Gary Brown is a well-known radio drama producer who has also written a number of excellent plays. His production of 'Lost and Found' by Ian Kershaw, with Tom Courtenay and Sally Carman, won Sony Bronze in 2014, and Chris Reason's 'Every Child Matters' won Sony Gold in 2011.

Here are details about just a few of his plays.... latest ones are at the bottom of the page.

1991 This Sporting Life (dram), 2 episodes
1992-94 Any Bloke, two series of 6 episodes
1998 Hidden identity: 3 part political thriller
2000 Work in Progress
2002 Fat Camp
2003 My Dad Knows
2004 The Spire (Golding), dram, 2 x 60 min
2007 Bitter Batter
2010 Beat the dog in his own kennel
2010 Prospero, Ariel, Reith and Gill
2011 Market: Loco Parentis
2014 Hatch, Match & Dispatch: Uncle Harry

1998 Callum, by F. Todhunter
2006 Blind Eye, by Sharon Oakes
2007 Excluded, by Michael Stewart
2007 The Prospect, by Avie Luthra & Gary Brown
2007 A Second to Midnight, by Andrew Walker and Christopher Reason
2007 East Coast Girls are Hip, by Ian McMillan
2007 August Birthdays
2007 Four Steps to Heaven
2007 Take-Away (five plays)
2009 Wednesdays with Strangers
2010 Higher, by Joyce Bryant
2010 Raft to Bondi
2010 Buffalo Bill and Little Matty Dyer
2011 Walking on Sunshine
2010 Brief Lives (several legal plays)
2010 Prospero, Ariel, Reith and Gill
2010 Bell in the Ball
2010 We Happened to be Passing
2010 Every Child Matters, by C. Reason
2010 The man who jumped from space
2011 Miracle Worker
2011 The Joey, by Jim Poyser
2011 Castaway, by Sharon Oakes
2011 An Imam and a Rabbi
2011 Start Struck
2011 The Janitor
2011 A Bobby's Job
2011 Higher, new series
2011 Brief Lives, new series
2011 The Desk, by Andrew Readman
2011 Wednesdays with Strangers
2011 Sleeping Dog, by Pete Roberts
2011 Gargantua and Pantagruel
2012 The Believers, by F. Boyce
2012 Odour, by J. O'Neill
2012 Mrs Lowry and Son, by M. Hesford
2012 Higher, new series
2012 Brief Lives, new series
2012 Close the Coalhouse Door
2012 The man who jumped from space
2013 Boots on the Ground by Don Webb
2013 Esther Waters, dram. Sharon Oakes
2013 Chopin in Manchester,by Jim Poyser
2013 Love, War and Trains by Ian McMillan
2013 Dead Man's Suit
2013 IOU, by Jaden Clark
2013 His Father's Wife, by Mike Harris
2013 Sorry boys, you failed the audition, by Ray Collolly
2013 Lost and Found, by Ian Kershaw
2014 A Bobby's Job, by Don Webb
2014 Bring her Back, by Andy Walker
2014 Tittle Tattle, by Martin Hesford
2014 Art, Artefacts and Angels, by Phil Marley
2014 Lost or Stolen, by Jessica Brown
2014 Hatch, Match & Dispatch (6 plays)
2014 The Confessions of Caminada, by Christopher Reason
2014 Brief Lives, new series of 6 plays
2014 Ink Deep, by Vivienne Franzmann
2014 The Small House at Allington
2015 Inventing Scotland, by Mike Harris
2018 Stone, by Danny Brocklehurst / Martin Jameson (ten episodes)
2018 The B Towns (plays 1 and 2) by Phil Davies and Eve Steele
2018 The Citadel, 5 x 15m, by A.J.Cronin, ad. Chris Reason
2018 Love Me Tender
2018 The Aspern Papers, by Henry James
2018 Our Hylda
2018 The Citadel, 5 x 15m
2018 The Third Pill, by James O'Neill
2018 The Citadel, 5 x 15m by A.J.Cronin, ad. Chris Reason
2018 Brief Lives, Series 10 eps. 1,2,4,5
2018 Heather
2019 Stone, 5 eps
2019 That'll be the Day, by Ray Connolly
2019 Stardust, by Ray Connolly
2019 Give Dotty A Chance
2019 The Film Programme, Yentl reunion Styx
2019 Vanity fair, by Thackeray, 3 eps
2019 Torn, by Eve Steele
2019 Nine Bob Notes by Philip Meeks
2019 MetaphorMoses by Gary Ogin
2019 Brief lives Series 11 eps. 1,2,3
2019 The Beatboxer, by Testament
2019 The Citadel, series 6, 5 eps by A.J.Cronin, ad. Chris Reason
2019 The Pallisers, Trollope, dram. Mike Harris & Sharon Oakes. 6 eps
2019 The B Towns, 2 eps, one by Phil Davies, the other by Eve Steele
2020 Goodbye Mr. Gherkin, in series 'Take-Away", by Lloyd Peters
2020 If You Can't Stand The Heat (similar)
2020 Bitter Batter (similar)
2020 Settlers
2020 The Citadel, series 7, 5 eps by Chris Reason & Tom Needham
2020 Tristram Shandy - In Development, by Christopher Douglas
2020 Closely Observed trains, by Bohumil Hrabal
2020 Trust, 3 eps
2020 Fault Lines, Money Sex & Blood series 2, 4 eps
2020 Fare
2020 Antic Hay, dram. Mike Harris
2022 Brief Lives, by Tom Fry & Sharon Kelly
2023 Yentl the Yeshiva Boy, by I.B.Singer
2023 Georges, by Dumas, 2 eps
2023 Wild Woman of the North, by Esther Wilson
2023We Should Definitely Have More Dancing, by C. Darcy & I.Kershaw
2023 Wasps in a Jam Jar, by J. Maitland
2023 The Citadel, by A.J.Cronin & Mike Harris
2023 The Third Pill, by James O'Neill
2023 Trust: more episodes
2024 Second Hand Rose, by Philip Meeks, rpt.
2024 Mouth, by Chrissy Jones



Hidden Identity....1998
A taut, three-part political thriller by Gary Brown. With Daniel Isaacs, Stuart Richman, Linal Haft, Lloyd Peters and Thelma Ruby. Producer Andy Jordan.

RADIO REVIEW Sep 03 / VRPCC newsletter
The last few months has been an unusual period for radio drama since it marks the return of Guy Meredith, Jonathan Smith, Barry Keefe, Alick Rowe, and Moya O'Shea, all of whom had new plays broadcast after a long interval. One hopes that other well-known names will find their way back into the schedules. There have been lots of other things too; another one-man play by Mike Mears, some well-produced Friday plays on rather serious issues, and good work by Marcy Kahan, Peter Kerry, Gary Brown (see below) and Val Syms, as well as by a number of younger writers.

MY DAD KNOWS....2003
A fast-paced comedy about football, sex and sacred Jewish scriptures, with some double-dealing thrown in. R4, 19 Jun 03, 1415. As Mark prepares for his bar mitzvah in 1973 he starts to realise that his father has a dark secret. With Sue Jenkins,Adam Paulden, Terence Mann, Lloyd Peters, Malcolm Raeburn, Naithan Arlane, Mark Chatterton, Laurence Josephson, Stuart Richman, Gregg Baines, Asad Waheed, George Feld, Ian Oster; director Jim Poyser.

The Spire, by William Golding, dram. Gary Brown....2004
R4 Classic Serial, 2 x 60 min, beginning 26 Sept: Oliver Cotton/David Fleeshman/John McArdie/Kathryn Hunt/Rob Pickavance/Deborah McAndrew /Lloyd Peters/Russell Dixon/Brigit Forsyth/Deka Warmsley/Rosie Fleeshman. Good dramatisation of an excellent story.

5/5. By Gary Brown. In 1936; the business is run by a Jewish family. Melvyn's batter is limp and lifeless until a stranger arrives with a new recipe. Narrator ...... Stephen Greif Melvyn ...... David Fleeshman Malcolm ...... Jeff Hordley Jean ...... Olwyn May Bobby ...... Vanessa Rosenthal Rachel ...... Julia Rayner Harvey ...... Richard Jackson Rabbi ...... Lloyd Peters. Produced by Peter Leslie Wild.

23 Oct 2010 Saturday Play - Beat the Dog in His Own Kennel
By Gary Brown. In recently released secret documents it was revealed there was a plot initiated in the Middle East to kill the British Foreign Secretary just after the Second World War. In this fictionalised account, East End market trader Harry becomes caught up in these events and quickly finds himself out of his depth as he comes under the spell of a mysterious visitor from Palestine. Harry - Jonathan Tafler, Dov - Richard Katz, Thompson - Robert Lister, Sarah - Amy Shindler, Joey - Dan Crow, Avi - Stephen Greif, Len - Ben Crowe. DirectorPeter Leslie Wild.

24 Jan 2011: Afternoon Drama - Market: Loco Parentis
Jim can't sleep because his daughter's left for uni, his business is going belly up, and his father is going gaga. To top it all, he suspects his wife is having an affair with her boss. He needs to escape - but where to? By Gary Brown. Jim...Reece Dinsdale, Market Manager...Gerard Fletcher, Ken...Bobby Knutt, Lisa...Sue Kelly, Robin...Kathryn Hunt, Jenny...Ellie Meigan-Rose, Steve...Joncie Elmore, Nurse...Szilvi Naray Davey, Student...Sam Hevico. Original Music by Steven D Reid. Produced by Peter Leslie Wild.


