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David Morley has been involved with a large number of dramas and features in the last twenty years, as a well-known writer and producer. I have listed a number of his programmes below, including most of the dramas. Notes on some of the programmes are shown further down the page.

2000-02-22 11-30, Laughing Matters,
2000-09-07 11-30, Harry Smith and the Folk Anthology
2001-04-07 10-30, The Last Poets, British poet Lemn Sissay
2001-05-01 13-30, Harry Smith and the Folk Anthology
2006-05-11 11-30, The Piano Man, Paolo Fazioli
2007-07-14 14-30, The Saturday Play, Called to Account
2007-12-12 14-15, Play, The McKinnon Extradition
2010-07-05 14-15, Drama - Badfellas, Comedy drama by Andy Lynch.
2011-05-20 14-15, Drama - The Death of Tom Inglisra
2011-08-28 13-30, The British Caste Conundrum
2012-03-28 11-00, North and South, Across the Great Divide - Warwick to the Severn
2012-07-29 13-30, Stepping Stones of Islamic Spain
2012-08-05 13-30, Stepping Stones of Islamic Spain
2012-08-17 11-00, I'm Suzy and I'm a Phobic, Suzy Klein
2012-09-07 14-15, Drama - A Cold Supper behind Harrods,
2013-03-02 14-30, Saturday Drama, The Iraq Dossier
2013-09-24 14-15, Drama, Out of the Blue Episode 1
2013-09-25 14-15, Drama, Out of the Blue Episode 2
2014-03-29 10-15, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
2014-07-02 11-00, My Family's Fight for Civil Rights, Oona King
2014-07-20 15-00, Classic Serial, By a Young Officer, Churchill on the North West Frontier
2014-12-18 14-15, Drama, Ebola
2015-01-06 20-00, The City on the Couch, Psychoanalyst Mary Bradbury
2015-02-28 10-30, Julia Dear Boy... Welcome to Westminster,
2015-03-30 14-15, Drama, Far Side of the Moore
2015-06-06 20-00, Archive on 4, The War Game Files
2015-07-16 14-15, Drama, Heading to Paradise
2016-03-11 14-15, Drama, Burn Baby Burn
2016-04-30 20-00, Archive on 4, Tennant Looks Back at Osborne
2016-05-11 23-15, Death and Taxis, 1: The Andy Warhol Diaries Part One
2016-05-18 23-15, Death and Taxis, 2
2016-05-25 23-15, Death and Taxis, 3: Sometimes I Feel
2016-06-01 23-15, Death and Taxis, 4
2016-06-19 13-30, The Plastic Revolution, 50 Years of the Credit Card
2016-07-04 20-00, I Work for the Government and Let's Leave It at That, The secret services
2016-08-29 11-00, The Plastic Revolution, 50 Years of the Credit Card
2016-10-26 11-00, Asquith's Fight for Equality, Oona King
2016-11-09 14-15, Drama, Michael & Boris, The Two Brexiteers
2017-04-21 14-15, Drama, Far Side of the Moore
2018-03-08 18-30, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Hexagonal Phase Episodes 1-6
2018-04-28 14-30, Drama, Vive la Republique
2018-05-01 14-15, Drama, Burn Baby Burn
2018-07-07 14-30, Drama, Low
2018-09-05 14-15, Drama, The Trials of CB King Episode 1
2018-09-06 14-15, Drama, The Trials of CB King Episode 2
2018-09-25 14-15, Drama, We're Backing Britain
2019-03-04 11-00, Am I Too Old to Drive?
2019-06-03 10-45, 15 Minute Drama, I'm a Slave Episodes 1-5
2019-06-15 14-30, Drama, Vive la Republique
2019-12-02 14-15, Drama, Massachusetts Avenue,1
2019-12-03 14-15, Drama, Massachusetts Avenue,2
2019-12-28 14-30, Drama, Puckoon
2022-05-18 14-15, Drama, Red Lines



2006-05-11 11-30 The Piano Man, feature
The remarkable story of Paolo Fazioli , who just 25 years ago redesigned the grand piano virtually from scratch, creating what some say is the finest instrument in the world. What s his secret? Fazioli himself reveals all, for the first time. Presented by Philip Pope.Producer David Morley. Rptd Sun 12.15am.

