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06.11.06 The Gunpowder Plot, R3
15.07.04 The Accident


18 July 2012: Afternoon Drama - Miss Balcombe's Orchard
A drama-documentary by Jonathan Davidson set and recorded in an apple orchard. Miss Balcombe is getting on but she is determined to keep her apple trees. Her workers don't much care but there is a trespasser among her russets. The play features apple man Barrie Juniper, author of The Story of the Apple. Recorded on location in Oxfordshire. Producer: Tim Dee. Miss Balcombe ...... Susan Engel, Claud ...... Richard Bremmer, Barbara ...... Sonia Ritter, Sophie ...... Hayley Doherty, Participant ...... Barrie Juniper.

6 Nov 05, R3. The 400th anniversary of the plot to blow up King James I and his Parliament .... a play that looks at how the Establishment deals with a terrorist threat. Robert Cecil, Earl of Salisbury, ruthlessly and efficiently conducts the hunt for the plotters - but his real target is Father Henry Garnet, leader of the Jesuits. ....details....

A railway signal box at night in the West of England in the early 1960s. A signalman and his daughter; between them the bells and the levers; ahead of them, the rest of their lives.

Arthur Norton ...... Richard Bremmer
Young Susan ...... Eleanor Tremain
Older Susan ...... Frances Barber
Therapist and Investigating Officer ...... Kerry Shale
Engine Driver and Union Representative ...... David Bradley
Music composed and performed by Paul Dodgson; directed by Tim Dee.

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