Lost and Missing Recordings

We know there are hundreds of collectors around the world, most of them thinking they're the only ones to record drama off the radio...if you're one of them, can you help trace any of the following recordings? There are thousands of missing plays - here are just a few of the ones we're looking for in VRPCC...

Rhys Adrian
26.09.68 Ella *FOUND*
17.07.70 The gardeners of my youth
30.10.70 I'll love you always
05.07.72 A chance encounter
19.12.72 Memoirs of a sly pornographer

William Ash
The Broughton Butcher *FOUND*

Nigel Baldwin
Zanna *FOUND*

Jean Barnes
1967 The Guinea Stamp *FOUND*
1970 Little Palaces *FOUND*
1969 The Fire Eater *FOUND*

Peter Barnes
c1975 Lulu, dram. (R3, prod. Martin Esslin) *FOUND*
1981 The jumping mimuses of Byzantium *FOUND*

Barry Bermange
NO QUARTER, 1976 version. *FOUND*
NO QUARTER, 1962 version. *FOUND*

The Jellico (1975) *FOUND*
The best of friends (1981) *FOUND*
Nuts (1975)
The wooing of Mr. Drimble (1975)
Father Christmas (1976) *FOUND*
The raffle prize (1977)
A dream of murder (1979) *FOUND*
A turn in the road (1979)
The Bognor Regis vampire (1979)*FOUND*

John Buchan
1989 The thirty-nine steps (Sat Night Theatre)*FOUND*

Giles Cooper Where the party ended (1965)

Bert Coules
The Passion Flower Hotel *FOUND*
A magician among the spirits (Houdini) *FOUND*
The women in his life (B.T.Bradford) 8 x 30m
The Laughing Policeman (Sjowall & Wahloo) 60m *FOUND*
A wizard of Earthsea (le Guin) 120m *FOUND*

David Cregan
1974 The Latter Days of Lucy Trenchard
1978 The Monument *FOUND*
1979 Hope *FOUND*
1979 Inventor's Corner (JBM)
1980 The Joking Habit *FOUND*
1980 The awful insulation of rage *FOUND*
1983 The Spectre *FOUND*
1990 From a Second Home in Picardy *FOUND*
nk The true story of the Public School Strike *FOUND*
nk Sounds on an English Evening *FOUND*
nk Diana's Uncle and other relatives *FOUND*

Peter Crowter
Up the Bristol Channel
John Peel and the Old Devil

Nick Darke
03.11.79 Conspiracy at Laxey by Helen J. Wilson (N. Darke in cast)
23.10.80 Summer Trade
20.02.81 Landmarks

Michael Davies
19.11.88 The Day We Lost The War
02.02.85 The Killing Of Martin Hoffnung *FOUND*
31.12.83 The Geneva Run *FOUND*
17.07.82 An Offshore Wind
date nk .:Harry Rolt is Missing *FOUND*

Christopher Denys

Josephine Feeney
1992 Dear Tractor, 30m

James Follett
1974 Speculator Sport *FOUND*
1977 The Twisted Image *FOUND*
1977 The Spanish Package *FOUND*
1977 A Touch of Slander *FOUND*

William Fox
A swim off the island (12 Jan 76) *FOUND*

Don Haworth
12 Jul 69 A time in cloud cuckoo land *FOUND*
14 Apr 72 The illumination of Mr. Shannon
11 Oct 72 The eventful deaths of Mr. Fruin *FOUND*
13 Oct 72 The enlightenment of the strawberry gardener *FOUND*
18 Feb 73 Simcocks abound across the earth
20 May 74 A damsel and also a rough bird *FOUND*

31.08.70 Miss Lavender is dead (adapted by Guy Vaisen)
07.08.71 A change for the better (adapted by Guy Vaisen)
25.08.71 The end of the summer
28.08.71 Taking leave
07.11.71 Lizard in the grass *FOUND*
Monologues (Peggy Ashcroft / Judi Dench) - titles not known

Shelia Hodgson
27.07.83 The deep water man 60m r. 8.1.85 *FOUND*
1982.... A high-pitched squeak
03.09.81 Fringe Benefits 60m
15.04.81 The passage of time 45m
09.11.1977 The Inside Out Job 45m
07.11.1973 Carol 60m
28.07.1973 The Bashful Canary 60m
01.03.1972 The Onlooker 45m
08.05.1971 A Dividend On Death 60m
23.03.1968 Mariolina
11.10.1967 Triangle With Bells
22.03.1967 The Village That Won
06.11.1963 No Other Way
24.02.1962 The Return

Peter Hunt
The road to Gretna Green (1 Nov 75) *FOUND*

Jill Hyem
A case to be answered (1981) *FOUND*
Blight (1977) *FOUND*
Swap (1972)
Kate and Emma (1972)
A shape like Piccadilly (1971) *FOUND*
Once Bitten (1966) *FOUND*

