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As some of you will be aware, we do regular apple tastings and some of them are filmed. We did seven in the season 2022-23. In video no. 5, a viewer from Holland sent an interesting comment which provided the solution to a very old puzzle - the identity of the parents of Cox's Orange Pippin:

" I heard Nigel say that Ribston is supposed to be the parent of Cox's Orange. I have read two recent studies that indicate that these two are now considered siblings instead. New genetic studies found that both have Margil as one parent.

Cox's Orange is Margil x Rosemary Russet.

Ribston is Margil x Nonsuch Park.

Ribston is triploid and has been found to have two complete sets of Margil chromosomes and one of Nonsuch Park.

The fact that Ribston is triploid always made it seem surprising to me that it was thought to be the parent."

13 May 2023

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