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Assorted apple trees in pots; I often graft too many and have no room to grow them on. They are mainly miniatures on MM106; heritage and rare varieties, including un-named very late apples and some red-fleshed types. If interested send me an email. You collect from the door and make a donation to cover expenses etc. I'm keen to hear from apple enthusiasts and orchard groups.

On the trees where my scions are from wild stock I cannot guarantee freedom from virus, but I don't propagate from unhealthy trees.

Grape Vines - Alicante Bouschet (good flavoured red winemaking grape, well-suited to Midlands climate). I propagate these for friends and neighbours but usually have spares and not enough space to grow them on. Collect from the door and make a donation to cover costs etc.

Bay Trees - ditto. Collect and cover costs, as above.

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