Francis Durbridge Radio Plays

The creator of Paul Temple....'nuff said.


( )= no of episodes

01.08.45 Passport To Danger (6) Carl Bernard/Linden Travers/Jacques Brown

13.09.45 Send For Paul Temple Again(8)Barry Morse/Marjorie Westbury/ Lester Mudditt/Grizelda Hervey

07.02.46 A Case for Paul Temple(8)Howard Marion-Crawford/Marjorie Westbury/Lester Mudditt/Olaf Olsen

17.10.46 Paul Temple & The Gregory Affair(10)Kim Peacock/Marjorie Westbury/Lester Mudditt/Olaf Olsen

30.03.47 Paul Temple and Steve (8)Kim Peacock/Marjorie Westbury/Lester Mudditt/Richard Williams/Olaf Olsen

01.12.47 Paul Temple & The Sullivan Mystery(8)Kim Peacock/Marjorie WestburyTommy Duggan/Olaf Olsen

07.12.48 Paul Temple & The Curzon Case(8)Kim Peacock/Marjorie Westbury /Lester Mudditt/Grizelda Hervey

12.10.49 Paul Temple & The Madison Mystery(8)Kim Peacock/ Marjorie Westbury/ Lester Mudditt

30.10.50 Paul Temple & The Vandyke Affair (8) Kim Peacock/Marjorie Westbury/Peter Coke/Richard Hurndall/Tommy Duggan

10.05.51 Paul Temple & The Jonathan Mystery (8) Kim Peacock/Marjorie Westbury/David Peel/Grizelda Hervey/Lester Mudditt

29.03.54 Paul Temple & The Gilbert Case (8)Peter Coke/Marjorie Westbury/Olaf Olsen/Richard Williams/Grizelda Hervey/Charles Leno

20.06.55 Paul Temple & The Madison Mystery (New Prod'n)(8) Peter Coke/Marjorie Westbury/Lester Mudditt/Richard Williams

11.04.56 Paul Temple & The Lawrence Affair* (8)Peter Coke/Marjorie Westbury/Simon Lack/Brewster Mason

13.11.57 Paul Temple & The Spencer Affair* (8)Peter Coke/Marjorie Westbury/Thomas Heathcote/Isabel Dean

01.01.59 Paul Temple & The Vandyke Affair* (8) (New Prod'n)Peter Coke/Marjorie Westbury/Peter Wilde/Richard Hurndall

02.03.59 Paul Temple & The Conrad Case* (8)Peter Coke/Marjorie Westbury/James Thomason/Rolf Lefebvre

22.11.59 Paul Temple & The Gilbert Case* (8) (New Prod'n)Peter Coke/Marjorie Westbury/Douglas Storm/Eva Stuary/Simon Lack

01.01.61 Paul Temple & The Margo Mystery*(8)Peter Coke/Marjorie Westbury/Tommy Duggan/Jon Rollason

14.10.63 Paul Temple & The Jonathan Mystery* (8) (New prod'n)Peter Coke/Marjorie Westbury/John Glen/Grizelda Hervey/Gabriel Woolf

11.04.65 Paul Temple & The Geneva Mystery* (6)Peter Coke/Marjorie Westbury/Isabel Dean/Patrick Barr

02.10.67 La Boutique* (5) Simon Lack/Antony Viccars/Barbara Mitchell/William Fox

26.02.68 Paul Temple & The Alex Affair* (8)Peter Coke/Marjorie Westbury/Simon Lack/Basil Jones


For pace and action, the 'Peter Coke' Paul Temple serials have never been equalled. Asterisked items are known to be in VRPCC and other collections. The pre-Coke versions are not so good and are the episodes are shorter.

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