Piano Collection: 2023b

J.Boutmy, A.Scarlatti,
B.Pasquini, Warsaw Manuscripts

Numbers in brackets denote track numbers; running time about 71 minutes.

Josse Boutmy 1-8: Suite 3 in Dm, from book 3:
Ouverture, Allemande, Allegro, Rondeau,
Two Minuets, Air & 2nd Partie, Tambourin 1, Tambourin 2
A.Scarlatti 10-13: Toccata 3, Toccata 4 & Minuet, Toccata 5 & Corrente
Bernardo Pasquini 14-16: Pieces 9,10,11, Fugue and 2 Toccatas, CEKM 51
Warsaw Manuscripts 17-26: 10 Pieces from the 17th century
Bernardo Pasquini 27-28: Pieces 103-104, two Toccatas, CEKM 56

Boutmy was organist at the Court Chapel, Brussels. His harpsichord suites are very fine.

Alessandro Scarlatti was famous for his operas and cantatas but these toccatas show virtuosity, brilliance and melody.

Pasquini was his contemporary and an excellent harpsichordist; his music is well worth investigating.

The Warsaw Tablature is mainly anonymous; the one named piece is by Joseph Podbielsky (c1680).

Played and recorded by Nigel Deacon, Feb - May 2023 Sutton Elms Publications, Midlands, UK. Copyright. On Youtube as suttonelms1 http://www.suttonelms.org.uk; email:diversity@suttonelms.org.uk

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