This page is becoming quite long..... you'll see the extent of the work which "Archers" actors have done.....covered so far: Jack May, Terry Molloy, Margot Boyd, Timothy Bentinck, Hedli Niklaus, Mary Wimbush, Patricia Gallimore, Ian Brooker; more to come.

The plays marked with this symbol: * ...exist in collections in VRPCC (Vintage Radio Programme Collectors' Circle). Click the "Radio Plays" link on the left of this page to find out about it.

Ian comes from a theatrical family that first went on the stage in the early eighteenth century. His most famous relatives were the nineteenth century English playwright T.W. Robertson, and the actress Dame Madge Kendal (played by Ann Bancroft in the film The Elephant Man). He has appeared in many plays for radio, including "The Wheatstone Pond" by Robert Westall, "As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning" by Laurie Lee, and "Oddballs" by the well-known and expert playwright Don Haworth.

Radio Appearances:
1999- The Archers, as Wayne Foley, BBC Radio 4; dir. Lou Gifford, Keri Davies, Sean O'Connor, Peter Leslie Wild, Sue Wilson, Julie Beckett.
5 March 2003: Mr Foster's Good Fairy, as Mr Foster, BBC Radio 4, dir. Sue Wilson
1 & 3 Oct 2002: Promenade Rock, as Alderman Lloyd-Meredith, BBC Radio 4, dir. Sue Wilson
24 &25 Sept 2002 The Typist Who Flew To Australia, as Mr Dickinson/F.O.Official/ Stranger 1 BBC Radio 4 dir. Peter Leslie Wild
27 Aug 2002 After the Break as BBC Newsreader BBC Radio 4 dir. Sue Wilson
21-24 Aug 2002 Watership Down as Blackberry BBC Radio 4 dir. Peter Leslie Wild
6 & 7 July 2002 Mothers, Daughters & Chicken Soup as Laurence Goldstein BBC Radio 4 dir. Peter Leslie Wild
13-14 April 2002 The Wheatstone Pond as DI Crittenden BBC Radio 4 dir. Rosemary Watts
17-18 Dec 2001 Façade as Herr Senger/ BBC Radio 4 dir. Sue Wilson
8 Nov 2001 The Drowning as the Pathologist BBC Radio 4 dir. Marc Jobst
17-18 Oct 2001 Not Me But Us as Professor Masson BBC Radio 4 dir. Sue Wilson
1-2 Oct 2001 One Night in Winter as Mr Littlejohn BBC Radio 4 dir. Sue Wilson
4-5 Sept 2001 A Monkey With a Box of Paints as Woolf BBC Radio 4 dir. Peter Leslie Wild
4 April 2001 Rainbow Bridge as Priest BBC Radio 4 dir. Peter Leslie Wild
4-7 March 2001 The Door in the Wall as Lionel Wallace BBC Radio 4 dir. Peter Leslie Wild
11-12 Jan 2001 The Wyndham Case as Lord Goldhooper/ Prof Wylie BBC Radio 4 dir. Peter Leslie Wild
15 Nov 2000 Odd Balls as Mr Mole BBC Radio 4 dir. Julie Beckett
3 Oct 2000 No Ice in Weymouth as Henry Austen BBC Radio 4 dir. Peter Leslie Wild
26-27 July 2000 The Monument as Roberto BBC Radio 3 dir. Sue Wilson
27-30 June 2000 Memoirs of a12th Man as Frank/ Weatherstone BBC Radio 4 dir. Sue Wilson
15-16 June 2000 As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning as Manolo BBC Radio 4 dir. Peter Leslie Wild
8-12 May 2000 She Stoops to Conquer as Diggory/ Master Muggins BBC Radio 3 dir. Sue Wilson
8-9 April 2000Jeff's Kingdom as Dave Simnell BBC Radio 4 dir. Rosemary Watts
30 March 2000 Raising the Sage as Maxwell Hunt/Terry BBC Radio 4 dir. Peter Leslie Wild
29 March 2000 The London Mystery as Funnell/Cowper Fiction Factory/ dir. Celia de Wolff BBC Radio 4
18 Feb 2000 Nocturne in Blue & Gold as Walter Greaves BBC Radio 4 dir. Peter Leslie Wild
17 Feb 2000 Crime & Punishment as Police Sergeant Fiction Factory/ dir. John Taylor BBC Radio 4
25-28 Aug 1999 Grand Hotel as Count Rohna/ Barber/ Gerstenkorn/ Dr.Saltzman BBC Radio 4 Sue Wilson
2-4 July 1999 Story of the Amulet as Dr Ronald BBC Radio 4 dir. Rosemary Watts
19 Dec 1998 Cry of the Bittern as Doctor BBC Radio 4 dir. Vanessa Whitburn
24 Nov 1998 Body in the Barge as Tremble Fiction Factory/ dir. John Taylor BBC Radio 4
6-7 Oct 1998 Comedy of Errors as 1st Merchant/ Messenger BBC Radio 3 dir. Sue Wilson
8 Sept 1998 I Can't Be Ill. as Ian/G.P. BBC Radio 4 dir. David Ian Neville
6 Aug 1998 Sounds of Silence as Robert BBC Radio 4 dir. Sue Wilson
2-4 July 1998 Five Children and IT as Vicar BBC Radio 4 dir. Rosemary Watts
21 May 1998 A Tous Ceux Qui as Raoul BBC Radio 4 dir. Sue Wilson
28 Feb 1998 The Holy Marriage as Albert BBC Radio 4 dir. Rosemary Watts
15-16 Nov 1997 Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator as Premier Yugetov/ Space Control BBC Radio 4 dir. Sue Wilson
22-23 Oct 1997 Flight of a Witch as Arthur Beck BBC Radio 4 dir. Sue Wilson
21 Sept 1997 Pickwick Papers as Cabbie BBC Radio 4 dir. Sue Wilson
12 July 1997 Lorna Doone as John Fry BBC Radio 4 dir. Brian Lighthill
1997 Opportunities as James Richards Minute Radio dir. Richard de Costa
1994(Indep.Radio;not broadcast) Green Belt as Councillor Cutter Dunwich Audio dir. Roger Harding
1991 Home from Home (Various) BBC Radio 5 dir. Turan Ali
1990 Dirty Affairs (Various) BBC Radio 5 dir. Turan Ali

