Louis Antoine Dornel Keyboard Music

Dornel is a composer who deserves to be more widely known. His music is well-crafted and although perhaps not of the first rank, very attractive and listenable. His dates are thought to be 1691-1765.

Dornel was probably taught by the organist Nicolas Lebègue. He was appointed organist at the church of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine-en-la-Cité in 1706, where he took over from François d'Agincourt. He was runner-up in the competition for the post but Jean-Philippe Rameau didn't like the conditions set by the church so Dornel got the job . He occupied several organist posts in Paris from 1714 to 1748.

Dornel's works for harpsichord and for organ were well regarded in his day. I like the harpsichord pieces; there are five suites (1731) and they are well worked out. The organ pieces are not well suited to the piano.

He wrote a book of music theory published in 1745.

I have recorded the five Dornel suites. Suite 2 is in the piano collection for 2015, 3 and 4 are in 2016 and Suites 1 and 5 are in 2016a.

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