American Apples - Hidden Rose

Also known as Airlie Redflesh. From Airlie, Oregon, USA. Medium size conical fruit. Usually a green apple with dark red flesh; crisp texture and sweet tart flavor. Ripens in late September. Little trace of red pigment in the wood or leaves. Sold by a few nurseries but uncommon in England.

Red Fleshed varieties are generally susceptible to scab; Mott Pink, Pink Pearl, Pink Permain are especially prone while Hidden Rose (Aerlie Red Flesh) is less so. All of the fruit are short lived on tree when ripe. Hidden Rose has the best texture and flavor followed by Mott's Pink. Mott Pink is a medium sized apple; Hidden Rose is smaller; Pink Pearl is also medium sized. (info. from C.P., Pennsylvania)

additional info. from ND......

hidden rose blossom.... hidden rose, under-ripe, end-july; apples characteristically elongated.... hidden rose, nearly ripe, early sept....
hidden rose, ripe, 10 oct, apples characteristically elongated.... hidden rose, ripe, 10 Oct.... hidden rose, ripe, 3 Nov....

hidden rose, ripe, 10 oct, apples characteristically elongated.... hidden rose blossom.... hidden rose blossom....

Green cortex wood; leaves green. Sweet-tart flavour with thick mottled skin. Possibly the richest-flavoured red-fleshed apple I have grown. Remarkable appearance - vivid red flesh under greenish skin. In UK this is not ripe until early Nov, when it has an excellent flavour and is sweet rather than tart. Dense flesh; will keep in good condition until Jan-Feb, by which time it has a flavour and texture similar to watermelon.

UPDATE, 2012.....This year the fruit have kept in good condition until mid-April.

Not in National Fruit Collection.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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