English Apples - Claygate Pearmain

A richly flavoured apple, some years tasting very strongly of pineapple. Its appearance is variable; it is often small dullish-red coloured apple, rough skin, with a green background colour. As with many apples, the colour depends on the season, as shown by the three pictures below, taken in different years.

It is resistant to scab, and a compact tree. Unpruned trees have a rather upright growth habit. In some years the fruit can be picked as late as December; other years it is ready mid-October.

In the years when it is picked in December it will keep until late April. It flowers quite late (Orangepippin pollination group around 5, out of 6) so avoids most of the frosts.

A small fraction of the apples is usually elongated a little; not exactly egg-shaped, but slightly pointed.

This apple is frequently found in old abandoned orchards.

Note a recent discovery (from Brogdale, if my memory serves correctly) - Claygate Pearmain is triploid, which is not mentioned in the books, so it will pollinate better if you have another non-triploid variety nearby.

Pictures (click on small images for detail):


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compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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