Callum ....2005
.......(R4, 1415, 21 Feb 05) was an entertaining comedy-drama by F. Todhunter, produced by the playwright Gary Brown. Set in a vocational college for the disabled, it starred Callum, who wants to keep his head down and get his gardening qualification, Mr. Gough, who doesn't like him, and a young disabled lady who's just been taken on as a new teacher and who's determined to end the status quo, especially if it means that Gough will have to do some work. Callum was played by Deka Walmsley and Sara by Emma Hughes Jones. (ND, VRPCC newsletter)

Blind Eye....2006
By Sharon Oakes.17 Mar 06. Carl is a policeman who is about to get a medal for bravery. Yet he is troubled: he can't go near his wife and he avoids all physical confrontations. Has he lost his bottle? Is he now afraid of violence? Or is it something deeper? Cast: Carl ...... Shaun Dooley, Trish ...... Sue Kelly, Phil ...... Deka Walmsley, Niamh ...... Sinead Douglas, Lorna ...... Lois Taylor, Callum ...... Jack Hanson, Micky/Jim ...... Russell Shaw, Darren ...... Greg Milburn, Charlie/Craig ...... Geoffrey Wilkinson. Original music composed and performed by Tom Kirkpatrick. Director Gary Brown.

29,May,2007, by Michael Stewart. The headmaster of a failing comprehensive is flapping during inspection week. He comes up with a great idea to hide the problem by getting all the bad pupils out of school and into the dales. Unfortunately; the teacher he asks to lead the expedition has enough problems of his own. Nick ...... Leigh Symonds Ashley ...... Mikey North Khalid ...... Sascha Dhawan Becky ...... Lucy-Jo Hudson David ...... Howard Chadwick. Produced by Gary Brown.

R4, Friday Play slot, beginning 25 May 07. Three-part political drama in which G.B. was heavily involved.

1/3. By Avie Luthra. Newly-elected MP Bobby Khan is forced to question his own motivations and political and personal values. His cousin is arrested on a terrorism charge and Bobby himself becomes involved in a murder case in his constituency. Bobby Khan ...... Nitin Ganatra Elizabeth Khan ...... Barbara Marten Imran Khan ...... Vincent EbrahimWasim Khan ...... Christopher BissonTerry ...... John McArdle Ayesha ...... Archie Panjabi Lucy ...... Gillian Kearney Paul Deacon ...... David Fleeshman Rashid Choudhry ...... Amer Nazir Robina Choudhry ...... Rani Moorthy Craig Williams ...... Sam Curtis Jerome ...... Aaron Cobham Plus Martha Kearney as herself. Directed by Pauline Harris.

2/3. By Avie Luthra and Gary Brown.Bobby Khan's cousin is in prison after Bobby reports him to the police; and the local community are pressurising him to get involved in a murder case. Bobby Khan ...... Nitin Ganatra Elizabeth Khan ...... Barbara Marten Imran Khan ...... Vincent Ebrahim Terry ...... John McArdle Ayesha ...... Archie Panjabi Lucy ...... Gillian Kearney Paul Deacon ...... David Fleeshman Rashid Choudhry ...... Amer Nazir Harry Choudhry ...... Sacha Dawan Detective Inspector Brown ...... Seamus O'Neill Music consultant ...... Philip Tagney Directed by Pauline Harris.

3/3. By Avie Luthra and Gary Brown. Bobby Khan discovers the truth about businessman Paul Deacon and his involvement in murder. He also has a showdown with his Cousin Wasim when they both have to face hard truths. Bobby Khan ...... Nitin Ganatra Elizabeth Khan ...... Barbara Marten Imran Khan ...... Vincent Ebrahim Terry ...... John McArdle Ayesha ...... Archie Panjabi Lucy ...... Gillian Kearney Paul Deacon ...... David Fleeshman Wasim Khan ...... Christopher Bisson Rhobina Choudhry ...... Rani Moorthy Rashid Choudhry ...... Amer Nazir Hanif Choudhry ...... Sacha Dawan Detective Inspector Brown ...... Seamus O'Neill Music consultant ...... Philip Tagney. Directed by Pauline Harris.

A SECOND TO MIDNIGHT (R4, 2102, 13 Jul 07 and 20 Jul 07) was an exciting two-part Friday Play by Andrew Walker and Christopher Reason about the oil industry in Nigeria and some of the conflicts of interest between the indigenous people and those, like us, who use the oil. This play attracted much comment on the BBC messageboard, from drama enthusiasts and energy experts, and was well-received. It had a feel of Saturday Night Theatre about it, with good pacing and plot development over the two episodes. It starred Ian Puleston-Davies, Charlotte Emmerson, Cyril Nyi, Brigit Forsyth ("Thelma" from "The Likely Lads", I recently discovered) and was produced by Susan Roberts (ep.1) and Gary Brown (ep.2).

BBC blurb: A contemporary thriller set in Nigeria in two parts. Western Governments and global oil companies have long predicted that the 'Peak'; when oil reserves become finite and the markets begin to panic; is as far off as 2030. Oil company geologist Dr Rob Turner wrote a report trashing this timescale; saying that we had already reached the 'Peak'. But then he was forced to bury it.

2/2. Kidnapped by gunmen in the Nigerian Delta; Rob is floored when he discovers Helen is alive. Can she persuade him to back her cause? Rob ...... Ian Puleston-Davies Helen ...... Charlotte Emmerson Kolo ...... Cyril Nri Liz ...... Brigit Forsyth Joseph ...... Richard Pepple Geraldine ...... Sue Jenkins Henry ...... David Fleeshman David ...... James Nickerson Alice ...... Abi Eniola Directed by Gary Brown.

9,Aug,2007,Thursday,Radio 4,14:15:00,Afternoon Play East Coast Girls Are Hip Comedy by Ian McMillan. What would have happened if Grimsby; rather than Liverpool; had been the cradle of pop music in the 1960s? John ...... Fine Time Fontayne Janice ...... Sue Kelly Tommy ...... Gerard Fletcher Olive ...... Eileen O'Brien Norman ...... David Fleeshman. Produced by Gary Brown. .

13,Aug,2007,Monday,Radio 4,14:15:00, Afternoon Play August Birthdays By Frances Byrnes. On Katherine's 39th birthday; she walks the streets where she grew up and is drawn back to an earlier and more eventful birthday. Young Katherine ...... Lucy Worrall Older Katherine ...... Caroline Small Mrs Fernie ...... Gillian Waugh Mrs Horrax ...... Sue Kelly Mr Cook ...... Geoffrey Wilkinson Mrs Cook ...... Olwen May Miss Lord ...... Rita May Girl ...... Hayley Hunt. Produced by Gary Brown.

21,Aug,2007,Tuesday,Radio 4,14:15:00,comedy by Lloyd Peters. Can mild-mannered actor Chris Batty convert to Judaism and win the love of his girlfriend's parents? Chris ...... Graeme Hawley Caroline ...... Julia Rayner Ruth ...... Kate Antony Sid ...... David Fleeshman Rabbi ...... Jonathan Tafler Danny ...... Iddo Goldberg Betty ...... Vanessa Rosenthal Soapy Joe ...... Hamilton Berstock Produced by Gary Brown.

TAKE-AWAY....2007 (Five plays)
15,Nov,2007,Thursday,Radio 4,14:15:00; Series of comedy dramas depicting the history of a fast food shop in Leeds. 1/5. Goodbye Mr Gherkin By Lloyd Peters. The chip shop is currently run by Poles. Ailing Uncle Victor's nephew's wife can't stand him; but she refuses to say why. Victor ...... Stuart Richman Antosz ...... Jonathan Tafler Zita ...... Szilvi Naray Davey Jan ...... Rad Kaim Martha ...... Kay Purcell Alex ......

2/5 22 Nov. Produced by Peter Leslie Wild.

3/5. 29 Nov. If You Can't Stand the Heat By Tajinder Singh Hayer. It is 1979 and Harpal can't wait to pack his parents off on holiday. Surjit ...... Kulvinder Ghir Maninder ...... Shobna Gulati Harpal ...... Sacha Dhawan Des ...... Reece Noi Monique ...... Rhea Bailey Paul ...... Parvez Qadir Produced by Gary Brown. .Dermot Daly Stefan ...... Matt McGuirk Nurse ...... Lisa Moore. Produced by Gary Brown.

4/5. Ciao Chapeltown. 6 Dec 07. By Sharon Oakes. It is 1953 and Vito is expecting his mother from Italy for the coronation celebrations. So why is he dreading her visit? Eileen ...... Sue Kelly Gianni ...... Joseph Alessi Caterina ...... Flaminia Cinque George ...... Russell Dixon Vito ...... Andonis James Anthony Fred ...... Seamus O'Neill. Produced by Gary Brown.

5/5. Bitter Batter. 13 Dec 07. By Gary Brown. In 1936; the business is run by a Jewish family. Melvyn's batter is limp and lifeless until a stranger arrives with a new recipe. Narrator ...... Stephen Greif Melvyn ...... David Fleeshman Malcolm ...... Jeff Hordley Jean ...... Olwyn May Bobby ...... Vanessa Rosenthal Rachel ...... Julia Rayner Harvey ...... Richard Jackson Rabbi ...... Lloyd Peters. Produced by Peter Leslie Wild. (Also listed above)

Comedy by Nick Leather. A Latvian worker tries to come to terms with living in the UK. His welcome pack to the UK leads him down a trail of misadventures. With Matt McGuirk, Eddie Capli, James Quinn, Greg Wood, Sue Kelly. Producer Gary Brown.