Hear and Now Francis Dhomont BBC Radio 3 dir. Chris Wines
Ramblings: Brian Evans Brian Evans BBC Radio 4 dir. Lucy Lunt
Countryfile: W.B.Yeats Reader BBC 1 dir. Joanna Street
Morning Performance Egmont BBC Radio 3 dir. Chris Wines
Married to the Music Berlioz BBC Radio 4 dir. Rosie Boulton
Married to the Music Elgar BBC Radio 4 dir. Rosie Boulton
Ramblings: Thomas Hardy Hardy BBC Radio 4 dir. Lucy Lunt
Ramblings: Paul Nash Nash BBC Radio 4 dir. Lucy Lunt
Countryfile: Remembrance Narrator BBC 1 dir. Kate Dillon
Gerontius Prom Talk Narrator BBC Radio 3 dir. Chris Wines

Jack May (Nelson Gabriel): Saturday Night Theatre
30.01.88 Our Roman Cousins (Bruce Stewart),Iain Cuthbertson/Jack May
15.12.84 Ride A Red Pony(Angela Sewell), Anne Rosenfeld/John Church/Jill Balcon/Jack May
05.05.79 Creepers* (Frederick Bradnum)Ian Holm/Jack May
02.04.77 Creepers* (Frederick Bradnum)Ian Holm/Jack May
12.02.77 Three Days Of Frost*(R.D. Wingfield)Leslie Sands/Steve Hodson/Jack May
10.01.76 A Swim Off The Island(William Fox) Christopher Bidmead/Rosalind Shanks/Jack May

Other plays with Jack May: Monday Play
07.06.76 The missing Piece* (J.C.W.Brook)
01.01.77 The Doppelganger* (J.C.W.Brook) -Two excellent plays of the supernatural, by a master of the genre. (See J.C.W.Brook page)

Chris Everett adds:......Whilst reading the Archers page, I noticed you have missed a credit for Jack May. He played Theoden (as only Jack May could with that wonderful voice) in the 1981 radio serialisation of Lord of the Rings dramatised by Brian Sibley and Michael Bakewell and produced and directed by Jane Morgan and Penny Leicester. Whether you like Tolkien or not this has to have been one of the most ambitious and successful radio dramatisations of all time. I think it is a shame that the recent films did not maintain the some of the same production values (music, songs, some casting, editing). Although the visual effects were extremely good it is hard to make them match the power of imagination - the strength of radio drama. Anyway, another credit for Jack.....................thanks Chris..............N.D.......

Clive Lever adds: ... more plays involving Jack May:
-The Governess, by "Evelyn Hervey" (HRF Keating?) (rpt R4X 30 Dec 23)
-Bleak House, by Dickens, 1982
Enquiry, by Dick Francis
The Smiler with the Knife, by Nicholas Blake

Terry Molloy (Mike Tucker): Saturday Night Theatre
16.03.96 House By The River (A.P.Herbert) /Nigel Cooke/Terry Molloy/Paul Viragh
24.03.90 The Korvack Conspiracy*(Paul Thain)/Terry Molloy/Heather Bell
01.10.88 Poppies*(George Tarry)/Peter Marinker/Blain Fairman/Terry Molloy
29.08.87 The Nine Tailors*(Dorothy L. Sayers)/ Gary Bond/Mary Wimbush/Jeffery Dench/Terry Molloy
09.05.87 The Night They Stole The F.A. Cup (Edwin Pearce)/ Neil Coker/Terry Molloy
16.08.86 Do It Yourself(David Halliwell) /Terry Molloy/Lois Daine
06 10.79 The Gene Factor(Eric Saward) /Terry Molloy/Rosalind Adams
12.05.79 The Defector(Eric Saward)/John Rowe/William Eedle/Terry Molloy/Stephen Hancock
06.01.79 The Investigation Of A Murder(Eric Saward)/Roger Hume/Terry Molloy/Geoffrey Matthews
22.01.77 The Brighton Trade (T.D. Webster)/Manning Wilson/Ysanne Churchman/Stephen Yardley/Terry Molloy

