Red Fleshed (and other) Apples: contacts

There are some suppliers of a few of these apples mentioned on the Red Fleshed Apple Index (q.v.).

I am listing below some interested individuals who grow red-fleshed apples. They may be contacted through this website, or directly if the email address is shown.

Please note that import / export rules for plant material vary in different parts of the world. Scions cannot be sent to another country unless the relevant regulations have been followed.

If anyone would like to appear on this list of contacts, please email me.

Nigel Deacon

Grower from Plainfield, NH, USA. Grows red fleshed apples including Hidden Rose and Redfield. Email:- bastianjim (at) yahoo.com. I've written it this way to avoid spammers. He has recently set up a website: www.yankeeapple.com

Leicestershire, England. Grows a selection of known and unknown apple varieties including Hidden Rose, Limelight, Bardsey, St. Edmund's Russet, Garden Sun Red. Please email through ND.

Leicestershire, England. Grows about thirty types of red fleshed apples and some very late un-named English apples found growing wild. Red-fleshed types include Red Devil, Devonshire Quarrenden, Surfleet Sour, George's Red, Hidden Rose, Pink Pearl.

Grower from Logan, Ohio, USA. Growing over 320 varieties of antique and unusual varieties of apples, including 45 varieties of red and pink fleshed apples. Also grows many varieties of British apple including Devonshire Quarrenden, Worcester Pearmain, Beauty of Bath, Red Devil, Tom Putt, Foxwhelp, Kingston Black and more. Also grows 40 varieties of Perry Pear. Email address: derekcs2005(at)aol.com (again, written this way to avoid spammers). Website is

Grower from Lancaster, PA, USA. Cultivates about two dozen types of red and pink-fleshed apples on M9, M26, Mark and Bud, including Hall's Pink, Mott's Pink, Scarlet Surprise, Burford's Redflesh, Hidden Rose, Almata, Webster Pinkmeat. Please email through ND.

Chris has written some comments on growing red-fleshed apples, which are shown here.

Nurseryman from Gottingen, West Germany. Is growing large numbers of seedlings of Malus Geneva. Some of these are 6-7 years old and are beginning to fruit. He also grows other red-fleshed German apples - wild seedlings, some open pollinated seedlings, and others controlled crosses. Click on Gottingen Apples for details. Please email through ND.

Amateur grower living in Beligium with an interest in growing redfleshed apples including wild seedlings; also other redfleshed fruit (blood pears, peaches) high in anthocyanins. Email address: hans.perneel (at) telenet.be

Some Belgian redfleshed apples are pictured here.

compiled by Nigel Deacon / Diversity website

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