7th International Audio Drama Festival
22-26 March 2021; online

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Selected plays will be listed in alphabetical order of country, below.

The official festival website is at radiodramafestival.org.uk

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Welcome to our page about the 7th UK International Radio Drama Festival. The unprecedented situation with the coronavirus has affected our plans, but they are now formulated. Canterbury won't happen this year, but as for the festival itself, it's all systems go. Details below. You'll also notice a change in the title. We're now the UK International Audio Drama Festival; there have been great advances this year in the number and quality of podcasts so 'Radio' no longer covers everything we do. To register for the listening sessions, which take place in the afternoons UK time, click the link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/uk-international-audio-drama-festival-listening-sessions-tickets-143689931453

How does the festival work?

Full Schedule / Programme


Thanks to everyone who attended our award ceremony this afternoon, 21 May. Viewers tuned in from all over the world, including Spain, Australia, Brazil, Georgia and the UK. The winners were announced by Jack Klaff, Melanie Nock and Jonathan Banatvala.

Now onto the winners:

ALCS Audience Award
1st place: A Haunting beyond the Lake - Richard Brooks (UK)
2nd place: Human Things - Grazyna Lutoslawska (Poland)
3rd place: Hunting Season - Georgian public radio (Georgia)
Honourable mentions: Notes from JJ - Georgian Public Radio, Fenland Symphony - Chris Bradbury, and Alvorada - Matheus Moraes.

20-Second Drama Award
1st place: Lady Macbeth - Festival consortium
2nd place: Spider - Pippa Brenchley
3rd place: Maths Problem - Darrick Wood School
4th place: List of Things - Festival consortium

Join us in congratulating the winners!

21 May 2021


Final jury session and winners:

And the winners are:

Full length
1. Cerna Voda Czech Radio
2. Helena, Elena Zeiser
3. The Other Half, Radio Romania

Short form
1. 3 minutes of silence, Wederik de Backer
2. Everyone Everywhere, Collectif Wow
3. Dans La Tenaille, Collectif Wow

Congratulations to all the finalists, all the shortlisted entries and everyone who submitted work. The standard was very high and we had a thoroughly enjoyable week.

The ALCS audience award remains open for votes until 26 April. We will continue to receive and showcase 20 second dramas during this month and a panel will award the prize for the best of those at the end of April too.

Many thanks to the jury (chaired by Jack Klaff) who were thoughtful and perceptive and to the unseen army who undertook the pre selection process.

We hope to see you in Canterbury next year.

26 Mar 2021

Jury session 25 March; an hour discussing the plays we've heard with contributors and listeners from all over the world - USA, Rumania, France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic ...

25 Mar 2021


Not what we expected...... but the miracle of electronic communication and 'Zoom' means that we can listen to and converse simultaneously with people from England, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, USA, Georgia, Belgium and France, as if they are in the same room... - and with people who wouldn't have been able to get to Canterbury even if the virus wasn't around.

21 Mar 2021

There are still some spaces left. To register for the listening sessions, which take place in the afternoons UK time, click the link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/uk-international-audio-drama-festival-listening-sessions-tickets-143689931453

Nicholas McInerny talks to Ken Bentley of Big Finish Productions and Shannon Martin of Podbean: Thursday 25th March at 1200 (note the correction). Nicholas chairs the WGGB Audio Committee. You'll need a separate eventbrite ticket for this event. Register for free ticket

Schedule for radio drama festival: title, time, country of origin, name of production team.
Jury sessions will be at 5.30 each day and will last about an hour. Those who have listened to all of the plays on the five days can be considered for a place on the jury.

Full programme, with notes on each of the plays:

ND, 20 Mar 2021


1330 To the infernal rhythm of the bomba, from Belgium, in French, 21m
1355 Walking in My Sleep, from USA, in English, 27m
1430 Leaba An Bhais, from Ireland, in Irish, 45m
1515 Room With No Windows, from Egypt, in Arabic, 37m
1600 Zamolxe, from Romania, in Romanian, 35m
1645 All Go Kaboom, from USA, in English, 6m
1650 Bzzzzz! from Czech Republic, in Czech, 5m
1655 Dans La Tenaille (entre le coq et le fou), from Belgium, in French, 7m
1700 Declaration of Love audio anthology: Constellation, in English, 7m