Timothy Bentinck (David Archer): Saturday Night Theatre
30.07.88 Peter Ibbetson(George Du Maurier)/Cherie Lunghi/Timothy Bentinck/Laurence Payne

Hedli Niklaus (Kathy Perks): Afternoon Theatre
08.01.81 Minefield (Marian Campbell)/ Gareth Armstrong/Hedli Niklaus

Margot Boyd (Mrs. Antrobus): Afternoon Theatre
04.09.1984 Mrs. Battley's Will ( Margaret Simpson) Margot Boyd/Liz Smith/Arnold Diamond
23.04.1984 The Old Ladies ( Rodney Ackland) Joyce Carey/Fabia Drake/Margot Boyd
25.01.1984 London Fox ( Victor Canning) Ysanne Churchman/John Pullen/Margot Boyd
30.12.1983 300 Murders ( Colin Free) David March/Margot Boyd
17.11.1983 Ask A Silly Question ( Jacqueline Wilson) Shirley Dixon/John Pullen/Margot Boyd
15.11.1983 The Tuppeny Banger ( Andrew Lind) Patrick Troughton/Jack May/Mage Ryan/Margot Boyd
11.10.1983 Josie( Rachel Wyatt) Angela Pleasence/Leslie Sands/Margot Boyd
05.10.1983 Miss Whiting's Visitors ( Anton Gill) Margot Boyd/Nigel Graham/Timothy Bateson
29.12.1982 One Green Bottle ( Sheila Hodgson) Nicholas Parsons/Margot Boyd/Miranda Forbes/Shirley Dixon
29.09.1982 A High-Pitched Squeak ( Sheila Hodgson) Nicholas Parsons/Tara Soppet/Margot Boyd
26.03.1982 The Pot Of Gold ( Titus Maccius Plautus) Nigel Stock/Christopher Good/Margot Boyd
27.01.1982 London Fox ( Victor Canning) Ysanne Churchman/John Pullen/Margot Boyd
24.08.1980 Attard In Retirement* ( John Peacock) George Cole/Rosalie Crutchley/Patricia Hayes/Margot Boyd/Mark Dignam
10.07.1980 The Pot Of Gold (Titus Maccius Plautus) Nigel Stock/Christopher Good/Margot Boyd
14.02.1980 Korsakoff's Psychosis ( Geoffrey Parkinson) Margot Boyd/John Rye/Michael Harbour/Steve Hodson
07.02.1980 All The Way Down ( Christopher Denys) Norman Bowler/Marion Fiddick/Manning Wilson/Margot Boyd
31.12.1979 The Happiest Days Of Your Life* ( John Dighton) Margot Boyd/Roger Hammond/Brian Haines/Eva Stuart
22.12.1979 The Fifth String ( Liane Aukin) Sandor Eles/Gladys Spencer/Margot Boyd/Leonard Fenton
14.11.1979 Let's Play Again ( Bill Corrigan) John Gillett/Debbie Wheeler/Graham Roberts/Margot Boyd
11.11.1979 Down The Hill ( Rose Tremain) Margot Boyd/Eric Allan/Sylvia Coleridge
25.04.1979 Not Waving ( Elizabeth Troop) Elizabeth Bell/Eric Allan/Margot Boyd
28.12.1978 All Those Women David Wheeler) Richard Hurndall/Jennifer Piercy/Margot Boyd
16.12.1978 In Dulci Jubilo( Sarah Maxwell) Margot Boyd/Manning Wilson/Norman Shelley/Marjorie Westbury
09.12.1978 I Know An Old Lady........... (Betty Davies) Margot Boyd/Heather Bell/Peter Baldwin/Eric Allan
15.09.1978 The Knocker (Alan Melville) Margot Boyd/Robert Trotter
08.06.1978 Korsakoff's Psychosis ( Geoffrey Parkinson) Margot Boyd/John Rye
26.05.1978 Hen's Trek ( Christine Furnival) Heather Bell/Margot Boyd/Malcolm Gerard/Brenda Kaye
25.05.1978 When The Gatling Jammed ( Ian Cullen) Christian Roberts/Margot Boyd
02.01.1976 The Lady from Tunis ( Sarah Maxwell) Elaine Stritch/Derek Nimmo/Margot Boyd/Aubrey Woods
21.11.1975 Jacob's Ladder - play 1 ( A.R. Rawlinson) Peter Jeffrey/Margot Boyd/Gerald James
17.04.1974 Everybody's Friend ( David Campton) Linda Polan/Margot Boyd/Kathleen Helme
01.12.1973 Murder Is My Subject ( Philip Levene) Timothy Bateson/Manning Wilson/Margot Boyd/Diana Olsson
31.08.1973 Double Strung ( Derek Bond) Hilda Schroeder/John Gabriel/Peter Tuddenham/Margot Boyd
18.05.1973 Accomplices Alick Rowe) Alaric Cotter/Margot Boyd/Brian Hewlett/Douglas Blackwell
02.03.1973 The Bolt Hole ( Langton Smith) Nora Nicholson/Margot Boyd/Dorothy Lane
27.12.1972 Samaritan ( John Hynam) Wilfred Pickles/Margaret Wolfit/Margot Boyd
20.12.1972 The Threat of the Ilnado ( David Hopkins) Michael Spice/Margot Boyd/Ronald Herdman/Michael Kilgarriff
09.09.1972 The Making of a Marchioness ( Diana Morgan) Andrew Cruickshank/Curigwen Lewis/Grizelda Hervey/Margot Boyd
24.05.1972 A Day Trip With The Last Rocker ( Bill Lyons) Bill Lyons/Jane Knowles/Margot Boyd/Manning Wilson
12.01.1972 The Faces Of Love ( Maisie Mosco) Brian Wilde/David Valla/Margot Boyd
18.09.1971 From ( Eric Macdonald) Alan Barry/Margot Boyd/Anne Stallybrass
22.05.1968 Chalk Dust ( Rosemary Timperley) Margot Boyd/Joan Matheson/Duncan McIntyre/Derek Blomfield
19.10.1966 Letter From A Lady ( Berkely Mather) Margot Boyd/Geoffrey Matthews
12.10.1963 Comfort Me With Apples ( Frank Bryce) Margot Boyd/Keith Marsh/John Baddeley/Michael Deacon
15.06.1963 Letter From A Lady ( Berkely Mather) Margot Boyd/Geoffrey Matthews