2007-07-14 14-30 The Saturday Play - Called to Account
In early 2007 two leading barristers examined the evidence as to whether Tony Blair , then prime minister, could be indicted for the crime of aggression against Iraq. The testimonies of MPs, diplomats, UN officials and other key players were edited by Richard Norton-Taylor for a production by the Tricycle Theatre. The original cast return in this radio adaptation to mark Mr Blair 's stepping down from office. Phillipe Sands .......... Thomas Wheatley, Julian Knowles .......... David Michaels, Dr Al Mufti .......... Read Rawl, Scott Ritter .......... David Beames, Sir Stuart Murray-Smith .......... William Hoyland, Sir Michael Quinlan .......... William Hoyland, Michael Smith .......... Ken Drury, Clare Short .......... Diane Fletcher, Michael Mates .......... Roland Oliver, Ed Mortimer .......... Jeremy Clyde, Juan Gabriel Valdes .......... James Woolley, Bob Marshall Andrews .......... Terrance Hardiman, Richard Perle .......... Shane Rimmer, Blinne Ghralaight .......... Charlotte Lucas, Alison MacDonald .......... Morven MacBeth, Producer .......... David Morley, Director .......... Nicholas Kent.

2007-12-12 14-15 The McKinnon Extradition
By John Fletcher. The true story of Gary McKinnon , a British citizen charged with hacking into the Pentagon's computer, who is fighting extradition to the US. Written by John Fletcher , the play is linked with tonight's edition of Unreliable Evidence at 8pm, in which lawyers debate the issues raised by the McKinnon case. Producer David Morley; director Pete Atkin.

2010-07-05 14-15 Badfellas
Comedy drama by Andy Lynch. Danny Brewer and his long suffering fiance Jan go to Las Vegas to get married, after many years of failed attempts. But it isn't long before they've lost all their money and the wedding looks doomed again. Danny's brother Bernie attracts the eye of a gay Elvis impersonator, who could be the salvation they desperately need. Bernie ..... Johnny Vegas, Danny ..... Ricky Tomlinson, Jan ..... Nicola Stephenson, Elvis Impersonator/Salvatore ..... Rupert Degas, Lulla Belle/Serena ..... Lorelie King, De Ricco/Henchman ..... Michael Roberts, Marge ..... DeNica Fairman.Directed by Dirk Maggs, produced by David Morley. Indie (Perfectly Normal productions).

2011-05-20 14-15 The Death of Tom Inglis
By David Morley. The true story of Frances Inglis. When 22 year old Tom Inglis falls out of the back of a moving ambulance and suffers terrible head injuries he is brain damaged and unable to communicate. His family struggle to cope with his disablement, and his mother believes he is in constant pain. Set against the doctors, she becomes increasingly desperate to relieve his suffering. She begins a journey that leads her to action no mother would ever want to contemplate. Frances (Frankie) Inglis ..... Lesley Manville, Alex Inglis ..... Phil Daniels, AJ Inglis ..... Sid Mitchel, Professor Derick Wade ...... William Gaminara, Miranda Moore QC ...... Samantha Beart, Dr Arvin ..... Rupert Degas, Sacha Wass QC ..... Felicity Duncan, Katie Wheatley ...... Denica Fairman, Mr Vindlacheruvu ..... Imran Khan. Music: Chris O'Shaughnessy. Director: Dirk Maggs. Producer: David Morley. Indie (Perfectly Normal Productions).

