Potatoes - Heather

Good yielder in pots; strong, heavy haulms. Yield around 2 lbs in 3 gallon container. Mild taste, white flesh; reminded me of Pentland Dell; midway between floury and waxy; a bit like Nadine. Jack Dunnett variety - beautiful heather-coloured purple skins.

Jack Dunnett describes it as a token variety; an example of a visually distinct class of industrial potato which he campaigned for unsuccessfully in the past. He also suggested a few years ago that it might be useful in developing pharmaceuticals by genetic engineering - the genetic "marker" of purple skin rendering it distinct and therefore a way of keeping it out of the domestic food chain.

Since then, anti-GM feeling has grown, especially in Europe, and growing genetically engineered plants capable of crossing with wild types seems to be a political no-go area. I wonder what the future will bring.

    UPDATE, Jul 2012. These are now available again through JBA Seeds; kindly sent by Ian Barbour. I have grown this for the last three years; very little trouble with pests, and a reliable cropper. In containers the tubers are quite large.

Flowers are purple and yellow.

Pictures (click on small images for detail):



Seed tubers of this variety can be obtained from JBA Seed Potatoes by clicking the link below:

Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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