Mary Wimbush (Mrs. Pargetter): Saturday Night Theatre
Waiting In The Wings* (Noel Coward) 14.4.1990/ Josephine Gordon/Evelyn Laye/Mary Wimbush
Waters Of The Moon* (N.C. Hunter) 27.1.1990/ Marjorie Westbury/Mary Wimbush/Patricia Hayes
The Mountsorrel Saga (Elizabeth Lindsay ) 2.7.1988/ Howard Goorney/Mary Wimbush/Judy Cornwell
Fatima (William Keenan 14.5.1988/ Mary Wimbush/Deborah Makepeace
The Nine Tailors (Dorothy L. Sayers) 29.8.1987/ Gary Bond/Mary Wimbush/Jeffery Dench/Terry Molloy
Love's Old Sweet Song (Owen Holder) 18.5.1985/ Mary Wimbush/Jenny Funnell/Godfrey Kenton
The Passion Flower Hotel (Rosalind Erskine ) 6.4.1985/ Moir Leslie/Spencer Banks/Mary Wimbush
Colourblind (Brian Ashbee) 16.4.1983/ Mary Wimbush/Rachel Kempson
When The Snow Lay Round About (James Forsyth) 16.12.1978/ David Buck/Mary Wimbush/Philip Sully
Aaros In Winter (Allan Prior) 8.1.1977/ William Eedle/Mary Wimbush/Karin Fernald
At Your Service* (Alan Melville ) 4.9.1976/ Michael Spice/Mary Wimbush
Weekend At Montacute* (Michael Robson )21.8.1976/ Paul Rogers/Mary Wimbush/Alan Rowe
Idea For A Rhapsody (Michael Kittermaster ) 22.3.1975/ Tony Britton/Mary Wimbush/Muriel Pavlow/Pauline Letts/John Bentley
Cry Wolf (Val Gielgud ) 25.12.1971/ Grizelda Hervey/Joan Matheson/Mary Wimbush/Norman ShelleyChristopher Guinee
The Summer Queen (Alison Plowden )17.1.1970/ Rosalind Shanks/Mary Wimbush
A Cosy Little Arrangement (Owen Holder ) 11.10.1969/ Mary Wimbush/Trader Faulkner/Barbara Mitchell
The First Mrs. Fraser (St. John G. Ervine ) 16.9.1967/ Duncan McInryre/Mary Wimbush/Hilda Schroder
The Shaws Of Synge Street (John O'Donovan) 3.6.1967/ Denis McCarthy/Mary Wimbush/Chrys Salt/Allan McClelland
The Breadwinner (W. Somerset Maugham)26.11.1966/ Trader Faulkner/Felix Felton/Mary Wimbush
Reunion In Vienna (Robert E. Sherwood ) 30.7.1966/ Mary Wimbush/Victor Lucas/Francis de Wolff
Framed For Hanging (Guy Cullingford ) 23.10.1965/ David Enders/Mary Wimbush/Stephen Jack
The Female Of The Species (Val Gielgud ) 23.1.1965/ Mary Wimbush/Valerie Kirkbright
Witches' Sabbath (Paula Allardyce ) 15.8.1964/ Gudrun Ure/Bryden Murdoch/Lennox Milne/Mary Wimbush
Rough Shoot (Geoffrey Household ) 23.5.1964/ Hubert Gregg/Mary Wimbush/Frederick Treves/Stephen Thorne/Alan Haines
A Shilling For Candles* (Josephine Tey ) 29.6.1963/ Bryden Murdoch/John Graham/Timothy Harley/Mary Wimbush
Strong Poison* (Dorothy L. Sayers ) 25.5.1963/ Frank Duncan/Mary Wimbush/Mary O'Farrell
Epitaph For A Dead Soldier (Dulcie Gray ) 15.9.1962/ Colin Gordon/Gudrun Ure/Eileen Peel/Mary Wimbush
The Plantation (Norman Ginsbury ) 23.6.1962/ Mary Wimbush/Stuart Nichol/Ralph Truman
Look To The Lady* (Margery Allingham ) 27.5.1961/ Richard Hurndall/Mary Wimbush/David March/Pster Claughton
The Storm (H.L.V. Fletcher )6.5.1961/ Mary Wimbush/Oscar Quitak
Murder In Melbourne (Dulcie Gray )18.2.1961/ Richard Hurndall/Mary Wimbush/Beverley Dunn/Philip Leaver/Michael Turner