29 Jan 2010 Higher
(R)Joyce Bryant's satire on tertiary education. Karen is the new head of the Geography Department - renamed Geographical Tourism - at Hayborough University, which isn't quite part of the elite Russell Group of top universities. In fact it ranks 132nd. It is open day for the department and Karen is keen that she attracts the right students. Karen ...... Sophie Thompson, David ...... Mark Heap, Jim ...... Jonathan Keeble, Barbara ...... Sue Ryding, Maura ...... Maggie Fox, Angela ...... Sue Kelly, Harry ...... Ben Hood. Directed by Gary Brown.

8 Feb 2010 Raft to Bondi
Bittersweet comedy by Ian Kershaw. It's July 4th 1990 and the country is football crazy because England are playing West Germany in the semi final of the World Cup. Everyone is glued to the TV, except for 15-year-old Jim who's got other things on his mind. He's ripe for a bit of an adventure. Jim ...... Stephen Hoyle, Carol ...... Shannon Flynn, Dad ...... Mark Jordon, Kath ...... Naomi Radcliffe. Producer Gary Brown.

9 Feb 2010 Buffalo Bill and Little Matty Dyer
By Peter Spafford. A boy's life is changed by the arrival of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show. Matty ...... Christian Foster, Buffalo Bill/Small Bear ...... Kerry Shale, John ...... Gerard Fletcher, McConnell ...... Andrew Westfield, Jess ...... Julia Malham, Wind in Face ...... Demetri Goritsas, Sid ...... Ryan Greaves, Street Shouter ...... Howard Chadwick. Producer Gary Brown.

17 Mar 2010 Walking on Sunshine
Comedy by Leah Chillery. Why do you rarely see a black face in the country - apart from the sheep? Elijah is a black man who likes to go for lovely walks in the countryside. One day his girlfriend points out the obvious - that he was the only black face she saw all day. Elijah ...... Nicholas Bailey, Tina ...... Nadine Marshall , Vernon ...... Dermot Daly , Malachi ...... Marcus Hercules , Boasie ...... Marlon G Day , Frank ...... Lloyd Peters. Producer Gary Brown.

28 Apr 2010 Brief Lives
Series 3. (four programmes) 1/4. Frank Twist and his bunch of legal reps return for another series of adventures on the mean -ish streets of Manchester. Frank's best mate Mickey has finally met a young Russian woman who will put up with him, his music and his socks. But is she just using him? Frank.......David Schofield, Debbie........Emma Atkins, Sarah..........Tracey- Ann Oberman, Doug.......Eric Potts, Micky.......Deka Walmsley, Simon........Andonis James Anthony, Burnett......Becky Hindley, Magda........Miranda Keeling, Registrar.....Beatrice Kelley. Producer Gary Brown. Original music by Carl Harms.

5 May 2010 Brief Lives
2/4. Debby is representing a posh, middle aged good time girl who has been held at the airport on suspected drugs charges. She says she has friends in high places. But will they help her? Frank ..... David Schofield, Debbie ..... Emma Atkins, Sarah .....Tracey- Ann Oberman, Rebecca ..... Jessica Blake, Caroline ..... Kathryn Hunt, Sumner ..... Malcolm Raeburn, Alex ..... Jake Norton, O'Brien ..... David Corden. Producer Gary Brown.

12 May 2010 Brief Lives
3/4. Continuing the legal drama set in Manchester. Sarah is called to an army base to deal with a violent incident between two female soldiers. Who is telling the truth? And Doug goes to bat for Frank's son Louis when he's accused of being a serial biter in the nursery. Frank ..... David Schofield, Debbie ..... Emma Atkins, Sarah ..... Tracey- Ann Oberman, Doug ..... Eric Potts, Jane ..... Beth Palmer, Norton ..... Jonathan Oliver, April ..... Lisa Allen, Barratt ..... James Quinn, Louis ..... Isaac Whitmore. Producer Gary Brown. Original music by Carl Harms.

19 May 2010 Brief Lives
4/4.Last in the current series of legal dramas set in Manchester. Frank is chipper; he's finally got his own parking space at the local nick. Life doesn't get any better. Frank .....David Schofield, Debbie ..... Emma Atkins, Sarah ..... Tracey - Ann Oberman, Doug ..... Eric Potts, Lilah ..... Pavla Beier, Kyle ..... Greg Wood, Policeman ..... Robert Garrett. Producer Gary Brown. Original music by Carl Harms.

9 Jun 2010 Prospero, Ariel, Reith and Gill
Gary Brown's comedy about artist Eric Gill's clash with the BBC over his famous sculpture of Prospero and Ariel. The argument was caused by the size of Ariel's genitals, believe it or not. No matter that you actually need a telescope to see the sculpture clearly...it even provoked a question in the House of Commons. Gill became quite a celebrity as he carved the statue in situ on scaffolding in front of Broadcasting House. In his trademark smock and beret, he drew the attention of the tabloid papers and became known as the "Married Monk". The play imagines conversations between Sir John and the artist as he passes him on his way into Broadcasting House each morning. It also looks at how Gill, the artist, struggled with reconciling his unusual beliefs and lifestyle with a major commission from the heart of the Establishment. Eric Gill . . . . . Anton Lesser, John Reith . . . . . Tim McInnerny, Newsreel Reporter . . . . . Jon Glover, Lady Snowden . . . . . Tina Gray, Charlie . . . . . David Seddon, Father Sean . . . . . Stephen Darcy, Nanny . . . . . Alison Pettitt, Producer/Director . . . . . Peter Leslie Wild.

25 Jun 2010 Bell in the Ball
Comedy drama by Lloyd Peters about blind cricket. Danny was blinded in a fight on New Year's Eve 2008. He's angry about it - in fact he's angry about everything. So his long suffering girlfriend suggests he joins a blind cricket team. It's surprisingly competitive and skilful. There's only one problem - Danny hates cricket. Comedy drama by Lloyd Peters. Danny......Jason Done, Beth......Victoria Brazier, Floyd.......Julia Rounthwaite, Brian.......Robert Hudson, Derek...David Acton, Roger......Greg Wood. Producer Gary Brown.

2 Aug 2010 "Higher" - Partners
(R) The first of two plays chronicling the comic chaos of the Geography department at Hayborough University - ranked 132nd in the academic league table. When neurotic and emotionally stunted lecturer David Poll is delegated the task of finding partners in industry he blunders into a scheme which doesn't quite benefit the department. By Joyce Bryant. Karen..............Sophie Thompson, David..............Robert Daws, Jim...............Jonathan Keeble, Alannah.............Kathryn Hunt, Fiona...............Lisa Allen, Joselyn.... .Natasha Byrne. Producer Gary Brown.

3 Aug 2010 "Higher" - Inspection
The Geography department at Hayborough University, where if you have a pulse you can have a degree. In these straightened times there have to be cuts. So it does seem a bit of a coincidence that when David Poll is earmarked for disciplinary measures leading to possible dismissal the Quality Assurance Inspectorate turns up. Karen.....Sophie Thompson, David......Robert Daws, Jim......Jonathan Keeble, Maura.......Maggie Fox, Sadie.....Fiona Clarke, Dick......Malcolm Raeburn. Produced by Gary Brown.

24 Sep 2010 We Happened to be Passing
By David Nobbs. It is a quiet Saturday morning in the Hinchcliffe home. Tony and Sal, tired after a week of work, have time on their hands. Then the doorbell rings. It is an American couple - Monty and Janey - a rather loud duo they stayed with in Delaware years ago. They said "If ever you happened to be passing...". Well, the Americans are passing and they have no hotel booked. To Tony's horror Sal invites them to stay..... Older readers may remember that David Nobbs wrote 'Reginald Perrin' many years ago......cast for the radio play as follows: Tony.....James Nickerson, Monty.....Kerry Shale, Jan.....Malcolm Raeburn, Sal.....Olwen May, Hilda.....Maggie Fox, Janey.....Melissa Jane Sinden, Collette.....Szilvi Naray-Davey, Pierre/French Chef.....Hugo Chandor. Directed by Gary Brown.

15 Oct 2010 Every Child Matters
By Christopher Reason. The second linked drama dealing with the fall out of the case of Debbie Hurst who was vilified as the most repulsive woman in Britain for allowing her ten year old daughter to dance semi-naked on the internet for paedophiles. It is six months since the case exploded on to the red tops and Joanne was the social worker who took the flak. She feels as though she was hung out to dry and wants to know why. Joanne.....Sarah Lancashire, David.....George Costigan, Producer Gary Brown.

11 Nov 2010 The Man Who Jumped From Space
The real life story of Captain Joe Kittinger and Project Excelsior. As jet planes flew higher and faster in the 1950s, the USAF became increasingly worried about the safety of flight crew who had to eject at high altitude. So Project Excelsior was initiated to perfect a parachute system that would allow a safe, controlled descent after a high-altitude ejection. Francis Beaupre, a technician at Wright Field, Ohio (today Wright-Patterson Air Force Base), devised a multi-stage parachute system to facilitate manned tests. To test the system, staff at Wright Field built a 200 ft high helium balloon with a capacity of nearly 3 million cubic feet (85,000 m³) which could lift an open gondola plus pilot into the stratosphere. Joe Kittinger, who was test director for the project, made three ascents and test jumps. This is the story of the three jumps. Joe Kittinger.....Simon Lee Phillips, Beau.....David Fleeshman, Stapp.....Garrick Hagon, Bobby.....Kerry Shale, Grubitz.....Andrew Westfield, Technician.....Hamilton Berstock. Producer Gary Brown.

