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Words, Words, Words*....1988
22 Nov 88, Afternoon Play. Peter Marshall's personal and professional life are both in total chaos. His ex-wife, a murderous poet and a weird novelist besiege him at the office.

Peter ... Nicholas le Prevost, Louise/Angela ... Polly James, Ossian ... Freddie Jones, Claire ... Julie Richmond, Toby/Stan .. Paul Gregory, Producer: Adrian Mourby, BBC Wales.

Recipe for Trout....1989
Afternoon play 14 Oct 89. No other details.

Mary Had A Little Lamb *....1990
6 Sep 90, afternoon play. Mary and Neil abandon their careers for deepest Wales and then become new parents. Parenthood, well-meaning friends and a pregnant goat may prove too much. With Sonia Ritter and Maggie Steed. Produced by Alison Hindell.

Cast:Sonia Ritter ...............Mary, Maggie Steed...............Julia, Jonathan Tafler............Tony, Jonathan Cullen............Neil, Richard Tate...............Colin.

Making The Grade....1991
30 Minute Theatre, 16 Jul 91. With Sin Probert.

Becoming Carmen ....1993
Afternoon play, 28 Oct 93. A farmer's wife with a nervous disposition and a string of O-levels has a big day in Cardiff involving adultery, real estate and opera.

Cast: Nesta ... Victoria Plucknett, Gareth ... Laurence Allan, Richard ... Andrew Wincott, Sir Lawrence ... Stephen Thorne.

Women Who Do....1994
Series of afternoon plays, 5 x 45m. Light drama about a cleaning firm.

no.1 'Tears Before Bedtime' 4 May 1994
no.2 'Juniper & Cowrie Shells' 11 May 1994
no.3 'Waiting for Omar Sharif' 18 May 1994
no.4 'The Ties That Bind Us' 25 May 1994
no.5 'A French Revolution' 1 June 1994

King Of Bath....1999
22 Feb to 29 Mar 99. A six-part comedy drama series by Arnold Evans casting the 18th-century dandy Richard (Beau) Nash in a series of adventures. The real Nash became Master of Ceremonies in Bath in 1704 and was influential in transforming the town into a fashionable holiday centre. With David Bamber, Eiry Thomas, Andrew Wincott and Stephen Thorne. Produced by Alison Hindell.


The Fish Can Sing *....2003
By Halldor Laxness, dramatised by Arnold Evans. 28 Dec 2003, Classic Serial. In early 20th century Iceland, Garddar Holm is an enigma: an opera star of international acclaim yet no one at home has ever heard him sing. Alfgrimur is determined that Garddar will sing "the one pure note". Directed by Alison Hindell.

The Sanctuary Seeker....2005
A Crowner John Mystery *. By Bernard Knight, dramatised by Arnold Evans. 5 Mar 05, Saturday Play. Exeter, 1194 and Sir John de Wofe has been made King's Crowner, or coroner. After the inquest of an unidentified corpse, John's belief in justice comes up against the Sheriff's need for a conviction. Directed by Alison Hindell.

Country Dance....2006
3 to 7 Jul 06, Book At Bedtime. By Margiad Evans, abridged in 5 parts by Arnold Evans. A tale of passion, jealousy and revenge set in the Border Country between England and Wales. Read by Siriol Jenkins.

The Tinner's Corpse....2007
A Crowner John Mystery *. By Bernard Knight, dramatised by Arnold Evans. 6 January 2007, Saturday Play.Devon, 1195, and the effusive coroner Sir John de Wolfe, aided by his long suffering clerk, investigates mysterious murders among the complex relationships of the tin-mining community. And if this wasn't enough to occupy them, the unlikely duo need to address some personal problems.

The Earth Hums In B Flat *....2009
Written by Mari Strachen, abridged for radio by Arnold Evans; read by actress Joanna Page. Monday 30 Mar to Friday 3 Apr 09, Book at Bedtime. Young Gwenni Morgan has a gift: she can fly in her sleep. A good girl, anxious to please, Gwenni is fond of detective stories and asking difficult questions.

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