Bill Ingram
21.08.1984 The Money & The Chimney Pot:
02.10.1983 The Pied Piper Man: *FOUND*
28.04.1983 The Sentry Box:
29.08.1982 The Visiting Hour:
14.09.1980 Darts With The Boys:

Gerry Jones
25.01.1964 There used to be Trees
17.03.1965 Third Time Down

Marcy Kahan
1985 The Contemplative Life (R3) *FOUND*
1985 One last final fling
1986 Viva *FOUND*
1986 The transmogrification of Herbert Mellish *FOUND*
1991 Purgatory (R3) *FOUND*

Alison Leonard
PENRHYN SUMMER (VRPCC recording incomplete) *FOUND*

Philip Levene
1959 City of the hidden eyes (8-part serial)

John Kirkmorris

14.08.71 Threepenny Joey 75m
09.10.71 The Reckoning 60m
18.11.72 Hungarian Wheat 60m r. 23.3.77
21.05.73 Saxons and Strangers r.19.10.75
02.06.73 Bloodlines 60m r. 4.8.76
28.07.73 Unquiet Hill *FOUND*
09.02.74 Find Tony (SNT)
02.03.74 The healing Arts 60m
03.04.74 Conservatory Tea 30m r. 26.6.76
27.04.74 The Light Thread of Summer 60m
10.07.74 Just One More Time 30m
10.03.75 Westerman Flat *FOUND*
25.06.75 Five Little Flowers
17.09.75 Gooseberry 60m
10.11.75 A Sabbatical

Tom Mallin
1978 Halt! Who goes there?
1978 Rowland *FOUND*
1977 Spanish Fly *FOUND*

Simon Masters
Package from Berlin (22 Nov 75) *FOUND*

Alan Melville
20.01.74 Jonathan
04.09.76 At Your Service, rpt. 26.2.79 *FOUND*
27.04.77 Lovely Morning This Evening!
15.09.78 The Knocker
29.04.81 A Lovesome Thing

Anthony Minghella
Two Planks and a Passion 1986 *FOUND*
Two Planks and a Passion 1998 *FOUND*

Maisie Moscow
Ripples (90m, 8 Feb 76)

Bill Naughton
The Mystery, 1973 *FOUND*

Geoffrey Parkinson
29.11.72 How I came to help people 50m
28.7.76 Put Down to Experience 65m
8.7.77 A book from Beelzebub 60m *FOUND*
18.11.77 The secret life of Geoffrey Peppitt
8.6.78 Korsakoff's Psychosis 60m *FOUND*
24.1.80 The Annunciation 60m

Allan Peacock
The Indomitable Pippin *FOUND*
Oh, Lucy! *FOUND*
1968 The modernisation man
1969 The day of the high water *FOUND*
1966 Oh, Big Deal! (30 minute theatre)
On a west wind rising *FOUND*

Victor Pemberton
Our Family part 1 - The trains don't stop here any more *FOUND*
part 2 "Don't Talk To Me About Kids!" R4 14.1.1989 *FOUND*
part 3 "Down By The Sea" R4 21.1.1989 *FOUND*

Alan Plater
the smokeless zone 1961
counting the legs 1961
the mating season 1962
the rainbow machine 1962
the seventh day of arthur 1963
excursion 1965
ted's cathedral (from stage play)1965
the northern drift (as editor)1965/8 BBC north

Lester Powell
Sword Dance (5 Feb 76)

THE GOOD COMPANIONS, adaptation, produced by Harry Alan Towers for his own "Towers of London" company and broadcast on Radio Luxembourg. Date nk but pre-1960; exists on discs which were lost when the owner moved from New Zealand to London ... anyone have the recording?

Allan Prior
20.10.56 The Gorgio Girl
21.01.61 The Girl Richards
18.10.61 Family Business
26.09.62 The Campbell Curse
15.02.64 Crack-Up
29.01.66 The Joy Ride *FOUND*
01.10.75 Paradiso
20.03.76 The One-Eyed Monster
08.01.77 Aaros In Winter
09.10.77 The One-Eyed Monster,rpt.
10.09.77 The Chief
06.01.79 Pity the Poor Potters
14.06.80 Girl At Risk
21.06.80 The Takers
27.10.83 Industrial Inaction* *FOUND*
29.03.84 Four Legs, One At Each Corner
12.05.84 Burglars *FOUND*
30.03.85 Muggers *FOUND*
07.03.87 The Chancer *FOUND*
05.05.90 Fuhrer part 1- Adolf *FOUND*
30.06.90 Nosey! *FOUND*

Christopher Reason
1996 A Raging Fury - *FOUND*

Andrew Rissik
The Rector's Tale

Peter Roberts
1994 The Devil's Province *FOUND*
1993 The Holy Fool *FOUND*
1992 Assassins *FOUND*
1989 The action of the tiger *FOUND*
1989 The Burma Star and the family treat *FOUND*
1987 Not Fade Away *FOUND*