25 Jan 2011: Afternoon Drama - Miracle Worker
Hannah Bradley's only 17, but she's a spiritual healer. It doesn't seem strange to her; it's what she was brought up to be. She's healed many people; but maybe there's one person she really needs to heal. Hannah.........Beth Palmer, Maxine.......Sue Jenkins, Sam......Lucy-Jo Hudson, Lucy......Kate Crossley, Paul........Daniel Pape, Robbie.....Luke Broughton. Producer/Director Gary Brown.

7 Feb 2011 Afternoon Drama - Market, The Joey
Sean's family own a fish stall down the market. Except Sean doesn't want to join them. He's become a 'Joey' for his best friend Darren who's a highly paid footballer. A Joey is a sort of friendly factotum, a 'Go to Guy'. No way is he dogsbody. A comedy by Jim Poyser. Sean.... John Catterall, Darren.... Greg Wood, Tony.....Ben Crompton, Shaneice/Sharon.... Danielle Henry, Dad/Halibut.....Peter Slater, Ronny....Bernard Wrigley. Original Music by Steven D Reid. Produced by Gary Brown.

14 Feb 2011 Afternoon Drama - Market, Castaway
Andrew is proud of his beard and his liberal attitudes. Then Akram Khan buys some computers off him. Akram is a successful businessman; he lives in a house Andrew admires. Andrew is sanguine about this - until he fits a wi-fi router in Mr Khan's house. Andrew.....Kevin Eldon, Tom.........Marshall Lancaster, Sarah.......Deborah McAndrew, Akram......Ian Aspinall, Mrs Khan...Balvinder Sopal. Original Music by Steven D Reid. Produced by Gary Brown..... not sure who wrote the script - Ed

21 Feb 2011 Afternoon Drama - Market, Eclipse
Carrie runs a flower stall. She also has a birthmark on her face. Maybe that's the reason she has never married. But Mrs Kaminsky knows she has an ardent admirer. A tender romantic comedy by Sharon Oakes. Carrie.....Michelle Holmes, Gordon....Andrew Westfield, Mrs Kaminski....Melissa Jane Sinden, Maurice......Ian Champion, Lisa.........Claire Lever. Original Music by Steven D Reid Produced by Gary Brown.

28 Feb 2011 Afternoon Drama - Market, An Imam and a Rabbi
Imam Jawad and Rabbi Greenberg can't stand the sight of each other. But then something strange and spooky occurs. Something that needs cross cultural co-operation. Can they do it? A supernatural comedy by Shakeel Ahmed. Rabbi.....David Fleeshman, Imam.....Muzz Khan, Narrator...Wylie Longmore, Imran.......Peter Singh, Deborah.....Jessica Manley, Afzal.........Nakib Narat, Bernstein....Roger Butcher, Marcus......Lloyd Peters. Original Music by Steven D Reid. Produced by Gary Brown.

2 May 2011: Afternoon Drama - Star Struck
By Katharine Way. Sarah has got the job of her dreams. Working with Cal, an Astronomy Professor at a remote observatory in New Zealand, watching the destruction of a planet by a black hole. But then the Professor registers a message from the dying planet. Can it really be genuine? Sarah.........Julia Haworth, Cal.............Philip Bretherton. Producer Gary Brown.

6 May 2011: Afternoon Drama - The Janitor
By Ed Jones. Kevin is struggling to keep his new restaurant afloat in posh Salford Quays. But then Jonno turns up. The boy he was a dad to for a couple of years when he was shacked up with his mother. He couldn't save the mother, can he now save the kid? All fifteen stone of him? Kevin............Jason Done, Jonno............Tachia Newall, Sandra..........Naomi Radcliffe, Mikey............Chris Jack, Amy..............Catherine Kinsella, Scotty...........Gerard Fletcher. Producer Gary Brown.

12 May 2011: Afternoon Drama - Every Child Matters
The second linked drama dealing with the fall out of the case of Debbie Hurst who was vilified as the most repulsive woman in Britain for allowing her ten year old daughter to dance semi-naked on the internet for paedophiles. Six months ago, Joanne found herself at the centre of a major scandal. Her client Debbie Hurst was caught exhibiting her ten year old daughter over the internet to paedophiles. Joanne was suspended on full pay, pending a disciplinary tribunal. But then worse, much worse, her name and identity were leaked to the press and she found herself in tabloid hell. Today, the client is back in court for sentencing. She will probably get at least eight years. Joanne.....Sarah Lancashire, David.....George Costigan, producer Gary Brown.

29 Jun 2011: Afternoon Drama - A Bobby's Job
By Don Webb. A young detective gets pulled in to investigate some thieving at a local firm. But every step he takes, tugs him slowly into places he shouldn't be. Mark...... Mark Jordon, Helen..... Lisa Brookes, Lynda..... Fiona Clarke, Joby...... Ian Redford, Richrad..... Christopher Corcoran, Stefan...... Liam Fox.. Directed by Gary Brown.

9 Aug 2011: Afternoon Drama - Higher - Series 3, The Price of Partnership
BBC notes:
Ep 1......Teaching has become a dirty word at Hayborough University. When a new Dean of Research Development comes on board she urges partnerships abroad. So an international research centre for Pier and Wharf ethics is suggested. The only problem: the person sent to set it up is an academic snob and sociopath, Professor David Poll. Karen.........Sophie Thompson, Jim.............Jonathan Keeble, David, the snob..........Jeremy Swift, Cherry.........Caroline Burns Cooke, President......Cyril Nri, Abdi.............Marlon G. Day. Produced by Gary Brown.

    .....from Diversity website review:
    Another satire by Joyce Bryant about the worst university in the country. A foreign dictator's son is a student there, but does no work and attends no lectures. Nevertheless the Dean hatches a plot to award him a degree so that his father will donate some money to the University. There were two follow-up episodes, equally good, and the cast included Sophie Thompson, Jonathan Keeble and Jeremy Swift. The producer was Gary Brown.
    .....from Diversity website review, Sep 2011

23 Aug 2011: Afternoon Drama - Higher - Series 3, Rebrand, Relaunch
Higher: Ep 3. By Joyce Bryant. To Jim's dismay Roland becomes Vice Chancellor and image consultants 'Harsover Tutt' are brought in to rebrand the university. Jim feels he's being forced out. Will he find an ally in Karen? Karen.....Sophie Thompson, Jim.........Jonathan Keeble, Roland....Lloyd Peters, Dame Sheila....Brigit Forsyth, Clive.....Malcolm Reaburn, Radio Announcer....Luke Jerdy. Producer Gary Brown.

17 Oct 2011: Afternoon Drama - Brief Lives - Series 4, Episode 1
Brief Lives by Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly 1/6. The return of Frank Twist and his team of Manchester legal eagles. When a pop entrepreneur is arrested for alleged fraud Frank discovers a personal connection. Frank.....David Schofield, Sarah.....Kathryn Hunt, Declan....Jonjo O'Neill, Doug......Eric Potts, Phineas....Hugo Chandor, Laura.......Sue Jenkins, Mickey....Jim Barclay. Producer Gary Brown. (five other episodes in this series, at weekly intervals. See 2011 listing - Ed)

18 Oct 2011: Afternoon Drama - All the Dark Corners, The Desk
By Andrew Readman. A chiller; first in a series of three. Davis Finch is a hack TV writer with aspirations to write a novel. In order to be a real writer he feels he needs a proper desk. He starts to write. Then he finds a secret drawer. Finch.............Graeme Hawley, Harrison.........Tim McInnerny, Rachel...........Karen West, Morris............Greg Wood, Valerie...........Melissa Jane Sinden, Shopkeeper....Russell Richardson. Producer Gary Brown.

    from Diversity website review:
    ALL THE DARK CORNERS (R4, 18-20 Oct 11), a sequence of creepy plays broadcast on successive days, showed the talents of three relatively unknown writers.

    THE DESK, by Andrew Readman (18 Oct) was the story of a jobbing writer in financial straits. But he spots an antique writing desk in a shop, and it exerts a strange pull on him. Eventually he buys it, and it transforms his life. But aside from the miraculous effect it has on his writing career, there is an enormous price to pay. Graeme Hawley played the unfortunate David Finch and Karen West his long-suffering partner; Gary Brown directed.

18 Nov 2011: Afternoon Drama - Wednesdays with Strangers
When a welcome pack to the UK offers advice on how to talk to strangers, a migrant worker decides to spend his one day off each week attempting to get to know the people of Britain and prove to his disillusioned flatmate that there is such a thing as the British Dream after all. A gentle comedy of manners by Nick Leather. Mirek...............Matt McGuirk, Alex............... Eddie Capli, Andy..............James Quinn, Frank...............Greg Wood, Joy.................Sue Kelly. Producer Gary Brown.

28 Nov 2011: Afternoon Drama - Sleeping Dog
By Peter Roberts. Dave is an uptight architect who's fed up with designing public lavatories. He needs to impress the boss, who likes blues music. So he hires an old busker who had a hit in the sixties. And what should improve his prospects actually starts to unravel his life. Mitchell......David Shaw-Parker, Dave..........Conrad Nelson, Karen.........Natasha Byrne, Paul............Paul Greenwood, Anastasia....Kathryn Hunt, Jonathan.....Adam Billington. Producer Gary Brown.

