David Gooderson Radio Plays

DAVID GOODERSON David Gooderson is an actor and writer. Some of the plays with which he has been involved are listed below.


25.8.04. Afternoon play, 45m. The suicide of Major-General Sir Hector MacDonald in 1903 provoked a storm of controversy. Was he guilty of paedophilia? Or was he an innocent victim caught up in a web of lies and class prejudice? Based on the few known facts, David Gooderson's play now weaves together fact and fiction to create the most likely scenario, and thereby solve the mystery for the first time.

Cast: Gary Lewis, Bertie Carvell, Chris Briggs, Marcus Stephen Fernando , John Rowe, Nicola Grier, Charlotte West-Oram, Paul Wallis, Tom Roberts.

Death of a village - Hallsands....2003
17 Jan 03. In 1917, the Devon village of Hallsands slid into the sea because the beach had been dredged by gravel contractors and made unstable. The villagers fight for compensation. Contemporary records add to the drama. 45m. Afternoon play.

With June Barrie, Emily Bruni, Robin Pirongs, Robert Lister, James Howard, William Gaminara, Rob Swinton and Tracy-Ann Oberman. Director Peter Leslie Wild.

Spring 1918; the Allies are in retreat. A priest is summoned to restore morale. This is the true story of "Woodbine Willie", WW1's most famous padre. R4, 18 Jul 94, 55m. Producer Richard Wortley.

Another play about this famous priest was broadcast in 2005, by Judith French.....ND

WALK OR DIE ....1992
27.6.92. The true story of the retreat from Burma. Thousands of people, soldiers and civilians, were forced to walk from Burma to India, or die in the attempt, to escape the Japanese towards the end of the second World War. The play draws on the experiences of some of the survivors. Stars Michael Kitchen, Eric Allen, Melinda Walker, Terence Edmond, Kate Binchy; dir. Richard Wortley. SMs David Greenwood, Rosamund Mason and Charlotte Hulme. Rpt. 5.4.93.


9.3.1983 Chipps & Crocket, by; David Wheeler - with Stuart Organ/David Gooderson. Afternoon theatre.

24.8.1979 A Cause Of Stress In Certain Males, by Anita Bronson. With Nerys Hughes/David Gooderson 6.4.77, rpt. 24.8.79. Afternoon Theatre.

5.1.1974 Who Needs Money, by K. Allen Saddler; with Nigel Stock/Norman Terrell/David Gooderson.

Saturday Roster, by R.D. Wingfield; 9.10.1974/2015, with John Pullen/David Gooderson/Sion Probert. Midweek Theatre.

1.8.1973 End Of The Road, by Brian Woodcock; with John Gabrial/Hazel Coppen/Julie Hallam/David Gooderson. Afternoon theatre.

2.5.1973 Junctions, by Mike Cooper; with David Gooderson/Virginia Denham. Afternoon Theatre.

5.7.1972 When The Wheel Turns, by John Whitewood; with Martin Friend/Aline Waites/David Gooderson/Virginia Denham. Afternoon theatre.

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