1330 Helena, from Germany, in German, 57m
1435 Paper Man, from UK, in English, 18m
1500 Cerna Voda, from Czech Republic, in Czech/Serbian/English, 48m
1600 Bauhaus, from Serbia, in German, 10m
1610 Earth Day, from UK, in English, 7m
1620 Everyone/Everywhere, from Belgium, in French & English, 6m
1625 Kelner weiss was, from Austria, in German & English, 4m
1630 No Milk Today, from UK, in English, 3m
1635 Noc plna prani, from Czech Republic, in Czech, 3m
1640 Note From J.J., from Georgia, in Georgian, 7m
1645 Nothingnesslessness, from Belgium, in English, 6m
1700 Safety First, from UK, in English, 5m

1330 Oil On Water, from Spain, in English with Igbo & Yoruba, 57m
1435 Wie Mij Prikt Ga U Prikke, from Belgium, in Flemish, 15m
1450 Remnants, from UK, in English, 59m
1600 Dans La Creux Dangereux, from Belgium, in French, 26m
1630 Send to Sender, from UK, in English, 3m
1635 Series 3 - Stottie Shields, fromo UK, in English, 5m
1700 Stories about People - The Egyptian, from Germany, in English, 6m

1330 Selkie,from UK, in English, 37m
1415 Sufletul Pereche / The Other Half,from Romania, in Romanian,39m
1500 En La Ausencia. Capitulo 16.
1510 The Cat Inside, by W.S.Burrows, from Germany, in German, 54m
1610 Pilot, from India, in English, 7m
1616 The Boxer, from Spain, in English, 4m
1626 Togetherness, from England, in English, 7m
1630 Maasat Shitan, from Egypt, in Arabic, 7m
1635 3 minutes of silence, from Belgium, in Dutch/Romanian/English, 3m
1640 About The Future, from Belgium, in German, 7m

1230 The Hunting Season, from Georgia, in Georgian, 46m
1320 TKO by D.Z.Mairowitz, from France, in German, 52m
1420 Tri zivoty Dmitrije Sostakovice...from Czech Rep, in Czech, 51m
1520 Vila, from Czech Republic, in Czech, 5m
1525 Vocaloptomy, from UK, in English, 7m
1530 Wordsworth Writes, from UK, in English, 4m
1535 Ali Mama, from Egypt, in Arabic, 7m
1540 20-second dramas

Times may vary slightly.


...The Team, 20 Mar 2021

We have had a record breaking number of entries – 111 - drawn from 19 different countries and presented in 17 different languages.

Whilst last year’s festival was another victim of the Pandemic – the physical event being cancelled at the last minute - we still went ahead with a virtual festival that combined old and new features in an entirely new format – www.radiodramafestival.org.uk

This year the format has evolved further to create a blended festival online that combines listening and jury sessions with masterclasses, industry-based discussions with experts and other provocations. There is also a new emphasis on Podcasting, described as the Punk Rock of Radio!

    Other new features include –

    A new rigorous pre-selection process.

    First Audio drama festival to introduce a creative strand where listeners will be creating new 20 second micro dramas for a prize.

    Interviews with industry figures from broadcast and non-broadcast drama.

    More diverse Jury due to virtual format and variety of entries.

    There are three Prizes to be won. The Long and Short Form Prizes are awarded by the Jury, but we are delighted to announce that the ALCS has sponsored our Audience Award, which is awarded by you, the listeners!

To register for the listening sessions, which take place in the afternoons UK time, click the link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/uk-international-audio-drama-festival-listening-sessions-tickets-143689931453

We will send people a zoom link shortly before the event. The start time will be announced soon.

1 Mar 2021

Jonathan Keeble, radio actor, and voiceover artist, interviewed by Clive Perrott.
Covid Island, episode 3

15 Feb 2021

Covid 19 continues to create enormous restrictions on the festival world – on travel, on meeting, on creative expression .

We are determined that the 2021 festival will not just such survive through an online presence but be one of the most exciting Audio Drama Festivals yet – for the first time coming together to make audio drama as well as to listen to it.

This year’s virtual festival 22 – 26 March 2021 will combine collaborative creative sessions with real-time and on-demand listening and real-time collective jury discussions.

We will be asking you to sign up to take part soon.

Meanwhile the festival poster is shown below:

13 Feb 2021


13 Feb 2021

Jack Klaff, actor, writer and academic, interviewed by Maureen Younger.
Covid Island, episode 2

Nigel Deacon, radio drama collector, chemist and apple breeder, interviewed by Jack Klaff.
Covid Island, episode 1


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