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I know nothing about Christopher Green apart from that which is listed below- he is clearly a writer, musician and actor...

08.11.02 Generation Electric
19.08.04 The end of the pier
20.08.04 Christopher Himself, 45m (Isherwood), dram.
09.02.05 Tina C's Tiny Island Tour (series), comedy
23.11.06 None of the above
04.04.07 Tina C's State of the Union (4-part series), comedy.


Tina C's State of the Union Tour....2007
20 Jun 07. Country singer and global activist Tina C, the comic creation of Christopher Green, turns her attention to Europe. This programme finds her in Berlin. 15m. Other episodes (three of them) on 13 Jun, 11 Apr, 4 Apr.

None of the Above....2006. 23 Nov 06, afternoon play. Christopher Green/Jon Rowe/Paul Bhattacharjee/Edna Doré/Becky Hindley.

Tina C's Tiny Island Tour....2005
Country singer and global activist Tina C, the comic creation of Christopher Green, rocks audiences in Cardiff "So are we all proud to be white trash!". She also meets Charlotte Church. 9 Feb 05. Other episodes on 2 Feb, 26 Jan.

The End of the Pier....2004
19 Aug 04. A couple go to Southend to walk the longest pier in the world. She is an academic. He is a bass player. The pier is a triumph of fun over common sense. The play, set in real time, is about couples, communication, and cracking seaside humour. Cast: Zoe ...... Katy , Tom ...... Shaun Dooley, Comic ...... Christopher Green, Ticket Lady ...... Sandy Walsh, Barman ...... Philip Fox. Producer Claire Grove.

Generation Electric....2002
By Christopher Green. 8 Nov 02, rpt. 2004. Afternoon play. Chrissie and Diane are undisputed Rotherham disco queens. Their lives take a very different turn when one of them ducks out of Saturday night. Cast: Chrissie ...... Helen Longworth, Diane ...... Fiona Clarke, Miss Allen ...... Emma Woolliams, Dad ...... Gerard McDermott, Dale ...... Scott Brooksbank, music by Christopher Green. Producer: Claire Grove.

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