English Apples - George's Red

Similar to Red Devil in appearance but pre-dating it by about 100 years. Original tree located by George Humphrey, Roundbush, Essex, where it is growing on an ancient parish boundary. The tree has been propogated. Cortex wood is pink, leaves have a strong bronze-reddish tint, unlike Red Devil which is predominantly green. It may be an ancient valued variety, but the name is lost; I have therefore given it the name "George's Red", after the person who sent it to me.

Superb apples, but the tree has biennial tendencies. Flavour similar to Devonshire Quarrenden but fewer hints of strawberry and slightly sweeter.

There is a pronounced 'bloom' on the fruit, which you can see in the first picture below. An apple is shown picked fresh and again after polishing.

George's Red, N.D. picture, 2021....

George's Red; pictures by G.H..... George's Red.... George's Red.... George's Red, 
foliage in autumn

George's Red, N.D. picture.... George's Red, N.D. picture....

George's Red, N.D. picture.... George's Red, N.D. picture.... George's Red, N.D. picture....

George's Red, N.D. picture, 2012.... George's Red, N.D. picture, 2013.... George's Red, N.D. picture, 2013....

Tasting notes 2011 - apples much larger this year but they matured too early because of the peculiar weather. Flavour inferior to previous crops; unpleasant, mealy texture after only 7 days off the tree. We hope for better growing conditions next year.

2012...flavour and appearance much improved this year; better than Devonshire Quarrenden. Marked striped appearance. We have two trees of this; the second one should have been thinned and as a result produced a very large number of tiny golf-ball sized apples. We'll know better next year.

2021 - pleasant taste of strawberry very noticeable. See apple tasting video 2, 2021-2022 season, on youtube.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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