Alick Rowe
08.10.1962 The Georgian Rake
01.08.1970 Fawcett ! Fawcett !
31.01.1970 The Great Balloon Debate
05.12.1970 A Passing of Power
18.05.1973 Accomplices *FOUND*
22.08.1976 Spin A Loving Thread *FOUND*
29.12.1979 The Great Balloon Debate (remade)

13.02.1974 No Frontiers for the Captain

Christopher Russell
11.09.1981 Tidal Race
02.11.1979 Shelling Peas
31.03.1979 Brandy For The Parson
31.08.1978 Sweets On Sunday
02.03.1978 C'est la Shoestrings
16.12.1977 Vetchley 900
02.09.1977 The Devil & David Dobbs
22.10.1975 Harvey's Festival
The Last Witch *FOUND*
Navyman God *FOUND*
A game of sin
Screaming Alice *FOUND*
Getting Out
The Last Christmas *FOUND*

Dave Sheasby
1980 A Very Private Poem
1981 Silvertrain Day
1985 Welcome To The Times *FOUND*
1986 Vi Leaving
1987 Getting Stratford *FOUND*
1988 Coming Down
1995 The Sheffield Picasso *FOUND*

Jonathan Smith
Howlcroft *FOUND*
The Butcher, the Baker *FOUND*
Wilfrid & Eileen
Parents' Evening

Bill Stanton
1971 A thin man screaming
1972 Twelve Tuesdays to Christmas
1972 The compost heap *FOUND*

Bruce Stewart
The Cop Out (15 Nov 75)
04.07.1981 The Gallows In My Garden
21.01.1984 That Corpse You Planted In Your Garden

Peter Tegel
The broken neck 1981 *FOUND*
The Liberation 1981
Choice 1981

Peter Terson
The Topsoil of Imberley 1983

Brian Thompson
Trueman, 2002 *FOUND*

Peter Tinniswood
1964 Hardluck Hall (6 x 30m, series of comedy plays)
1973 Sam's Wedding (aft)
1980 The Gifted Child (aft) - we have jus 10 mins of this recording ......
1981 The Siege
1981 The Bargeman's Comfort
2000 Admiral of the Night *FOUND*

Guy Vaisen
The dark labyrinth (26 Apr 76)

Martyn Wade
17.08.78 Some say John the Baptist 60m *FOUND*
23.08.79 All too Human 60m

Michelene Wandor
DUST IN THE SUGAR HOUSE - 45m play about Antonia White, R3, 1978; VRPCC copy poor. *FOUND*

AURORA LEIGH, 1981; VRPCC copy poor.

THE UNLIT LAMP,1980, dramatisation of novel by Radclyffe Hall.

Ian Weir

Timothy West
The gun in my right hand is loaded.... *FOUND*

Ken Whitmore
11.9.74 Haywire at Humbleford Flag 60m
25.6.76 The story of a penny suit 60m *FOUND*
29.12.76 Out for the count 60m
5.2.77 The Caucasian in the woodpile 45m
15.10.77 Pen Friends SNT
19.8.78 Watch the forest grow SNT
3.2.79 The lackey's daughter SNT *FOUND*
7.6.86 The town that helped itself SNT *FOUND*
1.4.87 The cold embrace 45m
16.5.90 A room in Budapest 45m

Ivor Wilson
Insufficient Evidence: 4.3.1970, R2

AUTHOR NOT KNOWN - updated when details come in .....
The Green Drum (Alan Berrie)
The Tinker's Daughter *FOUND*
A scent of new mown hay (sci-fi by Maurice Travers, dram. John Blackburn ) 6.5.69, 6 episode serial.
After Agincourt (R3, I think) - Peter Mottley - *FOUND* thanks Peter
Who killed Bertie Beetle? -F.J.Bowley (14 Jan 76) *FOUND* thanks to Eddie Bowley
Mrs. Mountford's Final Attempt (19 Jan 76)
The interests of the child (11 Feb 76) (Michael Z Lewin)
The true lance (15 Feb 76)
The night of Caesar's knives (16 Feb 76) *FOUND* (William Keenan)
A mouthful of knives (27 Feb 76)
Can you stay the night? (3 Mar 76)
The world turned upside-down (6 Mar 76)
Been a funny sort of day (23 Apr 76) *FOUND* (Tony Bilbow)
Late into the night (21 Sep 74) *FOUND* (William Keenan)
Stolen Kisses (with Paul McGann), c1995 *FOUND* (Bill Taylor)
The Dead Room (with Glyn Dearman), c1985 *FOUND*
The worst journey in the world (Cherry-Garrard), dram. in early 1980s.
Hallowe'en at Hagley (21 Oct 81)-also wanted by BBC - not in their archive.


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