Jane Poncia

Jane Poncia grew up in Warwickshire and Wales.  Aged 18 she happily left the beautiful countryside and went to  smog-ridden London, where she proved to be the worst secretary in the history of shorthand and typing.  In 1961 she went to New York where she managed to keep her incompetence without manageable limits.  She married an American in 1962, had one son, divorced in 1967 and moved back to London in 1968. She worked as a freelance journalist and editor, and occasional radio dramatist.   She now lives in Boston, Ma, US. near her son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren. (September 2007).

A word from Jane Poncia on radio drama and  writing for radio:

Americans have many great aids to modern life, but in one respect they are seriously deprived;  they have no easily accessible radio drama.  The tragic irony of this is that they pioneered this art form, and the BBC followed their lead.  When I tell people I write radio plays, an opaque look comes over their faces, as though I were describing some kind of mummers plays devised for country yokels.  So a population of  250 million people will never know the luxury of curling up in bed, with a hot water bottle, a cat or two, a large mug of sugary tea, several chocolate biscuits ... and tuning into a radio play.  

From the writer's point of view, to work with an intelligent director, imaginative and versatile actors, skillful sound technicians is a privilege.  I thank God and the BBC for making this experience possible.


79.01.13 Bryan Will Be So Upset*
80.11.21 The Amboise Affair
87.03.10 Looking For Cedric
01.07.10 Burning My Boats

Asterisked items known to exist within VRPCC collections.


13 Jan 1979 (repeated 12 Apr 1980) During WW2, Margery, a widow, lives with her mother and obstreperous 10-year-old daughter in a house in the country. She also takes in boarders, including a doctor and an officer in need of temporary housing. With Penelope Lee, Fulton Mackay, Bernadette Windsor and Eric Allan. Directed by Cherry Cookson. (An unsentimental drama enriched by complex characters and fast- moving story. GL)

21 Nov 1980. Sixteen year old Luke has driven his parents to despair with his orange hair and loud music.  So, during the summer vacation from boarding school, they send him to do a French course in Amboise (France)..  There he meets Sheri, a pretty and seductive South African girl.  Together, they decide to leave the course and hitch-hike across France.  During their travels Sheri initiates Luke into the secrets of love and life.   He returns to London considerably more mature. With Chris Fairbank, Lois Butlin, Judy Franklin and Patrick Barr

10 March 1987. It's 1939 and everyone expects World War II to break out any day,  but everyone hopes that somehow it won't.   Daphne is married to a colonial administrator in Kenya.  She returns to England for the normal leave, expecting her husband to follow in a few weeks. When she reaches her mother's house, she learns that her brother Cedric has gone to France and disappeared.    Cedric is a painter and drinker.  One of his art school friends, Roddy, has both the leisure and the money to set out and look for him, and the two seize this opportunity to have the affaire they've always wanted to have.  They do find Cedric, but that is not the end of their journey.   War is declared, but Roddy and Daphne hardly notice due to the ups and downs of their relationship. With Jennifer Hilary, Dinsdale Landen and Michael Cochrane. Directed by Cherry Cookson.

10 July 2001. Jennifer is a 64-year-old divorcee, happily settled into late middle age. When an American ex-boyfriend shows up and offers her a new life back in the States, she is surprised by how tempting it sounds. With Rosemary Harris, Brian Greene, Jonathan Keeble and Jennie Stoller. Directed by Cherry Cookson

Page prepared by Greg Linden with the kind cooperation of Jane Poncia.

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