Apple Planting: Groby Rd. Reserve

On Sunday January 25th 2009 the first trees in a new orchard at The Reserve were planted by volunteers working for Groundworks Leicester and Leicestershire, overseen by Gavin Fletcher and Catherine Tregaskes.

The trees planted were a mix of Leicestershire varieties and rare varieties located by a local apple enthusiast.

Raised at Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire. Sweet, rich aromatic dessert apple ripening earlier than its parent, Barnack Beauty. Pick in October.

barnack orange, stamford apple

Raised 1857 by Samuel Greatorex, magistrate's clerk, Avenue Rd, Leicester. Named to commemorate his illegitimate baby daughter who died 1866. Introduced by Harrisons a few years later. Very firm, late cooking apple which keeps well. Tree is very upright in habit. Blossom unusually pretty. Thought to be a Blenheim Orange seedling. Graham Deacon adds: Large golden apple, with red sunny side. Crisp and cooks superbly. Can keep until June-July. The best keeper of all.

Found at the roadside in Mere, Wiltshire, near Warminster. This is a very late apple; when found on 15 Feb 07, half the apples were still on the tree. Unusual flavour; very little acidity; hints of pear and custard apple. The flesh is unusually white, and very firm; falling fruit don't bruise.

mere pippin, very late apple.... mere pippin apple blossom

Also known as Airlie Redflesh. From Airlie, Oregon, USA. Medium size conical fruit. Green skin, dark red flesh with a crisp texture and sweet tart flavor. Ripens in late September. Red blossom.

hidden rose, apple blossom

Also known as Bill's Redflesh. Cortex wood is dark red; leaves predominantly red. American. Attractive foliage tree; deep pink blossom, small red skinned red-fleshed dessert apples.

scarlet surprise apple blossom

Pictures (click on small images for detail):

planting rare apple trees at the Reserve; late Jan 09

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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