Piano recital: Nov 2017

Matheson, Scarlatti, Nichelmann, Soler, Reincken, F.G.Chapman

Numbers in brackets denote track numbers. Running time about 70 minutes.

J. Matheson (1-5): Suite, F minor, 5 movements

D. Scarlatti (6-9): Sonatas, Longo 91, 92, 93, 95

C. Nichelmann (10-12): Sonata, set 1, no. 4, 3 movements

D. Scarlatti (13-19): Sonatas: Longo 313, 314, 315, 333, 335, 337, 338

A. Soler (20): Sonata, Rubio 79

A. Reincken (21-22): Suite, Em, 5 movements

F.G.Chapman (23-25): Foxtrot 'The Alexandra', March 'The Court Palace', Twilight Memories

Played and recorded by Nigel Deacon, Nov 2017 -Mar 2018. The above music is from the baroque era and was written principally for harpsichord. The F.G.Chapman pieces were written for banjo in about 1920 and are re-composed for piano by ND.

Sutton Elms Publications, Midlands, UK. Copyright.

http://www.suttonelms.org.uk; email:diversity@suttonelms.org.uk

The music can be heard on the cd17b link on Youtube.

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