    ....from Diversity website review, Dec 2011:
    Pete Roberts' latest play, SLEEPING DOG (R4, 1415, 28 Nov 11) was a comedy; the central character an architect who's a bit too cautious to make the big-time. He's spent many years doing dull projects, like designing public toilets. He's surprised when a big chance comes his way - an important new building - and he's determined to win the tender. Meanwhile, Fate is about to supply him with a problem; an unwelcome house-guest; a pop-singing busker who had a hit thirty years ago and who has some extremely irritating habits. Pete Roberts is good at comedy; he did "Breaking Up" many years ago; a school in chaos with the staff in revolt and the students taking over. In 'Sleeping Dog', David Shaw-Parker was the musician, Conrad Nelson the architect, and the producer was Gary Brown.

11 Dec 2011: Classic Serial - Gargantua and Pantagruel,1
Rabelais, dram. Lavinia Murray. The bawdy, exuburant adventures of medieval giants. A blend of fantasy, comedy, philosophy and scatological humour. The world's a messy place. The first episode depicts the young life of the giant Gargantua, who is reduced to laughable insanity by an education at the hands of paternal ignorance, old crones and syphilitic professors. Rabelais...David Troughton, Gargantua..Robert Wilfort, Grangousier..Eric Potts, Gargamelle..Melissa Jane Sinden, Holofornes/Friar Jean..Jonathan Keeble, Panochrates..Malcolm Raeburn, Eudomon/Sun..Kathryn Hunt. Producer Gary Brown. (2 episodes to this Classic Serial)

28 Jan 2012: Saturday Drama - The Believers
Liverpool, 1963. By Frank C Boyce; comedy drama. The Merseybeat boom is about to take off. And with it, The Believers, a Christian pop band determined to spread the Word. If only they were all singing from the same hymn sheet. James.........Ray Quinn, Debbie.........Samantha Robinson, Billy.......Kieran Lynn, Warren.........John Biggins, Reverend Michaels......Rufus Wright, Elder Wardle......Gary Bleasdale, Jenny.......Alison Pettitt. Other parts played by Joanna Monro, David Seddon, Laura Molyneux, Jill Cardo and Keely Beresford. Original music by Carl Hunter and Mel Bowen. Produced by Toby Swift.

23 April 2012: Afternoon Drama - Odour
A cardiologist is driven to distraction by a persistent odour. Where is it coming from? It pervades the whole of his life and he becomes obsessed by it. When he finally discovers the cause, he is devastated. A comedy by James O'Neill. Phillip............Tim McInnerny, Alex...............Kathryn Hunt, Susan............Fiona Clark, Roger/Consultant.....Conrad Nelson, Mary..............Yusra Warsama. Producer Gary Brown.

11 May 2012: Afternoon Drama - Mrs Lowry and Son
By Martyn Hesford. The artist Lowry lived all his life with an over-bearing mother. Bed-ridden and bitter, Elizabeth actively tried to dissuade her bachelor son from pursuing his artistic ambitions, whilst never failing to voice her opinion at what a disappointment he is to her. This play imagines the impact she had on Lowry's life. L S Lowry ..... Reece Dinsdale, Elizabeth Lowry ..... Lynda Baron. Directed by Gary Brown. Produced by Charlotte Riches.

30 July 2012: Afternoon Drama - Higher - Series 4, Clearing
By Joyce Bryant. With fees going through the roof and an eye watering twenty percent cut in funding it's important that Hayborough University keeps its recruitment numbers high. So what does Jim Blunt and his colleagues do? Panic! Jim ...... Jonathan Keeble, Karen ...... Helen Lederer, Roland ...... Lloyd Peters, Carla ...... Natalie Grady, Graham ...... Robert Pickavance, Producer ...... Gary Brown.

14 Aug 2012: Afternoon Drama - Brief Lives, Episode 1
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. Return of the popular series about Frank Twist, Sarah Gold and their team of paralegal advisors. A community interpreter's girlfriend is arrested for assaulting a police officer. Frank ........ David Schofield, Sarah ........ Kathryn Hunt, Declan ........ Kerr Logan, Nina ........ Tahira Dar, Jay ........ Jonas Khan, PC Mellor ........ Andrew Westfield, PC Neslon ........ Roy Carruthers, Producer ........ Gary Brown. Original Music by Carl Harms.

21 Aug 2012: Afternoon Drama - Brief Lives, Episode 2
By Eve Steele. Series Created by Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. More cases from Frank Twist's paralegal team. A screaming child at an airport being fought over by estranged parents. At first it seems like fall out from a tug of love case involving a foreign father. Then Sarah discovers possible child abuse. Who is telling the truth? Frank ........ David Schofield, Sarah ........ Kathryn Hunt, Declan ........ Kerr Logan, Helen ........ Julia Haworth, Mehmet ........ Jon Lolis, Shelley ........ Eve Steele, Doctor ........ Hamilton Berstock, Producer ........ Gary Brown. Original music by Carl Harms.

...............a new 90m version of Alan Plater's play (R4, 1430, 29 Sep 12); a docudrama about the struggles of a Geordie family during the coal strikes of the 60s and 70s. The cast: Jack Wilkinson and Paul Woodson as the brothers, Louisa Farrant as the girlfriend, with Nicholas Lumley and Jane Holman. The producer was Gary Brown and the director Samuel West.
....from Diversity website review, Dec 2012.

26 Oct 2012: Afternoon Drama - The Man Who Jumped from Space
By Andy Walker. The true story of Captain Joe Kittinger and Project Excelsior. As jet planes flew higher and faster in the 1950s, the USAF became increasingly worried about the safety of flight crew who had to eject at high altitude. So Project Excelsior was initiated to perfect a parachute system that would allow a safe, controlled descent after a high-altitude ejection. Joe Kittinger ......... Simon Lee Phillips, Beau ......... David Fleeshman, Stapp ......... Garrick Hagon, Bobby ......... Kerry Shale, Grubitz ......... Andrew Westfield, Technician ......... Hamilton Berstock, Producer ......... Gary Brown.

2 Feb 2013: Saturday Drama - Boots on the Ground
Thriller by Don Webb. Danny Marks arrives at a Military Research centre. He's a volunteer for speed reaction testing; trying to improve reaction times under duress. His mate Billy Rogers was on the same course, but he's gone missing. Has he just done a bunk? Or is it something more sinister?A dark, contemporary thriller by veteran TV writer. Marks ..... Lee Ingleby, Joanie ..... Sue Kelly, Dr Callard ..... Gillian Kearney, Dr Ainsworth ..... Malcolm Raeburn, Tasker ..... Jonathan Keeble, Rogers ..... Greg Wood, Producer ..... Gary Brown.

10 Mar 2013: Classic Serial - Esther Waters
By George Moore. Dramatised by Sharon Oakes. Ep. 1. Set against a background of gambling and horseracing; Esther Waters is a tale of how a servant girl makes her way in Victorian England. Forced to leave the home of her stepfather, Esther takes a job as a maid at 'Woodview', a country estate owned by a nouveau riche racing family. Esther's tale is a slice of Victorian life that is rarely shown; single parenting, wet nursing, divorce, gambling, and religious zealotry. Through her we discover exactly what it feels like to be poor and powerless. The book was banned until Gladstone revoked the ban, saying that it was compassionate, moral and humane. After that it became a best seller. Esther ...... Lyndsey Marshal, William ...... Matthew McNulty, Sarah ...... Joanne Froggatt, Mrs Rivers ...... Joanne Froggatt, Leopold ...... Hugh Simon, George ...... Hugh Simon, Demon ...... Stephen Hoyle, Peggy ...... Lisa Brookes, Mrs Latch ...... Melissa Jane Sinden, Mrs Barfield ...... Melissa Jane Sinden, Anne ...... Fiona Clarke, Mrs Spires ...... Fiona Clarke. Producer - Gary Brown.

9 Apr 2013: Afternoon Drama - Chopin in Manchester
By Jim Poyser. Chopin's agent gets him a gig in England to escape the revolting peasants in Paris. Except it isn't London, it's Manchester. A zany comedy, based on a true event, about how Chopin might have reacted to industrial Manchester and its citizens. Chopin ........ Neil Stuke, Julia ........ Verity-May Henry, Salis ........ Ian Puleston-Davies, Simon ........ Ben Crompton, Old Man ........ Ben Crompton, Delabiliere ........ Eric Potts, Bright ........ Eric Potts, Producer Gary Brown.

1 May 2013: Afternoon Drama: Love, War and Trains
By Ian McMillan. "This is the story of my mum and dad's wedding in October 1943 in Peebles in the Scottish Borders. They wrote to each other for a few years, met a couple of times and then got married on a forty-eight hour pass.......My dad's ship docked at Plymouth and he got the train to Peebles; my mother had applied for leave but they wouldn't give her any so she went AWOL, over the fence and away to the nearest station. They arrived in Peebles, got married, had one night together in the Tontine Hotel and then my dad went back to his ship and my mother went back to base and got arrested and spent two weeks in the glasshouse. Arrested for love! Fantastic!". John ....... Billy Boyd, Olive ....... Verity-May Henry, Archie ....... Henry Devas, Chorus ....... Henry Devas, Bella ....... Natalie Grady, Chorus ....... Natalie Grady, Guard ....... Hamilton Berstock, Redcap ....... Hamilton Berstock. Producer Gary Brown.

