Redfleshed apples: Bakran

This is a small redfleshed apple resembling Bienrode in appearance; similar size, skin colour and shape. It has red-tinted large leaves and crimson blossom. It originates in Iran.

The texture is disconcertingly soft and dark crimson, as in the picture. The taste is appley, but it is slightly bitter and far too tart to use for anything other than jellies, as a cider ingredient, or in cooking.

Taste / edibility (on a 5-point scale; 5 is best) - no more than 1. This resembles a crab apple. The apples are surprisingly small for the tree's leaf size.

Bakran, apples, ripe, 6 Oct 17......

Update, 2018
A much sunnier season; the apples are slightly larger (golf ball size) and darker but the taste is still very firece; scores no more than 1/5.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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