Kevin Fegan Radio Plays

IN DENIAL*....2007
Friday Play, 13 Apr 07. Producer Nadia Molinari. The true story of Paul Blackburn, a man imprisoned for attempted murder at the age of 15 in 1978. He continued to protest his innocence; and in May 2005 the Court of Appeal finally ruled that he was wrongly convicted. Dramatised scenes from prison are interspersed with poetry and interviews in a vivid depiction of a man betrayed by the judicial system. Adult Paul ...... Adrian Bower, Young Paul ...... Gerard Kearns, Justice Keane ...... Robert Pickavance, Dr Lawson ...... Glenn Cunningham, Justice Bristow ...... Russell Dixon.

Afternoon Play, 9 Dec 03, set at the Isle of Man TT races. A collage of poetry and interviews, including a high-speed journey as seen through the eyes of a racer going around the circuit. The racer is Paul McGann. Producer Nadia Molinari.

THE TUNER*....2002
Friday Play 25 Jan 02. Producer Nadia Molinari. Chocker, an ex-miner obsessed with tuning into other people's conversations, gets caught up with a mysterious girl who knows an unnerving amount about his past.

Afternoon Play 18 Jun 01. Producer Melanie Harris. A mixture of interviews with steelworkers from the Don Valley in South Yorkshire, intercut with a poetic narrative by Kevin Fegan, about a man floating about a steel mill, daydreaming about his life. With Paul Copley. Directed by Melanie Harris. With music by Ivan Stott.

THE FURYS.....2001
15 x 15 min Woman's Hour Drama Serial adapted from the novels of James Hanley. 26 Feb -16 Mar 01. Producer Melanie Harris. A powerful family saga following the fortunes of the Fury family. BBC blurb for episode 1: In Liverpool, 1912, disgraced youngest son Peter makes a dramatic return. With Brenda Fricker, Tony Rohr, Annabelle Dowler and Susan Twist.

IN A GROVE*....2000
Classic Serial, adapted from short story by Ryunosoke Akutagawa. 19 Mar 00. Producer Melanie Harris. Who killed the young samurai warrior from Kyoto? Why does every witness have a different story to tell? A classic tale about a murder investigation which becomes an examination of the nature of confession and truth. With Gerard Murphy, Jack Davenport and Natascha McElhone.

Monday Play 22 May 89. Producer Tony Cliff.

THE JOKE SHOP*....1985
May 85. Written under the pseudonym Kevin Yorick. Produced by Tony Cliff.

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