    ...ND, Diversity website review, Sep 2013
    LOVE, WAR AND TRAINS (R4, 1415, 1 May 13), written and narrated by Ian MacMillian, surprised me. Regular readers will know my blind spot for poetry; as a scientist I prefer ideas to be expressed in as few words as possible, and in such a way that they cannot be misinterpreted. My 'ideal' writer is perhaps Paul Dirac, who wrote about science with crystalline clarity. Imagine my surprise when I found the rhyme and rhthym of MacMillan's narration entertaining. The play was essentially true; it was based on the story of his parents' courtship. His father, a sailor, briefly glimpses a woman in the WAAF. They write to each other as penfriends for a while; then eventually they arrange to meet. The story goes from there; effervescent, quirky and charming. Helping the narrator with sections of drama were actors Billy Boyd, Verity-May Henry, Henry Devas, Natalie Grady and Hamilton Berstock. The producer was Gary Brown.

3 May 2013: Afternoon Drama - Dead Man's Suit
A strange loner buys a suit in a charity shop and it changes his life. He secures a powerful new job and women notice him for the first time. Does the suit possess some sort of supernatural power? Or is it something more sinister? A black comedy by Michael Stewart, a former winner of the Alfred Bradley Award. This is his third Afternoon Drama. His novel 'King Crow' was published in 2011. Ian ....... Jeremy Swift, David ....... Conrad Nelson, John ....... Conrad Nelson, Nicky ....... Kate Coogan, Helen ....... Natalie Grady, Chardonnay ....... Lisa Allen, Waiter ....... Hamilton Berstock, Ben ....... Isaac Whitmore, Maisie ....... Jenna Addinall. Producer Gary Brown.

    ...ND, Diversity website review, Sep 2013
    DEAD MAN'S SUIT (R4, 1415, 3 May 13) by Michael Stewart was an unusual science fiction story. A nerdy computer expert finds an expensive suit in a charity shop. He finds that it leads to love, and advancement at work, and other things; it turns his life around. Nevertheless there is a sting in the tail. Jeremy Swift took the lead, with Conrad Nelson, Kate Coogan, Natalie Grady, Lisa Allen, Isaac Whitmore, Jenna Addinall and Hamilton Berstock. The producer was Gary Brown. Here's Jane Anderson, summarised from RT:

      Ian is a loser; never had a girlfriend, stuck in a dead-end job since he left college, and he's just been sacked. Then he finds a beautifully-tailored, silk-lined suit he picks up for a snip at a charity shop. It comes with a surprise.....and suddenly he becomes a force to be reckoned with, both with women and at work....

17 May 2013: Afternoon Drama - IOU
By Jaden Clark; her first play for radio. (She already writes for TV). A bailiff, who's lost everything in his personal life goes to collect on a female shoplifter and loses the one thing he didn't know he still had in his possession. His heart. But in gaining his heart, is he also prepared to lose his liberty? Jack ......... Don Gilet, Chrissie ......... Sally Carman, Donna ......... Natalie Grady, Rob ......... Luke Broughton, Tyson ......... Ellis Hollins, Ruby ......... Molly Peters. Producer ......... Gary Brown.

26 Aug 2013: His Father's Wife
By Mike Harris, based on an idea by Robert Louis Stevenson, who in 1892, Robert Louis Stevenson claimed that his stories came to him fully formed in dreams. He wrote down the outline of one such story from memory. This drama is based on that outline, and is therefore the world premiere of a story that Robert Louis Stevenson never wrote. It is a dark tale of love and filial hate set in nineteenth century Scotland. Benedict -Robin Laing, Milly- Fiona Clarke, Garth -Seamus O'Neill, Hannah -Natalie Grady, Ben's mother -Natalie Grady, Native servant -Chris Jack, Producer - Gary Brown.

R4, 1415, 14 Nov 13, by Ray Connolly. A flight of fancy about The Beatles and what might have happened if they'd failed their audition with producer George Martin. In the play they abandon their dream of becoming a recognized pop group and disappear into obscurity. It's only the persistence of the secretary of the Ex-Beatles Fan Club which enables their genius to resurface. Andrew Knott, Stephen Fletcher, Luke Broughton and Daniel Crossley played the Fab Four, with Sara Bahadori as their guardian angel; the producer was Gary Brown.
(...Diversity website review, Dec 2013)

LOST AND FOUND (R4, 1415, 2 Dec 13)
by Ian Kershaw, had a very simple plot; an elderly man suffering from dementia tries to connect with his daughter; essentially a two-hander between Tom Courtenay and Sally Carman. We meet Stan during an ordinary day at work, in his lost property office at Manchester Piccadilly railway station, when a middle-aged woman comes in to reclaim a missing item. He can't find it.....however, it is gradually revealed that he is not at work; furthermore, she has not lost anything. Gary Brown was the producer, and this was a most moving and affecting production.
(....Diversity website review, Dec 13)

9 Jan 2014: A Bobby's Job
Crime drama by Don Webb. A detective constable fears for his livelihood as job cuts are imposed. His father-in-law's security company offers him work uncovering a thief at the company, but it causes him some problems. Mark Jordan as the policeman, with Lisa Brooks, Fiona Clarke, Ian Redford, Christopher Corcoran, Liam Fox. Producer Gary Brown.

16 Apr 2014: Bring Her Back
By Andy Walker. A sci-fi thriller set in Britain in the near future, where there is a virus raging through the country. A doctor is working on a vaccine, but only key workers can receive it, because his work must remain secret. What happens if a loved one becomes ill? The doctor - Jason Done, Moira - Gillian Kearney, Eleanor - Erin Shanagher, with Melissa Jane Sinden, Rina Mahoney and Jonathan Keeble. Producer Gary Brown.

21 Apr 2014: Tittle Tattle
By Martin Hesford; comedy based on two of the 'Carry On' actors. Kenneth Williams, taking his mother out for afternoon tea, bumps into actor Charles Hawtrey, who is meeting a director about a film role. Kenneth Williams - Adam Godley, Hawtrey - David Charles, Kenneth's mother - Janine Duvitsky, Alice Hawtrey - Marcia Warren, with Hamilton Berstock, Lisa Allen and Eddie Capli. Producer Gary Brown.

28 Apr 2014: Higher
By Joyce Bryant, 1/3: The Price of Partnership. Repeat. Comedy about the worst university in the country; more concerned about making 'robust' decisions, restructurings, and being seen to jump through hoops than actually doing the job properly ( ......now where have I seen that before? - Ed) The new Dean of Research Development presses Hayborough to form partnerships with foreign schools, but the plan is compromised when academic scob and sociopath Professor David Poll is assigned to lead the project. Sophie Thompson, Jonathan Keeble, Jeremy Swift, Caroline Burns Cooke and Marion G Day. Producer Gary Brown.

15 May 2014: Art, Artefacts and Angels ten plays by new british dramatists
By Phil Marley. A museum exhibits a body found in a bog. It's known as the Angel of Archangelsk, and the museum becomes well-known. Then a Russian oligarch suggests that the museum lends him the Angel in return for a big cash sum. Comedy. Boris - Kerry Shale, Rosie - Kate Coogan, Julius - Will Tacey, Roy/Putin - Eddie Capli, Nigel - James Nickersdon, Daniel - Hamilton Berstock. Producer Gary Brown.

22 May 2014: Lost or Stolen ten plays by new british dramatists
By Jessica Brown, daughter of radio producer/writer Gary Brown. A couple meet as they share a taxi after a night out in London. They are drawn to each other. Their unusual love story takes a turn when Sarah steals Dan's mobile 'phone. The couple: Annabel Scholey and Tom Bennett; other parts played by Michael Bertenshaw. Producer - James Robinson.

25 June 2014: Hatch, Match & Dispatch
By Gary Brown. 1/6: Uncle Harry. A series of six comic tales which start in a registry office and end with a birth, marriage or death. In this tale, Mark has a well-ordered life in spite of his dysfunctional family, frightening boss and the fact that he suffers occasional blackouts. The play is continued next Wednesday. Dylan Edwards as Mark, Ewan Bailey as Uncle Harry, with Denise Black, Katherine Jakeways, Christian Patterson, Rachel Redford and David Cann. Producer - Helen Perry.

2 Jul 2014: Hatch, Match & Dispatch
By Leah Chillery. 2/6. Losing my Penny. Leo is in love with Penny and plpans to marry her, and it seems that only her possessive father stands in the way. Later it transpires that Leo has some secrets. Leo- Don Gilet, Penny - Verity-May Henry, with Kathryn Hunt, Conrad Nelson, Tupele Dorgu and Fiona Clarke. Producer - Gary Brown.

9 Jul 2014: Hatch, Match & Dispatch
3/6. By David Hodgson. Episode title 'Time and Tide'. Teddy awakens on his stag night to find himself naked and handcuffed to a lamp post. The old man - Will Tacey, Teddy - Alan Morrissey, with Will Ash, Hannah Wood, Sean Mason, Harriet C Judd, Hamilton Berstock. Producer - Gary Brown.

