Piano Collection: 2022c

Bustijn, Platti, Scarlatti

Numbers in brackets denote track numbers; running time about 65 minutes.

Pieter Bustijn (1-5): Suite 1
Pieter Bustijn (6-10): Suite 2
Giovanni Platti (11-14): Sonata 1
Pieter Bustijn (15-19): Suite 3
Pieter Bustijn (20-25): Suite 4
Giovanni Platti (26-29): Sonata 2
Domenico Scarlatti (30-31): Sonatas L 147 & L149

Note that the fifth and last movement of Bustijn
Suite 4 is recorded as two tracks.

Bustijn (16481729) was a Flemish composer admired by Bach. He wrote a set of 9 suites which suit the piano well. Platti (1697-1763) was largely a composer of chamber and vocal music but he wrote 20 sonatas for harpsichord which adapt well for the piano. Scarlatti is too well-known to need any comment.

Played and recorded by Nigel Deacon, Sep - Nov 2022 Sutton Elms Publications, Midlands, UK. Copyright. On Youtube as suttonelms1 http://www.suttonelms.org.uk; email:diversity@suttonelms.org.uk

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