Leicestershire Apples - Belvoir Seedling

Apple raised by W.H. Divers, probably at Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire. Received by the National Fruit Trials in 1935. Fruits have firm, fine flesh with a sweet to subacid flavour. Synonym: Belvoir Castle. National Fruit Collection Accession Number: 1935-008 Dessert apple, Annie Elizabeth (female) Dumelow's Seedling (male). Flowering: 10% open: 9th May, Fully open: 14th May , 90% over: 22nd May . Picking time: Mid September; stores about a fortnight.

specimen from the National Fruit Collection

Update ..... the information in Joan Morgan's book, based on the specimen in the National Fruit Collection, differs from ours and suggests that it is a cooking apple. I note also that the NFC picture, different from ours, has been taken off line; I suspect misattribution. We have sourced scion wood from several trees; the fruit from all trees is identical, and we are confident that ours is the correct variety.

Pictures (click on small images for detail):



compiled by Nigel Deacon / Mel Wilson, Leicestershire Heritage Apples Project

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