English Apples - Foxton's Pride

Also known as 'Foxton's Favourite' - a small cooking apple, a few trees of which were once to be found, it is said, in the Leicestershire village of Foxton.

We have done an extensive literature search for mentions of this apple and found nothing.

    UPDATE....On 7 Mar 2010, in Foxton, some apple trees raised from pips by a local enthusiast were distributed at a seed event "Seedy Sunday", described as "Foxton's Pride". There was an interesting write-up in the 'Leicester Mercury'.

    We are pleased that the Leicestershire Heritage Apples Project has stimulated interest in local apples, including those from Foxton.

    We must point out, however, that although these seedlings are interesting to grow, they are not Foxton's Pride. Trees produced from seeds are not the same as the parent.

    On the same subject: there are at least three people in Foxton who believe they have the authentic "Foxton's Pride". The 'Leicester Mercury' report mentioned six known trees.

    We have been investigating the Foxton apples on and off since 2008. After advertising locally, making telephone calls, talking to allotment holders and gardeners, and spending a lot of time walking around Foxton village and the surrounding countryside, three people came forward saying that they had a Foxton tree.

    We examined them last autumn, when they were in fruit, hoping to verify the identity and to ask the owners about taking cuttings. Imagine our disappointment when we found that they were all different.

    At the time of writing (Feb 2013) there is still no positive identification of this apple or any of the trees. We have now decided, in the light of a complete absence of documented information, that we cannot spend further time researching this variety.

    A thought which occurs to me is that the tree may have been a rootstock producing reasonable fruit; possibly Paradise stock. This would explain its rooting from cuttings.

    Anyway, from our point of view, the search is now closed, unless you have documentary (written) evidence.

    compiled by Nigel Deacon / Melanie Wilson, Diversity website

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