    ...ND, Diversity website review, Sep 2014
    'Hatch, Match & Dispatch', episode 3: 'Time and Tide' (R4, 1415, 9 Jul 14) by David Hodgson was an intriguing "time loop" tale where a man has a chance to correct some mistakes he made a very short while before. Teddy awakens on his stag night naked and handcuffed to a lamp post. This is not the least of his worries; something very odd seems to have occurred over the previous hour, and he seems to have the gift of premonition, but can he trust it? The old man was played by Will Tacey and Teddy by Alan Morrissey; Gary Brown was the producer.

25 Jul 2014: Friday Play: The Confessions of Caminada
By Christopher Reason; rpt. An 18-year-old man faces execution after being convicted of murder, but a prominent social campaigner refuses to believe he's guilty. The play is based on a true case from the memoirs of 19th-century detective Jerome Caminada. The detective - George Costigan, Annie Swinton - Julia Ford, Father Dermot / Bannister - Russell Dixon, Fletcher / Wood -Jonathan Keeble, Moods - Justin Moorhouse, Charlie - Oliver Lee. Producer Gary Brown.

30 Jul 2014: Hatch, Match and Dispatch
6/6 Elephants All the Way Up, by Lavinia Murray. A surreal comedy. Harper is a simple soul who works in a zoo. His wife desperately wants a baby and his angry father is a bare-knuckle boxer. His own job is to compose music to soothe the troubled thoughts of animals. Harper - Graeme Hawley, Yolanda - Kate Coogan, with Seamus O'Neill, Chris Jack, Lloyd Peters, Malcolm Raeburn, Lisa Allen. Producer - Gary Brown.

15 Aug 2014: Brief Lives
By Tom Fry & Sharon Kelly. Another set of excellent legal tales, from the point of view of a team of legal advisers working in Manchester. Frank Twist is recovering from a stroke and desperate to return to work, whilst Sarah's beauty parlour seems to be harbouring a secret. Frank - David Schofield, Sarah - Kathryn Hunt, Ronnie - Rachel Austin, Cheryl - Mandy Symonds, with Sarah Lam, Vera Chok, James Quinn. Producer - Gary Brown.

22 Aug 2014: Brief Lives
By Nuala O'Sullivan. Legal adviser Sarah is called to defend a man accused of arson, and Cheryl helps Frank with his rehabilitation. David Schofield, Kathryn Hunt, Rachel Austin, Mandi Symonds, Rina Mahoney, Simon Donaldson, Julia Rownthwaite, David Corden. Producer - Gary Brown.

29 Aug 2014: Brief Lives
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. A lawyer and her daughter are arrested for possession of drugs after a house party, but the paralegals soon discover a host of other motives. David Schofield, Kathryn Hunt, Rachel Austin, Mandi Symonds, Lucy Dixon, Fiona Clarke, Everal Walsh. Producer - Gary Brown.

5 Sept 2014: Brief Lives
By Lizi Patch. A teenager is questioned by police when an indecent image of his girlfriend goes viral. However, what appears to be a simple case quickly takes a more serious turn. Frank - David Schofield, Sarah - Kathryn Hunt, Ronnie - Rachel Austin, Cheryl - Mandi Symonds, Mark - Terence Mannm, with Gillian Kearney, Ben Boskovic, Graeme Hawley, Hamilton Berstock. Producer - Gary Brown.

12 Sept 2014: Brief Lives
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. Sarah and her sister argue over the care of their father, with whom Sarah has always had a difficult relationship. Meanwhile, Frank and Cheryl make an important decision about their future. Frank - David Schofield, Sarah - Kathryn Hunt, Ronnie - Rachel Austin, Cheryl - Mandi Symonds, Saul - Stuart Richman, Rebecca - Verity-May Henry, Judge - Malcolm Raeburn. Producer - Gary Brown.

19 Sept 2014: Brief Lives
By Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly. Legal drama, series, ep 6 of 6. Frank and Cheryl prepare to leave. Cheryl - Mandy Symonds, Frank - Davd Schofield, with Kathryn Hunt, Rachel Austin, Terence Mann, Eric Potts and Isabella Wulff. Producer - Gary Brown.

12 Nov 2014: Ink Deep
By Vivienne Franzmann, rpt. Anne has rebuilt her life after a breakdown, and now lives on a beautiful cottage on the Isle of Mull with her new partner and children. She is still struggling to come to terms with the abuse she suffered from her father. Annie: Gillian Kearney, partner Ed: Derek Riddell, Jess: Sarah McDonald Hughes, Leo:Charles Swinford, Jacqueline: Barbara Marten. Produced by Gary Brown.

21 Dec 2014: Classic Serial: The Small House at Allington
By Trollope; fifth section of The Barchester Chronicles, dram. Michael Symmons Roberts. 1/3. Adolphus Crosbie arrives. Mrs. Baxter: Maggie Steed, Lily Dale: Scarlett Alice Johnson, Johnny Eames: Samuel Barnett, Crosbie: Blake Ritson, Bell Dale: Lisa Brookes, Squire Dale: Clive Mantle, Mrs. Dale and Mrs. Hearn: Alexandra Mathie, Cradell: Griffin Stevens, Bernard: Henry Devas, Amelia: Emily Pithon. Music by David Robin, Jeff Meegan and Julian Gallant. Producer: Charlotte Riches. Director: Gary Brown.

By Mike Harris. 2 Jan 2015. Comedy. It is 1822 and King George is coming to Edinburgh. Novelist Walter Scott has a fortnight to create a patriotic, nation-binding spectacle which will avert revolution, save the Union, earn the monmarch's gratitude, and rescue himself from imminent bankrupcy. Lockhart: Stuart McQuarrie, Scott: Eric Potts, King George: Nick Blane, with Seamus O'Neill, Fiona Clarke and Drew Caine. Producer: Gary Brown.

8 Jan 18: Stone, 1
By Martin Jameson. Ep. 1 of 10. More detective work using the characters devised by Danny Brocklehurst.A body is discovered after a fire at a hostel for the homeless. Stone: Hugo Speer, Sue Kelly: Deborah Andrew, Mike Tanner: Craig Cheetham, Jackie Stanton-Hope: Jill Halfpenny, Sarah: Christine Bottomley, Devon de Costa: Everal A Walsh, Grace Peverall: Susan Twist, Sully: Michael Peavoy, McAffrey: Conrad Nelson, with Sydney Wade, Kieran O'Brien, Graeme Hawley, Emily Pithon, Reuben Johnson, Olivia Sweeney, Krissi Bohn, Claire Benedict, David Schofield and Angela Lonsdale. Producers: Gary Brown and Nadia Molinari. Continued tomorrow.

14 Feb 18: The B Towns - The Punjab
By Phil Davies. First of three dramas set in neglected Lancashire towns. A family restaurant is being closed as part of a lucrative mill development. Bilal: Shane Zaza, Troy and DJ: Reuben Johnson, Sarah: Jenny Platt, Khalid and Fleck: Sushil Chudasama, Anjam: Bhasker Patel, Zainab: Rani Moorthy, DC Carney: Leah Marks, friends: Molly Ehrenberg-Peters, Daniel Hand and Jake Talbot. Producer: Gary Brown.

15 Feb 18: The B Towns - All the Beauty in the World
By Eve Steele. Set in Essex. A young woman graduates and then goes home, but there's not much hope of finding a good job, in spite of the degree. Sarah: Jenny Platt, Adrian: Wilf Scolding, Dave: Andrew Westfield, Jacqui: Susan Twist, Lee: Gary Wood, Michelle: Siobhan Finneran. Producer: Gary Brown.

A third play in the series, by Michael Stewart, was produced by Pauline Harris.

31 Aug 18: The Third Pill
By James O'Neill; comedy. Greg is a publisher; middle-aged and starting to feel old. Then something appears on his computer which will transform his life. Greg: Reece Dinsdale, Gregory: Rupert Hill, Faye: Kate Coogan, Margaret: Susan Twist, Alistair: Stephen Marzella, Doctor: Malcolm Raeburn. Producer: Gary Brown.

By Testament, 1 Oct 19. A beatboxer goes into a call centre to run a training day. But the bosses have ulterior motives for him being there. Written by and starring beatboxer Testament. Subs ..... Testament, Katherine ..... Susan Twist, Samiya ..... Purvi Parmar, Kristy ..... Verity Henry, Graham ..... John Branwell, Jaron ...... Dermot Daly, Caspero ..... Sholto of The Pushwackers, Producer: Gary Brown.

4 Jul 20: Saturday Play - Tristram Shandy: In Development
This was recorded under lockdown and produced under those unusual conditions by Gary Brown; all actors in their own homes. Written by Christopher Douglas, who also takes part. As for the radio play - we're in a radio drama studio , where a workshop and podcast are being recorded on the novel Tristram Shandy. It's an opportunity, says producer Philippa Lauriston, to discover a new way of making a radio play. The creative team also includes the actors who will play the novel's main characters. There is also a rumour that a famous actor will be joining them. What could possibly go wrong? Jason.......Tim McInnerny, Philippa...Monica Dolan, Chris.........Christopher Douglas, Rosie......Mina Anwar, Clare.......Emily Pithon, Johnny/Gary....Simon Greenall, Roberta/Sam.........................Nicola Sanderson, Producer.... Gary Brown.

By Tony Schumacher. 12 Dec 2020. A normal night for a taxi driver; he hopes that the next fare will be straightforward. But then a man and his girlfriend climb in. They pay him big money to drive around. It is not a normal night. The Driver..... Mark Womack, Mikey.............. Mike Noble , Leanne......... Sade Malone, The Kid........ Sacha Parkinson, Producer: Gary Brown. This is Tony Schumacher's first radio play, so eligible for the Imison Award. .

