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Brian has written a number of radio plays, which are listed below. He has written several series of Trueman, the detective drama based in Hull (starring Bob Dawes and Duncan Preston) for broadcast on Radio 4 and latterly Radio 7: details are given below.

He is based in Bristol and also writes for TV; credits include The Bill, Byker Grove and Grafters.

2009 Trueman, another series, BBC7-see below
2007 Trueman, another series, BBC7-see below
29.07.05 Trueman - High Windows
22.07.05 Trueman - The road to Hull
15.07.05 Trueman - Angel Heights
08.07.05 Trueman - The beginning
19.12.02, rpt 29.06.04 *Full English (a)
17.04.02 *Trueman (a)
08.12.00 *Soap gets in your eyes (f)
??.??.89 *Going Clear (a)

a = afternoon play, f = Friday play


March 2012
A new series of Brian's "Trueman & Riley" will be recorded next week, for broadcast w/b 26 March on R4 Extra. The lead actors will be Bob Dawes and Duncan Preston (as usual) and Toby Swift & Marion Nancarrow will be directing.

3 Feb 2012


Trueman, March 2009.

    The Road to Nowhere - Student houses along one street are being burgled, but there is a connection to a trip to exotic places.

    The Three Degrees - Three former students re-unite in their old digs, but one has to be fished out of a canal. He claims he fell in, but the CCTV says otherwise.

    A Man's World - Items are being stolen from mothers on a maternity ward. Suspicion is cast on a man working in a woman's profession - midwifery.

    The Other Chic - Arson and theft in the lingerie industry.

    Love Bytes - A woman is missing, and online role-playing games are involved.

Trueman, March 2007

    Vanished - A husband is reported missing, but the wife is not who she claims to be.

    Story - A reporter for an online news service falls from a building. Or was she pushed?

    Bond - An item of James Bond movie memorabilia is stolen at a fan convention. As usual nobody is who they seem.

    Speed - Riley gets a speeding ticket and is obliged to attend a "speed awareness" class, where he spots an ex-con who he thinks is back on his old games.


Murder, gambling, gangsters and poetry....starring Robert Daws & Duncan Preston as DCI Trueman and DS Riley; director Toby Swift. It's murder out there - so what can a middle-aged misfit and a grumpy old man do about it?

THE BEGINNING - a criminology student learns the hard way.
ANGEL HEIGHTS - A female jockey runs her last race.
THE ROAD TO HULL - Two London gangsters return - to Hull.
HIGH WINDOWS - Sex, lies and a film about Philip Larkin.


BBC Afternoon Play, Apr. 17 2002. Was the murder of a student a drug wars killing, or are more sinister forces at work? The investigation falls to Trueman, a former high-flying detective. With Robert Daws, Duncan Preston, Katie Kavanagh, Richard Linton. Directed by Toby Swift ..........ps.....to Hans Olsson, who supplied a recording.....many thanks.-N.D.

Terry and Inna meet through a Russian internet dating agency. When she visits him in London, they are both in for some surprises. She's expecting opportunity and prosperity, but it doesn't always work out like that....with Ray Burdis, Sheyla Shehovich, Bruce Byron, Sharon Duce, Ewan Bailey. Director Toby Swift.

Friday play 8 Dec 00 - about a television soap opera. What will happen when the new producer arrives?

GOING CLEAR....1989, rpt. 28.2.91
Produced by Dave Sheasby. When Anthony flees Newcastle for the London scene he goes straight to his sister's place for advice, but the pavements are criss-crossed with trip wires. With Chris Garner, Barbara Marten, Christopher Kent and Danny Schiller.

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