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World Service, 5 Aug 98, rpt. 7 Nov 99. 55m. Adapted for radio by John Foley. Starring Nigel Anthony. Directed for BBC World Service by Gordon House. Play Of The Week.

    Sat 29 Aug 98, 11:30 p.m. 90m. In "Dead White Males", Williamson weighed into the intellectual literary debate circulating around Australian Universities in relation to French post-structuralist theory diminishing the value of the Western literary and intellectual tradition. Williamson strongly defends the integrity of Western literature and rails against what he perceives as indulgent and hypocritical academics.

    "Dead White Males" explores both sides of the intellectual debate through the eyes of Angela Judd, an impressionable, young university student. On one side is English lit lecturer Dr. Grant Swain, a post-structuralist of the Michael Foucault school who lectures his students that the literature of the dead white males is superficial and based on out-dated ideological principles. On the other side is the great liberal humanist William Shakespeare who 'appears' to her at various times arguing that yes, permanent truths about human nature do exist and that literature is a great way of communicating them. By play's end Angela knows clearly where she stands.

    Adapted for radio by John Foley from David Williamson's stage play, "Dead White Males", which premiered at the Sydney Theatre Company, Sydney, Australia, on 9th March 1995.

    Nigel Anthony [Grant Swain, University Lecturer], Tracy Wiles [Angela Judd, 19-year-old University Student], Lucinda Cowden [Melissa, Angela's 19-year-old Friend], Stratford Johns [Col Judd, Angela's 77-year-old Grandfather], David Henry [Martin Judd, Angela's 48-year-old Father], Gabrielle Lloyd [Sarah Judd, Angela's 46-year-old Mother], Richard Norton [Steve, a University Student], Richenda Carey [Jessica, Angela's 46-year-old Aunt], and Joanna Monro [Monica, Angela's 44-year-old Aunt]. Directed by Gordon House. Re-broadcast on Sunday 30th August 1998 @ 7:30 p.m.; Saturday 6th November 1999 @ 10:30 p.m. and Sunday 7th November 1999 @ 6:30 p.m.

    (....notes by Jim; many thanks...... -ND)

ABC. This was a rather violent play, but can't remember any other details other than re-using the tape for something else, realising I'd never want to listen to it again.

THE CLUB....1990s
ABC, late 1990s(?). Explores the relationships amongst the committee members who run a football club. Another excellent play from the same stable as "The Department". Cast: Peter Carroll, Peter Whitford, John Ewett, Bill Conn, Richard Meikle, John Howard. Adapted for radio and produced by Frank Zeppel.

ABC. Set within a Higher Education college. A tertiary teaching institution and inter-departmental politics. This was first presented on the stage in 1974. Before becoming a full-time writer, David Williamson was a lecturer in a Victorian College of Technology. His fascination with group dynamics and human interaction at staff meetings led to the writing of this play. It's set in 1967, and the academic staff of the Department of Engineering are about to meet in the Thermodynamics Laboratory. This play is a cracker.... easily the best ABC play I've heard.
    A staff meeting in a College of Advanced Education dissects the workings of bureaucracy and the absurd politicking needed to support it. with: Robbie ... John Gadon? Gordon ... Richard Megore? Bobbie ... Frank Lloyd, Sue ... Judy Davis, Hans ... Brian Harrison, Peter ... Kit Taylor, John ... Shane Porteous, Al ... Peter Carol?, Owen ... Max Meldron?, Myra ... Kerrie McGuire?. Production for the ABC by Frank Zeppel. [Next Tuesday evening - Julius Caesar; with Ron Haddrick......-GL]

Monday play. 26 Mar 90. No other details.

Afternoon play, 13 Sep 87. Globe theatre, play no. 1.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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