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Liz Morgan is a well-known actress, writer, director and teacher.

In television she has played in many serials including ’District Nurse’ ‘We are Seven’ and ‘Crossroads’; she is also a scriptwriter. She supplied the voices of Lady Penelope and Destiny and Rhapsody Angels in Gerry Anderson’s serial Captain Scarlet. Liz has played in many theatres and toured with her one-woman plays in the UK and USA and is a visiting lecturer in Brighton University’s Creative Writing department.

As for radio drama, Liz began writing radio plays whilst with the BBC, starting in 1973 with "Jess", and since then has written about two dozen more for Radio 4 along with some short stories. She was a member of the BBC Repertory Company.

The radio plays cover a wide range, including crime (Tom Tiddler's Pool), a woman in a coma (Responses), several plays set in France, Lady Hamilton (Beloved Emma), and the disastrous non-marriage of John Ruskin (Dear Countess).

I have not attempted to list the radio plays in which Liz appears as an actress. There are several hundred.


A Smell of Burning (reading)....1992
27 Dec 1992. In December 1942, a 17-year-old Russian girl left her high school to join an Airfield Maintenance Battalion in the Leningrad region. For three years Inna Froug kept a diary .......... the account of a spirited girl quickly maturing in the face of harsh reality. Abridged and read by Elizabeth Morgan. Producer: John Theocharis.

Mees Margaret....1989
28.9.89. A visit to France suddenly and dramatically changes Margaret's life. Margaret: Susan Sheridan, Daniel: Alan Downer, Peggy: Shirley Dixon, Charles: Norman Bird, Mother: Joan Matheson, Joy: Melinda Walker, Robert: Nicholas Courtney, Alex/Mr Smith: Ken Cumberlidge. Producer: Gerry Jones.

21 Jan 88. In Pontypridd, the Rees family legend of being descended from Russian noblemen has faded with the years. Suddenly, however, Grandma Rees's eccentric behaviour prompts a search for the truth. Nanna: Elizabeth Morgan, Cathy jo: Manning Wilson, Jenny: Emily Morgan, Carol: Rosalind Thomas, Dr Williams/Nurse Rogers: Jennifer Piercey. Producer: Gerry Jones.

The Afternoon Play: - Responses ....1985
16.1.85."Haven't brought you flowers lately, have I? In the first few weeks this room was like Kew Gardens. I had some romantic notion you would wake up to colour, beauty and scent." That's what Mike says to his wife, Ann, as she lies in a hospital bed, apparently deep in coma and as good as dead. He doesn't know that she can hear what he says, or that what he says can destroy her. Ann: Elizabeth Morgan, Mike: John Pullen, Angie: Frances Jeater, Dr Russell: Graham Blockey, Mrs Baker: Gwen Cherrell. Producer: Gerry Jones.

The Afternoon Play 2.1.85 - The British Abroad: Ski-Lark
An occasional series of plays for radio. By Elizabeth Morgan. A ski-ing holiday in Eastern Europe is the background to an unusual affair concerning two English divorcees who can't be sure if the two local men they meet are after their bodies, their clothes or their nationality. Headmaster: Neil Stacy, Karamouti: Zia Mohyeddin, Strudwick: Bill Wallis, Katie: Peggy Ann Wood, Prebendary: Anthony Newlands, Kamran: David Bisoni. Producer: Shaun MacLoughlin. Rpt. 2.1.86 and 28.7.87.

Tom Tiddler's Ground....1984
This play is nothing to do with "Tom Tiddler's Pool" (1974 - see below) and is not by Elizabeth Morgan; the writer was Janet Allen and the play concerns a murder in a quiet seaside town on the South Coast. Broadcast. 27 Nov 1984; producer Christopher Venning..

