Kelvin Segger Radio Plays

‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’
Broadcast on Radio 4, 25th January 1999. Director Peter Leslie Wild. Three tales by Emile Zola. A dead man wakes in horror as everyone around him prepares his funeral; another man is killed by advertising and a third postpones his dream for far too long. Cast includes Michael Maloney, Norman Bird and Struan Rodger.

‘Trooping With Crows’
Broadcast on Radio 4, 21st September 2000. Director Peter Leslie Wild. From a short story by Emile Zola. A devious entrepreneur hits upon the perfect scheme to exploit the Parisian upper classes. He markets ugliness. Cast includes Trevor Peacock, Ian Pepperell, Rachael Atkins and Terry Molloy.

‘The Door in the Wall’
Broadcast on Radio 4, 4th April 2000. Director Peter Leslie Wild. Three Utopian tales adapted from H.G.Wells. Cast includes Paul Webster, Christian Rodska and Gillian Goodman.

‘The Deceit of Angels’
Broadcast on Radio 4, 6th September 2001. Director Peter Leslie Wild. When the Merchant Sengallo leaves a valuable jewel in a brothel he sets in motion a chain of events leading to blackmail, subterfuge and a clever piece of trickery. Cast includes Robin Kingsland, Terry Molloy, David Timson and Pauline Munro.

‘The Death of Chatterton’
Broadcast on Radio 4, 22nd January 2003. Director Peter Leslie Wild. ‘The Death of Chatterton’. This painting by Henry Wallis, which hangs in Tate Britain, depicts the suicide of a young romantic poet. The model for the piece was the novelist George Meredith who was at the time married to Mary Ellen. Wallis falls in love with Mary and elopes with her to Italy. Cast includes Nick Fletcher and Sarah-Jane Holm.

‘The Bribery Warehouse’
Broadcast on Radio 4, 25th February 2004. Director Peter Leslie Wild. 1835 and Ipswich is gripped with election fever. The true story of a local tailor who refuses to accept a bribe to vote for the Tories and publicly exposes a corrupt electoral system. Cast includes Jonathan Tafler, Jonathan Keeble, Christian Rodska and Rob Swinton.

‘The Diary of a Nobody’
Broadcast on Radio 4, 5th - 12th September 2004. Director Jennie Stephens. Adapted from George and Weedon Grossmith’s jovial suburban satire. Charles Pooter’s attempts to be master of his home and family (his long-suffering wife Carrie and wayward son Lupin) always end in disarray but his spirit is never bowed. Cast includes Stephen Tompkinson, Annette Badland, Bertie Carvel, Neil Salvage and John Rowe.

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