Piano Collection: 2021c

J.C.Smith, Scarlatti, Seixas

Numbers in brackets denote track numbers; running time about 60 minutes.

John Christopher Smith(1-4): Harpsichord Suite 2 in F
D.Scarlatti(5-6): Sonatas, L141 & 142
J.C.Smith (7-11): Harpsichord Suite 3 in Gm
Carlos Seixas (12-13): Sonatas 1 and 50
J.C.Smith (14-22): Harpsichord Suite 4 in Dm, with variations
Domenico Scarlatti (23-24): Sonatas L143 &144
J.C.Smith (25-30) Harpsichord Suite 5 in A

J.C.Smith was the son of Johann. Schmidt, Handel's amanuensis, and was an accomplished composer, bringing out several volumes of attractive Suites. The numbering of these is according to the Tresor des Pianistes volume, published by Mills Music in the 70s. Domenico Scarlatti rivals Bach in originality and musicality.

I have varied the J.C.Smith material on the repeats, as was the custom. A few bars of the Scarlatti have been recomposed for the piano.

Played and recorded by Nigel Deacon, Jun - Aug 2021
Sutton Elms Publications, Midlands, UK. Copyright. On Youtube as suttonelms1
http://www.suttonelms.org.uk; email:diversity@suttonelms.org.uk

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