The Monday Play 2.5.83 - Dear Countess
By Elizabeth Morgan. "You will indeed be a good husband to me, John. You who are so kind will be a perfect lover as a husband." So wrote Euphemia Chalmers Gray to her husband-to-be, John Ruskin. She was soon to discover that the reality was very different from the fantasy into which he steadily retired. John Ruskin: Derek Jacobi, Effie Ruskin: Bridget McCann, Mr Ruskin: Timothy West, Mrs Ruskin: Elizabeth Morgan, Mr Gray: Henry Stamper, Mrs Gray: Eva Stuart, John Everett Millals: Michael Fenner, Dr Henry Acland: John Rye, Lady Elizabeth Eastlake: Maddi Hedd, Lady Lewis: Jean Trend, Mr Roberts/Lockhard: Nigel Graham. Producer: Gerry Jones.

    From EM's website, www.elizabeth-morgan.co.uk:
    Delighted my play ‘Dear Countess’ written in the eighties went out again yesterday pm BBC R4 Extra/ – about the unconsummated marriage of John Ruskin and Effie Grey. Derek Jacobi played Ruskin so beautifully that although I disliked the man intensely when writing the play D’s performance was so magical I felt a sympathy for this emotionally inept man. Timothy West played Ruskin’s father and i played his mother. (....EM Jan 2015)

Beloved Emma..1981
8.8.81. written and performed by Elizabeth Morgan. "Nelson's Alpha and Omega is Emma, my affection and love is beyond even this world." So wrote the Admiral to his adored mistress. Off Cadiz, he wrote asking that Emma and their daughter Horatia be legacies to the nation, 'to be given ample provision to maintain their rank in life. These favours I ask of my King and country at this moment when I am going to fight their battle.' Nelson's request was ignored. Producer: Gerry Jones.

Afternoon Theatre 26.1.78 - The Dumpling
By Guy de Maupassant, translated by H.N.P.Sloman from 'Boule de Suif (Ball of Suet), ad. Elizabeth Morgan. A handful of privileged citizens share a coach in their flight from occupied Rouen during the Franco-Prussian war. Among them is a pretty, plump young woman whose profession scandalises her aristocratic and self-centred fellow travellers. Nevertheless, they need her bargaining powers. This is the first radio dramatisation of this famous story. The Dumpling .... Miriam Margolyes, M Carre Lamadon .... John Westbrook, Mme Carri Lamadon .... Elizabeth Morgan, M Loiseau .... Harold Kasket, Mme Loiseau .... Elizabeth Bell, Comte de Breville .... Anthony Newlands, Comtesse de Breville .... Brenda Kayi, Cornudet .... Michael Harbour, Patron .... Brian Jackson, Patron's wife .... Anne Rosenfeld, Prussian officer .... Neville Jason. Producer... Margaret Etall.

Afternoon Theatre 18.3.77 - Spring Can Wait
Louise Pearson is beautiful and spoilt - even her daughter spoils her. She buys a house in Provence where she and her daughter plan to spend an idyllic summer - but the plan tragically misfires. With Jonathan Scott and Andrew Seer. Louise Pearson .... Elizabeth Sellars, Susannah Pearson .... Glynis Brooks, Phillipe Lecerf .... Andre Moranne, Bernard Lecerf .... Clive Swift. Produced and directed by Kay Patrick.

Afternoon Theatre: 11.12.74 - Tom Tiddler's Pool
" I have a week -seven days - to decide for the rest of my life. There's no going back now!" Ann Martin .... Elizabeth Morgan, George Martin .... Vernon Joyner, David Sheppard .... Denys Hawthorne, Madame .... Cecile Chevreau, Mr Vernon .... Denis McCarthy, Mrs Vernon .... Betty Huntley-Wright, Announcer .... John Bull, Garage man .... Nigel Lambert, Producer .... Betty Davies.

