English Apples - French Codlin, Leicester-Burton Pippin

Extract from HOGG:

Fruit, below medium size, two inches and an eighth wide, and two inches and a half high ; conical, uneven in its outline, narrowing from the middle both towards the stalk and the crown, and obscurely ribbed on the sides ; it has a waist near the crown. Skin, quite smooth, pale straw colour, and sometimes with a faint tinge of blush next the sun. Eye, closed, with erect segments set on the surface of the narrow apex in a plaited, slight depression. Stamens, marginal ; tube, funnel-shaped, deep, and very narrow. Stalk, small and short, set in a narrow and very shallow cavity. Flesh, white, tender, juicy, and brisk, without much or any flavour. Cells, open, elliptical.

An early cooking apple, of pretty appearance ; ripe in the middle of August. It is common in the districts round Derby, where it is grown under the name of Leicester-Burton Pippin.

Note from M.W./N.D: We are looking for scions of this apple.

    UPDATE, Sept. 2009
    We have found it, at a location in Derby; we have grafted some trees. Here are two pictures of the fruit:

    apple, leicesters burton pippin.... apple, leicesters burton pippin.... apple blossom, leicester burton pippin

May 2013:
A first blossom picture; for a green apple, it produces an unusually colourful flower.

Nov 2014:
First fruit:

     leicester burton pippin, first fruit

Nov 2015:
More fruit:

     leicester burton pippin, first fruit

This featured in one of our apple tastings (see link below). Hogg writes it off as an early cooker with little if any flavour. We have found that it is a good dessert apple, mid-season, of beautiful appearance and mild refreshing flavour, with a hint of vanilla and parma violets.
Apple tasting 2

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