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Published on the first Friday of each month by Kelsey Publishing Group, Cudham, Kent. There's no other magazine quite like this one - it's aimed at those who want to learn how to grow their own produce.

ND comment - The quality of the photography in this magazine is amazing, and the approach is completely hands-on. The Grow-It website is at www.growitmag.com

Paul Peacock, Rachel Graham, Chris Charles, Chris Graham, Stephen Wright

Nigel Deacon, Philip McCann, Mike Hatcher, Anne Swithinbank, Jayne Neville, Geoff Stebbings, Steve Bradley

Contents of issue 1:(out early Mar, cover date Apr 2007)
News- latest news and products
Pea Shooters - old fashioned high-climbing full-flavoured peas
On the plot - what needs doing this month
Dig or spin - rotovator or spade?
The hive - basic beekeeper's equipment guide
Hens in your garden
Soft fruit secrets
Ask Anne - questions answered by Anne Swithinbank
Propogators - popular alternatives compared
Living Earth - introduction to compost types
Readers' letters
Pest of the month - pigeons
Strength in numbers- companion planting
60-minute project - making a herb barrel
Broad beans
Gi! specialist directory -unique listing for all gardening and growing needs

Plastic v glass - polytunnel or greenhouse - which is best?
Polytunnel questions and answers
Planning the perfect polytunnel
Market guide - specialist suppliers
Some like it hot - guide to growing chillies
Top tomatoes - a perfect polytunnel crop
Poly-pests - fighting them organically
In the tunnel - monthly practical guide

Contents of issue 2:(out early Apr, cover date May 2007)
News- welly week; RHS Tatton Show ticket give-away
Jersey Knight Asparagus
On the plot - what needs doing this month
Brilliant brassicas
Gi! Book Club - good reading at discount prices
Hens in the garden
Ask Anne
Strawberry popcorn - fun for children
Your say
Wonderful wormeries
Pest of the month-aphids
Clever cutting - the art of grafting
Create a potager
60-minute project - making a raised bed
Gi! specialist directory

Questions and answers
Buyer's guide
Jobs for the month
Poly-pests - sciarid fly and vine weevils
Biological control

Contents of issue 3:(cover date Jun 2007)
Tip-top leeks
Growing salads
Book club
Hens In Your Garden
Build a herb garden
Hot composting
Ask The Experts
Vine weevils
Readers' Letters
New gardener
Oranges and lemons
Planning for winter
Supplier Directory
Polytunnel Grower
Polytunnel accessories

Contents of issue 4:(out mid - Jul, cover date Aug 2007)
Planning for winter veg
On the plot
Wes' garden
Your say
Bees - how a hive works
Blowing raspberries
Ask Anne - answers from Anne Swithinbank
Pest of the month - blight - what to do.
Book club
Magnificent mushrooms
Using mesh to prevent insect pests
Gourmet garden - visit to le manoir
Nostalgic veg
Clover and green manures
Special offers
Supplier directory

What to do this month
Questions and answers
More on citrus
Light fantastic - polytunnel plastic
More on tomatoes

Issue 4 contains an interesting article about the way EU regulations are threatening the security of our food supply. The vast majority of commercially produced food relies on a very small number of varieties - whether it be potatoes, fruit, or cereal crops. It is now a criminal offence to sell varieties which maintain bilogical diversity (those types not on the official "EU list", registration for which is a time consuming and expensive process). See the full article for details.

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