2012-08-17 11-00 I'm Suzy and I'm a Phobic - Feature
Suzy Klein is highly phobic and she wants it to stop. She won't go in lifts, no matter how many steps she has to climb, and she hasn't been on the underground for twenty years. Suzy has been phobic of spiders (now recovered) and didn't go on a plane for three years (but now flies). Yet every time she beats a phobia, another one takes hold.At the moment she has claustrophobia and, in this programme, Suzy attempts to conquer her fear, culminating in a trip on the London Underground. Along the way she'll meet fellow phobics and discover the impact the fear has on their everyday lives and behaviour. As a fly on the wall in her therapy sessions, we hear Professor Paul Salkovskis attempt to help Suzy overcome her claustrophobia through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - or CBT. Other contributors include Dr James Lefanu of the Daily Telegraph, who warns Suzy that CBT is only successful in around 30% of cases and she will have to be "desensitised" by confronting her fear. Suzy also meets up with arachnophobic Phill Jupitus to discuss where fears come from. Produced by David Morley. Indie; Perfectly Normal productions.

2012-09-07 14-15 A Cold Supper behind Harrods
By David Morley. 50 years after the end of the war that first brought them together, three Special Operations Executive agents meet once again to record interviews for a TV documentary investigating the murder of their colleague Patricia at the hands of the Gestapo. Whilst waiting to be interviewed Vera Atkins, Leo Marks and John Harrison reminisce but soon move beyond pleasantries to re-examine their conduct during the war. In doing so they gradually reveal a complicated history of lies, self-deception and guilt. In the murky world of sabotage and spying each one was compromised and the lines between right and wrong became blurred.epart for London in a taxi that the disturbing truth finally emerges. John Harrison ...... David Jason, Vera Atkins ...... Stephanie Cole, Leo Marks ...... Anton Lesser, Chloe Wolf ...... Sophie Roberts, Director ...... Philip Franks, Producer ...... Richard Clemmow, Indie; Perfectly Normal Productions.

2013-03-02 14-30 Saturday Drama - The Iraq Dossier
By David Morley. The dossier "Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction", lead to the headline "just 45 minutes from attack", persuaded MPs to vote for an invasion of Iraq, and hardened public opinion against Saddam Hussein. Fall out from accusations by the BBC that the claims had been grossly exaggerated led to the death of Dr David Kelly and the Hutton Inquiry. One of the most controversial episodes in British politics. David Morley, created the script from emails, memos, and first hand testimony submitted to the various inquiries into the 2003 invasion of Iraq, as well as from first-hand interviews with Dr Brian Jones, who died in 2012 and was the MoD's leading expert on nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. Other key players include Richard Dearlove, head of MI6; John Scarlett, Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee and Tony Blair's adviser, Alastair Campbell. Indie (Perfectly Normal Productions). Dr Brian Jones .... Richard E Grant, John Scarlett .... Anton Lesser, Richard Dearlove .... Peter Firth, Narrator .... Lindsay Duncan, Alastair Campbell .... Andrew Dunn, Robert Green .... David Caves, Mark Allen .... Stephen Critchlow, Henry Brown .... Jon Glover, Tony Cragg .... Keith Wickham, Sally Morgan .... Felicity Duncan, Jones's Boss .... Tom Goodman-Hill, Danny Pruce .... Tom Alexander, Producer .... Richard Clemmow.

2013-09-24 14-15 Out of the Blue, Episode 1
By Michael Eaton, in two episodes. A cabal inside the UK's police force conspires to undermine the government. When East Midlands police superintendent Laurie Creed is approached by a right wing MP and a couple of police chiefs he wonders about their agenda. Talk turns to politics and anger at the current government's cuts. It's time for action, they say. Set in contemporary Britain, Michael Eaton's fictional drama imagines that a rogue element in the Association of Chief Police Officers is meddling in politics. Producer David Morley says the Andrew Mitchell "Plebgate" affair was the inspiration for the drama. "When a Cabinet Minister was forced to resign, despite denying any wrongdoing, on allegations backed up only by the verbal evidence of a few policemen, it made me wonder what the UK's police could do if they really were politically motivated." Indie (Perfectly Normal productions) With: Anthony Howell Philip Jackson, Lesley Manville, David Shaw Parker, Tony Haygarth, Kenneth Colley, Karl Haynes, Rakhee Thakrar, Bridie Higson, Joseph Kloska, Catherine Lamb, Director .... Dirk Maggs, Producer .... David Morley.

