Caryl Churchill

2014 The Skriker R3
2006 Top Girls
2002 A number 
1973 Perfect Happiness  
1972 Henry's Past  
1972 Schreber's Nervous Illness
1971 Abortive R3
1971 Not Not Not Not Not Enough Oxygen  R3
1968 Identical Twins
1967 Lovesick    
1962 Ants  


THE SKRIKER .... 2016
20 Mar 2016. Sunday Play, R3. By Caryl Churchill; radio adaptation of her 1994 play combining naturalism, horror and magical realism. In a broken world, sisters Lily and Josie meet an extraordinary creature. The Skriker is a shapeshifter, an ancient fairy, which has come through time and space to pursue, seduce and entrap the sisters. The play was first produced by the Royal Exchange Theatre, Edinburgh in 2015. The Skriker: Maxine Peake, Lily: Danusia Samai, Josie: Laura Elsworthy, The Hag: Jessica Walkerl. Producer: Susan Roberts. Director: Sarah Frankcom. 90m.

TOP GIRLS....2006
Saturday play; 22 Apr 06.

A NUMBER....2002
The play raises the issue of human cloning and its potential effect on human relationships. With Michael Gambon and Daniel Craig. Directed by Kate Rowland. 1 Nov 02. Friday play.

R3, 30 Sep 73; 30m. Director John Tydeman. Cast: Jill Bennett as Felicity.

When her husband does not come home, Felicity invites two of his girlfriends over to see if between them they can figure out where he is.

Schreber's Nervous Illness....1972
By Caryl Churchill.24 Oct 72.

Based on the memoirs of My Nervous Illness by Daniel Paul Schreber. Translated by Ida MacAlpine and Richard A Hunter. With Kenneth Haigh as Schreber. Time: 1893-1902. Place: asylums in Leipzig and Dresden.

Narrator-Lewis Stringer Weber, a psychiatrist-William Fox The Judge-John Ruddock Voices-Sheila Grant,Brian Haines,Michael Kilgarriff,John Samson. Special sound by Malcolm Clarke of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Producer John Tydeman. ..... information supplied by Gil Swain

Play based on the book “Memoirs of My Nervous Illness” by Daniel Paul Schreiber. Daniel Schreiber was a 19th Century Court of Appeal judge. He was committed to an institution when he developed schizophrenia.

HENRY’S PAST....1972
R3, 5 Dec 72; 60m. Dir. John Tydeman.
Cast: Michael Bryant as Henry; Shelia Allen as Alice.

Alice and her family are visiting Henry. In the past Henry had attacked and maimed Geoffrey; he is now confined to a wheelchair. Henry's wife has now divorced him and married Geoffrey.

Science fiction.R3, 31 Mar 71. 25. Directed by John Tydeman. Cast: Barbara Mitchell as Vivian; Clive Merrison as Claude; John Hollis as Mick. Contained in “Churchill Shorts” published by Nick Hern Books 1990.

It is the year 2010 and the world is short of food, oxygen and freedom. Mick and Vivian live in a tower block. Their son, Claude, is very successful but has become involved with a group of fanatics.

R3, 4 Feb 71. 20m. Directed by John Tydeman. Cast: Prunella Scales as Roz; Dinsdale Landon as Colin. Roz was raped and had to have an abortion. She and her husband talk about it.

R3, 21 Nov 68. 35m. Dir. John Tydeman. Directed: John Tydeman. Cast: Kenneth Haig as Teddy and Clive.

Clive and Teddy are identical twins – they have always been mistaken for each other.

Third Programme, 8 Apr 67. 30m. Directed by John Tydeman. Cast: Anthony Hall as Hodge; Gudrun Ure as Ellen; Harold Kasket as Max. Contained in “Churchill Shorts” published by Nick Hern Books 1990.

Using aversion therapy, psychiatrist, Dr Hodge has changed Ellen’s sexual orientation.

THE ANTS....1962
Third Programme, 27 Nov 62. 25m. Dir. Michael Bakewell. Cast: David Palmer as Tim; Lockwood West as Grandfather. Published in: “New English Dramatists 12 – Radio Plays” by Penguin, 1968.

Tim, a small boy is playing with his friends the ants. Somewhere there is a war going on and “we” have bombed and killed thousands of “them”. Tim’s mother wants him to come and live with her and his father wants him to live with him, the boy is confused.

“I thought of it as a television play. I hadn’t realised, I think, what a visual medium radio was at that point”. Caryl Churchill interviewed by Geraldine Cousin, published in “New Theatre Quarterly” February 1988.       

Based on information received from Gil Swain and Raymond Port / Diversity website

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