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Ian Weir is really a writer for television, but he wrote a number of radio plays early in his career. He was a radio playwright for CBC and BBC, then he wrote for the stage. He was then approached by Phil Keating, head of CBC Television, who was looking for new writers for the regional anthology series "Lives from Lotus Land". He also worked on teen soap operas, limiting the cast to teen unknowns.

"*Oedipus, Gunslinger"....1984
A highly stylised version of the Oedipus story; a Western in the style of a Greek tragedy, and a wonderful piece of radio. It even has a Greek chorus. Details: broadcast R3, December 84, 55m, Bruce Boer as Marshal Prestridge, Bob Sherman as Adam Shand, Brian Michael as Liberty Shand, Blaine Fairman as Justin Lawrence, Keith Edwards as Deputy Marshal Gimball, David March as the Ancient Indian. Squint was played by Cyril Shaps , Doc Halloran by Alan Tilvern, Old Barley by Robert Henderson, Silas Weathervane by Ed. Bishop, Widow Wentworth by Gladys Spencer, Twitchell by William Hope, and Burlap by Mark Rolleston. The music was composed and conducted by Philip Pickett, and played by Imogen Barford, Stephen Henderson, Melinda Maxwell and David Roach. Directed by Glyn Dearman.

BBCR3, 8/8/86(org 1984), 70min Arthurian legend

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