2014-03-29 10-15 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
By Douglas Adams. A special, live broadcast from London's BBC Radio Theatre. The two-headed smooth-talking alien Zaphod Beeblebrox, bemused Earthling. Arthur Dent, and Marvin the Paranoid Android relive some of their adventures, with a very special appearance by the original producer John Lloyd as The Voice of the Book. Adapted and directed by Dirk Maggs. Arthur Dent .... Simon Jones, Zaphod Beeblebrox .... Mark Wing-Davey, Marvin the Paranoid Android .... Stephen Moore, Trillian .... Sue Sheridan, Ford Prefect .... Geoffrey McGivern, The Voice of the Book .... John Lloyd, Director .... Dirk Maggs. Producer: David Morley Indie (Perfectly Normal productions)

30 Mar 15: Far Side Of The Moore
By Sean Grundy. Biographical drama about astronomer and broadcaster Patrick Moore, who presented The Sky At Night from 1957 until his death in 2012, aged 89. The young Patrick lives with his mother in East Grinstead and writes factual works on astronomy. His latest book gets a bad review from an academic, and he is left in despair .. Patrick Moore: Tom Hollander, Lorna: Felicity Duncan, Gertrude Moore: Patricia Hodge, Dr. Henry King: Anton Lesser, Eileen Wilkins: Charlotte Richie, Leonard Miall: David Shaw-Parker, Arthur C Clarke: Simon Treves, Paul Johnstone: Daniel Weyman. Producer: David Morley, director: Dirk Maggs. Indie. (Perfectly Normal).

16 Jul 15: Heading To Paradise
By David Morley. It is now about a year since flight MH17 was shot down over Ukraine, killing all 298 passengers and crew. The voices of the victims' families havegone largely unheard. This is a factual drama focusing on the lives of five passengers who booked tickets on the doomed plane. Mike/travel agent: Tom Alexander, Elsemiek de Borst and Lee: Eliza Butterworth, John Alder: Joe Caffrey, Esther and Rika: Felicity Duncan, Bryce Frederiksz and Barry Sim: Richard Goulding, Daisy Oelhers and Sergio: David Shaw-Parker, Liam Sweeney: Daniel Weyman, Silene and Julian: Tracy Wiles. Producer David Morley; directed by Dirk Maggs. Indie. (Perfectly Normal).

3 Dec 15: 1977
By Sarah Wooley. In 1977 the novel 'Watership Down' was made into an animated film. But when the film's conductor, Marcus Dods, looked at the music score he found that there was nowhere near enough music for the film; what there was lasted about 7 minutes. He turned to the compoiser and arranger Angela Morley for help. Angela: Rebecca Root, Christine Parker: Debra Baker, Marcus: William Gaminara, Terry Rawlings: Bryan Dick, Malcolm Williamson: Chris Pavlo, John Sanders/Larry Ashmore: David Seddon, other parts: Evie Killip. Produced by Gaynot Macfarlane.

11 Mar 16: Burn Baby Burn
By Sean Grundy. A satirical drama inspired by the fire which destroyed Charles Saatchi's collection of works by Hirst, Emin, the Chapman Brothers and others associated with the Young British Artists movement. Tracey Emin / Nigella Lawson: Ronnie Ancona, Dinos Chapman / Vic Hislop: Wilf Scolding, Damien Hirst / Dante Skirmis: Ben Crompton, Brian Sewell / Death: Jon Culshaw, Hardy: Steve Hartley, Jake Chapman / Charles Saatchi: Carl Prekopp, Jacqui: Alana Ramsey. Producer: David Morley; director - Dirk Maggs. Indie; Perfectly Normal Productions.

