Although the date of my most recent broadcast play is some years ago, I have not stopped writing. I have concentrated much of the time on corporate video (having now scripted 350 of them), and also have two feature films in pre-production. I also have a new stage play being considered in various places.

I am a member of the Board of Advisors of both the US International Film & Video Festival in Los Angeles and the World Media Festival in Hamburg, and a former Chairman of the Broadcasting Committee at The Society of Authors.

Grant Eustace

Note from ND: Grant's work continues to be popular on Radio 4 Extra. 'Absolute Discretion' and 'The Salamander Chest' were repeated on R4X in 2018, and 'Second Holmes' has been repeated six times, most recently in 2021.


Before The Bird Has Flown 60m
Afternoon Theatre Radio 4 1978, 1980
South Africa 1979
Australia 1980

How Far To Run
15m, Just Before Midnight- Radio 4, 1979, 1980

Night Vision
15m, Just Before Midnight- Radio 4, 1980

The Ship That Never Was
Australia 1980

A Fair Exchange
Afternoon Theatre Radio 4, 1981, 1983
South Africa 1980
World Service 1981

Below The Surface
Afternoon Theatre Radio 4, 1982
South Africa 1983
Australia 1983
Germany 1984, 1985(2), 1986, 1996 (2)

Inside Job
Afternoon Theatre Radio 4 1982, 1984
South Africa 1982

Second Holmes
6-episode series Radio 4 1983
World Service 1985
NPR in US 1986-8

Digging Up Trouble
17-episode serial World Service/ 1983 BBC English

Returning The Favour Afternoon Theatre
Radio 4, 1984
South Africa 1984, 1990

Borderline Business 60m
Afternoon Theatre Radio 4 1987

Missing Pieces (1)
10-episode series World Service/ 1988-9 BBC English

Missing Pieces (2)
5-episode series World Service/ 1990 BBC English

Missing Pieces (3)
11-episode series World Service/ 1990 BBC English

What's In It For Us?
Ken Bruce (short story slot) Radio 2 1990

Absolute Discretion
90' Afternoon Play / Monday Play Radio 4 1991, 1993
South Africa 1991

Sherlock Holmes
6 short story dramatisations World Service 1993

The Salamander Chest
90' Afternoon Play / Monday Play Radio 4 1993, 1994
South Africa 1993


With Basil Moss/Judy Franklin/Margot Boyd. 55m. Late WW2 thriller. Producer David Johnston.

With Martin Jarvis/Jonathan Kent/John Wheatley

With Paul Hersberg/Crawford Logan/Nigel Graham

5.1.1983 SECOND HOLMES....1983
12.27pm. A series of six light-hearted adventures involving the grandsons of Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. Ep.1: The Case of the Grandlather's Client By Grant Eustace; producer Paul Mayhew-Archer. Stamford Holmes .......... Peter Egan, Watson .......... Jeremy Nicholas, Mrs Garcia .......... Rosalind Adams, Baskerville .......... Anthony Newlands, Michael .......... David Gooderson, Fred .......... Steve Hodson, Doctor .......... Jean Trend.

    2: The Case of the Maltese Pearls. Stamford Holmes: Peter Egan, Watson: Jeremy Nicholas, Jane Mapleton: Kathryn Hurlbutt, Charles Mapleton: Alex Jennings, Neville Clarke: Edward Cast, Katrin: Wendy Murray.

    3: The Case of the Reading Undertaker Insp Fowler .......... James Kerry, General .......... Ronald Baddiley, Lamson .......... Hugh Dickson, Janet Durham .......... Madi Bedd, Simon Durham .......... Stuart Organ.

    4: The Case of the Shadowed Minister Alex Messenger: Angela Down, Mrs Waterfield: Wendy Murray, Michael: Jim Reid, Mr Belling: Stuart Organ, Mrs Belling: Miranda Forbes.

    5: The Case of the Neglected Farm Sarah Callington: Fiona Walker, Tom Wigley: Steve Hodson, Bob Swannock: Ronald Baddily, Vicar: Hugh Dickson, Kate Wigley: Alexandra Mathie. [this one not mentioned on BBC genome at time of writing]

    6: The Case of the Missing Link James MacPherson: Simon Hewitt, inspector Winter: David Gooderson, Mrs Pettifer: Lolly Cockerell, himself: John Dunn.

Arthur Vernet , a chemistry student at Oxford in the 1870s, investigates a mystery surrounding the Earl of Warminster's family. Arthur Vernet: Ben Daniels, Waminster: Brett Usher, Alice Selwood: Janes Uvin, Edith Gratton: Maxine Audley, Maude Gratton: Elizabeth Kelly, Blaine: Terence Edmond, Buckmaster: Ronald Herdman, Amos Saddler: Michael Turner, Rev Demon: Timothy Carltonrpt. Producer: Alec Reid. Rpt. 4.1.93

In a sequel to Absolute Discretion, Alice Selwood strives to seek out the true identity of her father and in the course of her adventures finds that 1870s England can be a dangerous place. But first she must find her beloved Arthur in Oxford. Arthur Beresford: Ben Daniels, Alice Selwood: Jane Slavin, Arbuthnot: Philip Latham, Ryder: Jonathan Adams, Priestley: David Brierley, Blennerhom: John Baddeley, Cunningham: Jwdrew Branch, Murchison: Sean Barratt, Mrs Wiseman: Geraldine Fitzgerald, Potem: Terry O'Brien, BreckneU: Philip Anthony, Goatcher: Snoo Wilson. Producer: Alec Reid. rpt. 11.09.94

Information kindly supplied by Grant Eustace.

Nigel Deacon, Diversity Website / 2020

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