Red Fleshed Apples: Hall's Pink

This is not a true redfleshed apple; the colouration comes and goes in different seasons. In 'colourful' years, apples with a bright red skin have underlying pink-tinged flesh, as shown in the photographs. They have a beautiful delicate flavour, very like Merton Knave, but there are differences. The skin is very thin and insubstantial and a little like rice paper; it can often be removed without a knife. The flesh is soft but firm and very juicy. The blossom is a similar colour to that of Bramley and Annie Elizabeth, and the leaves and cortex wood are green. The tree is generally healthy and vigorous but there is susceptibility to powdery mildew. The blossom time is very early; about a week before Ton Putt and a fortnight earlier than Bramley.

Hall's Pink, blossom.... Hall's Pink, under-ripe apples on tree, end-July.... Hall's Pink, ripe, cut through, 14 Aug.... Hall's Pink, ripe, 14 Aug.... Hall's Pink, ripe, 14 Aug.... Hall's Pink, ripe, 16 Aug 2010....

Hall's Pink, ripe, 11 Aug 2011

Update 2011 - no trace of pink flesh this year, and skins not so colourful. The growth habit is unusual; not many side breaks. Flavour still good but a little less impressive than 2010.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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