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by Kate O'Reilly (rpt, R4, 2102, 26 Jan 07) was an extraordinary piece about acute memory damage. Katrin has lost 20 years of memories, and she cannot remember what happened yesterday; when she looks in the mirror, she screams in fright every morning as she sees her reflection twenty years older than it should be. Joe, a married man, has lost his recent memories but the process is slowly removing other memories too. His wife is dreading the day memories of their marriage disappear. Catherine McCormack and Ronan Vibert were Kartin and Kate; John Taylor and Roland Jaquarello produced and directed. ....ND, VRPCC newsletter, Apr. 070

REAN'S GIRLS....2006
12 Dec 06. Foursight Theatre Co. /Kaite O'Reilly, R4, afternoon play. 45m. With Donna Heaslip, Joanne Moseley, Bharti Patel, Wreh-Asha Walton, Frances Land, Delroy Brown, Lorna Laidlaw, Kim Wall.

23 Jul 04; Friday Play. 55m. Original broadcast. R4. Details above.

2 Sep 03. Afternoon play. Three women, grandmother, daughter and granddaughter remain in the family home as the waters of the Narmada valley, India, rise. With Leena Dhingra, Shobu Kapoor and Rina Mahoney. Producer David Hunter.

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