J.E.Kindermann Keyboard Music

Johann Kindermann lived in Nuremberg all his life - from 1616 to 1655. He was the second organist at the Frauenkirche from 1636 to 1640, and then organist at St. Egidien. He published a collection of organ pieces, and there are 30 dances in manuscript, arranged in groups which may be regarded as suites.

I have only obtained one of Kindermann's fugues - published by Ricordi many years ago (Ricordi 986) - and it's magnificent. It works superbly on piano. The entries are well-defined, the subject is easily recognised, there's a good descending chromatic countersubject, and it builds up to a wonderful climax. (Fugue in Dm, first four notes of the theme ADEF, so you can recognise it).

Some of Kindermann's dance music occurs in books 3 and 4 of DTB (Denkmaler der Tonkunst in Bayern). It was written at about the same time as Froberger's suites but is simpler in style.

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