The Medallion (Jeffrey Segal )26.11.1960/ John Westbrook/Richard Hurndall/Mary Wimbush
The Two Virtues (Alfred Sutro )9.7.1960/ Jack Hulbert/Mary Wimbush/Janet Burnell
Siding 273 (Val Gielgud )23.4.1960/ Sebastian Shaw/Wilfred Babbage/George Hagan/Felix Felton/Mary Wimbush
Murder On The Stairs (Dulcie Gray ) 19.3.1960/ Gladys Young/Grizelda Hervey/Mary Wimbush
To Settle For Murder (Stuart Ready) 20.2.1960/2130 Andrew Osborn/Mary Wimbush/Roger Snowdon
Message For Margaret (James Parish ) 12.9.1959/2130 Mary Wimbush/Hamilton Dyce/Belle Chrystall/Michael Turner
Night Without Sleep (Sheila Hodgson )6.6.1959/ Mary Wimbush/Richard Hurndall/Jill Raymond
Old Acquaintance (John van Druten ) 2.5.1959/2135 Constance Cummings/Warren Stanhope/Mary Wimbush
The Other Miss Evans (Elisabeth Kyle )11.4.1959/ Monica Grey/Mary Wimbush/Patrick Troughton/David March
The Crime At Blossoms (Mordaunt Sharp )20.9.1958/ Mary Wimbush/Richard Hurndall/Charles E. Stidwill
The Deep Blue Sea (Terence Rattigan ) 2.8.1958/ Mary Wimbush/Noel Johnson/Ivan Samson
English Harbour (Gilbert & Margaret Hackforth-Jones) 12.7.1958/ David Peel/Mary Wimbush/Lionel Marson/Duncan McIntyre/Patrick Magee
The Heritage (Stephen Grenfell ) 24.5.1958/ Leo McKern/Richard Bebb/Mary Wimbush
Blind Date (Leigh Howard ) 7.9.1957/ Brian Haines/Mary Wimbush/Peter Claughton
Murder When Necessary (Philip Levene) 24.8.1957/ Brian Haines/Mary Wimbush
Look To The Lady (Margery Allingham ) 15.6.1957/ Richard Hurndall/Mary Wimbush/Brewster Mason
Blind Date (Leigh Howard ) 8.12.1956/ Brian Haines/Mary Wimbush/Peter Claughton/Douglas Hayes
Black Plumes (Margery Allingham) 7.4.1956/ Mary Wimbush/Duncan McIntyre/Godfrey Kenton
My Cousin Rachel (Daphne du Maurier/Jonquil Antony) 7.1.1956/ Mary Wimbush/Austin Trevor/John Westbrook
Put Out More Flags (Evelyn Waugh ) 24.9.1955/2135 Hugh Burden/Mary Wimbush/Roger Snowden/Felix Felton
Waters Of The Moon* (N.C. Hunter/Mollie Greenhalgh) 4.6.1955/ Derek Hart/Mary Wimbush/Janet Burnell
Random Harvest (James Hilton/Preston Lockwood) 18.9.1954/ Robert Harris/Mary Wimbush
The Merry Month (Winston Clewes )17.4.1954/ Noel Johnson/Mary Wimbush
The Passion & The Pity (Elleston Trevor) 27.3.1954/ David King-Wood/Mary Wimbush
S.O.S. Pacific (Gilbert Travers Thomas ) 21.11.1953/ Russell Napier/Mary Wimbush/Raf de la Torre/Harry Towb
Service (Dodie Smith ) 15.8.1953/ James Dale/Desmond Carrington/Elizabeth London/Mary Wimbush
Shooting Star (Basil Thomas ) 4.3.1950/ Arthur Young/Mary Wimbush
Tom, Dickon, Harry (Christopher Denys) 1988 ....MW plays the part of a woman with learning disabilities from the West Midlands
A Case to be Answered (Jill Hyem) 1981 ....MW plays a sinister and vengeful Irish vagrant
Past Refrain (Jill Hyem) 1999 ....MW plays a French womanliving in the Devonshire countryside who has a guilty secret

