British Queen

Superb flavoured mashing potato originating in Scotland: I first came across it in Ireland, where it's known as "Queens". It is very susceptible to blight but matures quite early so often avoids it. In any case it is fine in dry years. Bordeaux mixture treatment is needed in damp years. It flowers freely; the blooms are white with yellow centres. The haulms are fairly light but vigorous.

Dry matter content is high (about 7) and the texture is light and floury. This is the best mashing potato I've come across - fluffy, white, very good flavour. Also steams well, roasts well, bakes well. Bred by Archibald Findlay. 1894. This variety is fantastic for Christmas Day; we use them every year for our celebrations, and the flavour is wonderful.

Flowers (second pic. is better)



..... .....

Seed tubers of this variety can be obtained from JBA Seed Potatoes by clicking the link below:

Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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