BBC Audio Drama Awards "2012"

The BBC Audio Drama Awards ceremony took place on Sunday 27 January 2013, in the Radio Theatre at Broadcasting House. The host for the event was David Tennant.

*Except for the Imison / Tinniswood, whose season included part of 2011.

Winners and runners-up for the various awards are listed below.

Imison Award 2012: Best Script by a new writer:

  • RUNNER-UP: The Day We Caught the Train by Nick Payne (15 Jul 11)
  • WINNER: Do You Like Banana, Comrades? by Csaba Székely (2 Sep 11). (Will be repeated on R4 at 1415 on Wed 20th Feb.)
  • RUNNER-UP: The Takeover by Paul Sellar
    Judges: Society of Author’s Broadcasting Committee: Alison Joseph (Chairman), Ruth Brandon, Lucy Caldwell, Christopher William Hill, Michelle Lipton, Karl Sabbagh, John Taylor, Colin Teevan, Jane Thynne and Elizabeth-Anne Wheal.

    Tinniswood Award 2012 for Best Drama Script:

  • RUNNER-UP: Angarrack by Christopher William Hill
  • WINNER: Kafka the Musical by Murray Gold (24 Apr 11)
  • RUNNER-UP: Like Minded People by David Eldridge
    Judges: Meg Davis, Jonathan Myerson, Tim Stimpson.

    Best Single play

  • RUNNER-UP: Betrayal by Harold Pinter, produced by Gaynor Macfarlane, BBC Scotland for R4
  • WINNER: On It by Tony Pitts, produced by Sally Harrison, Woolyback Productions for R4. (Will be repeated on R4 at 1415 on Tues 19th Feb).
  • RUNNER-UP: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by R.M Pirsig, dram. Peter Flannery, produced by Melanie Harris, Sparklab Productions for R4
    Judges: Jane Anderson, Fiona Shaw, Ben Stephenson, Vanessa Thorpe.

    Best Audio Drama, Series or Serial

  • WINNER: The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum by Heiner Muller, abridged by Helen Meller, produced by Polly Thomas, Somethin’ Else Productions for R4
  • RUNNER-UP: The Mumbai Chuzzlewits dram. Ayeesha Menon, from Martin Chuzzlewit, producer John Dryden, Goldhawk Essential Productions for R4
  • RUNNER-UP: Pink Mist by Owen Sheers, produced by Tim Dee, BBC Bristol for R4
    Judges: Patricia Cumper, Will Gompertz, Lord Hall of Birkenhead.

    Best Actor

  • RUNNER-UP: Henry Goodman in James Joyce’s Ulysses, dramatised by Robin Brooks, produced by Jeremy Mortimer, BBC Audio Drama for R4
  • RUNNER-UP: Richard Johnson in Tennyson and Edison by David Pownall, produced by Peter Kavanagh, BBC Audio Drama for Radio 3
  • WINNER: - Andrew Scott in Betrayal by Harold Pinter, produced by Gaynor Macfarlane, BBC Scotland Drama for R4
    Judges: Andrew Davies, Sarah Vine & Nina Wadia.

    Best Actress

  • RUNNER-UP: Lorraine Ashbourne in Seven Scenes by Nicola Baldwin, produced by Celia De Wolff, Pier Productions for Radio 3
  • WINNER: Michelle Fairley in The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, dramatised by Donna Franceschild, produced by Kirsty Williams, BBC Scotland for R4. (The play wil be repeated on R4extra at 10am from Wed 27th February to Fri 1st Mar.)
  • RUNNER-UP: Fenella Woolgar in An American Rose by Charlotte Jones, produced by Claire Grove, BBC Audio Drama for R4.
    Judges: Baz Bamigboye, Nick Kent, Stephen Tompkinson.

    Best Supporting Actor

  • RUNNER-UP: David Crellin in Craven by Amelia Bullmore, produced by Justine Potter, Red Productions for R4
  • RUNNER-UP: Carl Prekopp in Pilgrim by Sebastian Baczkiewicz, produced by Marc Beeby, BBC Audio Drama for R4
  • WINNER: David Troughton in Singles and Doublets by Martyn Wade, produced by Cherry Cookson, Rocket House Productions for R3.
    Judges: Matt Hemley, Razia Iqbal, Imogen Stubbs.

    Best Supporting Actress

  • RUNNER-UP: Niamh Cusack in The Man with Wings by Rachel Joyce, produced by Gordon House, Goldhawk Essential Productions for R4
  • RUNNER-UP: Gillian Kearney in Songs and Lamentations by Michael Symmons Roberts, produced by Susan Roberts, BBC North for R4
  • WINNER: Vicky McClure in Kicking the Air by Christine Murphy, produced by Heather Larmour, BBC Northern Ireland for R4. The play will be repeated on R4 at 1415 on Wed 13 Feb.
    Judges: Daniel Evans, Louise Jury, Julie Myerson.

