Golden Wonder

A number of people contacting the website consider these to be the best flavoured potatoes. They have very high dry matter, are fairly resistant to blight (rated at 6), need heavy watering over a long period, have enormous haulms which need staking if they're grown in containers, and are probably the best frying potato. Their dry matter is very high (rated at 9). They mash, roast and steam superbly. We usually have roast Golden Wonder potatoes on Christmas Day.

Yield about 2.5 - 3lb per 3 gallon container (once I got 5lb); not really suitable for smaller containers. Pictures (click on small images for detail):



7ft Haulms after 18 weeks

Golden Wonder is of interest to botanists because it is an interesting example of a chimera ... see Potatoes and Dragons ...

Seed tubers of this variety can be obtained from JBA Seed Potatoes by clicking the link below:

Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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