Piano Collection: 2020b

Chopin pastiche, Pasquini, Pescetti, Schildt, music from Tuscany, Scarlatti

Numbers in brackets denote track numbers. Running time about 60 minutes.

Nigel Deacon (1): Chopin-plus-one: Pastiche on Chopin's waltz op.64 no 1, 4 beats to the bar instead of three
Bernardo Pasquini (2-4): Corpus of Early Keyboard Music (CEKM) vol 7 piece 21: Rececare, piece 15: Balletto, piece 8: Partita
Giovanni Pesecetti (5-7): Sonata 3 of 9
Bernardo Pasquini (8-11): CEKM 51: Unfinished Fantasia, CEKM 56 pieces 98, 99 & 106: Toccata, Toccata & Sonata
Giovanni Pescetti (12-13): Sonata 6 of 9, first two movements
Melchior Schildt (14-15): Gleichwie das Feuer (Just Like the Fire) and an arrangement of Lachrymae Pavane (John Dowland)
Organ music from Tuscany (16-17): Two anonymous pieces from the 17th century, nos. 1 and 2, from Carrara edition 4265, c1999
F.Chopin (18): Waltz B19 in Ab: a rarity, recently discovered, ms from IMSLP
Bernardo Pasquini (19-21):CEKM 15, Capriccio
Domenico Scarlatti (22-23): Sonatas L111 & L112

Played and recorded by Nigel Deacon, Sep-Oct 2020.
The music is from the baroque era and was written
principally for harpsichord.


Sutton Elms Publications, Midlands, UK. Copyright.

http://www.suttonelms.org.uk; email:diversity@suttonelms.org.uk

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