    Best Adaptation

  • WINNER: A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen, dramatised by Tanika Gupta, produced by Nadia Molinari, BBC North for Radio 3
  • RUNNER-UP: The Mumbai Chuzzlewits by Charles Dickens, dramatised by Ayeesha Menon, produced by John Dryden, Goldhawk Essential Productions for R4 .
  • RUNNER-UP: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by R.M. Pirsig, dram. Peter Flannery, producer Melanie Harris, Sparklab Productions for R4.
    Judges: Sebastian Born, Alan Brodie, Susannah Clapp.

    Best Use of Sound

  • RUNNER-UP: The Chrysalids by John Wyndham, dramatised by Jane Rogers, produced by Nadia Molinari, BBC North for R4
  • WINNER: The Cruel Sea, written by Nicholas Monsarrat, dramatised by John Fletcher, produced by Marc Beeby, BBC Audio Drama for R4.(Will be repeated on R4extra at 10am on Mon 25th and Tues 26th Feb.)
  • RUNNER-UP: Use it or Lose It by Peter Blegvad, produced by Iain Chambers, Falling Tree for Radio 3
    Judges: Kevin Brew, John Hardy, Jane Thynne.

    Best Scripted Comedy

  • RUNNER-UP: Alice’s Wunderland by Alice Lowe, produced by Sam Bryant, BBC Radio Comedy for R4
  • WINNER: Believe It! by Jon Canter, produced by Clive Brill, Pacificus Productions for R4
  • RUNNER-UP: I, Regress by Matt Berry, produced by Sam Bryant, BBC Radio Comedy for R4
    Judges: Hannah Begbie, Bruce Dessau, Christopher William Hill, Alexei Sayle.

    Best Online-Only Audio Drama

  • WINNER: Above and Below written and produced by Daniel Macnaughton, for Aboveandbelowstories.co.uk
  • RUNNER-UP: The Minister of Chance by Dan Freeman, produced by Dan Freeman for Radio Static
  • RUNNER-UP: Varanasi by Silva Semerciyan, produced by Graham Pountney, Screentest Productions for varanasi.theradioplay.com
    Judges: Viv Gardner, Sofie Mason, Stephen Wright.
      Alison Hindell, Head of Audio Drama, BBC said that it was fantastic that the BBC was underlining its commitment to the unique genre of audio drama with these awards. The fact that millions of people listened every day said something about how special it was and the awards evening was a wonderful way to celebrate the many different talents, both well-known and those at the start of their careers, that went into creating the programmes.

      David Tennant, actor, said that the quality of our radio drama was one of the things that made him proud to be British. Acting on the radio was challenging, inspiring, delicate and always a privilege. Radio drama was often overlooked and undervalued next to its showier younger siblings on the television and in the cinema, and yet it was on the wireless that so many important and brilliant talents were discovered and nurtured. He expressed delight at radio drama being celebrated in this way.

      The Society of Authors and the Writers Guild have been awarding the Imison and Tinniswood prizes for years, for the best first radio play and best new radio play respectively, but the Audio Drama awards recognise achievements in other aspects of radio play production.

        Alison Joseph wrote an interesting entry a week before the awards on the Society of Authors blog. Her main points were:

        1. It is important to celebrate radio drama. The BBC produces about 360 hours of it per year. The audience for the afternoon play is about a million people. Radio drama offers opportunities to new and established writers.

        2. The awards recognize the role of good sound design and production. Radio drama is unique; it allows a closer, more intimate connection between the writer and the listener than any other form of drama.

        3.Radio drama has often regarded as ephemeral, but digital media are changing this perception; plays can now be recorded easily, stored and owned. They are becoming recognized as a cultural artefact like films or books.

    Compiled by Nigel Deacon, Diversity website


    To allay confusion about the year of these awards (caused by the moving of the Imison/Tinniswood awards night from Oct to June)..... the award ceremony this year, 2013, will be in late January, and the Imison / Tinniswood awards refer to broadcasts from Jun 2011 - Dec 2012. The other awards refer to the calendar year 1 Jan 2012 - 31 Dec 2012.

    In subsequent years, all of the awards should be in sync. and will refer to 1 Jan - 31 Dec. Meanwhile here are the shortlists. The Imison / Tinniswood information has been out for a while, including on this site, on the relevant pages:

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