ANTIC HAY....2020
By Aldous Huxley. 28 Dec 20. Dramatised by Mike Harris; set in the 1920s. When inspiration leads Theo Gumbril to design pneumatic trousers to ease the discomfort of a sedentary life, he decides to give up teaching and seek his fortune in London. But his dreams seem to disappear as he gets caught up in the world of his self absorbed friends. Theo.......James Cooney, Myra..........Emily Pithon, Coleman......Jonathan Keeble, Lypiatt.........Simeon Truby, Shearwater.....Graeme Hawley, Emily........Verity Henry, Producer: Gary Brown.

BRIEF LIVES (R4, 1415, 10-11 May 22) by Tom Fry and Sharon Kelly signed off with what was described as 'Series 12' by the BBC; it was actually a two-parter; after 58 episodes 2007-2022, Sarah and Frank are finally going to get married. Problems arise for them when Sarah loses a work file and Frank has a visitor, Fat Doug, from his past. 'Brief Lives' has been a really excellent programme; for the few who haven't heard it, Frank works as a legal adviser in a Manchester legal practice; he helps steer clients through their encounters with the law and the police. Frank has been played throughout by David Schofield and his assistant Sarah most recently by Kathryn Hunt. Back in 2008 I described the series as 'a series of legal dramas a bit like Henry Cecil's "Brothers in Law", updated for the 00s'. I am pleased to see that most of the episodes are available indefinitely on BBC Sounds. The producer is Gary Brown.

12 Feb 23: Classic Serial slot - Yentl the Yeshiva Boy
By Isaac Bashevis Singer; dram. Kerry Shale. Written in the 1950s but set in the orthodox Jewish community of late nineteenth century Poland. Yentl, a young orthodox woman, rebels against the constraints of a woman’s life and disguises herself as a young man in order to be able to study at a Yeshiva, or religious college. She dons her father's clothes and becomes Anshel, a young man in search of a religious future. Yentl ...........Olivia Marcus, Avigdor ........... Richard Fleeshman, Singer/Vishkower ..... Kerry Shale, Mrs Vishkower ........ Debbie Chazen, Hadass .......... Jennifer Hulman, Shloime .......... Robert Neumark Jones, Kalman .........Alex Zur, Prof Blue/Rabbi ........ 'Hamilton Berstock'. Production Co-ordinator - Vicky Moseley, Technical Producer - Tony Wass, Studio Manager - Vanessa Nutall, Sound Design - Sue Stonestreet, Religious Advisor - Rachel Creeger, Producer - Gary Brown.
[Kerry Shale and Gary Brown first met as young actors when they were appearing as Yeshiva students in the 1982 movie 'Yentl'. In 2019 they shared some of their memories on 'The Film Programme'.]

26 Feb 23: Classic Serial slot - Georges, 1
By Alexandre Dumas, dram. Testament (two episodes). It is the early nineteenth century. Georges is the young son of wealthy planter Pierre Munier on the slave colony of the Isle de France. The family is 'mixed race', but they are shunned by the other plantation owners as racially inferior. The island is soon under threat from the British. This is Dumas' most personal novel; his grandfather was black. The book tackles the racism of the time, which has resonances for a young black writer who is trying to adapt the novel. Georges/The Writer..........Jamael Westman, Pierre/Dumas.........Peter Landi, Jacques/Laiza........Darragh Hand, James/Telemaque/Antonio.........Adetomiwa Edun, Malmedie.........David Acton, Henri........Samuel James, Sarah..........Kymberley Cochrane, Murray............Ewan Bailey, Mika-Mika.............Chike Chan, SMs - Keith Graham, Ann Bunting, Alison Craig. Sound Design - Sharon Hughes. Producer - Gary Brown BBC Audio Drama North.

27 Mar 23: Wild Woman of the North
By Esther Wilson. A family moves to the countryside to try a new way of life that is closer to nature. They are recovering from a family tragedy. Will this new way of life heal them? Laura......Gillian Kearney, Mark.........Lee Ingleby, Arlo......Tareq Al-Jeddal. Production Co-ordinator - Pippa Day. Tech Team - Tony Wass & Vanessa Nuttall. Sound Design - Sue Stonestreet. Producers - Gary Brown & Pauline Harris. BBC Audio Drama North

18 Apr 23: We Should Definitely Have More Dancing
By Clara Darcy and Ian Kershaw. Clara Darcy is a healthy young actor. She’s also care-free and generally enjoying life. But then she's diagnosed with a tumour. The play is true; it's set in a radio studio in Manchester. Clara ..... Clara Darcy, Mum ..... Suzanna Hamilton, Laura ..... Shamia Chalabi, Omar .....Esh Alladi, Oncologist ..... Rupert Hill, Kersh ..... Ian Kershaw, Gary ..... Gary Brown, Sue ..... Sue Stonestreet. Production Co-ordinators - Vicky Moseley & Lorna Newman. Studio Manager - Simon Highfield. Sound Design - Sue Stonestreet. Producer - Gary Brown. The stage version of this was presented at the Oldham Coliseum.

10 Jun 23: Saturday Play - Wasps in a Jam Jar
By Jonathan Maitland, ad. from his stage play 'Dead Sheep'.55m. Comedy drama. Elspeth was married to Geoffrey Howe. She was the complete opposite of Margaret Thatcher: Elspeth was Chair of the Broadcasting Standards Commission and a vocal supporter of the homeless. She was a feminist, whereas Mrs Thatcher thought a woman's place was in the home. This rivalry played a substantial part in Geoffrey Howe's famous resignation speech in 1990. The play dramatises the events leading up to the speech. Elspeth Howe.......Penelope Wilton, Margaret Thatcher......Harriet Walter, Geoffrey Howe......James Fleet, Alan Clark/Nigel Lawson.....Jonty Stephens, Ian Gow/Brian Walden.....Simon Greenall, Journalist........Jonathan Maitland, Commons Speaker......Hamilton Berstock. Production Co-Ordinator - Pippa Day. Tech Team - Keith Graham & Jenni Burnett. Sound Design - Sue Stonestreet. Producer -Gary Brown. BBC Audio Drama North.

27 Jul 23: The Citadel, 1
By Mike Harris, based on the story by A.J.Cronin in two episodes. It is 1931 and a foundling is left on the doorstep of Dr Manson's house. Christine wants to take care of the baby but she is heavily pregnant herself. Matters become even more complicated when a birth control campaigner comes into town. Episode 2 was by Tom Needham. Denny..........Matthew Gravelle, Manson........Richard Fleeshman, Christine........Catrin Stewart, Frances.....Emily Pithon, Dai/Father Michael.......Stephen Marzella, Olwyn..........Sacha Parkinson Gwynnie.......Juno Robinson. Production Co-ordinator - Jessica Bellamy. Tech Team- Sue Stonestreet, Simon Highfield. Sound Design - Sue Stonestreet. Producer - Gary Brown. BBC Audio Drama North.

16 Aug 23: The Third Pill
By James O'Neill. Greg works in children's publishing but feels middle aged and out of touch. Then something pops up on his computer that will transform his life. A comedy about finding that elusive elixir of youth. Greg ..... Reece Dinsdale, Gregory ..... Rupert Hill, Faye ..... Kate Coogan, Margaret ..... Susan Twist, Alistair ..... Stephen Marzella, Doctor ..... Malcolm Raeburn. Producer - Gary Brown.

10 Oct 23: Trust: 1 - Only Fit for Elmfield Street
By Jonathan Hall. Comedy drama set in a school. Builders are still on the site, and a new system of teaching is being introduced using the latest technology. Some teachers are coping better than others. Comedy drama starring Julie Hesmondhalgh. Yvette: Julie Hesmondhalgh, Tim: Ashley Margolis, Sir Ken: Jonathan Keeble, Carol: Susan Twist, Dhrutti: Mina Anwar, Lizzie Hope-Lloyd: Verity Henry, Gloria: Emma Gregory. Production Co-ordinator - Pippa Day, Technical Team - Sharon Hughes & Amy Brennan, Sound Design - Sharon Hughes, Producer - Gary Brown. BBC Audio Drama North.

22 Feb 24: Second Hand Rose
By Philip Meeks. Barnaby is an 80-year-old man and a female impersonator. He is stubbornly trying to keep performing despite his frailty. Then a young care nurse comes into his life and his preconceptions and certainties disappear. Rpt. Barnaby ..... Donald McBride, Jojo ..... Felix Mufti-Wright, Akshay ..... Rajat M Bose, Noreen, Big Thora ..... Susan Twist, Conductor ..... Hamilton Berstock. Producer - Gary Brown. Production Co-ordinator - Vicky Moseley. Studio Manager - Amy Brennan. Sound - Sharon Hughes. BBC Drama North.

13 Mar 24: Mouth
By Chrissy Jamieson Jones. Heidi's husband has died in a car crash. A female ex-colleague comes round and Heidi's life is turned upside down. The drama won the 2023 Alfred Bradley Bursary Award for writers from the North of England who are new to radio. Heidi ..... Gillian Kearney, Laura ..... Christine Bottomley, Harry ..... Matthew Devlin. Production Co-ordinator - Pippa Day. Studio Manager - Amy Brennan. Sound Design - Sharon Hughes. Producer - Gary Brown.

Compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website, with assistance from Norman Milburn.

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