The Monday Play 19.8.74 - According to the Regulations
'Six days, that's all it took the Almighty to make this world of ours, and all the creatures therein. Nine months it takes to make a new human life - God's finest masterpiece. Nine seconds to take aim. and fire, and destroy that masterpiece ... Perhaps we'll learn one day.' This play is based on events which took place in Llanelly in 1911, but the Welsh characters are fictitious. Violinist .... Lionel Bentley, Dai Morgan .... Glyn Houston, Ellen Morgan .... Elizabeth Morgan, Gwyn Morgan .... Douglas Blackwell, Annie Morgan .... Jan Edwards, lestyn Morgan .... Sian Probert, Gwilym Morris .... Anthony Hall, Rachel Morris .... Christine Pollon, Mansel Thomas .... Gerald James, Tecwyn Richards .... William Ingram, Hugh Davies .... David Sinclair, Owen Spencer .... Sian Probert, Lieut Smythe .... David Timson, Major Denning .... Vernon Joyner, Bugle boy .... Peter Pacey, Lloyd George .... Timothy Bateson, Keir Hardie .... Hector Ross, George Lansbury .... Stephen Thorne, Winston Churchill .... David Timson. Producer .... Betty Davies.

Afternoon Theatre 22.8.73 - Jess
By Elizabeth Morgan.'When Jess went without for you, she did it for love, not for what you could give her back. She lived her life through you ... she loved it and she was so proud of vou. You gave her another life if you like.' Jess: Elizabeth Morgan, Margaret: Jo Manning Wilson, Win: Margaret John, Sarah: Christine Pollon, Peter: John Samson, Lizzie Annie: Olwen Griffiths, Bryn: Haydn Jones, Sir George Barry: Godfrey Kenton, Lady Charlotte Barry: Betty Huntley-Wright, Kwan: Nigel Anthony, The Little Girl: Sandra Clark. Producer: Roger Pine.

It's Warm and There's Company ....1974
6 Mar 74.By Elizabeth Morgan. A study of a group of women in hospital, and how they react to the place, and in particular to the fact that they are women. Afternoon Theatre. Helen HunteT: Ellzabeth Morgan, Jimmy Hunter: Terry Scully, Rosie Malcolm: Katherine Parr, Emma Smith: Ann Jameson, Dotty Blake: Miriam Margolyes, Glad Fuller: Eva Stuart, Maisie Biggs/Sister Ainley: Gudrun Ure, Dr Passmore: Sam Dastor, Stan: Sion Propert, Joe: Anthony Daniels. Producer: Betty Davies.

    Liz Morgan writes (in 2018):
    Miriam Margoyles played in this; she had just arrived on the BBC Rep as a student, and was excellent! But the play was intended to highlight the monstrous law that existed at the time . A woman could not have an operation which could render her infertile, even a life threatening cancer, without the permission of her partner whether married or common law. If he refused to sign the necessary form she could be left to die. After the broadcast I had shoals of letters from women who refused to allow their partners to sign . They signed for themselves. I was also interviewed on Womans Hour twice; later on, the law was changed. I’d like to think the play helped a little .

      ND adds:
      Notice that the blurb in RT for this play utterly misses the point. Things were different in 1974.

The Price of Fear: Lot 132 ....1973
A man buys a painting. Then very unpleasant things start happening to some of his friends. Introduced by Vincent Price. 25.7.1973.


Any Man's Equal ....1978
The life, loves and friends of Hester Lynch Thrale (Mrs. Hester Piotti), 1741-1821, compiled by Elizabeth Morgan from her writings. Recorded for the Archive of Recorded Poetry, 16 Oct 1978, in the Coolidge Auditorium at the Library of Congress. Library blurb: "Welsh-born actress Elizabeth Morgan presents a lively and historical account of Mrs. Thrale's life, both as Mrs. Thrale and Mrs. Piotti. (...I can't find any reference to a BBC broadcast for this one....Ed. )

All Things Nice ....date not known

Angharad Rees ....nk

The French Connection....nk

compiled by Nigel Deacon, from info. supplied by Norman Milburn.

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