10/02,Waiting to Fly,Andrew Holland

24/10/02,Prison Father,Caspar Walsh

25/10/02,Starved for Love,Chrissie Gittins

28/10/02,Glitch in the System, A,Carolyn Sally Jones

29/10/02,Casting Shadows,Mark Burgess

30/10/02,Typist Who Flew to Australia,Helen Cross

31/10/02,Double Vision,Annie McCartney

01/11/02,Going Troppo,Mervyn Stutter

05/11/02,Curriculum Vitae,David Pownall

06/11/02,Box Story,Bobby Baker

07/11/02,Conversation on the London Train,Don Haworth

08/11/02,Generation Electric,Christopher Green

11/11/02,Tears of War,Charlotte Fyfe

12/11/02,Life Cycles,Jonathan Davidson

13/11/02,St. Brice's Day,Tony Coult

14/11/02,Putting the Kettle On,Simon Brett

15/11/02,Till The Words Come Back,Val Syms

18/11/02,Music at Night,Don Taylor

19/11/02,London, Europe,Dave Lamb

20/11/02,Anton in Eastbourne,Peter Tinniswood

21/11/02,Painter & The Fishergirl,Carol McGuigan

22/11/02,Beside the Seaside,Roy Kerridge

24/11/02,Just So Stories,Rudyard Kipling

25/11/02,Evaristo's Epitaph,Patrick Carroll

26/11/02,Man Who Had 10,000 Women,Mark Lawson

29/11/02,Love Letters,A.R. Gurney

02/12/02,Look No More Backward,Judith French

03/12/02,Maigret - A Man's Head,Georges Simenon

05/12/02,Poor Echo,Matthew Dunster

06/12/02,Agnes Beaumont by Herself,Stephen Wyatt

09/12/02,Racer,Kevin Fegan

10/12/02,Maigret - The Bar on the Seine,Georges Simenon

11/12/02,Paper Flowers,Aisha Khan

13/12/02,Great Smog,Jerome Vincent

16/12/02,Man in the Flying Lawn Chair,78th. Street Theatre Lab.

17/12/02,Maigret - My Friend Maigret,Georges Simenon

18/12/02,Take a Pinch of.....................,Rommi Smith

19/12/02,Full English,Brian B.Thompson

20/12/02,Man on the Pillar,Justin Butcher

23/12/02,Blue Veils & Golden Sands,Martyn Wade

24/12/02,Madame Maigret's Own Case,Georges Simenon

25/12/02,An Abominable Bestiary, : Where The Wild Things Are,Maurice Sendak

26/12/02,An Abominable Bestiary, : By The Coast of Coromandel - In Search of Edward Lear,Lavinia Murray

27/12/02,Joanna,Neil Brand

30/12/02,Magic City - part 1 ,E. Nesbit

31/12/02,Magic City - part 2,E. Nesbit

02/01/03,I Am David - part 1,Ann Holm

03/01/03,I Am David - part 2,Ann Holm

23-28.10.2000,2000 Tales (to mark 600th. anniversary of Chaucer's death),Various

compiled by Roger Bickerton/ Diversity website

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