    In early March (R4, 11 Mar 16, 1415) we had BURN BABY BURN by Sean Grundy.This was a satirical drama inspired by the fire which destroyed Charles Saatchi's collection of works by Hirst, Emin, the Chapman Brothers and others associated with the Young British Artists movement. Their art is usually regarded as 'provocative' which means that only some people regard it as art. Jon Culshaw does an uncanny impersonation of art critic Brian Sewell as he describes a deliberately low-key investigation into a possible arson attack and makes no secret of his opinion of cows in formaldehyde and unmade beds. The cast included Ronnie Ancona as Tracey Emin and Nigella Lawson, Ben Crompton as Damien Hirst and Carl Prekopp as Charles Saatchi. The producer was David Morley and the director Dirk Maggs, for Indie Perfectly Normal Productions. (....ND, Diversity Website radio review, Apr 2016)

The second Brexit play of the quarter was MICHAEL AND BORIS: THE TWO BREXITEERS (R4, 1415,9 Nov 2016), a political docudrama by David Morley about how Michael Gove and Boris Johnson's alliance during the EU referendum campaign descended into bitter political fallout. The portrayal of Boris reminded me of Bertie Wooster in the Jeeves stories; slightly dreamy, over-the-top and very funny, but there was no disguising the seriousness of the subject matter. Jane Anderson, writing in RT, said that the play covered a compelling slice of recent history. Boris was played by Alistair McGowan and Michael Gove by David Rintoul. The producer was Dirk Maggs; one of his 'Perfectly Normal' Indie productions. (....ND, Diversity Website radio review, Dec 2016)

28 Apr 18: Saturday Play: Vive la Republique
By Mike Walker. Based on true events: how the French president de Gaulle fled the Elysee Palace in 1968 and disappeared for six hours during the May Uprising, fearing armed attack and the fall of the government. He left PM Georges Pompidou alone and in charge. de Gaulle: Ronald Pickup, Yvonne de Gaulle: Barbara Flynn, Georges Pompidou: Philip Jackson, Michel: Steven Hartley, David Cohn-Bendit: Rory Fleck Byrne, Joxe and Massu: Nicholas Boulton, Fouchet and De Boissieu: Daniel Weyman. Producer: David Morley. 60m.

7 Jul 18: Saturday Play: Low
BY Sean Grundy. Play about David Bowie, when he was making his album "Low" in 1977. Bowie: Daniel Weyman, Iggy Pop: Kerry Shale, Tony Visconti: Martin Sherman, Roy Martin: Tom Alexander, Rony Haag: Scott Capurro, Coco: Laurel Lefkow, Angie: Helene Maksoud, Zowie Bowie: James Morley, Brian Eno: Wilf Scolding. Producer: David Morley; director: Dirk Maggs. 57m.

It is easy to forget how much society has changed over the last couple of generations. Two plays entitled THE TRIALS OF C.B.KING by David Morley (R4, 1415, 5-6 Sep 18) illustrated this. Chevene King was an early African-American lawyer, born 1923, who worked at a time when there was segregation of black and white in America. He was born in Albany, Georgia and obtained a B.A. degree from Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee in 1949, and a law degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio in 1952. Although other promising opportunities were available to him, he decided to return to Albany. He became the only black attorney practising in his community, and one of only three practising in Georgia outside of Atlanta.

He spent much of his life contributing to the causes of justice, opportunity, and dignity for all Americans. Although he remained Albany-based he became nationally known; during the early 1960s, he was a leader of the Albany Movement, demonstrating for civil rights such as desegregation of buses and public facilities, and for employment of blacks in business. He led boycotts of places to achieve these goals. He was severely beaten by police and faced many threats to his life for his persistence in the civil rights struggle.