Patricia Gallimore (Pat Archer)


The Hessian- Howard Fast R4 31.10.1981/2030 Derek Jacobi/Patricia Gallimore/Ian Hogg
The Hessian- Howard Fast R4 31.10.1981/2030 Derek Jacobi/Patricia Gallimore/Ian Hogg
The Dark Backward- Michael Robson R4 7.5.1977/2030 Daniel Massey/Patricia Gallimore/Gabriel Woolf/Anthony Newlands
Everything Is Thunder- Michael Robson R4 30.4.1977/2030 Daniel Massey/Patricia Gallimore/Gabriel Woolf/Anthony Newlands
Salt Is Leaving- J.B. Priestley R4 27.9.1975/2030 Frederick Treves/Patricia Gallimore
A Matter Of Principle- C.E. Webber R4 26.2.1972/2030 William Fox/Madi Hedd/Patricia Gallimore/Sean Arnold
The English Correspondence- Aubrey Feist R4 3.7.1971/2030 Stephen Thorne/Patricia Gallimore
The Tenth Man- W. Somerset Maugham R4 26.12.1970/2030 Clifford Norgate/Patricia Gallimore/Hector Ross/Carleton Hobbs
The Mourning Raga- Ellis Peters R4 19.12.1970/2030 Patricia Gallimore/Sean Barrett
Remains To Be Seen- John Hyatt R4 12.12.1970/2030 Patricia Gallimore/John Bentley/ Noel Hood
Dark Eagle- Val Gielgud R4 17.10.1970/2030 William Squire/Patricia Gallimore/John Rye/Cyril Shaps
The Volunteer- Giles Cooper R4 5.9.1970/2030 John Rye/Brian Haines/Patricia Gallimore
Holiday In Spala- Royce Ryton R4 25.7.1970/2030 Rachel Gurney/Noel Johnson/Patricia Gallimore
Somewhere Lies Land- Philip Barker R4 18.1.1969/2030 Patricia Gallimore/Stephen Murray/Noel Johnson
The Ropewalk- Alan Downer & Jill Hyem R4 4.1.1969/2030 Patricia Gallimore/Anthony Hall/Rosemary Frankau/Linda Gardner
Marie Lafarge- Antonia Ridge & Edith Saunders R4 6.4.1968/2030 Patricia Gallimore/Duncan McIntyre/Henry Stamper/Marjorie Westbury
Quinneys- Horace Annesley Vachell Home 13.5.1967/2030 Wilfred Pickles/Joan Matheson/Patricia Gallimore
Wuthering Heights- Emily Bronte Home 21.1.1967/2030 Paul Daneman/Gudrun Ure/Patricia Gallimore
A Gazelle In Park Lane- Dorothy & Campbell Christie Home 29.10.1966/2030 John Justin/Patricia Gallimore/David March/Cyril Shaps
The Ladysmith Candidate- Lester Powell Home 13.8.1966/2030 Patricia Gallimore/Nicolette Bernard/Anthony Jackson/Peter Claughton
Spring Meeting- M.J. Farrell & John Perry Home 12.3.1966/2030 Mary Wylie/Patricia Gallimore/Vivienne Chatterton/Walter Fitzgerald


The Day of the High Water- Allan Peacock R2 2.7.1969/2015 Peter Baldwin/Patricia Gallimore/Edgar Harrison
Double Entry- R.D. Wingfield R4 7.10.1970/2000 Patricia Gallimore/David March/Kerry Francis (needed by VRPCC)
Where's your sense of Democracy?- Keith Miles R4 17.11.1971/2015 Rachel Thomas/Noel Johnson/Patricia Gallimore
Take the Emperor Penguin- Marian Campbell R4 7.6.1972/2015 David Brierley/Patricia Gallimore


The Rose & The Ring- William M. Thackeray 3 Home 3.1.1966 17.1.1966 David Davis/Grizelda Hervey/Wilfred Babbage/Patricia Gallimore
Jamaica Inn- Daphne du Maurier 5 Home 12.6.1966 10.7.1966 Patricia Gallimore/Walter Fitzgerald/Patrick Troughton
The Woman In White- Wilkie Collins 12 R4 12.10.1969 21.12.1969 Denys Hawthorne/Margaret Wolfit/Jan Edwards/Patricia Gallimore
The Twelve Maidens- Stewart Farrar 6 R4 17.7.1971 21.8.1971 Martin Jarvis/Patricia Gallimore
Hermsprong- Robert Bage 5 R4 26.3.1978 23.4.1978 Blain Fairman/Patricia Gallimore/Elizabeth Cassidy/Noël Johnson
The Inheritance- Honoré de Balzac 3 R4 13.4.1980 27.4.1980 Margot Boyd/Ronald Herdman/Alan Devereux/Patricia Gallimore
Cold Comfort Farm- Stella Gibbons 4 R4 17.5.1981 7.6.1981 Patricia Gallimore/Elizabeth Proud/John Westbrook/Alexander John
Maximum Credible Accident- John Howlett 6 R4 30.5.1982 4.7.1982 Hugh Dickson/Blain Fairman/Patricia Gallimore/Nigel Lambert
Whip Hand- Dick Francis 5 R4 12.11.1991 10.12.1991 Mick Ford/David Neal/Kim Durham/Patricia Gallimore/Alan Devereux


