Potatoes - Highland Burgundy Red

A burgundy-red centre to the flesh, with a narrow band of white surrounding it. Skin is bright red if dug fresh, or russet with underlying burgundy if left to mature. Much of the colour remains after cooking, particularly if steamed. Texture is slightly fluffy and floury with a mild, sweet flavour. In containers, flowers begin to form but usually drop off before blooming. Long, weak, sprawling haulms, very susceptible to rain and blight damage. Low yield: 1.25 lbs per pot. Nevertheless an interesting novelty - I grow this most years. Available as microplants but not seed tubers.

Note that this variety is shallow rooted and grows well in 4 inch deep trays. In buckets or other containers there is no point in having compost deeper than about 8 inches.

Pictures (click on small images for detail):



Update on availability - seed tubers of this variety can be obtained from JBA Seed Potatoes by clicking the link below:

Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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