English Apples - Cox's Orange Pippin

How odd - I have no pictures of Cox - don't grow them. Too cold in this part of the Midlands.

Most people think Cox has the best flavour of any English apple.

This is debateable - there are rivals, like Ribston, Laxton's Fortune, and a few others. But Cox has another property: unlike its competitors, it keeps through the winter whilst keeping a fair proportion of its flavour. Its rivals don't.

Cox's Orange is self-sterile and a tree on its own will set no fruit. Bear this in mind before buying one. It really needs two companion trees, to pollinate it and each other.

There are one or two growers now advertising a self-fertile Cox. I don't know how the flavour compares with the original.

Scott's catalogue is informative, saying that it crops well in all forms, but is more susceptible to fungus, bacterial and deficiency diseases than most; consequently needs care and attention to spraying and feeding requirements. "Much of the fruit sold as Cox is either under-ripe or badly stored and it is well worth growing one's own fruit". They say it is successful as a fan tree on a sunny wall.

Deacon's catalogue is siimilarly positive: "Still the unequalled one. Best flavour, in spite of its list of rivals. Everybody should have one".

Pictures to follow, eventually...

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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