1.3.1984 Diary of a Suburban Housewife- Sandra Clayton Jill Meers/Alex Jones/Neil Coker/Patricia Gallimore
8.9.1982 Day Return- Peter Mackie Patricia Gallimore/Denis Lill/John Judd
25.8.1982 Mrs. Potter's Portrait- Carol Richards Gareth Armstrong/Eliza Hunt/Patricia Gallimore
23.9.1981 Ring o' Roses- Lisa Evans Patricia Gallimore/Elspeth Charlton
5.11.1980 Out Of The Mouths.............- John Challen Nicholas Barnes/Patricia Gallimore/Eric Allan/Martin Friend
17.10.1980 Associated Residents- Tony Parker Terry Molloy/Patricia Gallimore/Graham Padden/Penelope Lee
9.10.1980 Mrs. Potter's Portrait- Carol Richards Gareth Armstrong/Eliza Hunt/Patricia Gallimore
20.3.1980 The Sound That Time Makes- Susan Hill Patricia Gallimore/John Rowe/Frances Jeater
3.5.1979 This Football Lark !- Julia Jones Patricia Gallimore/Peter Pacey/Susan Thomas
8.6.1977 Lies Bernard Kriefcheski- Jennifer Piercy/Patricia Gallimore
3.4.1977 A Reasonable Percentage- Jenny Adams Patricia Gallimore/Nigel Anthony/Denis Lill/Stephen Thorne
16.2.1977 This Football Lark- Julia Jones Patricia Gallimore/Peter Pacey/Terry Molloy
28.10.1976 The Bird Has Flown- Jim Crace Tony McEwan/Garard Green/Patricia Gallimore/Ronald Baddiley
17.10.1975 Lies Bernard Krichefski- Jennifer Piercy/Patricia Gallimore/Nigel Anthony
5.5.1974 Wuthering Heights - part 1- Emily Brontë Paul Daneman/Patricia Gallimore/Gudrun Ure
10.11.1973 Mr. Upjohn- Michael Hardwick Geoffrey Bayldon/Alan Rowe/David Valla/Patricia Gallimore
19.10.1973 Dead Drop- Max Marquis Douglas Blackwell/Nigel Anthony/Edward Kelsey/Patricia Gallimore
26.8.1973 Quinneys'- Horace A. Vachell Wilfred Pickles/Joan Matheson/Eva Haddon/Patricia Gallimore
26.5.1972 Not Wishing To Return- Jeremy Sandford Patricia Gallimore/David Brierley/Tommy Duggan
5.2.1972 All Ashore That's Going Ashore- Marian Campbell Patricia Gallimore/Ian Frost/Sheila Grant/Michael Kilgarriff
8.10.1971 The Frightened Man- Eddie Maguire Nigel Graham/Patricia Gallimore/Victor Lucas/Fraser Kerr
2.10.1971 Dead Drop- Max Marquis Douglas Blackwell/Nigel Anthony/Edward Kelsey/Patricia Gallimore
24.3.1971 When Did You Last See Your Father?- Alison Plowden Bernard Brown/Patricia Gallimore/John Rye
12.8.1970 A Shanty in Istanbul- Basar Sabuncu Andrew Sachs/Patricia Gallimore/Denise Bryer/Nigel Lambert
3.9.1969 Say "Sir" When You Speak To Me- Shirley Jenkins Peter Pratt/Phyllida Breaks/Patricia Gallimore
23.8.1969 The Bad Samaritan- Val Gielgud Joan Matheson/Lewis Stringer/Nigel Anthony/Patricia Gallimore
14.5.1969 The Neighbours- Charles Hatton Geoffrey Wincott/Kathleen Helme/Patricia Gallimore/Lockwood West
28.8.1968 Divided I Stand- Maggie Newton Patricia Gallimore/Vivienne Chatterton/Margaret Robertson
10.7.1968 And The Bees Have Lost Their Sting- Patrick Simpson Patricia Gallimore/Martin Jarvis
30.9.1967 Floral Tribute- David Bartlett Clive Morton/Haydn Jones/Patricia Gallimore/Lockwood West


Clive Lever adds .... The Masters' India, part 2 - Night Runners of Bengal - features Michael Cochrane, Souad Fares, Jumila Masih and Carol Boyd. At the time, none of these had yet appeared on The Archers, but maybe this should go on the Archers page, as the four eventually moved from Asia to Ambridge.

John King adds.....Ann Cullen, who played Carol Tregorran (nee Grey), a major character in The Archers in the 50s was heard on BBC7 this week (2 Aug 2007), in "Paul Temple and the Gilbert Case", first broadcast in 1954.

Clive Lever adds: .... Patricia Gallimore, Rosalind Adams and Carole Boyd have all enjoyed long-standing roles in both The Archers and Waggoner's Walk. Rosalind Adams has recently been replaced by Heather Bell, who appears in some of the other credits on this page. Heather was Rosalind Adams' predecessor and successor in the role of Clarrie Grundy.

Eric Allen, who also appears on this page, is the second actor to play the part of Bert Fry, taking over the part on the death of Roger Hume (co-writer of The Campden Wonder with Richard Derrington, a.k.a. Mark Hebden, first husband to Shula). Hume also appears in Mrs. M by David Campton, in the 1984 Spine Chillers series. In that production, five of the six actors would appear, were appearing or had appeared in The Archers.

