Kate Atkinson Radio Dramas

5 May 03. 45m. A first radio play by a writer better known for her novels. This is an amusing monologue where Alannah McKay, an Edinburgh teacher, is retiring after being in the job for 32 years. Brigit Forsyth takes the part of Alannah. "One minute you're just out of training college standing nervously in front of your first class. ..you turn around.... and it's all gone". Directed by Pauline Harris. Repeated in 2005.

Behind the Scenes at the Museum....2000
26 Aug 2000. Saturday Play: Bryony Lavery's dramatisation of Kate Atkinson's 1995 Whitbread award-winning first novel follows Ruby, the unloved youngest child of the chaotic Lennox family in York, as she traces her past and finally unlocks the terrible family secret that has blighted her childhood. With Katherine Dow Blyton, Janice McKenzie and Malcolm Scates. Producer Polly Thomas.


A week of short stories by novelists, reinventing biblical chapters from a contemporary perspective. 6 Jan 03. Genesis: By Kate Atkinson, read by Joanna Tope.

God is the ultimate showman parading the best of his tricks for the celestial auditorium. He creates a world between his hands, and dazzles his audience with a display of every shape and size of creature he can imagine. All is more or less going according to plan, until God pulls out his greatest creation yet man. Producer Lu Kemp.

Edinburgh International Book Festival....2001
14 Aug 01. Five authors and actors present new short stories to the Festival audience. 2: `Tunnel of Fish' by Kate Atkinson. A mother worries about the future of her strange, obsessive 12-year-old son.

Shaggy Dog Stories....2000
11 Jul 2000. A week of stories on a canine theme. 2: `A Partner for Life' by Kate Atkinson, read by Stephen Tompkinson. A man joins a dating agency. Up till now his best friend has always been his dog.

Woman's Hour....2000
7 Mar 2000. Martha Kearney talks to Whitbread winner Kate Atkinson about her new novel, a surreal murder mystery examining the nature of identity.

Short Story: Inner Balance....1997
By Kate Atkinson, read by Siobhan Redmond. June just has to reach her optimal inner balance, rid herself of all the nasty bits, and she will be the perfect mother and the perfect lover. 12 Nov 97.

4 Jul 97. James Naughtie and a group of readers talk to writer Kate Atkinson about her prize-winning novel `Behind the Scenes at the Museum'.

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