David Morley's plays showed the extremely difficult conditions under which "C.B" was forced to work; he was openly abused by officials and others both in and out of court. King was played by Leo Wringer, Bobby Peel by Tom Forrister and Carol Kind by Cecilia Noble; the producer was Marc Beeby. (....ND, Diversity Website radio review, Dec 2018)

WE'RE BACKING BRITAIN, by David Morley (R4, 1415, 25 Sep 18) was a satire inspired by the 'I'm Backing Britain' campaign of 1968. The Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, has had to devalue the pound; his economic policies have been a disaster; he has seen the country almost wrecked by excessive wage demands and plagued by strikes. The big Trades Unions are effectively running the country. The play takes us back to that time and shines a light on the industrial strife which followed. The Labour government has been fighting budget deficits with austerity measures, struggling with a small Commons majority and trying to change Britain's relationship with Europe; it is not yet a member of the Common Market. The typists of Colt Ventilation decide that something has to be done; to make a gesture they decide to begin working half an hour a day for nothing, to help the country fight economic hard times. Unfortunately, by doing this, they put their local shop-steward on a collision course with the Union hierarchy. The idea of working for nothing is initially encouraged by the Prime Minister, but it's not long before the Labour Party is put under pressure by the TUC to abandon this foolish behaviour. Harold Wilson and Jack O'Hea are played by Duncan Wisbey of Dead Ringers; Geoffrey McGivern plays the shop steward Harry Tyler, with Nicholas Boulton, Felicity Duncan, Catherine Lamb and Alana Ramsey. The play was produced by Richard Clemmow and directed by Sean Grundy; an independent Perfectly Normal production.

2 Dec 19: Massachusetts Avenue, 1
By David Morley, in two episodes. Described in RT as an environmental thriller. The first secretary at the British Embassy in Washington DC meets a computer hacker whilst she is investigating a cyber attack on the british transport system. Louise, the first sec: Clare Corbett, Birdy: Doyla Gavanski, Marcus: Will Kirk, Melanie: Scarlett Courtney, the ambassador: David Durham, Malcolm King: Ian Conningham, Tom Walker: Joseph Balderrama, Colin Jeffery: Clive Hayward, Mark: Greg Jones, waitress: Laura Christy, IVF consultant: Jessica Turner. Producer: Marc Beeby.

28 Dec 19:Saturday Play - Puckoon
By Spike Milligan, adapted by Ian Billings. In 1924 the Boundary Commission was given the job of working out the new boundary between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic. Because of the usual cock-ups and the incompetence of the officials, the broder ends up going through the middle of the small town of Puckoon. The Daily Mail said 'Pops with the erratic brilliance of a careless match in a box of fireworks'. In the foreword, Milligan said that writing it nearly drove him mad, and he signed off by thanking the human race for being the butt of all of his jokes. Dan Milligan: Ed Byrne, Spike Milligan: Barry Cryer, with Pauline McLynn, Kate harbour, Jane Milligan, Wilf Scolding, David Shaw-Parker, Colm Gleeson and Tom Alexander. Producer: David Morley, director: Dirk Maggs.

RED LINES (R4, 1415, 18 May 22) was a political play by Craig Oliver and Anthony Seldon; a behind-the-scenes drama about Prime Minister Cameron and President Obama failing to enforce the "red line" against chemical weapons used by Syria's President Assad, who was aided by Vladimir Putin. Craig was Cameron's former Head of Communications and the play is co-written with the historian Sir Anthony Seldon. It shows how Cameron and Obama were outmanoeuvred by Putin and Assad in 2013 and failed to get support from Parliament to punish Assad's use of Sarin gas on his own people. Assad was assisted by Putin, and the writers think that these events were a step on the road to the invasion of Ukraine. After the UK voted to take no military action, Obama decided likewise. Then Putin negotiated a deal with Assad to remove Syria's chemical weapons, but afterwards many more attacks were carried out using hidden stockpiles. David Cameron was played by Toby Stephens, Putin and Nick Clegg by Nicholas Boulton and Ed Miliband by Jon Culshaw. The producer was Richard Clemmow and the director David Morley, for Indie producer Perfectly Normal Productions.

Compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website, with info supplied by Norman Milburn.

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