It may be worth mentioning some Archers spin-offs .... Outpatient, by Rhys Adrian, with Margot Boyd; The Ambridge Chronicle, otherwise known as "To The Victor the Spoils") and the one starring Eddie Grundy's turkeys (Revenge of the Turkeys?). One might also add lists for John Rowe (Jim Lloyd, otherwise known as the Prof), Hugh Dickson (Guy Pemberton), Brian Hewlett (Neil Carter, who has acted in radio dramas for fifty years now - one of his first appearances was in Quo Vadis); Judy Bennett (who at one time or another has played three Archers siblings).

Honourable mention must go to the remake of Giles Cooper's Mathry Beacon, which boasts two Joe Grundys in its cast list! Norman Painting (who played Phil Archer) wrote for the series in the seventies under the name Bruno Milner; June Spencer (Peggy Woolley) wrote many of Cyril Fletcher's Odd Odes. You also have a writer's page for Alex Jones, who plays the notorious Clive Horrobin. Sudhar Bhuchar, who wrote the series 'girlies' was the first Usha Gupta.

Graham Harvey (who wrote 'A small plot of England) was the Archers' agricultural editor for some years; and several scriptwriters, including Louise Page, have written plays of their own.

Alistair Wyper adds:

I have stumbled upon some more additions to your Archers' actors page...

Michael Cochrane (Oliver Sterling) as Lord Whitfield, 3 episodes, 20 Feb to 6 Mar 2013, R4.

Helen Longworth played the temporary pig woman, Hannah, in 2009, and has done a lot of radio work which is listed at http://www.radiolistings.co.uk/candc/l/lo/longworth_helen.html

John Rowe as the narrator; play by Marcy Kahan, BBC WS World Play 3 May 08.

John Rowe plays Mr Hammond (BBC Radio 4 Saturday Playhouse 27.12.97) .

By Alan Ayckbourn. BBC WS & SNT 1 Jun.96 (Part 1) and BBC WS & SNT 8 Jun 96 (Part 2). Jack May played Colonel Lipscott.

By Scott Cherry. Stars Sunny Ormonde (Lilian Bellamy). Saturday Playhouse 28 Oct 95.

SNT 20 Aug 1994; with Patricia Gallimore as Ellen and Sara Coward as Enid.

By Nicholas Freeling. 16 Jan 93. With Sunny Ormonde (two rôles: Arlette Van der Valk & junk shop owner's wife), Alan Devereux (garage proprietor), David Vann (border guard).

By Peter Redgrove. 3 May 92. With Andrew Wincott (Rupert), Tamsin Greig (The Ghost of Golden Grove), Mary Wimbush (Mrs Bright).

By Tom Stoppard, R3 10.03.1991. John Rowe as Dr. Mauer.

Peradventure Misadventure....1989
By Tom Webster. SNT 16th September 1989: Kim Durham (as Bill) & Hedli Niklaus (as Sally).

Carole Boyd as Mrs Godwin in The Village Fête (SNT 17.01.87) .

Mary Wimbush as Mother, with a Nottinghamshire accent, Monday Play 8 Jul 85)

By J.B.Priestley, WS 11 Aug 84, with Jack May as Dr. Smith.

Carole Boyd as Protima and Sandra; Terry Molloy as Sing and Pete and Marc; David Vann as Jack. SNT 17 Mar 84.

Margot Boyd as Dr Emily Brightman (Temporary Kings Part 1.3) (BBC Radio 4 Sunday 8th August 1982)

By Peter Redgrove. 10 Jan 82. With Julia Hills (in the rôle of "Cambridge Girl"). Julia Hills plays, admittedly, a frequent rather than regular character: Annabelle Schrivener.

By Steve Gallagher 26.4.1980 Gareth Armstrong / John Rowe / Brian Haines. SNT.

By Jonathan Raban. BBC R3 17 April 1980 Michael Cochrane as Hawthorne.

By Dick Francis. Monday Play 22 Oct 79: Jack May plays Lord Gowrie.

Carole Boyd as in Kitty Kay in The Backward Glance (AT 22.09.1977) .

Patricia Gallimore (who plays Pat Archer) is in Everything is Thunder (SNT 30/04/1977)

John Rowe as William Boot, SNT 29 May 76.

Terry Molloy as Captain John Smith and Alan Devereux as Mr. Glynn, SNT 18.09.76. BBC Birmingham Studios.

Alan Devereux played Pete. (AT 09.09.1970)

By Giles Cooper, 5 Sep 1970. Margot Boyd starred.

Better Never than Late....1969
By R. D. WINGFIELD. AT 15 November 1969 Patricia Gallimore as Sarah Fulton.

1984 ..... 1965
Mary Wimbush as Gwenda in 1984 (BBC HS Basic The Monday Play 11.10.1965) (Trivia of trivia - Patrick Troughton, the father of David Troughton, the newish Tony Archer, played Winston Smith)

The Death Of Hector ....1953
By Patric Dickinson. Mary Wimbush as Cassandra. 1 Sep 53. World Service.

To Damascus .... 1953
By August Strindberg. Mary Wimbush as "Unknown" in part 2 of this drama. Third Programme, 15 Dec 1953.

For The Time Being (A Christmas Oratorio) ....1953
By W.H.Auden. Mary Wimbush as one of the Four Faculties: "Thought".

-thanks to Roger Bickerton, Clive Lever, Chris Everett, John King and Alistair Wyper for their input.

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