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Elspeth Sandys was born in Timaru, New Zealand, and now lives in Wellington. She started as an actress in Auckland's Mercury Theatre Company and then went to England, working in radio and television. She lived in the Cotswolds and worked as a writer for the BBC and producing three novels (she has written 5 more). Sixteen of her radio plays have had UK broadcasts; she also writes stage plays. Elspeth returned to New Zealand in 1990 but continues to write plays for the BBC.

The ones I know about are listed below.


Missing Pieces*....2003
R4, 2 Dec 03, 45m. Two women with absolutely nothing in common...they don't agree about politics, money or men, so why do they become so important to each other? With Emilia Fox as Nella and Monica Dolan as Morag; directed by Jane Morgan.

Who Killed Stephanie?*....2001
Thriller. 60m.

Knox Bay....1993
24.4.1993 Michael McGrath/Federay Holmes

Riding To Jerusalem ....1984
17.11.1984, Bruce Purchase/Pippa Guard/Norman Jones/Tessa Worsley.

No Fixed Address....1982
30.11.82. Lisa Harrow/Barbara Ewing/James Laurenson. Afternoon Theatre.

Asterisked plays know to exist in VRPCC collections

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