Articles and Reviews by John Collins

John Collins in action, tackling early Iberian music

These reviews have appeared previously in various publications including The Diapason, Clavichord International, Harpsichord and Fortepiano, The Organ, Church Music Quarterly, British Clavichord Society and BIOS and are reproduced here by kind permission .


Guilio Cesare Arresti: Sonate da organo di varii Autori
ed. Jolando Scarpa.

W.F.Bach: Eight Fugues
ed. Paul Simmonds & Mike Daniels.

Frescobaldi Organ & Keyboard Works
Volumes 1,2, ed. Christopher Stembridge.

Christian Flor: Zehn Suiten / F. de Medici: 4 Klavier Suites
ed. Jörg Jacobi.

Christian Graupner: Monatliche Clavirfrüchte 1722
Books 1 & 2, ed. Jörg Jacobi.

Christian Graupner: Monatliche Clavirfrüchte 1722
Book 3, ed. Jörg Jacobi.

Joseph Haydn - Differentes Petites Pieces
ed. Christopher Hogwood.

Johann & Johann Philipp Krieger: Complete Organ and Harpsichord Works
ed. Siegbert Rampe & Helene Larch; two volumes.

Vincent Lubeck: Complete Keyboard Works, vol 1
ed. Siegbert Rampe

Georg Muffat / Wolfgang Ebner: Complete Keyboard Works, vol 2
ed. Siegbert Rampe

Johann Ulrich Steigleder: Ricercar Tabulatura 1624
ed. Ulrich Siegele.

J.P.Sweelinck: Complete Organ Works in 4 Volumes:
ed. Harold Vogel & Pieter Dirksen.

Giovanni Marco Rutini: Sonatas opp. 1,2,8 & 9
ed. Laura Cerutti & Giorgio Hanna.


Cordofones de tecla portugueses do século XVIII:
Clavicórdios, Cravos, Pianofortes e Espinetas...
ed. Gerhard Doderer & John Henry Van der Meer.

Fitzwilliam Handeliana
Lord Richard Fitzwilliam Compositions for Harpsichord and Organ.
Volumes 1,2, ed. Gerald Gifford.

Organ and Keyboard Music, Salzburg Court, 1500-1800
ed. Siegbert Rampe

Organ and Keyboard Music, Imperial Court Chapel, Vienna, 1500-1700
ed. Siegbert Rampe; collection of first editions

John's website, www.johnscollinsworthing.org.uk is now up and running. It contains information and reviews about the European repertoire, including Iberian, French, English, Flemish, Italian, Dutch, German & Polish harpsichord and organ music. If you're interested, please pay the site a visit and bookmark the page.

ND / Diversity Website. ( reproduced by permission ).

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